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Why Are Pictures of Muhammad Forbidden In Islam?

Recently, terrorists attacked the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris called Charlie Hebdo , killing at least 12 people and injuring more. Many believe that this attack was in retaliation at the magazine’s cartoons which depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. And this is not the first time that an incident like this has happened The question is : why are some Muslim groups so adamantly against depicting Muhammad [pbuh] ? Well, the Qu’ran condemns any idolatry – meaning the worship of a physical object or other idols. Some Muslims believe that seeing their Prophet or God in paintings will lead to people praying to or worshipping that painting or object, which is in exact contradiction to Tawhid , the Islamic monotheistic belief that God is a unique unity [entity] and not a thing. Many others cite passages in the Hadith, which is a record of teachings and sayings of Muhammad [pbuh] They believe that these teachings ban not only images of Allah and Muhammad but also images of all living creatures – this includes other Islamic Prophets (which is why movies depicting Jesus, Noah and Moses have been banned in some Islamic countries). This is also why, unlike Christianity and Buddhism, a lot of Islamic art is text and calligraphy – not portraits. But not all Muslims feel this way. These beliefs are mainly held by Sunni Muslims , who make up the largest branch of Islam. In Iran, where Shi’ite Muslims are the majority, depictions of Muhammad [pbuh] are much more common. These are usually in the form of hand-painted miniatures, which have been common for hundreds of years in Iran, Turkey and Central Asia. However, these depictions are obviously respectful and used for storytelling and historical purposes. Some images put a veil over Muhammad’s [pbuh] face or obscure it with whiteness, light or flames and these are mostly done by Muslim artists I mentioned at the top that Westerners depicting Muhammad [pbuh] has led to trouble before but it has not always resulted in violence ; sometimes, there is diplomacy and cooperation. In 1955, New York City – at the request of Indonesia, Pakistan and Egypt – agreed to take down a statue of Muhammad [pbuh] that was honouring him as one of ten lawgivers alongside Moses, Confucius, and Alfred the Great and in 1974, the New York Times published an apology for running a picture of Muhammad [pbuh] in an article about Islam after receiving numerous complaints. But as we know, not all disagreements end so peacefully … In 1977, a reporter was killed and over 100 hostages were taken in Washington DC possibly in response to how some important Islamic figures in the motion picture “Muhammad, Messenger of God”. More recently, publications in Sweden and Bangladesh were sent death threats after they depicted Muhammad in some of their periodicals. These images also caused international protest and the evacuation of some embassies. This is one debate that probably will never be resolved – on one side is people asking others to respect their beliefs ; On the other side is journalists, asking people to respect freedom of speech and of the press. But it’s important to note that most people on both sides condemn terrorists and their actions. Subscribe to TestTube for more new videos six days a week. and if you’d like to learn more about the differences between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, check out this video now. Initially, Muslims were all one group unified under te Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] then in the year 632 Muhammad [pbuh] died, and Muslims split off into two separate groups Thanks for watching!


  1. intelligent choudhury Author

    Becz there is no proof whi mohamad was. No one saw him .. n from his era also there is no proof of that warlors.. he waz a fake guy who is a self proclaimed of prophet..n no one could ever say he even saw any light in that cave… Ao muslims dont want their fake religion to come to lights

  2. Apostle of Yeshua Author

    Islam condemns idolatry. God is a unique unity not a thing.

    One question: Why do you worship and pray facing a black stone in Mecca?

  3. taaj howell Author

    I never understood how christians could depict who they believe is the son of God. Also shia don't believe in showing the prophet.

  4. Fikrat Ahmad Author

    Whoever says bad things about Prophet Muhammad is a kaffir, just because he married Aisha at early age that doesn’t mean that he was bad, Muhammad (Sallalahu Aleyhi Wa Sallam) was the best man to ever walk on this earth

  5. big b Author

    Same a holes are kissing kaba rock and revolving around mosque what a hypocrisy and evil people they are. If you don't belive in idols than why you saying this place is holy and that man was prophet and you can't keep Quran in toilet? Than what's the point of becoming angry for picture or cartoon? This is ridiculous. Total stupidity.

  6. cura caracol Author

    If you read the hadith, the hadith describes Muhammad as a fat ugly dwarf, that's why Muhammad didn't like his picture drawn, he hated women because women didn't like him, because he was very ugly,

  7. Robert Corbett Author

    Christianity is the truth I hope all you Muslims in the comment section will One day realize that Jesus is your Savior Jesus died on the cross for your sins so you may One day receive eternal life Islam is a lie Islam is a false religion Muhammad is a false prophet Jesus is the true God because the evidence is in the Holy Bible which I want everyone whose reading this comment to read the bible after this

  8. Mohamed Arfa Author

    No one can say a singel word against jews in the countries of freedom (Euorpe and U.S) only just say anything and do anything against muslims

  9. Vision MB Author

    Because we don't want you to
    Just black don't want you to say the Nword
    If you don't respect Islam
    You will be destroyed
    So don't play dumb

  10. Blak Vision Author

    I am Muslim but I am confused about my religion and GOD. Sometimes I feel that something very big conspiracy and fake agenda was established by our Ancestors and this is continuing till this time. No pictures, No paintings, Several versions of Kuran, different stories, created by the third party after Muhammad's death. These scenes are really creating lots of doubts on my religion.

  11. Sigma Geranimo Author

    According to legend Muhammad born in 7 century. and Alquran exist 8 century, 100 years later.

    who can remember 6,666 verse with no mistake for 100 years later ? while he was alived there was no Quran or Islam.

    anybody remember what you eat lunch 5 days ago or 30 days ago ? if you dont, how about remembering 6,666 verse ?

    what a made up story.

  12. Godwin Koroma Author

    What worries me is how Allah could not remember the features of his creation. For example it is baffling to contemplate how the sun which is bigger than the earth should set in a small earthly lake.What a mystery!

  13. Air hd tv Author

    How smart are humans really when over 70% of the global population still believe in the imaginary magic boss in the sky? Despite all the scientific discoveries, which expose religion to be a ridiculous Man-made mythology, why do the gullible masses hold on to this evil sorcery, full of ridiculous supernatural claims. It is long overdue for humanity to shake off, bury and even outlaw this ridiculous mythology – a mental menace to civilisation. Religion – A L L of them, are the greatest FRAUD in all human history.

  14. I love Drinking human Author

    Well no one can prove anything about everything
    People jus believe
    All we can do is wait until the world end to see who is right,no more fight ,don't look for fight
    Fighting is bad :/

  15. Muhammad Ali Sikandari روزي ڌڻي جماعت Author

    We all Muslim against picture drawing of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him… not any man and anything like the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him….

  16. human being on earth Author

    Muslims might not be allowed to but that doesn't mean that rule applies to the rest of us. We non Muslims can do as we like if we wish to draw or criticize Muhammad its our right. Religion doesn't deserve special protection. Its ridiculous to protect someone who supposedly lived 1400years ago from criticism.

  17. Robert Speth Author

    Yahusha (Jesus ) hamassiach is only the way to the Father (Yahuah ) .no religion ,nobody can save your soul only the eternal Elohim Yahuah .
    If you don't believe in thd death of Yahusha ,who died for the whole mankind 's sins ,and the resurrection of and in him ,you will be in lake of fire forever .
    My wife got dream with the eternal god 3 times and left Islam .
    Halleluyah !
    Muslims please don't believe in Islam cosy will burn in the lake of fire forever if u denied Yahusha !

  18. Zulaikha Yaseen Author

    Omg these people are so dumb

    Back when the prophet was alive, all stuff like cameras didn’t exist so now nobody knows how he looks like. Drawing him as u think he would look is bad cause you can’t recreate him

    Yall dumb af swear down

  19. Prophet YouTube Author

    Maybe because he walked around with his 9 YEAR OLD WIFE? Question? Did anyone ask who was talking to the Mohammad dude when he got is revelations, maybe a dude called Lucifer? Wouldn’t be the first time Lucifer did a Jedi Mind F*ck on a human.


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