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Why Hollywood Doesn’t Care About The Kardashians Anymore

For more than ten years, the world has watched
the charmed lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family play out on camera and in the tabloids. If you think keeping up with these Kardashians
has become a little tiresome, you’re not alone — there are signs that the Hollywood engine
that raised them up may be finally getting sick of them. For example … Partners in slime Between Kendall Jenner’s for-profit promotion
of the shady Fyre festival and her universally-despised Pepsi ad, people are taking more pleasure
than ever in watching this family get caught up in scandal. The Pepsi spot was Kendall’s first big ad
campaign as a model, and it was instantly criticized and scorched to ash for its pretty
gross use of civil unrest and political protest as a backdrop to sell sugary soda. The “luxury” Fyre music festival was just
a low-rent, hilarious mess … “We had no electricity, there was no showers,
there was no bathrooms, there’s no, like, running water.” … a hilarious mess which Kendall was reportedly
paid $250,000 to promote, using her celebrity and reach to lure unsuspecting people to the
nonexistent island party like a modern-day siren. On top of that, the Kardashian-Jenner clan
has come under fire from the federal government and media watchdogs for not being explicitly
clear when they’re posting sponsored content on social media, and Kendall’s now-deleted
Fyre post wasn’t tagged accordingly. Plummeting interest Beginning in 2007 with a big assist from Ryan
Seacrest, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the spark that started the fire that is
the family’s mass media takeover. But there are signs that their ten years of
dominance may be coming to an abrupt and ugly end. The ratings for their flagship program are
as low as they have ever been, despite high-profile, heavily-advertised episodes about shocking
events like Kim’s robbery ordeal in Paris. After 13 seasons and countless spinoffs, fewer
people are keeping up than ever. And some reports show that magazines putting
Kardashians front and center on their covers have actually seen their sales decline. For years, publications have been fretting
over smaller-than-expected returns on their investments after coughing up big bucks to
court the Kardashians. If readers aren’t interested in seeing them,
then magazines will be less inclined to feature them. Media overload The Kardashian-Jenner empire has spread itself
thin with spin offs met with varying success. There’s been Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons,
Khloe & Lamar, Rob & Chyna, the talk show Kris, I Am Cait… and that’s literally not
even the half of it. And even people who’ve never watched an episode
of TV centered on the family has still seen them in the news. With Kim being married to Kanye West, every
Kanye story in the news becomes a Kim story, too. Lamar Odom’s health scare brought Khloe to
his bedside, and the 2016 presidential election brought Caitlyn Jenner into the culture wars. “You were just doing all those jokes about
Trump and I actually voted for that guy?” “I know! Obviously, you don’t watch this show, otherwise
you would have known not to!” Basically, they’ve got their fingers in just
about everything, and there’s only so much of that that we can take—or that the family
can sustain. Celebrity shade As the Kardashians have grown more successful,
so has the resentment from their peers. Fashion designer Tim Gunn calls the family
“vulgar” and says they live inside an “aura of yuck,” offering this fashion advice: “If a Kardashian is wearing it, don’t.” But it’s not just their senses of style that
have come under fire. Actor Jonah Hill calls their fame “disgusting,”
while Anna Wintour delivered a devastating backhand implying the family was tasteless
as she featured them on the cover of Vogue — that’s not shade, that’s savagery. Fabio, of all people, calls the family “nothing
but money whores” who have “no sensitivity.” Barbara Walters delivered perhaps one of the
all-time greatest low-key burns on the Kardashians “You don’t really act, you don’t sing, you
don’t dance, you don’t have any — forgive me — any talent!” And actor Daniel Craig agrees, going off on
the Kardashians about how they make their money, saying, quote, “They’re worth millions. Millions! You see that and you think, ‘What, you mean
all I have to do is behave like a f—ing idiot on television and then you’ll pay me
millions?'” Fan snub Every year, the Kardashians give their fans
fewer and fewer reasons to stay onboard, snapping at fans on social media and in public when
they’re not outright misleading them. (Kylie, we will never—ever!—believe those
lips are real.) Antics like these only serve to drive away
existing fans, and don’t do a lot to draw in new ones, which one would think would be
essential at a time when interest in the family seems to have plateaued. So while Kylie may be queen of Snapchat now,
there’s nowhere to go from there but down. Just ask Kim about how that feels. The Kardashians’ success has been incredible,
but it’s earned them a lot of scorn, and reputations they won’t be able to easily shake. This empire will fall one day, and if they
aren’t careful, there might not be anyone there to catch them when it happens. To put it bluntly, the Kardashians and Jenners
would do well to figure out what a lot of their fans already know: keeping up with the
Kardashians is so 2007. “You are so delusional.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. S B Author

    I will say this Ryan Secrest and Andy Cohen are geniuses when it comes to exploration. As well as the TLC network(P.T. Barnum Channel)as I refer to it. Tried to watch Big Fat Fabulous Life stopped.I don't watch any of the others however they are still popular.

  2. Gorgon Don Author

    They love them.
    They distract billions of people from meaningful issues. That's the job of celebrities- their priority role. And these lot are good as it.

  3. di hayba Author

    They are RICH cuz they been acting all their life,camera been on them since they young , they getting paid millions of dollars day by day…

  4. walter harris Author

    They have played out. Little girls need better images rather than women having babies absent dads,daddy a woman, mommy dating ATL gay man, Kanye disrespecting black people. That’s Sad of entertainment network,Clean up the trash, time out.

  5. little eazy Author

    Reality tv is so bad nowadays
    There is KUWTK where we have a family who argue with each other over the stupidest things or cry when people write negative opinions about them
    All the shows about wives and ex wives of pro athletes what they don't make enough money in sports so they need a show
    Way too many little people shows I liked little people big world where we see a family who has to navigate their lives as dwarves and average sized
    All of the dating shows there are way to many of them

  6. Ta-ti S. Abnat- Perez Author

    It's Time for them to kick Rocks….the show is like a Freaking boring ASS Soap Opera….they can't Sing ..Dance …Act….But Good at Man STEALING and Deceitfulness.. Who really wants to watch such FUCKERY….THE RATING ARE DOWN…💯💯IT NOT ABOUT ANYTHING YOU CAN LEARN FROM… 💯 TIME TO BAIL DARLINGS🐝🖤

  7. MAISA MENDEZ Author

    That ass look so disgusting…yuuuk kims ass looks all wide and nasty and thighs dont even match up to the ass they all skinny khloe's ass fake as well how can they possibly think they look hot in them fake as butts

  8. DaQueen713 Author

    They are dysfunctional and should not be raising children. The girls will be sluts and the boys will be de-masculated or turned into transgender men. Very sad.

  9. Supreme Kai Author

    It's sad tho I bet if half of you guys in this comment section had the chance to be millionaires like the khardashians you would
    NB: I am not defending anyone but I kinda get sick and tired of all the hate you people need a life

  10. holiday 2406 Author

    Well…It is finally time to say so long…Good Bye….They've had their fun, it's time to give someone else a chance don't ya think?

  11. therese naffaa Author

    Every time Kim is on, two things happen, 1(eating, or stuffing her face) 2 (showing her cowlick boobs.) weather it's summer or

  12. Maria Elisa loor Mendoza Author

    Te suplico santa muerte concederme el equivalente a la décima parte de la fortuna de Kim Kardashian pagaré el favor pondré ofrendas en tu altar
    Con sangre

  13. Devin Miller Author

    The Real reason is because they are STUCK UP!!! Especially towards both Fans and critics and even Paparazzi… And they only take Compliments from them but Refuse to sign autographs or spend some little time with biggest fans….

  14. Daphney Minsour Author

    Because they are done and a hoe plays out and here we have a house of them so now the house is falling they will go down from way back because of the mother she was a cheater Robert left Kris she no that so now even her stuff is hitting the fan now the world noz Khloe isn't Robert child and we all can see she is mixed and her daughter true is all black I would go hide before the shit hit the fan

  15. Judy Ivie Author

    Kylie with her makeup is will keep wack of them in their mansions. Oh! Then their Kenye with his talent. The sky is still the limit.

  16. Trina Middleton Author

    We could only hope it comes to an wld ge better if they were behind the scenes and they really need to start giving back, not giving back to the less fortunate will only bring u down in a bad way

  17. Jhiaxmani i Author

    IF U CANT SAY ANYTHING NICE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF What’s the point of hating to make yourself feel better ?? People who are commenting are just yuck 🤮😂🖤✖️

  18. Grace McClintock Author

    Yeah and only 2.4 million people watched it in 2018 😂 since 2018 they’ve only been going back up and this season 2019 is already like the most viewed and only one episode not to mention Kylie Jenner has a tv show now too that racks up viewers just like her account

  19. Kristi Arnold Author

    They were well-liked because they were down to earth and a nice family overall. They have become very materialistic, immature, sexual exhibitionists, trashy, creepy, snobby, annoying supremely arrogant, fake, plastic surgery etc.-obsessed, Unchristian, cold and unfriendly. I used to love them, but they are no longer down to earth. They hold their noses up so high now, it's hard to watch & to get into.

  20. Cheryl B Author

    I wonder if their dad was alive would they be so popular probably not and Jenner girls wouldn't even be in existence ,society is who is pumping up people to believe they are so famous and they dont do shit but go shopping for expensive clothes and date black men with money ,since they have been in the media have anyone ever heard of them dating anyone that doesn't have anyone broke…hell no Kim was able to become famous because she got on her knees with Ray J,but before that she was the ass and tail of Paris Hilton the rest of them came up behind Kim and I guess the rest is history and now they all feel their shit dont stink and that their vajayjay is so powerful any man they choose will never leave..girl bye Kanye better wake his hen pecked ass up before he lose the rest of his mind he still got and I'm so serious he goes hard for Kim God forbid if anything ever happens to Kanye she going to the next highest bidder and not gonna give his black ass second thought, We all seen what Khloe did to Lamar she was by he side so if he had died she will be waiting with her hands out,but God had a bigger plan and do people really believe Kylie and this makeup line I can have my own makeup line too all i have to do is get a private labeling company that produces makeup and put my name on and find a marketing company to market my line but for Kylie she kin to the Kardashians clan just the name alone because they are so big of course her makeup line is gonna sell big, this girl was 18 or 19 when her line came what school did she attend who's lab did she go in with a white coat and tested out this line that we have heard none this people are just trash and you can't believe what you see and hear in the media trust behind every rumor there is a I'm just ranting my true opinion let me go take a nap and try it again I'm having a bad day..peace out😜🤣😁

  21. konakoffee00 Author

    Daniel Craig said it best. And of course, we know the Emperor has NO CLOTHES. The younger generations are the clueless ones atm – sad to see. But am very optimistic that a resurgence toward intellectual and spiritual ideals will eventually kick in. Hopefully, not too far into the future and not too late.

  22. Helen Boula Author

    When you're a commodity they want you and when you're no longer a commodity and you don't produce you don't sell you don't put out they don't need you they don't want you you mean zero to them don't you know that by now. Lights camera action.

  23. Helen Boula Author

    this is the only time I've ever made any statement about them cuz I've never watched them but I think would that girl Jordan was her name hey hats off to her. And the future I think she will be a hell of a lot smarter than you guys cuz she was pretty much of version when y'all got her and put her into your family and you told her very well too well.

  24. delvin_ Smith Author

    Ya but they have kids who are interested in they are still strong so it's ok with me I enjoyed the show then why start hating now their interesting you knew what they was then so what besides they have a strong sense of family and that's who they have to fall on that's why I watch the show they have a strong family.

  25. Paige Hayes Author

    This show and the family sucks BAD! I don't know how they stayed on the air I tried watching the show I few times so ring and stupid I just don't get it at all

  26. Thea Jones Author

    How I wish this was true. They're all parasites and they have no shame at all about anything they do. Caitlin and Khloe are the most disgusting and they look alike too!

  27. Nichole Love Author

    They are like the Walking Dead Destroying everything in their path and the only thing making them look good is all the Plastic in their Bodies. They are Basically Brainless Zombies with Cell Phones glued to their hand.

  28. Jacklyn Amjahdi Author

    Yu know they got no talent there fake ugly wanna be black fake cylcon ads the ads is gonna look ugly in about 5 to 10

  29. Tristan F Author

    I wish this was true but 2 years after this video there still showing no signs of slowing down or going away so sadly i think we're stuck with them

  30. Bette Alfter Author

    Only the jealous and envious "hate people! Personally, I like the Kardashians, been watching since the beginning. There's a large beautiful family and I love families!

  31. bella boom boom Author

    Curious ab this: does Barbara Walters act, sing or dance? Cause if not, she is also without talent based on her line of thinking. As far as I know she is a journalist and that’s not acting, singing or dancing 🤔

  32. Mamu MauMau Author

    Yea but you Nicki Swift are not above cashing in on their demise.. That makes you an entertainment undertaker.
    Are you going to charge people to go to their entertainment funeral??? You are a gossip columnist. That means
    that you have an unhealthy symbiotic relationship with these kinds of people…..

  33. Bea Gomez Author

    Tristan beware Klhoe states she wants you to coparent with boundaries Kardashians are known best to have no boundaries they get what they want and best known for being hoes.

  34. Mary Adkison Author

    Before Kanye Kim was fun & dressed so good now 🤮🤮 no taste in clothing / house & lost herself ‼️‼️ no morals in this family ‼️🤭🤭🙅‍♀️

  35. ArwenY C Author

    If they really disgusted the public but why they can be there and still there? This family is the label of this shameless new era. Nowadays people love nothing but money and people hate, they are the genius to combine the two factors together to make themselves rich. They're maybe sent by Saturn from the hell to remind these mortals on earth you are almost corrupt enough to be wiped out.

  36. Jacqueline Turick Urick Author

    Lol Thats funny so funny all you jealous. Haters. Lol that great.they have the money to invest now they will always be rich there smart.smarter then you all lol


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