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Why Hollywood Can’t Stand Will And Jada Pinkett Smith

Being a Hollywood super couple is no walk
in the park, as double the power usually means double the attention in Tinsel Town. Will Smith and his outspoken other half Jada
have gotten used to that over the course of their 20-year marriage, though that doesn’t
mean they always know how to handle the heat of the spotlight. A series of public scandals combined with
a period of professional decline has lead to their stock dropping significantly in Hollywood,
to the point that the community they were once very much a vital part of has started
to turn their back on them. This is why Hollywood can’t stand Will and
Jada Pinkett Smith anymore. High hopes Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s original Aunt Viv,
actress Janet Hubert, has a long history of feuding with the Smiths, and that came to
a head in 2016 when she advised the couple, via the Los Angeles Times, “You’re not kings and queens. You’re not royalty. You’re simply entertainers.” That’s not how the Smiths always see it, however,
especially Will. Back in 2007 the Men In Black star told Daily
Mail that his ambition was to be the first black President in American history, saying, “I’m going to be President of the United States. I always wanted to be the first black president
but Barack Obama stole my idea. That’s OK with me. Barack can go first and then I’ll take my
turn.” “It’s true, you know. What can I do?” “You did the right thing.” “I did the right thing.” Smith restarted the rumor mill towards the
end of 2015 when he said, “If people keep saying all the crazy kinds
of stuff they’ve been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they’re going to
force me into the political arena.” It’s certainly not unheard of for an entertainer
to achieve political heights, but given some of their other controversial connections and
recent setbacks, it might be a tougher road for Smith to travel. ​Oscar boycott backlash When Will Smith didn’t get a Best Actor nomination
for 2015’s Concussion despite the Oscar buzz that surrounded the biographical football
film, Jada announced her intention to boycott the Oscars for the lack of diversity in nominees,
and Will ultimately supported his wife’s stance in the press. “I think that diversity is the American superpower.” While some rallied to the cause, like director
Spike Lee, some of the Smiths’ peers took a different stance. At the American Black Film Festival Awards,
Jamie Foxx said that they needed to “hashtag act better” if they expected to win awards,
and even Oscar host Chris Rock took a swipe at her in his opening monologue. “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting
Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.” In other words, if this was an effort to establish
a political platform for the pair, it didn’t receive the kind of resounding praise they
were probably hoping for. Kooky kids It’s no secret that Will and Jada have raised
their children to embrace their unique identities, but when the two youngest, Willow and Jaden,
spoke to T Magazine in 2014, it became very clear just how eccentric these celeb children
had become. In the chat, Jaden revealed that his goal
in life was to be “the most craziest of all time,” while Willow touted her ability to
manipulate time, saying, “I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however
I please, and that’s how I know it doesn’t exist.” Because of this and other interview snippets,
the kids have been consistently blasted for being spoiled and self-centered by the press. Their personal philosophies notwithstanding,
Willow and Jaden’s careers in music and acting have become front and center of the Smith
family’s energy lately, and the two have had mixed successes in both mediums. Will and Jada’s hands-off attitude towards
their kids’ oddball behaviors became troublesome for the pair in in 2014 after a picture of
their daughter in bed with a shirtless 20 year old man sparked a police investigation. The Los Angeles Department of Children & Family
Services were called to look into the snap of the then 13 year old Willow, which was
taken and posted online by actor Moises Arias but removed shortly afterwards. The Smiths cooperated with authorities over
the investigation, but Jada took a different approach when it came to the press. She later said of the incident, “Here’s the deal: there was nothing sexual
about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it,
and you’re acting like covert pedophiles, and that’s not cool.” Even so, such negative attention has certainly
taken a toll on the family’s public profile. Controversial connections As much as the general public enjoys poking
fun at Scientology, the truth is that when the religion first decided to base itself
in California, it made studio execs uneasy. The church had been offering acting classes
for those looking to make it big in the business for a long time, but their ambitions became
clear in 2016 when they opened their very own movie studio right on Sunset Boulevard. While Will and Jada never confirmed that they
were members, their dealings with Scientology were exposed in tax records which highlighted
a $1.2 million payment made to one of the church’s schools by the Smith’s trust in 2010. When the school closed down in 2013 the couple
got all of their money back and have since associated themselves with Christian and Baptist
churches instead, but mud sticks in Tinsel Town. But that wasn’t the last of their eyebrow-raising
financial conflicts. The Smiths’ rep took another blow in 2015
when controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan revealed that the couple
had donated $150,000 to help fund a rally for the group, which had links to domestic
terrorism. The former Fresh Prince has spent his career
strategically avoiding controversial roles in order to minimize risk, but by associating
himself with a controversial political group he made it a little bit harder for Hollywood
to keep on flogging his nice-guy schtick. Which might be why audiences have become resistant
to cough up for tickets to see either of them Box office bluster The days when Will Smith was considered a
sure thing in Hollywood are now well and truly behind us, with his 2016 Christmas turkey
Collateral Beauty the final nail in his A-list coffin. The film’s opening numbers were the lowest
ever recorded by a wide-release Will Smith vehicle, and studios began to see the pattern
emerging as clearly as everybody else could. Will had been through another nightmare just
12 months prior when his buzzy performance in Concussion wasn’t acknowledged by the Academy,
nor did it turn a profit. That followed on from the monumental flop
that was After Earth, the 2013 sci-fi flick starring Will alongside his son Jaden. The would-be blockbuster cost $130 million
to make and only managed to claw back $60 million in US receipts. And Jada’s projects don’t fare much better
either. In fact, the most success Jada has had in
her career to date is when the audience hasn’t been able to see her—voicing hippopotamus
Gloria in the animated Madagascar franchise. The only meaty role of any kind she has been
able to sink her teeth into recently has been in the realm of television, when she played
Fish Mooney on Gotham. In the end, no matter how brightly a Hollywood
star shines, when they burn out, no one’s interested anymore. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. John E Allen Author

    Are you Kidding their money is there Oscar !🥂PS Be glad you got a place in people’s hearts If that means anything to nothing to y’all.

  2. Shannon Bird Author

    The whole family thinks they are above everyone and everything they are shrouded in arrogance. O use to be a big Will Smith fan and then he spoke.

  3. Ronald Johnson Author

    Will Smith is a homosexual mother is a lesbian what do you expect the kids to be weirdos boycott Aladdin movie don't even watch it

  4. Niki Reynolds Author


  5. Ny Wb Author

    But just because they ar BLACK listen Angelina Jolie confesed she is in the illuminatie why isnt that News why dont we hate her because she is white its no big deal??

  6. ramon ortiz Author

    So sorry but,,,,, Will Smith could be the 1st Black or African American President as Barack Obama was not Black but Malluto….!! Obama was half Black and half White!! To believe that Obama was Black stems from deep rooted racism where if any man had a drop or at least 8% Black heritage he was considered Black!! How can anyone validate the 50% Black heritage while ignoring the remaining 50% White?? Racism is what identifies Barack Obama as the 1st African American President!! He isn't. He is mulatto

  7. 21pilots tillidie Author

    Honestly it's not really Will it's all Jada. She does some crazy stupid shit and because he's a good husband he backs her up

  8. Lisa Hatton Author

    Ah hello,does anyone remember our 40th President,his name was Ronald Reagan and was an actor before he took office..So entertainers can become political,and go on to be United States Present…

  9. NieshaB2012 Author

    Nicki might need to do a little more research. Not ever black organization is linked to terrorism unless you consider the promoting of black pride and excellent a terrors act

  10. Scott Whatever Author

    By the by, a lot of the crazy stuff you hear about Islam and Muslims are quite real and very pervasive. Don't believe me? Go check out The Apostate Prophet; he cites their scripture exactly, and more. The man used to be a religious scholar of Islam.

  11. ljt47. exploring anything and everything Author

    Once thay have made there money of your back thay will hang you out to dry and all your socalled budes vanish

  12. And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Mister Carlton Author

    Everyone Has Haters both public and private they're celebrities so Everything they do is under microscope, but I love you Will & Jada 💓

  13. Crafty Recycler Author

    They seem pretty popular and successful to me. And that movie concussion was great even if it didn't make the money it should have.

  14. Jamie Author

    It's an era of images… Their image is pretend but put together very well. They know how to jump on the trend-wagon like a good instagramer, so I'm sure since 2017 they are back in the good books.

  15. Lil ZZODIAC Author

    Fam there still really famous f*ck you mean, they got three kids and they are trying to keep them from turning into a laughing stock

  16. leeuwin1962 Author

    they are nasty. calling themselves african americans instead of americans, wining all the time about racism, raised their children so that they are pretty messed up, scientollogy and religion crazy bullshit, supporting farrakhan, etc……..

  17. Willie Jackson Author

    After 58 years of Living on this planet and never thought I can actually say, what I'm about to say. Slavery really did a number on black people we are so divisive people toward one another. Question do see any other race of people doing this to one another. Crabs in a Barrel syndrome. Will it ever end?

  18. LillyAnne T Author

    Jada unapolligetically confesses to having an open marriage; that is one reason US citizens do not support this power couple and their kids are off the rail.

  19. Batman Author

    Notice the picture of the now not supported by hollywod ex stars, Tom Cruise and Will Smith in a lil stippet picture of them together in the shot. Time…….

  20. Hikaru Shindo Author

    Their Light has never gone out. Hollywood Execs are the one's who put a cover on Lights when it is to bright, because they want to be brighter.


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