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Why Acting Is An Insanely Dangerous Job [Documentary]

Docu Series: Why Acting Is Be An Insanely
Dangerous Job Intro It’s easy to look at the red carpets, the
awards, the celebrity friendships and million-dollar paychecks and assume that being an actor is
one of the cushiest jobs around – as long as you can make it big. With stunt doubles
and special effects teams on hand to keep everything safe, and the director and audience
asking you to just pretend for a few weeks, what job could be easier, right? Well, that’s
not the whole story. Sometimes, the actors who truly make a name for themselves have
to risk more than most people to get there. If you value your health, your safety, or
your sanity, then no amount of money is going to make it worth the risk. We’re focusing in on the less glamorous
side of the film industry in our latest Docu Series: Why Acting Is An Insanely Dangerous
Job. Risking Your Neck Sure, actors may just have to pretend to be
daring adventurers, soldiers, or fictional heroes, but they’re specifically being asked
to pretend they’re doing the most daring, risky things those characters have ever done
in their lives. And even though there are stunt doubles ready to handle the major jobs,
even small scenes can put stars in harm’s way. The world of Star Wars may be fueled
by CG, but when sets are constructed from scratch, accidents happen – like when a
hydraulic door closed on Harrison Ford while filming The Force Awakens. As if it wasn’t
bad enough, director J.J. Abrams learned his lesson coming to Ford’s rescue – injuring
his back trying to raise the door. The stories of Hollywood injuries on set are
delivered every day, from Brad Pitt actually tearing his Achilles heel while playing Achilles,
or Michael J. Fox really selling being hanged in Back to the Future 3… by actually being
choked. But sometimes, the injuries can be a bit more serious. Charlize Theron has made
a name for herself as a star who can throw some punches, but when a backflip while filming
Aeon (“Eon”) Flux almost paralyzed her, she promised then and there that she would
never do anything dangerous enough for a stunt double to be called in – a decision that
worked in her favor for Mad Max: Fury Road. Risking Your Life Sprained ankles and cracked ribs are one thing,
but it seems like acting is a deadlier profession than most realize – or, at least, it can
be. It’s hard to believe that even action star Jason Statham could have kept his cool
when filming Expendables 3, driving a truck with fault brakes off a pier, crashing into
the water and sinking instantly. He could have drowned, but at least it would have been
quick, which is more than you can say for some other A-list actors who have come close
to death. Statham’s Expendables co-star Sylvester
Stallone learned that fiction and fact can blur together when filming fight scenes with
Dolph Lundgren for Rocky 4. Asking the actor not to hold back, Lundgren delivered a shot
straight to Stallone’s chest. He knew something was wrong immediately, and rushed to the hospital
to learn his heart had started to swell from the blow. It could have proven fatal, but
weeks of bed rest kept the slugger in the fight. So much for movie magic. Still, it’s probably George Clooney who
puts the idea that acting is easy to bed. While other leading men risk their lives in
stunts, like Tom Cruise dangling from the real Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Mission Impossible,
Clooney had his brush with death after filming the 2005 drama Syriana. After seriously injuring
his back during an interrogation scene, weeks of headaches followed – including a serious
panic when spinal fluid began leaking from his nose. Clooney has admitted that in the
weeks spent in a hospital bed unable to move, and crippled by headaches, he seriously considered
taking his own life. So playing pretend isn’t always fun and games. Risking Your Health The stories of actors dropping weight, or
gaining muscle for a role are well-known by all movie fans, but it’s still hard to believe
the limits that some actors pushed their bodies to in preparation for a role. Robert De Niro
set a high bar with Raging Bull, training to become a completely real boxer to play
Jake LaMotta – before gaining 60 POUNDS to play him in his later years. That’s a
number beaten by one famous method actor, Jared Leto, who gained a whopping 67 pounds
to play John Lennon’s killer in Chapter 27. He put on the pounds by sticking to a
diet of microwaved ice cream mixed with olive oil, among other foods, and developed gout
in the process, saying he’ll never again put his body through the trauma. It’s not all about weight loss, of course,
but the extra measures taken to deliver the best performance – sacrificing your health
to do it (and hoping that the audience will even notice the difference). Ashton Kutcher
learned that copying Apple founder Steve Jobs’ all-fruit diet was a bad way to get into character,
when he wound up hospitalized just days before filming was set to begin. On the superhero
side of things, Hugh Jackman has turned heads and stunned audiences with his ripped physique
as the X-Man Wolverine, but even that’s not all workouts and dieting. To get the shredded,
veiny look he wanted, Jackman had to go days without water to thin out his skin, suffering
through crippling headaches as a result. Was it really worth it? On the far end of the spectrum of actors putting
their health at risk for method acting is, as always, Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis.
Staying in character may be better for the movie, but when Lewis refused a winter coat
in Gangs of New York, he was struck with pneumonia. When playing a man suffering from Cerebral
Palsy in My Left Foot, he stayed hunched over throughout the entire production, even having
crew members feed him so as not to break character. What he did break, was two ribs, from the
unnatural posture. It won him an Oscar, though, so it might have been worth it.
Risking Your Sanity Putting your body on the line for a role is
one thing, or even refusing to break out of a character since getting into the mindspace
of the role is seriously taxing. But what happens when an actor or actress starts to
literally lose themselves in the role they’re playing? Ask Anne Hathaway, who went even farther than
the director asked for her descent into poverty in Les Miserables, cutting off her hair, losing
weight, and delivering an Oscar-winning performance in the process. But she admitted that the
character was such a broken, desperate soul, it took her weeks after filming to break herself
out the same mental troubles, and start to feel like a normal person. Yikes. Taking things even farther, Adrien Brody knew
that his role in The Pianist could be a break out one – and committed to walking in the
footsteps of a Holocaust survivor the best way he could. Leaving behind, his belongings,
his home, and even his girlfriend, and headed to Europe with a bag and a keyboard. It’s
hard to say if it was his acting chops, or this method research that won him his Oscar,
but for his sake, we hope it was all totally necessary. Shia LaBeouf became more famous than most
young actors for his weird commitment to a role, and the World War 2-era Fury showcased
the fact that he really is one of a kind. When the makeup team’s work at applying
a cut to his cheek didn’t seem real enough, his co-stars say, he simply grabbed a knife,
and cut his cheek open – making sure to re-open the cut throughout the shoot, and
giving himself a scar for life. To go with the tooth he had pulled as evidence of his
time in the war (which is never mentioned, and hardly ever seen on screen). At that point,
the fact that he decided not to bathe for over a month was probably the least of his
co-stars’ concerns. And as proof that the most psychotic, unbalanced
villains can’t help but bring something weird to the lives of those playing them,
both Jared Leto and the late Heath Ledger seemed to truly lose themselves in the role
of The Joker, Batman’s nemesis. For Ledger, it meant secluding himself in a London hotel
room for over a month, exploring the insanity of the character, finding his voice and laughter.
The reports of his drug use and mental conditions are almost impossible to decipher by now,
but the fact that such a dark, twisted role was his last will always be the fact of the
matter. Maybe it’s lucky, then, that Leto has some
co-workers to let his crazy loose on, in the form of bullets, live rats, dead pigs, and
apparently even used condoms to his Suicide Squad castmates. You can’t say that he isn’t
embracing the role of the Joker wholeheartedly, but even if he walks away unscathed, it looks
like this is one time where it’s actually more dangerous to be working with him, not
as him. Seriously, what are the odds of someone delivering a dead pig full of bullets to your
office? We rest our case. So what do you think? Are these twisted character
studies and death-defying stunts and injuries proof that being an actor isn’t all it’s
cracked up to be? Or would you be willing to have a brush with death or two if it meant
appearing on the big screen? We expect most movie fans would say it’s worth it, but…
some of these actors might disagree. Let us know in the comments, and remember to subscribe
to our channel for more videos like this one.


  1. alaska95rules Author

    While I do not deny that acting is dangerous, there are other jobs that are even more dangerous. Firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, etc, all have dangerous jobs, some more than the others. Acting isn't necessary, except for entertainment, however, the jobs listed above all provide a necessary service to the community, all while putting their lives in danger. People know going into any job that there are dangers and know what could potentially happen to them in a worse case scenario. There are many other jobs I'm not even naming that are 'insanely dangerous', but acting tends to always get pushed to the top since they are what make the 'big stories'. Stay safe everyone!

  2. zew 1 Author

    people tear they're achiellies just walking off a curb. I broke my neck twice by falling on my ass, granted I was a sponsored skateboarder, still thougj, I fell on my ass…

  3. Undumb Author

    How do you not bring up the crazy weight gain and loss of Christian Bale, going between the machinist, the batman movies and american hustle?

  4. Numbskill Author

    As someone who's just started out with voluntary voice acting, it's safe to say that there's less risk in voice acting than physical. You're not risking anything but your vocal chords (and possibly annoying the everliving fuck out of my parents) to stay in character.

    Although I really wanna star in some big motion picture, I understand the risks. Hell, I remember on the news about that fatal train accident when they were filming a movie. I forgot the name of said movie, but I'm pretty sure they shut down production of that movie forever. And most recently, they temporarily shut down production of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure to let the main star recover from a very severe injury.

    Also, I wouldn't actually (of ever in my life) do drugs. I think in some ways acting like you are drunk is safer than actually being drunk, so long as it's believable.

    But for now…. voice acting is what I'm doing…. but as time progresses, it shouldn't be TOO hard to get into the method and physical acting.

  5. Fuk You Author

    Long hours and completely giving your life over with total discomfort (that's not accounting for the extreme cases in the video) makes acting and being a crewmember, a tough job that is worth any nice amount of money they get.

  6. Stefan Kovacevic Author

    This documentury is insanly exaggerated.

    I wouldnt mind this video if it didnt exaggerate and dicksuck actors especially when there are a lot more jobs that more dangerous than this so calling it insanly dangerous…nah

    just fuck off with that shit.
    seriously fuck this video

  7. LadyLunarPhoenix Author

    Instead of Harrison Ford's accident as an example, you might have wanted to use Brandon Lee's death while making the Crow as an example of injuries from set work. After he was killed by a stunt gun.

  8. Pernection Author

    Or the KingPin role in Dare Devil played by Micheal Clark Duncan who act a lot of Kryspy Kream donuts and years later died early

  9. Alexander Peisl Author

    Yeah Ledger was fucking great as the Joker in TdK
    but approximately 70% of your Thumpnails feature an Image of him
    He sure isn't the only iconic Actor to put on!
    keep up the good work Mates!

  10. Calm and Aware! Author

    I don't think it's worth it.

    The AMERICAN population has become so dumb downed, that I don't think it's worth the actors to go through all of that.

  11. Count Monte Cristo Author

    I am not famous….not a celebrity… not rich….but I work many different jobs in my life to say ' thats just life' there will always be some element of danger present… even in your sleep

  12. Queen Eliane Author

    I wanna be an actress & I fantasized about being in action films or horror but I'm so clumsy and forgetful, it might be so dangerous. Idk if i can do it😞 and seeing how all these amazing actors almost always break something, it's too much.

  13. 90sRapFan Author

    This was more aimed at action movies than anything else. I feel that this video should've been renamed to why acting in action movies are a dangerous job not acting as a whole. Cause lets be honest none of these injuries could happen in a comedy, most of the time I mean unless you are in a scene where you are getting kicked in the jingle bells then yeah.

  14. Emmillyy Author

    Every time you say "pretend," I cringe. You're not "pretending" when you act. It's more deep than that. In the moment, when you're acting, you ARE the character. As soon as you truly understand that, THAT'S how you become a good actor/ess.

  15. Dorein Paul Emmanuel Author

    I don't think it was a London apartment. A character messing with your brain scares me the most. There should be a way to do justice to the character and then get back to yourself without being affected, that would be brilliant.

  16. Jeffery Revealer Author

    Ꮢeаd this if үou want to realⅼү get notiсed аnd ƅe suϲсessful- it maⅾe mʏ aϲting сагeer get momentum. Ѕoϲial meɗia is қeү аnd these guʏs сɑn get аnyone notiсeԁ bʏ the right people.

  17. Regina Quinn Author

    This might sound strange,I love been me,not actor or celebrty .Money does allow me to indulge,but it really doesn't bother,I've lost two children,no amount of acting can erase that.But life goes .i don't like people,my daughter says her Da is a Enigma.maybe I am.but I happy been me!

  18. Dyamond Jones Author

    I really want to be a actress be u just stomped on a 10 year old's life long dream .😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😢

  19. sea ziz Author

    I still want to be actor famous one in truth I will make my own moves and storys I already have a story on my Chanel and this is just the beginning

  20. wyatt smith Author

    I disagree. Some roles are obviously going to be physically dangerous, but I think acting can be more mentally dangerous than anything else. If performed or rehearsed wrong, a role can change an actor mentally. Such as heath ledger in the role of the joker. Heath took that role so serious and his preparation for the part ultimately changed him as a person, for the worse.

  21. The-Legendary- Jc Author

    I'd gladly go the full 10 yards to be character mentally , emotionally & physically I've always aimed to give 100% in all things and although I've not been in a professional actors school acting is something I've always enjoyed and want to do

  22. Ooo_itz_Dommy Author

    Look actors/actresses dont actually do the stunts, people who have been practicing or have been doing stunts do it for them.

  23. PandasHaveGuns Author

    Too many people want to be an actor, it hardly matters how good you are at acting it’s a flooded industry and unlikely you will get a good role

    Sorry it’s the truth

  24. Yvern Author

    First of all, nowadays body fat in movies are made using a thick body suit, like do you know how Thor in endgame has his shape? He used a body suit…. Plus, it’s not a real skyscraper for the mission impossible part, it was green screen, most movies are green screened


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