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Why Doesn’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?


  1. savior139 Author

    it's cute how yore being offended on behalf of these people. YOU DONT REPRESENT THEM

    you're just destroying the stereotype of smart Asians.

  2. TheOGS ¡¿¡ Author

    I am Asian…now I wonder how I really want to act on Hollywood but now I can’t cause some Americans can rascist some don’t accept and I am now really uhh idk 😐

  3. kg xgen Author

    For those who don't understand Whitewashing, imagine a movie involving the character Uncle Sam and yet he is cast with a non-White actor

  4. Jewii Author

    as an Asian, I do hope that perhaps more asians are going to be casted as main roles in movies. However, as long as the white/black actor can actually act out whatever he/she is told to, I'm fine with it. Who gives a damn about 'white savior' problem seriously? You gotta be dense as hell to care so much.

  5. Gerald Monfort619 Author

    They won't cast asians because americans are afraid that asians will break the stereotypes. Also americans are insecure towards asians.

  6. Babu Author

    I will never watch movies that has the following actresses:
    1. Jennifer Aniston
    2. Scarlett Johansson
    3. Jennifer Lopez
    They are really bad actors!

  7. THE DOM Author

    I don’t think Asians really care….the only Asians who do care are a small percent of the actual Asian population. They dont care bc they are too busy making money and not bitching

  8. Major Calvary Author

    Hollywood has never made a movie with Asian Lead Man with White Actress in love. Only French has made a movie in 1992 The Lover like that Europeans are much more accepting Asians than Americans. Must because of American Anglo background.

  9. Kirkzarus Author

    I want to approach this comment through the angle of looking at movies (and any form of art or media really) as being expressive compositions that attempt to represent, perform and maybe even assert to a domain of knowledge and expectations of the world as the creator is trying to communicate to us. With that in mind, I offer the question: for what purpose does Asian representation in western films fulfill? It obviously something that is desired by a non-negligible amount of people, but not so far as to artificially perform a simplistic achievement of "presence in popular media". I think the relevant idea that pertains to the question of Asians in movies is that people want to see media that exhibits a comprehensive understanding and familiarity of Asians in the western world which many of them call home, and Asians want to participate in art with this sense of wholesome support.

    Movies are a medium that exposes what the creating group "knows" about the subjects being performed, and in that sense, the elephant in the room regarding Asian actors is that the creative executives in Hollywood don't "know" or are not willing to "know" or become familiar with Asians in America. Western culture is a dynamic endpoint of a long history of developed European culture, so I can be reasonably confident in hypothesizing that there is a degree of inertia in moving away from that brand of "familiar common culture", such that movie creators that do white wash intend to create for an audience of that basis (I'll call "Caucasian Sympathy") that they assume comprise a majority and will net good money. And so, to infuse the ghost in the shell movie with Caucasian characters, infringes of what we as an audience understand about the original series. Sure, it might be justifiable within the setting of the series to cast Scarlet Johanssen in the role of Makoto Kusanagi, but it is simply difficult to shake the feeling that she is performing a knock-off (or motivated edit?) of the original. From what we know and accept of Japanese names, associated appearances of Japanese people, the original authors designs, Major Makoto Kusanagi is a Japanese woman. It shattered our suspension of disbelief; it infringed upon a domain of belief that we have for Ghost in the Shell.

  10. tfchin23 Author

    I just saw Great Wall and Matt Damon's character didn't single handedly save the day. It was a joint effort with Jing Tian's character plus Andy Lau's character playing the strategist. So there is no problem here in the slightest. I thought it was quite respectful of Asian culture and context. Also Matt Damon's character is a European mercenary so what is the problem with him playing that role ?

  11. Michael Lee Author

    Want to see more representation? Support films, TV, and other media that have diversity. It's all about money. That's why box office results for films matter a lot!

  12. Valkaerie Author

    Here's a better idea, PBS, and its home grown and everything:
    White people are most common in america, therefore, there's statistically gonna be more white people in movies, and forcing minorities in there (for the sake of having minorities, if its a plot element, then yes, its a good idea to keep it the same, i don't see Mr. Miyagi being white as a good idea) is going to make the sinking ship that is television based entertainment is basically throwing anchors through the hull. The reason the industry is becoming one of the most hated is because you force preachy messages down our throats, and as much as it hurts to hear, the twitter mob is very tiny compared to the amount of normal people.

    In short, please, quit with this racist bullshit.
    Sincerely, everyone who wants to work towards an actual racism free world.

  13. Michael Riemer Author

    Ghost in the shell is not a good example. i think it was very good decition to choose johansson because she looks different. and in mangas the characters often look not so asian anyway. no whitewashing for me.

  14. Kevin Sanshiro Author

    It's ok to me if they don't want to cast some Asian celebrities but don't expect me to give them a single Damn money to pay their whitewashed garbage films in every theatres.

  15. PrivateSlacker Author

    When people finally take a break from the daily stress of survival, they want to relax. For visual media, that means watching things that make them feel good about themselves. And that means watching people who look like them doing good things and outwitting the "others". Asians are too small a minority in the US to buy enough tickets to offset the demands of white, black and latino ticket buyers.

  16. duhneesy Author

    asian people look for representation in media because, sadly media reflects how society sees and views people and situations and where a lot of jokes/stereotypical jokes come from and we see black people getting all sorts of exposure and representation now and surely white people do but where the hell and what the hell happened to all of the colors in between? its like we're all disregarded. its 2018. its about time. Thinking and acting like we're not just like anybody out there. we're all human. we all bleed.

  17. Abhishek Mondal Author

    So, why doesn't hollywood cast asian actors ? I don't think the question was answered, unless that blurb about economics in the middle was it.

  18. Alexander F Author

    I travel to Asia in a regular basis and I do not see white, latino or black actors in their media, should we make a video and tell them they should cast us too?

  19. Nevermore Author

    They're at it again. Pokemon movie without Asians.
    They sure love using Asian culture for money but don't like Asians having anything to do with their own culture.
    Hollywood should be banned from making Asian movies.

  20. David Curry Author

    Why did several dozen mentally unstable Americans on social media rage over a manga series that they obviously never watched/read or evidently don't understand, and exposed themselves as uninformed crybabies over a cg-drenched action fantasy?

    Although to be fair, the movie wasn't very good

  21. D. San Author

    Saying Danny Rand should be Asian is like saying the karate kid should be too. This is made for people that think it's cool and would like to learn. Than Batman should be Asian. All superheroes that use martial arts. And how is that not stereotyping. Look at kenshiro from fist of thr north star. He used a Chinese martial art despite being of Japanese descent. Tho it's possible he was born there. It's vague how much back and forth there was.

  22. Sam Civil Author

    I agree with most, but Iron Fist is whitewashing? Why should he be Asian? Doesn't that just feed into the stereotype that all Asians know martial arts?

    Also I like how they never actually gave a definitive answer aside from White Washing.

  23. nokiaphone Author

    This isn't being done to Asians. This is being done by Asians to themselves. Ghost in the Shell–the character appears Eurasian and as drawn, physically resembles Johansen more than an Asian woman. Great Wall was made by a Chinese production company.

  24. Nicolai Veliki Author

    Whitewashing is OK when you do it to your castle walls. Otherwise it's just racist, and not only to the people being replaced by a white person. It takes away my chance as a white man to identify with someone who doesn't look like me. Ok, obviously I don't look like Matt Damon, that would be horrible.

  25. stockjonebills Author

    Make a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie and cast them with an asian or black guy. Then maybe all the Caucasian's face palming these anger issues would understand. You take it for granted.

  26. Alec Mason Author

    Okay the problem with calling the GITS casting is that, in the source material, is it clearly stated that the majority of cyborg bodies are racially ambiguous because they literally come off an assembly line. In the last few episodes of SAC Motoko states that she doesn't care about her body enough to change the race, color or change her curvatures. Hell in Arise she was a man prior to her life with Section 9 so anyone that says it's white washing has clearly not done the research, and is simply pointing their fingers at the film in an attempt to bring a negative narrative to those who are also unaware of the source material.

  27. Uso's brutalino Author

    First of all ghost in a shell was originally made by Asian then Americans stole it but still Hollywood won't cast more asians yes whites are racist but not just that they thought asians specially men are not physically fit for action or romantic films my question is why there's a lot of asian fighters in all type of combat sports sometimes they beat whites, blacks, etc I understand Hollywood is part of American culture specially for whites but how about the word United States I thought it was The Land Of The Free looks like its not shout out to all AMWF couples

  28. Daphneyd Author

    @6:49 :Makes me think Wh.Plp live in the most WICKEDEST bubble that exists. Like, the play "Tommy" would be impressed with how tight this bubble is. I don't even call it Asian Erasure…its complete genocide. I'm completely late for this vlog but come on! How many Asian/Indian american actors do u know at the top of your head! Asian and Indian faces in tv, is VERY recent but I always thought a problem with tv/movies. God Bless, SPN for creating Kevin Tran. When's the last time you saw an Asian character that is actually Asian so popular with the plp and loved and still sad he's gone!. Last time I heard of popular Asian characters was Hawaii Five-O and Grey's Anatomy. Currently for Indian (INDIAN!) fave characters: Raj from TBBT ! Now a days, I throw my arms up, I don't care where I am, if I see an Asian/ Indian performers..cause seriously its awful in american tv/ movie land towards "other" POC plp. And Iron Fist and Death Note…just say it, they WHITEWASHED the MAIN CHARACTER, Death Note..yes, needed to be Asian.

  29. Hillary Loves Kpop Author

    Well I'm actually a Chinese Canadian 🇨🇳🇨🇦 girl and we should have more representation in the western media more positively

  30. Anti-Hero Meng John Lee Author

    This is what im telling,"Martial Arts Club". They need to be careful. Hollywood doesn't like to let Asian male actors become the protagonist that gets the girl. 1. Jet Li – Lethal Weapon 2. Donnie Yen – Star wars. Either the Asian actor is a side character, or the antogonist. 😏🙄😌😎😤

  31. Emma Brannen Author

    This legitimately makes me angry. Honestly every race has it's only unique facial structure, and just looking at people's faces it's generally easy to see differences. So why they got WHITE people playing anybody who isn't WHITE. When you cast white people as POC, to me it says that producers are inherently racist, aren't satisfied with the original story, and that they don't want to have respect for their audience. I don't personally care if the white audience is deterred from watching a film because it's got a sprinkle of color. I (Mixed race- and mostly mistaken for latino) don't like feeling like I can't relate to real people because there aren't people like me on TV. And growing up there wasn't a lot to look at. It makes me angry because there are a lot of talented asian actors out there, talented people of color in general. White actors asked to play POCs should honestly be thinking about the very recent and disgusting practice of black and yellow face, like Katherine Hepburn, or Peter Sellers. I'm just appalled that they think that's at all okay.

  32. maryjaneisjane Author

    Why is everybody depending on Hollywood to make movies to represent different races? Ain't there any other film industry outside of the US or is Hollywood the only successful one?

  33. Zain844 Author

    Asians in hollywood are usually potrayed as nerds, martial artists, monks, gangsters etc. Just very cookie cutter card board cut out 2 dimensional characters. I never seen them in lead roles, and almost NEVER in romantic roles, Apparently only white people are the only kinds of people in America that fall in love and have romance in their lives. Asians apparently know nothing about that and are too busy studying math or martial arts.. smh.

  34. Tina Yang Author

    Hollywood is USA. USA thinks they are the best. They mostly use white characters and some black characters. They make asians look stupid cause they always pick the short and fat or weak people (besides Jackie chan and Bruce lee). They try to make white people look the best. Hollywood for you

  35. Tina Yang Author

    In Great Wall they tried to make it look like china was the weakest country and they needed help from a white person. If it takes place in China shouldn’t they make the main character Chinese?

  36. Johann Y Author

    There's a proposed SXSW panel addressing this very topic ("HOW IS BLOCKCHAIN MAKING HOLLYWOOD MORE INCLUSIVE?"):

  37. Hey Ho Author

    Only time I've seen "masculine" asian guys in western movies is when they are patriarchal rapist gang members who won't allow the cute asian girl to be rescued by the white guy. At the rest of Hollywood movies they are basically castrated ornaments.

  38. Dan L Author

    I don't think there's a specific agenda going on per se, but the liberal Hollywood (who claim not to be racist lol) would prefer to keep Hollywood predominantly white; be it American or European.

  39. Shahrooz Shadbakht Author

    Hollywood is a business first and foremost. They hire actors that the most amount of viewers are going to pay to watch. They don’t care about cultural accuracy or representation or equality or any other virtue or truth. Money. That’s it. If people prefer to see an ethnic Asian in a lead, Hollywood would make it. Same reason why they happily censor films for china, for that sweet sweet china market. Businesses aren’t responsible for educating the public on cultural awareness. Corporations, by definition, are there to maximize profits. If “cultural awareness” makes more money, they’ll do it. Money. Simple. Not complicated.


    I think those stereotypes are necessary to differentiate characters in movies, yes they are exaggerated but put yourself in the place of the screenwriter ?
    Plus, we human perceive things based on looks, even tho some Asian men are handsome like in any other race but Asian men do not suit leading roles, they are beardless, with small feminine babyish plump mouths, short, they are pale…etc. Imagine, even among white actors not all of them play leading roles, some play wimps and some play the leading roles it is based on physical traits not the race and since Asians look wimp they are not good candidates for leading roles unfortunately, but look at Bruce Lee for example, he has a masculine face and he plays leading roles kicking Norris's ass !

    On top of that most of the stereotypes are indeed true, for example I'm an Arab man, Hollywood portrays us as terrorists and dumb people, even tho I'm not a terrorist or dumb but I do agree that this stereotype is based on truth, most of Arab people I came to know in my life are dumb (meaning close minded and impulsive) into religion not science and violent (not terrorists obviously but they can fight you for anything starting from staring at them)

    It is ok to fight for more rights and representation for us minorities but most of what we perceive as offensive is actually not intentional.

  41. Oneforce OneBalance Author

    I think Hollywood does this because most of its audience is white and most whites in America are racist or at least have racist ideas and thoughts about non-whites in America. So Hollywood wants to sell something to racist peoples, so their movies show this.


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