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Why Are Some Theaters Refusing To Play The Last Jedi?

When Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters
on December 15, it’s guaranteed to be one of the biggest box office hits of the year,
if not all time. So why are some theaters flat-out refusing
to screen the movie at all? According to a report by The Wall Street Journal,
Disney is imposing harsh financial requirements on the theaters they’ll partner with to screen
The Last Jedi — terms that many theater owners are calling the “most onerous they
have ever seen.” Typically, movie studios take 55 to 60 percent
of ticket sales for a first run film, with that percentage dropping the longer the movie
is out. However, as one film insider told The Wall
Street Journal, Disney is currently “in the most powerful position any studio has ever
been in” thanks to the fact that the last film in the series, 2015’s Star Wars: The
Force Awakens, is by far the biggest domestic box office hit in history. As a result, Disney is asking for an unprecedented
65 percent of the box office take from all participating theaters. Needless to say, the studio has significantly
altered the usual deal. “I have altered the deal! Pray I don’t alter it any further.” “This deal is getting worse all the time.” But wait, the deal does get worse! Any theater that wants to show The Last Jedi
also has to agree to screen it for a full four weeks at a minimum in their biggest auditorium. Plus, Disney is also imposing an uncommon
penalty for violating these terms. Should Disney deem any theater to be in violation
of the agreement, the agreement says that Disney is then allowed to take an additional
5 percent of ticket sales from the theater — meaning that for four weeks, 70 percent
of all money earned from The Last Jedi in a theater would go straight to Disney. Violations, according to Disney, would include
pulling even one screening from a theater’s schedule, or using marketing materials for
the movie before Disney gives the go-ahead. While these terms still are harsh for massive
chains like AMC or Cinemark, the conditions really hurt smaller theaters, serving small
populations. And some independent theater operators are
considering fighting back by boycotting The Last Jedi entirely. One cinema owner who operates a single-screen
theater noted that in his small town, everyone who wanted to see The Last Jedi would see
it in the first two weeks, leaving the owner stuck playing the movie for the last two weeks
to what would eventually be an empty room. For this trouble, the theater would keep only
35 percent of the increasingly meager profits from it all — or 30 percent, if Disney decides
they broke a rule. Considering the record-breaking success of
The Force Awakens, it’s easy to see why Disney would want more money. But as crazy as it sounds, it might actually
make more financial sense for some theaters not to screen The Last Jedi at all rather
than give in to Disney’s demands. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. erroneus Author

    Looper? WRONG AGAIN. You guys have a horrifyingly bad track record. It's so bad that the presumption should be that you're wrong and/or intentionally being deceptive. This is especially true of the "why are conservative actors no longer making movies or TV shows?" Can't admit that politics plays a major factor? Delusional and/or deceptive.

  2. I have no life. Author

    Star Wars 8 is out
    Cinemas: omfg let's screen this sh*t already
    Disney: Give us 65% of the profits
    Cinemas: …fine
    Disney: Also screen our movie for at least 4 weeks
    Cinemas: wtf
    Disney: Also if we say you broke a rule you have to give us 70% of the profits
    Cinemas: bye

  3. Jerry Robitaille Author

    Maybe they are refusing to play it because it's garbage? Maybe because the story is weakass? Maybe it's because Disney owns everything and thinks that they can control opinions?

  4. Tom Atkinson Author

    Disney does this for almost all their releases. An animated Disney movie is going to have to play for at least 3 weeks and they usually ask for 60%. There is business and then there is greed.

  5. kellyrk2007 Author

    In other words, Disney knew it was going to suck and they stuck it to the theater owners and made sure it didn't get pulled before Disney made the money they wanted.

  6. Pablo Olewski Author

    Disney is no different to any other megacorporation, ruthlessly squeezing money from the less favoured. The money only flows in one direction these days because of bespoke laws that only favour the rich. The reason behind it? Overpopulation and the fact that in the decades before the credit cruch ordinary people had gained too much power through healthy democracies and socialism (in Europe at least). It's a return to the 'good old ways' of the Dark Ages, where ordinary people were expendable.
    And all this just from a youtube video…

  7. ImAlive 4U Author

    I think it's full of political correctness propoganda which strayed from the original Star Wars.

    Look at it like this one of the main characters Rey is a woman and Finn is an African American and other characters like Poe Dameron is Latino and Rose Tico is Asian.

    Now look at the original characters Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker all of them are Caucasian with all except Princess Leia they are killed off. Now for the real shocker the main villians are Snoke and Kylo Ren Caucasian men.

    They definitely made these movies to emphasize race and gender.

  8. Jon Lanier Author

    The Last Jedi ranks as the worse Star Wars movie. I'd rather watch Jar-Jar a 1000 times than to see the Last Jedi. Now the real question… with it being as bad as it is… how long well it take to make it to NetFlix?

  9. Toohard Toobe Author

    After all not to play it would become wise thing to do.
    Franchise rolling into deep sh.t faster and faster.
    It's not a pleasant thing to tell your children, that you was participating in killing the Classic.

  10. PopplioPrincess Author

    I love how everybody here is calling Disney "evil" and "totalitarian" when they are nothing but a bunch of money-hating communists. People are silly.

  11. Ernest Hemingway Author

    The movie S*cked anyway. Maybe they were trying to make all tjeir money in the first few weeks, because they knew most people wouldn't like it. So later on people would stop going.

  12. the dragon man217 Author

    anyone think Disney made ea place loot boxes in battlefront 2 against their own will, and forces them to act as if it was ea's fault, afterall Disney owns star wars, and can tell companys what it whants in its star wars games.

  13. thog Author

    Hopefully Disney doesn't ruin Infinity War. The Last Jedi was okay,but not as good as I thought it would be. Still looking forward for that Han Solo movie

  14. trinity Author

    they actually do have to show it in the biggest auditorium? makes sense considering that when i went to the theater, they showed tlj in auditorium 1, which is coincidentally the biggest one. wow disney you suck.

  15. Victor Fatalys Author

    What a bunch of greedy vampires…

    Bah, like all the other empires, Disney will fall, sooner or later, destiny will come to them anyway, they're just hasting the end by disgusting so many people, even their customers.

  16. Lord Vader Author

    Considering how terrible the last Jedi was, it's kind of funny to see Disney shitting on movie theaters and them asking them to pay them for it.

  17. Karl Quetzacoatl Author

    Oh, you can be sure that Disney wont be able to do that again for EP IX… Hell, they'll be lucky if anyone even agree to put that shit in a big screen lol

  18. Crurned Author

    They did the same with Battlefield 2 microtransactions, I know that was EA decision but it reflects badly on who Disney makes business deals with. 2010's Disney is crony capitalism unchecked, and it just grew bigger and greedier when 20th Century Fox was bought by Disney

  19. Francis Lord Author

    Disney became so big for their boots they said basically, 'F*** you older fans, we don't need you, the kids are our audience now because they're gullible and will swallow any garbage with a Star Wars logo.' That may be true Disney, but then why did toy shelves (that you insisted that even companies in danger of liquidation should keep on their shelves, like Toys'R'Us) stay full over Christmas with toys that never needed replenishing? (Toys'R'Us declared they're closing down yesterday – THEY STILL HAVE AISLES FULL OF STAR WARS TOYS THAT ARE NOT SELLING, you absolute c***s may well have put 36,000 Americans out of work so well done there!).

    And you think we're bringing our younger kids (who didn't like The Last Jedi either) to see future Star Wars episodes to this one? You think we won't stop telling our kids about our childhood experiences, intended to inspire their experience, in seeing Star Wars for the first time? You're a hopelessly naive company Disney, you really are. You just split the Star Wars fanbase squarely down the middle and kept the weakest, least influential, side of that following. Good luck with that.

  20. Will Nitschke Author

    This is not a sign of power but desperation. They are not making back their investor return on the 4 billion this franchise cost them to buy.

  21. Coola Boola Author

    They'll bleed every human being what they can for their…lets face it…rubbish Star Wars story treatments and once they see it dying will offload it to some backwater TV company long after its too late for anyone to fix the damage they've done. I said it before Il say it again…George should never have sold it and specially to poxy Disney. Why couldn't he have kept it and "leased" it out to others to make on his behalf…at least then it would have been still his story which wouldve been a damn sight better than Walt fucking Disney. This company is getting dangerously closer to an entertainment monopoly which is NOT GOOD SHEEPLE!!!

  22. Urban Fisho Author

    Typical bully boy extortion from studios! Sadly guitar makers like Gibson and Fender are the SAME with retailers! Sell on OUR terms or don't sell at all!

  23. Emilio Manuel De Pedro Author

    Stop insulting Disney. Cause they aren't evil nor greedy nor that. They are just people trying to mantain themselves. And they also bring happiness to millions of people worldwide. Especially children. ¿And you're treating them like monsters just because of a simple mistake?

  24. Emilio Manuel De Pedro Author

    Let me tell everyone this:
    Disney is not evil. Why? Because they haven't even commited any crime. They just make films. And sell products. If you destroy Disney, you would take away from millions of families worldwide the happiness Disney brings them cause your selfish hatred of one mediocre film. Besides, you're comparing them with either the empire or the Trade Federation. Which is something completely ridiculous. I mean, ¿do they make movies for children? ¿Do they create theme parks for the whole world? ¿Do they bring happy memories to millions of families? No. Cause that's what Disney does. And let me ask you this, ¿Does Disney ever destroyed a planet? ¿Does Disney ever conquered a planet? ¿Does Disney ever killed anyone? ¿Does Disney even stole anything anytime? No. So i hope you understand Disney isn't evil. They are just one simple company.


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