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If you’re looking for Wholesale
Picture Frames, Welcome to Hi I’m Mark Saunders. The company is Frames by Post. We’ve been manufacturing Picture Frames in Chelmsford factories for over 30 years We manufacture thousand of frames every week and I aim dispatch all orders within 48 hours via a next day carrier service. Because we manufacture in bulk. We buy in bulk. We sell in bulk. and we pass these bulk savings on to your the customer. So we guarantee great prices,the best you’ll find. Every one of our picture frames are checked to each of the six manufacturing stages for perfection. So we can guarantee our frames leave us in perfect condition to be shipped to you. We run a range of over a 100 standard moldings. In different shapes and sizes and colours. But we have access to thousands more. So if you’re looking toward a wholesale or bulk picture frame. Then contact us via our website Thank you.

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