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What’s Your Most Profound Movie Theater Experience?

You know what, I think the most profound movie-going
experience that I ever had in a theater was watching Baz Luhrman’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and
honestly, it’s because I actually felt like I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I remember going and seeing ‘Titanic’. That would be ‘Titanic’ or ‘Pearl Harbor’. ‘Pearl Harbor’ was sort of like, quite a worrying
– I worried about my mind because I just couldn’t stop crying. I remember having a very emotional experience
to Sean Penn’s movie ‘Into The Wild’. It somewhat surprised me because the movie
ended, the credits started rolling, about 30 seconds into the credits, I had this feeling
come over me that was an unstoppable cathartic experience. ‘Schindler’s List’, you know, really rocked
me in a way that I, you know, resonates to this moment. You know what – the thing that just came to
mind was seeing ‘I Heart Huckabees’ – the David O. Russell film that he doesn’t really
like. I had just gone through a breakup and it was
the thing that clicked me through the last stage of grief. Yeah, ‘Pearl Harbor’ was sort of a low point,
I’d say. You know that sort of thing where you’re not
expecting to cry as much as you do and then the lights come up and you’re…you know. Um, and ‘Titanic’ I went to see seven times. It made me terrified of going on a ship, but
at the same time it was so romantic and wonderful and I just remember wanting to be a part of
something that epic and sweeping. When I saw ‘True Grit’ for the first time
on a big screen, it was not only the most overwhelming thing that had ever happened
to me, I think I also just grew such an appreciation towards all the people and how much effort
goes into making something happen and putting it on a screen that size. Their names were across this screen and I
was one of them and it was just, I mean, everything you could have ever imagined happening in
your life at some point happening right there at 13 and it was pretty insane. I think when I first saw ‘Crash’, that really
kind of winded me, actually. It was just a really honest and poetic look
at some issues that we often don’t explore in cinema. Oh gosh, I think it’s the ones that sort of
blow you away, like you’ve never seen anything like them, like ‘Trainspotting’. I had never seen anything like it before. I remember I was sitting in the front row,
three seats in and I remember what I was wearing. Like, I was wearing this black dress with
an orange stripe – that’s how much it impacted me. I’d never seen filmmaking like it. When I saw ‘The Great Beauty’ by Paolo Sorrentino
– ‘La Grande Bellezza’. I saw it in a packed house in London and the
whole film is really about time. And normally people rush out of the theater,
or cinema, after the credits, but after watching that film it felt like for everyone there
was no point in rushing because we sort of understood, we re-understood, something about
our lives. Something about how short they are. How things are to be cherished. So yeah.


  1. Tyler Durden Author

    OKAY. most profound movie theater experience?… American Beauty… LOVED IT. Fight Club was mind blowing as fuck don't get me wrong.. but.. it didnt effect me the way AB did… neither did The Matrix.. as bad ass as that film is.

  2. stephanie daigle Author

    For me it was probably Titanic and Free Willy… Titanic.especialy the second time as I cried even harder the second time as I did the first time..! And Free Willy as well…I connected to it sooo badly…


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