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Who Killed Philippine Cinema?: Pepe Diokno at TEDxADMU

I admit it! We’re only bananas But if you look at every tree in the whole Philippines Bananas are the only ones with a heart! Bananas
are the only ones with a heart!


  1. PhilippineAmerican Author

    I don't watch Philippine Cinema is so corny. I also don't watch their tv shows. I am the one screaming while I am running out of the room if I see one Philippine movie on television.

  2. Coc Aba Author

    I like the way you want to keep our movie industry alive but some of our director doing BADOY……..hnd tlg masisi ang mga viewers….pero ganda ng paliwanag mo kung bkit patay ang movie industry ntin at mabuhay k kabayan…..

  3. Rachel Jardin Author

    I think we should also have variety in cinema, like not just major prod houses take all the slots in cinemas. There's so many great indies out there that are shown in other countries but not in our own. So what's the use? Sayang lang… Most movies shown, except for some, are, well, C-R-A-P. And that's sad. :/

    I attended this event though and learned so much. We should get indie directors to the fore.

  4. ihottaru Author

    "we don't have a formation of what our identity is…" -that statement reflects a lot of problems and holes with our culture and I'm afraid it will continue on unless we do something about it today.
    -Thanks for sharing this here

  5. urban05 Author

    a movie is not all about special effects and large amount of investments. what i think the presenter forgot to mention is creativity also needed in order to compete to others,

  6. Random Citizen Author

    This guy is a perfect example why presenting statistics should not be sensationalized. He goes on presenting 143 billion, 4.4 billion, etc. and then when it came to his point of discussion, he changes to 0.06%. WHAT THE HELL!? How will listeners compare those figures? After research, 143 billion is just 0.009% of US GDP, 4.4 billion is just 0.001% of UK GDP. Both being a lot lower of what Philippine Cinema contributes to our GDP! Immediately stopped watching at 07:40.This guy is a SENSATIONALIST

  7. Random Citizen Author

    Oh, yeah, you're right! well sorry, I've just not had a math course for a while so I forgot to deduct 2 decimal places.So, yeah, I mean, well, still he should not have compared currency with percentages. yeah, well, again, This guy is a SENSATIONALIST! I tell you!!

  8. CantStopTheSignal Author

    I disagree, he just made a poor writing choice. Because it would have been just as sensational if he had given that percentage in actual currency.

  9. Nuk Author

    Sir Pepe Diokno says that the problem is Filipinos don't watch Filipino films. I have to disagree, the real problem is Filipinos don't watch GOOD Filipino films. He mentions the movie is Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote, he says this is a crap film. Then he mentions a lot of good films later in his talk. Lets analyze some figures so you guys know what im talking about.
    Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote -> Crap film -> made 159.00 million pesos
    Tik Tik -> good film -> made 3 milion pesos

  10. Nuk Author

    lets take a look at other "Crap" Filipino Films
    Sisterakas -> made 391.4 million pesos
    Enteng Ng Ina Mo -> made 237.88 million pesos
    One More Try -> made 213.00 million pesos

    SO Filipinos are not watching Filipino films?? I dont think so..
    We are not watching GOOD Filipino Films.
    How much did Bwakaw make? Great film, but i bet it didnt make more than a million. How about all the other great films in Cinemalaya? they all usually lose money,, so how can a great filmmaker continue making films?

  11. Nuk Author

    "Pinoy Films are baduy, predictable, formula, etc" .. according to who? the mass audience?? I think you guys can answer for yourselves.. We have a lot of good films here, but nobody watches.. If you lose 1 million pesos making a film, how many films can you make till you go broke? Thats the real problem. SO what do you think is the solution??


    Harana is a documentary film by Benito Bautista. Who I and many consider one of the Masters of Cinema.

  12. Raine Mueller Author

    We have the creativity, the ideas. Our indie films shows so. But let's face it. To make a good movie, you need money. And to make a movie known, you need advertisements. Which needs more money. This monetary problem could be solved by the gov't.'s support. And for the "masa" to actually take notice of the good films we are making.

  13. urban05 Author

    our indie films are doing good indeed in a creative level. but you dont need a large amt of money to make a good movie, these days what you just need is a smartphone, youtube and creativity. and other thing is you cant force the "masa" to appreciate good movies. movies is a form of art not a business model anymore.

  14. Neil Briones Author

    I beg to disagree. You still need money to make your film look nice.

    How much does it cost to Edit a Video Straight out from a Raw RED camera? Do you have any idea how hard it is to edit a Raw file from a RED or ALexa camera?

    How much does it cost to colour grade a a Raw file straight out from a cinema camera? Do you know that it takes years of practice to master the art of being a colourist?

    What about the Production Design? What about the HMI lights used in Cinematography?

  15. Neil Briones Author

    Seryoso? Do you want us to encourage of making more shorts using a smartphone na punyeta ang liit lang ng Bitrate and dynamic range?

    There is a reason why Cinema cameras are so expensive. There is a reason behind na bakit ang mahal ng rate sa mga cinematographers at editors. It took them years to master their specific field track sa filmmaking.

    Filmmaking is a form of art and business combined. Please straighten out your facts.

  16. DeLaCruzer11 Author

    Who Killed Philippine Cinema? The four main reason are:
    1. Piracy
    2. High Tax
    3. Foreign Competition
    4. Lack of local support.

    Of the 4 list above, the one that has the biggest negative impact is piracy. This is according to a recent study done recently.

  17. DeLaCruzer11 Author

    There is a great potential for our cinema industry to become a big industry both locally and internationally but the shakers and movers in the PH cinema industry, the government, the local support, has to do more in order to harness and realized that potential to become a reality. This is an exciting time for the PH cinema industry and television industry and I do hope the industry can rise to the challenge on putting the industry into a whole new level of success locally and internationally.

  18. DeLaCruzer11 Author

    There was a comment once made by a non-filo who likes our movies & he said the Indians, when their movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" came out, every Indians in India & all over the world was so proud to support and promote their movies but why do Fil. does not support their own movies? He said he was shocked at the bad comments on YT abt our movies from Fil. cos instead of supporting & promoting, they do the opposite & tear it down. When it comes to promoting our movies we are our own worst enemy.

  19. 5iveize Author

    Lagi nalang ba bitrate, dynamic range o ung mga black magic, alexa, red epic na yan? Pogi ang film is about storytelling, kwento ka muna, bago mo pagandahin. Pang MMFF ka e.

  20. DeLaCruzer11 Author

    I'm only sharing what someone has said but here's the wiki info:

    Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British drama film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Simon Beaufoy, and co-directed in India by Loveleen Tandan.[2] It is an adaptation of the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup. Set and filmed in India, the film tells the story of Jamal Malik, a young man from the Juhu slums of Mumbai who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

  21. gesileheart Author

    The reason why Philippines cinema killed because if this 2 giant tv station and economic too. Yung mga teleserye trend bakit pa ba Ako manunuod Ng film may teleserye naman . Araw araw yung artista sa tv pareho lang sa tv . Nong 80s at 90s mararami talagang movie goirs dahil Di expose sa tv ang artista. Kaya gumawa sila Ng paraan pagsamahin yung mga artistang never pang nagsama.

  22. Allan Nist Author

    oh, lets be honest here, who killed philippine movie industry??

    the writers, the directors and the actors..

    cheap scripts, low budget filming.. most of the filming locations are in the slums. bad acting.

    and you think koreans will come to the philippines?

  23. Maiden Rea Bernaldez Author

    I think one cause of death of the Philippine cinema is when filmmakers start producing a movie without even properly identifying the psychographic and demographic of their current target audience first. I believe that this usually leads for the audience to perceive the movie to be either not intriguing, not entertaining and/or irrelevant. And realistically, who would want to watch that kind of movie?

    Watching Filipino movies shouldn't feel like a social obligation; watching Filipino movies should be entertaining.

  24. arjay2002ph Author

    @Maiden Rea Bernaldez panoorin mo ung "Maynila sa mga kuko ng Liwanag" at "Tatlong taong walang Diyos" may cinematography yan at talagang pilipino ang istorya.

  25. John Albert Pagunsan Author

    I'm actually happy that the Industry's catching up. Though corny nga ng plots but they're revolutionary in Phil. Cinema, I also have thoughts that Kim Chiu's and Xian Lim's Bride for Rent and Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? have potentials in the Asian Market.

  26. adzschon Author

    ang pumatay ay ang mga Bakla sa pilipinas. Dahil sa kanila, puro guwapo na lang kinukuha. di bale walang talento basta may istura lang. ang dami diyan tumanda na hindi pa rin marunong umarte.

  27. adzschon Author

    hindi mo makumpara ang holywood sa pelikulang pilipino. sa holywood, talagang artista, sa atin puro celebrities lang. iba yung may talento sa pagaarte at yung may itsura lang na puro pacute lang. at dahil natalo, saka ginawa pang national artist si fpj.  saka ba't ka ba nag-iingles, eh puro pilipino naman kausap mo?

  28. Casti Author

    Philippines is 70-80% on Class C, so on a business sense I will deliver content on that demographic. hindi ko pedeng sabihin baduy, if it makes mang kanor happy then the avarage filipino would like it, as long its has drama it would somehow work. 
    If Pepe Diokno wishes philipines in a different view within 10 years, its actually not that hard to imgagine. specially to a person that creates a story, I myself is in industry and with the help SoM its easy to educate but the problem is the most influencial media in the philippines which is ABS#2 has also the most workable talents.

  29. ISSAY68 Author

    PHILIPPINE cinema will continue to decline if producers continue to patroniize bong revilla,kris aquino,vice ganda and ai ai and winn deramas comedies…. at least with kris aquino her movie fenf shui was promising.

  30. DeLaCruzer11 Author

    One thing I would like to see done in Philippine Cinema is that they should stop injecting english sentences in the dialogue of the movies.  Almost all of the new movies that are coming out nowadays do that.  Movie makers or scriptwriters should realized that that practice of injecting english sentences in the dialogue is not good because it ruins the flow of the dialogue. It will also make the Actors/Actress not be able to express themselves more naturally if they have to speak english sentences in the dialogue because english is not the native language of many actors/actresses, and since it is not their native language, they will not be able to express themselves better than they would otherwise be speaking in tagalog. Result would be that their acting ability suffers. Also, making the actors/actress speak english sentences in the dialogue would make them look pretentious and look like a trying-hard kano. Another thing is that when movie makers and scriptwriters inject english sentences in the dialogue of the movie, the international appeal or acceptance of our movies from foreign audience will not be as good as when the dialogue of the movie uses only one language and that should be tagalog only with no injected of english sentences.  If we want our movies to become popular outside the Philippines, then movie makers should realized that injecting english sentences in the dialogue is frowned upon by foreign audiences specially from native english speakers, when they have to watch a Filipino movie peppered with english sentences in the dialogue.  It's no surprised then that the number one issue, or I should say complaint coming from foreign audience about our movies is the very same problem when actors/actress in the movie be speaking tagalog one moment and english the next from out of the blue. It is just awkward and unappealing to foreign audience to watch that kind of dialogue in the movie, specially when one is not used to watching PH movies.

  31. Theo Serr Author

    there's one thing he missed about the filipino movie industry, or the whole showbiz industry for that matter. this point he made about movie industry advertising korea's samsung and kia by way of movies -that is not applicable in the philippines because the showbiz industry has a proud tradition of demeaning filipino goods, filipino attitudes, and last but not the least -filipino faces. just watch abs-cbn/star cinema for example: 90% of their talents does not represent the face of philippine's general population, all of the main casts would look like foreigners, dressing up like americans, talking with a poorly pronounced tagalog accent. the small group of people in the showbiz industry representing the REAL face of the general population are all reduced to clowns, sassy sidekicks, punching bags and extras. in short, even with a govt support, the points that you covered happening in korea for example will not happen in the philippines because the showbiz industry itself have a proud tradition of demeaning the real filipino face, goods and tradition. AND THAT IS ALL YOUR FAULT (BY ALL, I MEAN ALL OF YOU IN THE PINOY SHOWBIZ INDUSTRY).

  32. Aldrich Allen Barcenas Author

    People who said that the Filipino films are crap, probably watched only films shown in MMFF and a few that got out of the theaters from time to time by big publishing houses. Few bothered looking for good films, like found in Cinemalaya entries. Also, Indie films are also moving away from the "discovering ones sexuality" theme and starts to explore other areas of interest.

    The only problem I see, particular for people who look for good local film is awareness. There should be a single place where all of the trailers of upcoming films will be placed, so that people will know what films they might want to watch in theaters, and for the likes of SM to show considerable interest to have it shown in their movie houses.

  33. 09c40719ms11G Author

    I WAS one of those people he described. People who gave PITY on our Phil. Culture being raised to think mostly everything, not just Cinema, HERE, is Baduy, Corny etc. And I did see it too, cause yes our Economy tends to cater to the larger scale which the majority here in the Phil is well sorry to say, an un-Educated demographic. But Poverty is another Big shitty Government subject matter so anyways.

    As Maturity & Understanding grew on me, instead of PITY I now show HOPE. A new Generation is Taking over, I wiser one. A Generation that I'm sure, with the right motives and Work ethic will succeed in improving this 3RD world country's mediocre status.

    Hopefully then after that bigger un-educated demographic, will become SMALLER, Follow through, Keep it up and STEP IT UP.

    Filipino Film when Given a proper Budget & Crew, I can clearly see and say can Make it BIG.

  34. Ricky Cruz Author

    Philippine Cinema is dead because it did not evolved or improved its quality into something like we see in foreign movies today. your example of Boy God perhaps is a good quality movie during that time but the problem is the quality of our movies today are still almost something like Boy God, the effects, the script etc. etc.

  35. jojimojo Author

    The thing about TV shows and tourism, the show 'Forevermore' (fuckin' cheesy lines and cringe-worthy) had a positive effect on tourism. People would flock 'La Preza' where the show was shot and enjoy the scenery. And I praise them for that.

    But what the film and TV industry also need are film critics. Hardcore critics that are really objective and thorough. I rarely see or read good critics of Filipino movies and when I do read one, it's very thorough and good, although at the comment section at the end of the article, all I see are face palm worthy comments. The music industry also needs it too.

    I might watch a Filipino movie, but I don't think it would be anytime soon.

  36. Daryl Candace Tan Author

    It's all for business. Kung ano yung benta at gusto ng madla, yun ang ipinapalabas na mga storya. And I dont actually think that its a bad thing. Benta ang story… Kasi marami ang may gusto plus kikita ang gumawa. Both parties have gained their share. Ang sa'kin lang, siguro sana yung may bagong dating rin naman lang for instance sa mga cliche na story. Like we Filipinos especially yung mga teenagers ngayon, gustung-gusto ang mga love story and all. That's actually fine as long lang na may bago in it at dapat sana sa susunod may lessons rin na mapupulutan. Unti-unti na kasing nakakalimutan ng mga tao yung mga bagay na may mas halaga pa kesa sa mga bagay na'to.

  37. Matt Author

    quantity over quality. the mentality of producing more just so they can earn more money, without thinking of a more clever concept. the reason "people demand this kind of story line or that kind of story line" hinders writers from making a masterpiece.

    Side note: Korean films are just as lame as a regular Telenovela

  38. Mimi Lunday Author

    Makes perfect sense . I love movies and I really want to watch Filipino movies. But I am really quite constrained with its accessibility. I have not seen indie films being shown in Cebu. I want to buy some but just don't know where to go. Are these movies, like Pepe Diokno's ' Kapatiran' available in iFlix?

  39. Lee Morpe Author

    Hi thanks for this video.. When I was watching Tedx in other country its kind of boring but when I watch it it was kind of interesting..

    may I ask if what is the blog or I can email this speaker Mr Pepe … 🙂 thanks and God Bless You always …

  40. Lee Morpe Author

    Hi thanks for this video.. When I was watching Tedx in other country its kind of boring but when I watch it it was kind of interesting..

    may I ask if what is the blog or I can email this speaker Mr Pepe … 🙂 thanks and God Bless You always …

  41. jihnel santo domingo Author

    Quantity wise Philippine Cinema is back. In terms of quality its been dead for quite some time. That's where the problem is.

  42. Seanne Sy Author

    The last two films I watched were Heneral Luna and Bonifacio, and they were great movies (Luna being better of course) but its so sad that Filipino movies that are good dont do well in terms of Box Office, since we dont really watch them coz theyre not mainstream, like look at Vice Ganda's movies or Ai-Ai's movies, theyre shit! But people still watch them. This is why i get annoyed with filipinos coz we only want to watch mainstream films and not the good indie films

  43. Henry Roa DeLuca Author

    As a Filipino American filmmaker, I find this quite interesting to watch and informative about the Philippine movie industry. I've been studying other forms of cinema from Hollywood, Japanese cinema, etc. But I really want to know about Philippine cinema. The thing is i only seen the "bad" films – ones that are supposed to be taken seriously but somehow become unintentionally funny (think of scenes that have dramatic music).

    I don't believe Philippine cinema is dead. but agree is in it's comatose state.

  44. Ka Limot Ko Author

    Ang dahilan kung bakit namatay ang pilipino movie industry ay dahil walang originality. Tulad halimbawa nitong ted talk na ito, kinopya pa rin.

  45. Mohammer Razid Author

    Philippine movies today Tend to be a little bit disappointing, there's no creativity anymore it's just a bunch of boring stereotypical characters archetype situations and typecast actors. they only make movies to please the younger audiences, some are all the saame and its very bad the scenes are very predictable

  46. Andres G. Pangilinan Author

    I do not see Filipino movies because they are boring to me. It is, most of the time, a love story where the boy or the girl is poor and the other is well-to-do. They even show wild love scenes which they got from movies from the western culture. I think this made our culture, especially our women with delicadesa, lose respect now. Now, Filipino, women are not so respected as before. The women lost respect from men.
    Why do they not make movies that are real life in our country; like, politics, corruptions, injustice, prejudice, drug addiction, which are more real and more informative; it should show as how justices work or do not work, etc.

  47. spranggats nonoy Author

    I think one cause of death filipino movies was every change picture crying or yelling with each other is common.😒😒 mostly the annoying crying every change picture..

  48. pencilledhearts Author

    That was insightful, and he's an engaging speaker. I'm going to check out what they have at Cine Adarna later. ❤ Actually, who knows, maybe the nearby SM's screening something good today, too. 😀

  49. Meriam Gudes Author

    I was one of those he described before, but now I am the one who encourages my friends and colleagues to watch Filipino movies in cinema today.

  50. Raden Payas Author

    Why use Enteng Kabosite when the whole purpose is to make money? Worst film ever… What moral reason doe sit has? Nothing… and comparing science fiction to comedy is ignorance… That " saging lang ang may puso" works only with Manileños. Ask Visayans and Mindanaons what they think of it and will surely understand why PH cinema has declined.

  51. Bryan Apostol Author

    Hopefully the next step to restoring films from the earlier days of Philippine cinema is a good business model for distributing them, similar maybe to netflix or the itunes. The easier it is for people to have access to these hidden gems of our heritage, the better we can promote them to our young film makers, and our kababayans specially those living outside the country.

  52. James Erold Author

    Mr. Pepe Diokno, I think your dream is starting to be realized. Although it's in a slow pace but the quality of movies are getting better and movies are now getting more Filipino patrons. Hopefully this will gradually continue to improve.

  53. rizza mae ong Author

    Not everyone knows this

    but the main reason we have had more film makers risking to produce films in the cinemas is because the taxes were reduced.

    and we have Bong Revilla to thank for it.

    I'm looking for that TED talk here.
    somehow i can't find it anymore.

  54. CrystallDMM Author

    I became interested in the film industry because I want to somehow produce a FILIPINO movie. I am a filipino, yet English is my first language. I am not fluent in my mother tongue (cebuano/bisaya). I do not want others to end up like me. I enjoy foreign movies and end up wanting to go there and learn more about them. I really want there to be Filipino movies that have none or a bit of english words or phrases in so that people would want to learn our language and can slowly learn through watching more of our films. I have a turkish friend who found a movie from our country and loved it. Now, she's interested to learn more about the Philippines and find time to visit. I want more people to feel the same. I'm trying to learn my mother tongue on my own and Tagalog as well…tbh people who can speak in either languages sounds so cool to me because I can't.

    There are very many talented filipinos who can change the film industry. I also have a plan on making short films and practicing foley (I want to be a foley artist). I really want to help our Film Industry….🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  55. Maileen Pascual Author

    Phil Cinema is dead because there is no competition. Only one studio nearly controls the entire film industry. This is a classic example of one company which became so large ( how it got big is another subject to discuss ) resulting to monopolization.


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