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What These Killed Off Game Of Thrones Actors Look Like Today

Being cast on Game of Thrones can be a mixed
blessing. On one hand, acting in HBO’s hottest series
can seriously boost your acting résumé. On the other hand, given the show’s history,
you’re probably going to get killed off sooner or later — as this long list of casualties
can attest. Here’s a look at some of the major characters
who have died on the show, and where the actors who played them are today. Harry Lloyd – Viserys Targaryen He was supposed to be the true King of Westeros,
but Viserys Targaryen was the first main character to meet his maker on Game of Thrones, when
Khal Drogo “crowned” him with molten gold during season one. Actor Harry Lloyd has kept himself busy since
dying on Game of Thrones, continuing to act on television and in movies like The Theory
of Everything. His next project is a starring role in the
2018 Starz sci-fi thriller series Counterpart. Mark Addy – Robert Baratheon After a hunting trip gone wrong in season
one, King Robert Baratheon, first of his name, died, prompting his best friend Ned Stark
to take action against the machinations of Cersei and Joffrey. Since leaving Thrones, star Mark Addy has
surfaced on several television series, including Great Expectations and The Syndicate. More recently, Addy appeared in the 2016 miniseries
Jericho, and as a detective in the 2016 crime drama series New Blood. Sean Bean – Ned Stark After Robert’s death, Ned Stark tried to take
control, sending a letter to Robert’s brother, Stannis, inviting him to come take his rightful
place on the throne. Unfortunately for Ned, Cersei was two steps
ahead of him, and Ned famously lost his head on the executioner’s block at the end of season
one. “You know which is a sacrifice of himself
for his family, which is a very moving and touching moment. And a good way to go, really.” Although Bean has a reputation for being killed
off in many of his projects, he hasn’t let that stop his acting career. Since Thrones, he’s appeared in a variety
of projects, including The Martian and Legends, and some of his other recent work includes
roles in the six-part BBC miniseries Broken and the 2017 thriller film Drone. Jason Momoa – Khal Drogo Although Khal Drogo was dead essentially from
the moment that old evil witch lady infected his wound with her fake medicine, his actual
death was much more tragic, as Daenerys had to suffocate him with a pillow to put him
out of his misery at the end of season one. Jason Momoa’s brief Game of Thrones tenure
served him well in Hollywood, leading to win the role of Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe
films Batman v Superman, Justice League, and 2018’s Aquaman solo adventure. And Momoa seems like he’s enjoying the ride. “Yahoo!” Gethin Anthony – Renly Baratheon Following King Robert’s death, his younger
brother Renly attempted to claim the throne. Renly had one of the largest armies in the
Seven Kingdoms and was beloved by everyone. Everyone except his brother Stannis, however,
who used black magic to murder Renly in season two. After Game of Thrones, actor Gethin Anthony
appeared in the 2014 film Copenhagen as well as the popular series Call The Midwife, then
demonstrated his range by playing Charles Manson in the NBC period crime drama Aquarius. He also provided the voice of Gil Brodie in
the video game Mass Effect: Andromeda. Oona Chaplin – Talisa Maegyr Standing in for the book character of Jeyne
Westerling, Talisa Maegyr married Robb Stark, the King in the North. Unfortunately, Robb was already engaged to
the granddaughter of Lord Walder Frey, who exacted his revenge by murdering Talisa at
the Red Wedding in season three. After Game of Thrones, Oona Chaplin starred
in the 2014 miniseries The Crimson Field and an episode of the popular television show
Black Mirror, as well as the 2015 movie The Longest Ride. Some of her latest projects include starring
roles in the 2017 Spanish comedy film As We Like It, and the British drama series Taboo. Richard Madden – Robb Stark The King in the North, Robb Stark met his
end beside his beloved Talisa, taking a knife to the heart from the traitorous Roose Bolton. It was a traumatic way for actor Richard Madden
to end his time on the show. “I managed to get on the plane, covered in
fake blood. I was kinda upset at the end of the whole
job. I kinda looked like I murdered someone and
got on the flight.” Following his exit from Game of Thrones in
2014, Madden appeared in the series Medici: Masters of Florence and as the Prince in the
2015 live-action Disney adaptation of Cinderella. More recently, Madden can be seen in the 2017
Amazon original series Oasis. Michelle Fairley – Catelyn Stark Though Catelyn dedicated her life to protecting
her children, she died at the Red Wedding believing she had failed them all. Since her terrible death in season three,
actress Michelle Fairley has stayed busy with projects including the television series Resurrection
and the movie In the Heart of the Sea, as well as the Starz miniseries The White Princess. Jack Gleeson – Joffrey Baratheon Thankfully, the reign of psychopathic boy
king Joffrey Baratheon’s came to an early end. Joffrey married the widowed Margaery Tyrell,
but his reputation as an evil jerk preceded him, so her grandmother protected her by slipping
some fast-acting poison into his cup at the reception. Jack Gleeson retired from screen acting after
Game of Thrones, but he remains involved in the arts. He founded Collapsing Horse Theatre Company
in Ireland, which won an award for their puppet show Bears in Space at the 2016 1st Irish
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  2. John Mackel Author

    Haters can complain and hate all they want but deep down they know GOT is a Masterpiece, GOT is one of the greatest shows of all time.

  3. John Sheppard Author

    I don't think GoT helped or hurt Jason Mamoa's career in hollywood. He was already known well before and along side the series. To say it "lead the way" for him to be aquaman is an overstatement. That implies Mamoa's career needed GoT to be offered the role but it really didn't. He played various barbaric or semi-barbaric roles including but not limited to Stargate Atlantis and Conan the barbarian 2011. Conan may not have been a major success it's proof he was already in hollywood.

  4. Ellie Phoenix Author

    Why he retired himself in this young age and with this incredible talent on acting? He would make a super actor by gaining more xp in the field

  5. Moveeyy Author

    The actors of both Joffrey and Ramsey are two damn good actors, they really got us to hate them and still carry that you'll love me when I'm dead vibe

  6. Suwan Yi Author

    I feel bad for jack gleeson like he's such a great actor and all these little cunts are giving him hate for simply playing out his role perfectly🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Sigh Phi Guy Author

    these actors are a whole 4 YEARS OLDER!.
    they look so different.
    ahhh….what age will do to you.

    and SPOILER
    the shark dies at the end of JAWS.

  8. Manas Surya Author

    Jack Gleeson is an excellent actor who brought the character of Geoffrey to life exactly as George RR Martin envisioned it. Yet people are dumb enough to hate Jack Gleeson himself for the role he played. There were instances when fans wouldn't even look in his direction, and no one used to ask for his autograph.

  9. Little Fish Author

    nothing worse than a spoiler thumbnail and title and I don't even click the video it auto plays and great now I see some one else that dies I tried to pause in time but the fucking first second of the video is a fucking face 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 wish there was a unsubscribe emote

  10. Danny 199 Author

    I feel like Renly should've been more like the book variant, he came across a bit nerdy in te show. Gethin Anthony looks like he would have been able to pull of book Renly though, too bad it didn't happen.

  11. Chad Hero Author

    I agree Rob should have died. His father beheaded a Nights Watchman for breaking his oath. So how can the "king of the north" break his oath and not be punished? He was an idiot, he sacrificed the whole war for a cute piece of ass.


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