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Where Did Theater Go? Crash Course Theater #18


  1. Chris Sanders Author

    C'mon man, when English protestants criticize something for being "popish" they're not saying it's too religious. They're saying it's too Catholic. Europe was big into fighting over that for a while. I know this isn't about religious history, but it seems misleading to frame it the way you do here.

  2. David Durant Author

    Restoration comedy is the best – the kind of spoken wit in things like The Country Wife is my favourite kind of all dialogue (Aaron Sorkin aside).

    What I'd like to know is what's being going on elsewhere all this time. We had some good episode on places outside of Europe early on – it'd be interesting what they were up to by the 17th century.

  3. partialintegral Author

    In dialogue form but in prose, so.. what's the problem with his dislike of poetry? I know you postmodernists tend to make no distinction between truth and imagination, but please stop that, it's not witty.

  4. elazer twist Author

    The image of moral crusaders constantly ruining the harmless fun of common people is far to familiar and its disheartening to know it has gone back as far as theatre of all things. Will the west (or perhaps just the protestant influenced west) ever be free of the hand wringing fear mongers?

  5. Elfos64 Author

    This series is sure taking its sweet time about getting around to Japanese theater. I hope they eventually talk about LARPing, which should be considered a form of theater.

  6. kd1s Author

    Oh Puritans – assholes to the core. Sort of like John Calvin. And if you want theater – just visit a Catholic church. The sound, the light, the scent.

  7. Tyler Author

    The republic isn’t about the perfect society. It is a representation of the soul so that he could talk about metaphysics in a more understandable way.

  8. Virtue Ethics Keep Reading! Author

    "Heggzzz" (short for "Jesus") Cheers! I would say that philosophy is superior to poetry, but that theater is superior to reality, both because imagination isn't real (thankfully, but I still wouldn't thank any god for that, too). Philosophy is reasoned belief. Ideology is unreasoned belief.

  9. Geekto Studios Author

    Theatre is corrupting the youths. Will no one think of the children?

    What is old is new again. The Charleston. Rock n Roll. Juke boxes. Video games. The internet. Omg, some things never change.

  10. Вася Пупкин Author

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  11. PumpkinBecki Author

    We once went to an open air production of Romeo and Juliet, just as it went into the interval a huge storm blew in, and the 2nd half had to be cancelled…it was quite nice though, because it ended with Romeo and Juliet happy and in love 😁😍🎟💕👫

  12. Amber Allen Author

    The Puritans are the reason I hated the first month or so of any American literature class I had to take. The joke's on them though, because one of the most famous plays in American theater history is about them (The crucible)

  13. Sahil Chaudhary Author

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  14. Heleen Author

    Hey! I am a drama student, and would love to read some of the original plays and sources on theatre.
    Is there a list of sources used, that I can find somewhere?


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