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What Happened To The Actor Who Played Sawyer On Lost

What happened to Josh Holloway after the whirlwind
success of Lost came to an end? What does an actor who once struggled to book
guest roles do after the gleam of his big break wears off? We’ve got the whole story for you right here. Holloway was born in 1969 in San Jose, California,
the second of four brothers. When he was two, he moved with his family
into a trailer in Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. His acting career got a huge break in 1993
in the form of the Aerosmith music video for “Cryin,'” when he played a thief who tries
to snatch Alicia Silverstone’s purse. He eventually started grabbing TV guest roles
on shows like Angel and CSI. His most significant pre-Lost project was
perhaps the 2002 Sci-Fi original movie Sabretooth, in which he fights to survive the rampage
of a prehistoric cat. But he was struggling so much that he almost
quit acting to become a realtor in 2004. Later that year, though, his career really
took off into the stratosphere. In TV’s streaming age, it’s hard to convey
just how big a deal Lost was in its heyday. Averaging over 15 million viewers a week during
its first season, it inspired the sort of obsessive fan culture that makes even Game
of Thrones viewers blush. In the modern media era where nerd culture
reigns supreme, it might be difficult to appreciate how uniquely dedicated Lost’s fanbase was. As loveable rogue James “Sawyer” Ford, Holloway
instantly shot into stardom in a way he probably never imagined possible. “You sure know how to make a girl feel special,
Sawyer.” “You’re incredible, Sawyer.” One might think becoming a household name
overnight would do wonders for Holloway’s acting career, but that actually wasn’t the
case, at least not at first. During Lost’s 2004 to 2010 run, the only outside
projects he worked on were just a few low-budget films. It isn’t hard to see why this was the case,
as he and his family spent most of the year in Hawaii while he was shooting the the ABC
series. Holloway also had to turn down some major
roles because of his grueling shooting schedule, perhaps most notably the part of Gambit in
the X-Men films. Even after Lost ended, it seemed as if bad
luck would curse Holloway into becoming a has-been pretty quickly. At one point he was considered for the part
of Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and he even turned down the CBS series
Person of Interest because he didn’t want to move his family across the country. He would eventually work his way into more
acting opportunities, but it’s hard to look past what could’ve been if a couple of these
chances had broken in his favor. “I was thinking about Lost today and how much
I miss it and I’m sure you’re sick of it with that stuff” “I’m not because my wife tells me that
often.” “She does?” “She does.” After struggling to get a serious film career
off the ground in the immediate years after Lost, Holloway returned to the small screen
in 2014 as the main character in the CBS series Intelligence. The show was a cyber-themed action-adventure
thriller that unfortunately for Holloway only aired 13 episodes before getting the axe. He starred as Gabriel, a tech-enhanced man
designed to tackle major threats while working for U.S. Cyber Command. With Intelligence, CBS wasn’t trying to reinvent
the wheel, and there’s something to be said for easy-to-digest thrillers where the good
guys are Capital-G Good and the bad guys are shady beyond belief. Alas, it never lived up to the network’s expectations,
nor was it ever given a full chance to find a real audience. Holloway eventually found another winning
project in 2016 in the form of Colony, a sci-fi drama that ran on USA Network for three seasons. Though it never managed to capture a significantly
large audience, it was a cult hit that was generally well-regarded by critics. It even managed to garner three straight Saturn
Award nominations for Best Science Fiction Television Series. Colony was set in a dystopian version of Los
Angeles, where residents live under military occupation by the Transitional Authority,
an organization serving an extraterrestrial group referred to as the “Hosts.” Holloway starred as a former U.S. Army Ranger
and FBI Special Agent who was trying to save his missing son. “How do you live with this job?” Coming off the heels of Colony, Holloway landed
a role in the upcoming third season of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone. The show stars Kevin Coster as billionaire
John Dutton, the patriarch of a family that controls the largest contiguous ranch in the
United States. The Duttons are under constant attack by those
around them, and show co-creator Taylor Sheridan wants the show to be a look at a violent world
separated from typical media scrutiny. Sheridan has said, “The show is both timely and timeless. As much as it explores themes painfully relevant
to the world today, it explores the very essence of family, and how the actions of one member
can alter the course of generations.” Holloway has signed on for a season-long arc
as a charming hedge fund manager with ambitious plans in Montana. With a string of regular TV roles over the
last several years, it’s safe to say that the future is now looking bright for Josh
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  1. SurferMan127 Author

    Intelligence was a lot of fun and the cast had the kind of chemistry that could keep a show going for 10 seasons. I hate that it only got one season… if it was a Netflix series it would have been a sleeper hit.

  2. J. A. Author

    I miss “The Colony”, although season three was a bit of a dip from one and two. Still, was a good show and now we’ll never know what could have been.

  3. Edward FG Author

    I had always held out hope he could've somehow managed to become Hawkeye. He was probably a little too tall and maybe a shade too old, but his personality would've done so much for that character. Looks like he had some close calls for the MCU – stinks none of them worked out.

  4. EdwrdG Author

    It's good that they mention just how incredibly big Lost was in it's heyday in the early '00's. Stuff like that gets lost over time, but it was GoT-huge way before GoT, and it was on a major TV network.
    The insane viewership, the conspiracy theories, the whole Dharma Initiative thing – the obsessive fandom for that show was off the chain.

  5. sixen1 Author

    Sawyer actually had one of the best character arcs in Lost, in my opinion…. starting out in season 1 as really, a very selfish, conman style character with very little trust or love for anyone… and very gradually throughout the seasons; become a trusting, loyal and even heroic character. One of the better things about the later seasons of lost…

  6. Jacqueline Mackiewicz Author

    I could almost see him as Lan in Amazon's upcoming Wheel of Time. There's a few other characters in the series that he could easily pull off.

  7. Moodymongul Author

    I always thought Lost destroyed a lot of peoples confidence in committing their lives to a tv show ever again. That was the negative effect it had on the industry and is still felt today if trying to gain those kinds of viewing figures on a permanent basis 🙂

    The way the show people lied continually about where the series was going (a fact that only showed itself after the series ended). And for the longest time they claimed most of the show 'loose ends' would be explained. They totally betrayed the audience in the end. A fact proven by how Lost (such a massive hit) never was rebroadcast in any major way (almost unheard of with a series so popular). What made the series great was completely destroyed by the ending (and the lies) and no major number of people/viewers ever wanted to watch it again because of that. The show people rightly tricked the public and the main cash-in happened while the series was airing. Sales drop off massively after the ending came out and people abandoned their love (and support) of the show 🙂

  8. Jacob Staten Author

    Does anybody remember any actor from Lost? Maybe you've seen them in other stuff, but do you specifically remember that they were in Lost?

  9. Andrew Hicks Author

    When MCU gets around to including X-MEN. Josh Holloway needs to be Gambit. I challenge you to tell me someone who would be a better Gambit. Gambit fans deserve the best after getting shafted by the X-MEN movies all these years.

  10. Charles Duncan Author

    Josh Holloway has continued to work consistently since lost and at no time has he had any struggle finding work. garbage content from a garbage youtube channel desperate to put out a video….


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