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What is 4DX Cinema? Explained [Hindi]

In cinema field there are many types of technology available Like Dolby Cinema, IMAX , Screen X, 4DX .. So there are plenty of options for us to watch the movie Each one have their own experiences..and this video I am going to talk about 4DX cinema theater What is 4DX and what is its speciality? So stay tuned..My name is ASHU and you are welcome to my channel In 2D, 3D, 4D … D means dimension In 2D there are only two dimensions..length and picture looks flat In 3D we get a new dimension of depth which gives us lifelike experience because in real world we feel all 3 dimensions We can see which object is far, which is near and what is the distance between them In 4D, 4th dimensions are not added into the screen but in the theatre itself as a effects which makes us feel like real world like rain, fog, motion, scents etc So in 4DX such natural effects are added to help us feel movies like real life To achieve this South Korean company CJ group brought 4DX in 2009 and first ever 4DX movie was Journey to the center of the earth After that many 4DX movies has released and many 4DX theatres are now available all over the world Talking about 4DX features..There are like 20 various types of effects you can feel Like in Moving scenes chair will move according to character actions 4 types of chair movement ROLL: Seats rolls left and Right HEAVE: Seats move up and down PITCH: Chair moves forward & backward SWAY+TWIST: Chair moves side to side So these 4 types movement combines to make a complete effect which adds realism In movies action or driving scenes your chair will move in sync with the actors and you will feel like you are in the movie scenes like car chase scenes will keep you on edges with this effects With this their is vibration effects on chair too ..on theseats and on back.. So in fighting and guns scenes these vibrations will add realism Another chair effect: TICKLE: Which tickles you on back and legs which helps you feel extra sensation So these motions and vibrations are first important features of 4DX There are water effects: If rain scene in movie then water will sprinkle on you A little amount of water sprinkle so that you don’t get wet..only feel For Splash scenes water sprinkles on you from back of your front seat and theater walls also throw water bubbles as another effect These water effects combines to give u splash, sprinkles etc according to movie scenes so that you can feel the scene The aroma is another effect..for that many types of scents release from back of the front seat according to movie scene This also improves realism Air effect: For Breeze scenes soft air will blow from back of your front seat on your face and warm air from back of your seats and for Wind, thunder or plane crash scenes theatre walls blow heavy air on you these air will give you lifelike experience in thunder, tornado like scenes in movie Weather-related effects are also available in 4DX For Lightning: STROBE effect, For lightning scenes like THOR Then strobe will splash light in the theatre of lightning effect In the rainstorm scene, both air and water will be sprayed In snowy scenes- Snow is blown in front of the screen Fog effect are also available So all these effects cover all natural effects and help us feel the movie like real life So in 4DX theatres, All the effects will be applied on you according to the scenes which make you feel immersed in the movie There is no special camera to film 4DX is shot by normal 2D, 3D or IMAX cameras and then in post production.. 4DX effects layer are added which shows which effects should work on the given time So your chair will not move all the time or not bombard you with will happen according to the scene In 4DX movie can be 2D or 3D..Picture quality is also like normal theaters.but these extra realistic effects is what makes 4DX If we compare to 4DX to other technology like IMAX or Dolby cinema In IMAX picture quality is very high, Screen is super big and aspect ratio is better which shows extra portion of scenes Dolby cinema Sound is amazing and its color is vivid and contrast ratio is very high giving you deep blacks and 4DX has normal picture & sound quality.. So you decide which one you prefer? Its personal preference..Someone will become fan of 4DX.. Someone will become sick of it who went to sleep in theatres but chairs are moving Some will still not feel real immersion because they know there is the wall and there is a screen and screen is also not big in 4DX so many people prefer IMAX or DOLBY.. but many likes 4DX too It’s all personal preference so you must try 4DX once at least In many big cities like Delhi, Mumbai…PVR, Cinepolis, etc have 4DX can enjoy 4DX there Many movies come in 4DX now..This is Jurassic world show..Avengers endgame is in theatres now..So must watch and one more thing, In malls you must have seen small 5D, 7D , 9D theaters which shows u little 5 minute video that is not extra special..that is 4D too.. they just add all effect in numbers..3D+ 4 effects=7D .. so these are gimmicks..all effects counts in 4D If we count that way then 4DX theatre is 23D and friends.. these effects vary with some theatres might have less effects and some might have more I hope you like this video and share and Please SUBSCRIBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  1. Aaditya raj Author

    Sir 4dx effects toh bahot amazing hai but 4dx me koi bhi hindi movie nahi lagti hindi movie ka 4dx cinema me future ho jaye to majaa aa jaye….

  2. jigneshdevganiya Author

    Bhukamp ke scene me bhukamp aayega, aur murder scene me ek goli bhi mari jayegi, love scene me ladki blow job degi, food scene me khana diya jayega….

  3. paresh shah Author

    Thank u sooo much sir.mein bahot confuse thaa 4d imax aur 3d imex ko lekar..apne mera confusion dur kardiya hai…thanks sir

  4. KUMAR M Author

    आज avengers मूवी डाउनलोड की पर ऑडियो क्वालिटी का output बहुत कम है जब कि पिक्चर क़्वालिटी बढ़िया है । ये सब नौटंकी का कोई कारण पता है । सोनी का TV है मेरे पास , 95 वॉल्यूम कर दिया है पर फिर भी ऑडियो बहुत LESS है ।

  5. Saurav Rao Author

    Abbe chutiye
    Kabhi batha bhi 4dx main
    Maine pacific mall PvR main dekhi thi avengers endgame sirf seats move hoti h Orr koi effect ni tha na pani na fog na wind
    Ganduu net se tep video mtt banya krr kbi jaake dekh

  6. CODE_ZAP 47 GAMING Author

    Bhai you made your videos good and you do commentary good also. But you need to buy a new microphone the Mike echoing most of time when you talk.

  7. Amit Kumar Author

    चाहे जितने नए techonology वाले मूवी हॉल आ जाए पर इंडिया की दर्शकों को सेंसर की हुई फिल्मे ही देखने को मिलेगी। हिंदी हो या इंग्लिश फिल्मे उसमे सीन कटे हुए मिलेंगे। इसलिए पूरी इंग्लिश फिल्मे देखने के लिए डाऊनलोड करके कंप्यूटर या मोबाइल फ़ोन पर ही देखने होंगे।
    इस कारण से सिनेमा हॉल में मूवी देखने का मूड नही होता। बाकी तो VR बॉक्स तो है ही एक नया option

  8. Shashi Mishra Author

    Very nice very good 4DX ke baare me mujhe pata nahi tha ab pata chal gya 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🤔


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