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What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Movie Theater

– I don’t really feel anything yet. – (laughs) Then take another one. (epic music) – Le Petite Crepe. – I don’t really feel like reading. – Ok. – Oh, Enemy Buds? – No, Kevin James reminds me of my Dad. What about Man Child 2? – I don’t really like lowest common denominator stoner comedies. – No. – Can you go and get the tickets for me? – No, you owe me money! – Hi, could I get– (laughs) I got two for Space Reindeer. – Why? Ugh, it’s Dreamworks. – Tickets? – Uh, yeah. Hey, Brittany, do you have the tickets? – No, you have the tickets. – I can’t seem to find them. – Do I have the tickets? – I just had them. – Do you have my phone? – These people saw me, you saw me, I– – I lost my phone. – Ok, um– – Where are they? Retrace your steps! – Oh, I got them. They’re right here. – Enjoy your show. – You too! – I can’t stop smiling. – I’m really starting to feel it now. I hope I don’t run in to anyone I know. – Is that Brittany? Brittany Ashley? Oh my gosh, we keep
running in to each other! Oh hey man, how are you? – Hi, yeah. – Yeah, I was just taking
Artemio’s little brother out to see a movie. We’re seeing Space Reindeer! – Oh my God, we’re seeing Space– – Man Child 2. Uh, so we definitely
can’t sit next to you, I have to find my phone
and use the bathroom. Ok, I gotta go. – Both of us have allergies, contact lens problems, we were crying a lot too, so. – Yeah we were crying a lot today too. He’s the strongest little guy I know. – I think I took too much. It’s like, oh, and it’s
just now kicking in? Am I going to be this high forever? Kevin James… Can you overdose on weed? – Oh hey cool hat by the way! (laughs) We actually picked up a couple of these too. These’ll be our movie hats, huh, bud? (explosion) – He’s the strongest little kid I know. – Cool. – I’ve gotta find Chris. – No movie could be
better than that preview. (movie soundtrack) – Sorry to leave you hanging, he was really creepy. – Oh, your friend Chris? He seems fine. – Artemio would have loved this CGI. That’s Hitchcock’s Vertigo zoom. I don’t know if he’s watching the film, I think he just likes being a dark room. (peppy music)


  1. nba543 Author

    I watched infinity war on edibles worst experience of my life I thought I was going to spontaneously combust. Plus I didn't know the movie was 3hrs it felt like hell for me.

  2. Dziugas Neviera Author

    The ticket thing couldn’t have been more true 😂 I remember me and my friend smoked a couple of joints before the cinema after school couple of years ago. When it was time to go to the screen, I was convinced I lost my ticket and I got very anxious and started shaking, walked back to the tills and told them I lost my ticket and the person who sold me them was trying to say something but i was to anxious to let him and kept explaining myself until he wrote out a receipt kind of thing saying I have purchased a ticket to show to the man near the screen. So I walked up and realised the original ticket was in my hand the whole time 😂😂😂😂

  3. YukkØ Author

    One time I was watching cartoons so I turned the volume down to taste my macaroni but then after I turned it down I was looking for my macaroni for like 10 minutes but the i was surprised when I saw it was in my hand

  4. MrJakeJimmy Author

    I got so high one time, I walked into the wrong theater sat down front row. put my 3d glasses on (realized I was in the wrong movie) placed was packed, had to shame walk out.

  5. Peter Griffin Author

    You should put How It Feels To Be High On Youtube

    Because you know you're too high when you just looks at the comments than actually watch the video. This was inspired by me, that happened when I was listening to this video and read the comments.

  6. Georgie H Author

    Got high last night and was super nervous because last time I got really paranoid but when I started feeling paranoid I just told myself I was high and I just sang “you gonna be okay” for like a straight 15 minutes and it helped a lot lmao

  7. Youngboy Jay Author

    There was school dance my friends and I left to go spark, we was coming back and talked about a loose K-9 that is around that area. We was walking on the street at night and was all stop in the middle of the intersection cause we this sign and we just stood there for like 10 minutes straight we was convinced the sign was the k-9 just sitting there. We was mad high 😆

  8. Hazey Author

    In my opinion going to the theaters when you're stoned is a waste. Everything appears fake and its just not as engaging and 'believable' as it would seem when you're sober. By the end of the film you wouldn't be high any more

  9. DeanRendar84 Author

    Its the best, while waiting in line I can see the matrix of our society take things like not holding spots, or being too slow to order VERY SERIOUSLY. And then I laugh how they wasted their lucid stress on inevitable protocol, mostly panicky middle aged people. Its like the ceremony is sooo vital like church, its offensive to do it any different way, but when your lit and know you can be caught red handed and still be ok now that its legalized, you transcend the whole panic subroutine your experiential memory has built for you from past experiences and you totally catch the matrix and its agents off guard.

  10. SoulReaperSlayer19 Author

    “No movie could be better than that preview” so true lol. I remember when I was at the theater and they showed the trailer for assassins creed, and idk why but I thought it was the most amazing thing to ever exist…

  11. balcksoul electric Author

    one time I thought i’ll forget how to breath and I actually started “ forgetting “ and thought I was dying and panicked but then i thought I was having an orgasm while dying lol but anyways i felt soo real omg


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