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What, when and how should actors post on social media?

What do I post on social media? How do I post it? Where do I post it? When do I post it? How do I use hashtags? I’ve been collecting a lot of posting questions
from you guys over the last couple months and I’m gonna answer a lot of ’em here today. Let’s do this! Sara asked how do I make my Instagram posts
go over to Twitter? Great question, Sara! Now there’s really two things you can do here. When you create your Instagram post, there
is a choice to send your post right over to Twitter if you’ve linked your Twitter account. That’s a super easy, simple way. However, I like to take it a step further,
I use an app called IFTTT, which is If This Then That and it helps my Twitter account
talk to my Instagram account. So when I post on Instagram, it will push
my Instagram post over to Twitter, but not just with the caption and the link, it will
also post the picture itself. It’s super, super cool. It’s one of my favorite apps, IFTTT. And the great thing about this is when you
push your posts over from Instagram to Twitter with a photo, you’re gonna find you get so
much more engagement and there’s still a link on the post to send people back over to my
Instagram. Super awesome, right? So try that out, Sara, next time you wanna
push a post over from Instagram to Twitter. Next question, is there a perfect time to
post on social media? Now there’s not a perfect time to post on
social media for everybody. However, there may be an optimal time for
you to post for your audience. And we can find this out in our insights and
analytics. On a Facebook page, we can hop into our audience
insights and we can really see the best time to post for our audience. On Twitter, they’re actually rolling out the
ability to see the best time to post right in our settings. And on Instagram, if you have a business or
creator account, they do give us stats on the best time to post. And really what they’re telling us is the
time that most of our audience is on. Now I don’t obsess about these times, I don’t
only post at these times. However, I’m aware of what they are, so if
I have a video or a post that I really want to get more engagement on and get more eyeballs
on, you better believe that I am posting at the best time for my audience on that day. I got this great question from David that
I thought would help so many of you guys. David asked, “Hey, Heidi, I’m cool posting
when I’ve booked something, but what about in between jobs? That’s when I run out of ideas on Instagram. I sometimes don’t post for weeks at a time.” Oh, such a great question, David, and something
so many actors struggle with. And it sounds like from your question that
you’re making a mistake that I see a lot of actors make on social media. You’ve been told you have to post about your
acting career on social media, so you do just that. But the problem is, you only tells us half
the story. You don’t tell us about anything outside your
#actorslife and you’re setting yourself up for failure. Because you see, not even the biggest actors
work all the time. So if you’re only posting about your actors
life, you’re eventually gonna run out of things to post. Unless you just post about #ThrowbackThursdays
and #FlashbackFridays. So many actors have a problem giving us a
backstage pass into their life a human, because you’re so busy doing the actor hustle 24/7
that you don’t make time to FEED YOUR SOUL. To read books, to take hikes, to go to museums,
to read biographies of extraordinary people… or do anything else that interests you outside
of your #actorslife. Remember, everything you do informs who you
are. So, David, and anyone watching who feels like
you’re lost in the actor hustle and you’ve forgotten to feed your soul with something
else outside of your #actorslife, I have some homework for you. One day a week, I want you to choose a SOULDAY. Your SOULDAY can be any day. It could be Monday, it could be Saturday,
but it’s a day when you try something new or something you haven’t done in a long time
to feed your soul. Something outside of your acting career. Put it on your calender and commit to it. This SOULDAY will enrich your life, your acting
career and it will give you more to post on social media, I promise. So what day will it be? Tuesday, Friday, Sunday? Let me know what your SOULDAY will be in the
comments below. Cheryl has a great question here. She says “I struggle with what to say and
really overthink how I’m saying things in every post. So much so, sometimes I never end up posting
at all. Do you have any tips for me to get past the
fear and perfectionism every time I post?” Well, the first thing you need to realize
is that social media is about connection, not perfection. And I see so many actors trying to be perfect
in every post, in every video and I get it. You think the whole world is watching and
staring and judging. However, you can take every class ever created
on social media, read every article, watch every YouTube video on social media and you
will never achieve perfection. The best tip I can give you for your social
media and for your acting, is to stop trying to be perfect. Do the work, learn how to use social media
for your career but do not obsess about your posts being perfect, just post them. My four year old loves to say this to me,
about five times a day. – “Just put it on Instagram!” – And she’s so right! Just go post it on Instagram! Go post it on Twitter! Just post it, tweak and try again, but don’t
obsess about perfection. The more you practice, the better your post
will be. Really focus on connection, not perfection. Now let me show you a quick, kind of embarrassing,
example of this in practice. I posted this post a little while ago on Instagram,
with a major typo on it, you can see. And it’s right in the picture so I couldn’t
do anything about it. So instead of taking it down or crying or
getting embarrassed, I focused on the connection the post made with my audience. And 400 comments later, it is the most inspiring
post with comments about why people decided to become an actor. So as you can see here, your post don’t have
to be perfect to get engagement or to inspire action with your audience. Elizabeth asked, “Do you have tips on how
to write better captions?” Captions can be so tricky for so many people,
especially if you’re new to Instagram. You have to remember, Instagram is not a photo
sharing platform, it’s a storytelling platform. So if you focus on telling stories and really
connecting through those stories, you will be more successful with your captions. So instead of always just stating the obvious
in the picture, the things that we can actually just see for ourselves, tell us what happened. Tell us a story, invite us in. What did you learn? What did you feel in that moment? And maybe how did that moment change you? Always ask yourself, what story am I telling? And just make sure your caption reflects that. Now at first this may seems weird if you’re
not used to it, but it just takes practice. And if you need a little help finding your
voice and getting your voice onto the page, don’t be afraid to read your captions out
loud to make sure they really truly sound like you. If you read your captions out loud, you will
truly notice when they don’t sound like you or maybe you need it as a contraction, or
maybe there are times you can use some slang or phrases that you use all the time in real
life, in your social media. Your post, your captions, should look like
you and sound like you too. So focus on telling stories in your captions
to really connect with your audience. And if you need a little help finding your
voice, practice every time reading your captions out loud. “How often should I post on social media?” Now, how often you post on social media depends
on what platforms you’re on, how large your audience is and how engaged they are. And really, how much quality content you can
produce everyday. So many actors think if I just post more often,
I’ll get in front of more people and I’ll get more followers. But with the algorithm changes guys, it just
doesn’t work that way anymore, unless you’re a huge celebrity or influencer. Posting more often, if it’s not quality content,
will not help you grow your following. In fact, it actually may be hurting your engagement. It’s better for you and your followers, for
you to post one intentional, thoughtful, awesome post once a week on a platform, than 10 mediocre
post that don’t add to your story and don’t add value to their lives. But today when we’re done, I want you to go
to your accounts and look at your engagement and if you’re not happy where you’re at, I
want you to try to post a little less. If you’re posting every day, pull back a little
bit and work on the quality of your post. Think about the caption tips I gave you about
telling a story. Try to make your post a little bit more of
a conversation and get your audience engaging before you post everywhere, every day. And there’s a great side effect here, when
we post a little less, normally, our posts improve. The quality improves, our engagement will
go up and then we can up the amount of post that we do every single day. So hopefully I was able to answer a lot of
your questions about posting on social media for your acting career. But you know what? There’s a lot more than that to cover, like
making an awesome first impression on social media, actually setting up a posting plan,
including detailed post ideas and building relationships on social media and growing
a following for your career. But don’t worry, I can help you with that
too. My signature class, The 21 Day Social Rockstar
Challenge is open for registration just a little bit longer. Inside the Social Rockstar Challenge, you’ll
have access to the exact step by step strategies that have helped thousands of actors just
like you build their audience, make connections with the people who can hire them and book
more meaningful work, all through social media. I’ll put the link in the description below,
but don’t delay, because registration is ending soon and space is limited. I cannot wait to see you put some of these
posting tips into practice today, and I can’t wait to see you in the 21 Day Social Rockstar
Challenge. I’ll see ya on social!


  1. Kimberley Gayle Thomas Author

    Your daughter definitely has your cheeks! Thanks for the app recommendation. I noticed when I posted from Instagram that my Facebook & Twitter had links to instagram instead of the actual photo(s) that I uploaded myself vs obtaining from another site.


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