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What is the BEST 3D Software? Maya vs 3dsMax vs Cinema 4D vs Houdini vs Blender


  1. Trantor The Troll Author

    With a LOT of people learning 3D these days, and many of them learning via their homes on their own computers, tons of people are going to Blender and learning it. soon i believe it will be the top used program. it's kinda like how Disney was the big dog for SO long, until a new challenger approached and suddenly Dreamworks was there, fighting Disney toe to toe.

  2. Brendan Coots Author

    Big studios don't avoid Blender simply because they are used to more established tools. If that were the case, none of them would have transitioned to Houdini, or to Zbrush when it came on the market, or ditch Mental Ray for Vray, or Vray for Redshift, or switch to tools from Allegorithmic etc. Change happens all the time in this industry. If Blender offered quantifiable, real benefits over their existing 3d software, and enough so to overcome the cost of implementation, training etc, then they would adopt it.

  3. Elias Daoud Author

    Thank you very very much. I have a question, please. what is better for me, to do as the real world.
    My title is to draw an object and attribute to it all physical properties, and physics law is vouch to let the object go in motion and state (if liquid or gelatine) to a stable state and position.

    I want to draw in 2D or 3D, then give any object properties of motion, speed, direction, motion follows a formula. Give mass, rigidity, electrical charge…etc.
    The main purpose is to explain physics (Mechanical, electrical, fluids…) in 3D animation. Chaotics movement of particles, relate mass, speed, directions with formulas of other variables of motion such charge, mass, gravity, chocs, elasticity. spring oscillation.

  4. TheHunterWolf Author

    Blender IMO is great for any indie animator or videogame dev who is trying to start from scratch with minimum costs, it literally costs nothing and it's a pretty solid 3D modeling and animation tools suite (if I'd pay money I'd pay it to support Blender because it's a program for everyone that you can use anywhere any time, not a subscription based "service" like what Autodesk turned all its programs into, I hated that so much)

  5. Mike D Author

    I've been trying to transition from Softimage finally. I'm learning Blender and loving it overall, although there are still some interface thing that piss me off — even with the great 2.8 updates to the UI. But now that c4d is going on subscription, I may have to go with that because it's been my dream to use it but the price was just a little too steep.

  6. Daniel Dominguez Author

    What I have seen from Blender is that it is more focused on character design and game asset design. I don't see it as you say "a hobby". In my opinion it is like a mini Zbrush. That would be it's field. I prefer motion graphics, so I'm going to C4D, but Blender shouldn't be seen as inferior software.

  7. Nathan Ritchie Author

    I know this video is a little old now but it is worth noting that the number of Blender users at large game and vfx studios has grown significantly of the last few years. Now with 2.8 in full release, Epic Games joining the Blender foundation, and Ubisoft shifting their animation wing over to Blender…. things are changing in the industry.

  8. Toby Davis Author

    I use Blender and Cinema 4D. I actually stopped using Blender for a while, but then I saw release 2.8 with the Eevee render engine and I decided to give it another look.

  9. w wyborn Author

    i love autodesk , but i think we can all agree that blender is the best 3d program in terms of actual 3d modeling and rendering specially now that they have real time render

  10. Tarh Ik Author

    Seriously, I use a combination of Microsoft's Excel and notepad. It's no joke, the results can be seen in my channel. The reason why I do that is, of course, data mining (Excel allows me to predict the position of a vertex based on surrounded vertices) and full control of numeric values (notepad allows me to access, set and change the values of each and every vertex, including position, texture coordinate, normal and skin weight {aka bone}).

    Of course, everybody should use the tool they like.

  11. Po roro Author

    Is there anyone who know the other software prices? except Blender(cuz it's free)
    (I was just interested in Cinema 4D and Blender, so that brought me here.)


    Whatever happen or in future blender might going to be the biggest competition for the 3d sftwrs but one thing stand alone and that is 3D Max…becouse it is very powerful software for architectural n product designing….n I can't see any tough competition in near future for 3D Max..

  13. TRung Nghia Le Author

    Thank you for this nice video. I have a question about the difference between industrial 3D animation using :
    – these softwares
    – CADsoftwares (e.g Solidworks) then Keyshot or Visualize
    Thank in advance

  14. Poon Billy Author

    I hate Autodesk just bought softimage even now just copy xsi features to 3d max and maya, VERY low contribution, hopefuly not happen in houdini, don't sell to autodesk. Be blender will greater than XSI ending.

  15. js100serch Author

    Blender user here. I agree with you in some aspects but I think Blender has come a long way. I think it's time for people to take Blender more seriously and don't disregard it as the little 3D software for the hobbyist.

  16. Arvin Maltezo Bareng Author

    I really don't know why but I consider Maya and Blender wwwwaaaayyyy easier to learn than 3ds max…or maybe that's because there ain't much any good 3ds max tutorials…so sad 🙁

  17. TTbagger Author

    Still today I use Softimage XSI 2015, which remains the best modeller and overall program. Those idiots at Autodesk killed it. Another amazing tool is Modo. Maya and 3DS are and always were garbage.


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