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When Your Online Date Doesn’t Look Like Their Picture

– Just because he has a dog in his photo doesn’t mean he owns that dog. That’s the oldest trick in the book. – Oh, what about his guy? I wonder if dating an Indian guy will help me learn more about my heritage? – Isn’t that racial profiling? – How am I suppose to be thoughtful about my decisions when all I have is a picture and a list
of common interests? (music) [Male Voice] Michelle? – Eric? – Yeah, nice to meet you. (bell dings, buzzer sounds) How’s it going? – You’re Eric? – Yeah, you’re gonna love this restaurant. I come here all the time. – I’ve gotta go to the bathroom, sorry. Excuse me. – Oh, okay. – Wait, you went on a
date with the wrong guy? – Yes, the white guy in the picture. He has some strange Indian fetish. He took me to an Indian restaurant, and he said namaste earlier. – Namaste – Namaste. – Namaste? – Are you saying it would be normal if he was an Amercian who just also happened to be Indian? – The motivation would have been genetic. – Just talk about you’re
period, or some shit. Guys hate that. – You know how much I suck at lying. – Okay, send me your current location and Kenny and I will come save you. – Okay. – Wait, can you order
me some samosas to go? Michelle? (music) – Um, so, what do you like to do? Oh, and if you need help picking something I really love the bhindi masala. – You really don’t have to say that. – Say what? – That you love the bhindi masala. – Okay, um, do you have
any favorite hobbies? – Taking me to an Indian resturant, travelling all over India. – Welcome to Crown of India. I see Mr. Eric has brought
a lady friend this time. – Yeah, thanks Sevesh, I think we’re gonna need another minute. – Of course. – To be honest with you, I didn’t really think about your ethnicity. You seemed like a nice girl, and, you know everyone’s a mix of something nowadays, you just never really know. – I guess you don’t. – We traveled India a few years ago, when I came back here, I just had to find the best Indian food in LA. That’s really it. I just though it would be nice
to bring a girl here someday. – Oh. – Look, look, I’m sorry if I
made you feel uncomfortable, it’s just that I’m new to
this online dating thing. – I’m sorry, this whole evening is– – You know, we don’t
have to talk about India. – I’ve never been to India. – Okay, why not? – I don’t know. – I could give you some
great recommendations. – Really? – Yeah, or course. (mariachi music) – Oh, my god. – Congratulataions, Miss
Kara, you won the lottery. – And a free trip to Cabo San
Lucas, that leaves right now. It’s a free trip to Cabo, you can leave. – How did you guys know we were even here? – All right, listen you
sick son of a bitch. Really, an Indian restaurant? You don’t think she already had– – Kelsey! – Wait, you know them? – No, I promise I’m not crazy. (party horns blowing) – I knew we were off on
that automatic timer. (mariachi music) – Have a good dinner. – Sorry about that. – What are the odds? I met a really nice guy
online and I ruined it. – It is pretty rare to meet someone form the internet that is
whose not a complete troll. – Well, I don’t think I’m going to online date ever again. We can’t afford another mariachi band. Seriously, the lowest price
was an eight hour package? (mariachi music) (humming)


  1. WolfieRath Author

    Why the actually shoodoodle cake was she so mean for? Your the one you who swiped right on a picture of 2 guys you got to expect that you'll get one or the other.

  2. Anilor Zenni Author

    Wow ppl are shallow and shady when it comes to appearance like get over yourself already. Not everyone is a body builder😕

  3. Billy Russo Author

    My Indian friend got really angry and said this video is unrealistic, no indian women will choose a Indian guy over a white guy
    He was clearly wrong and I told him that the girl is not Indian, never been to india and probably B&R in America. She can pick a indian guy over a white guy because she's not looking for a Green card and citizenship.
    Then he said she is stupid too. Which indian girl sees a pic with two guys in it and assumes Eric is the indian guy. Its not like Badri or Kedar.
    I agreed with him on that one

  4. Matt Author

    If it had been a guy blowing off a girl simply due to her looks this would have been labeled misogynist and “an example of why so many women have body/self esteem issues”.

  5. Ms. Saturday Knight Author

    Please read this if you want to stay safe: if they look totally different, it's not a good idea to pursue the date, the trust is already broken. If they were insecure about their photo, that's different, or If they forgot to change it. If they lie about age as well as looks, they probably won't be honest with other stuff. Like, if a 60 year old guy posing as an 18 year old wants to go out, just be honest and say that you were expecting something else

  6. Isadora Oliveira Author

    People assume the whole deal is about him being fat, but I don’t think that’s the reason that made Michelle’s character feel scammed or something. It was more like a race thing. You know, sometimes people get really obsessed by one culture and then want to be part of it in a really strange way. That’s why Michelle felt weird since they went to an Indian restaurant and he kept saying things about India, and made her feel like she was just another Indian accessory. But when he clarified that it was not the case, she seemed happy about the date (only to be interrupted by Kelsey and Kenny). I think the video should’ve stick more to the title, catfishing or whatever, but the main point is that she expected an Indian guy, not a white dude.

  7. ILana DD Author

    out with friends but everyones on their instagram taking stories n such
    but ive deleted my acc bc ig is no good
    so im on youtube
    watching this

  8. Bobby Brown Author

    Everyone is stuck on the fact he's a nice guy and looks like his pic , the fact is all dating sites tell you to take a clear and recent pic by yourself so not to confuse potential dates and because we can be visual on these sites she saw the guy that caught her eye the Indian guy


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