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Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Edward Norton

During the ’90s and early 2000s, it seemed
like Edward Norton was pretty much everywhere. He took roles in a wide range of classic movies,
including Fight Club, American History X, Kingdom of Heaven, Red Dragon and The Illusionist,
and was beloved by fans almost as much as he was lauded by critics. In recent years, however, it feels like he’s
almost entirely disappeared from mainstream Hollywood. Here’s why. Leading the trail Despite his hasty retreat from the acting
spotlight, Norton has kept himself busy on the production side of the film industry. Since 2015, he’s been listed as a producer
on Lewis & Clark, a long-awaited HBO miniseries about the two famous explorers who trekked
through the Louisiana Purchase at the dawn of the 19th century. “It’s taken a long time getting it all
together but we finally ready and we’re starting to shoot it this summer” Unfortunately, filming on Lewis & Clark shut
down after only two months. Thanks to an array of further production issues,
the series still has no release date. Calling the shots In over 20 years in Hollywood, Norton has
only directed one movie: Keeping the Faith, a 2000 rom-com about a Catholic priest and
a rabbi fighting over the woman they both love. Norton has recently returned to the director’s
chair, however, with Motherless Brooklyn, a 50s crime drama adapted from the novel of
the same name. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Motherless Brooklyn
has been the subject of some controversy. A fire on location destroyed an apartment
in March 2018, leading to a lawsuit against Norton’s production company for “recklessness,
carelessness and negligence.” The same blaze also claimed the life of firefighter
Michael Davidson, whose family subsequently issued a wrongful death lawsuit against the
company. Working behind the scenes One of Norton’s more recent roles came thanks
to Seth Rogen’s animated movie Sausage Party, in which Norton voiced Sammy Bagel Jr. an
anthropomorphised bagel who sounds suspiciously like Woody Allen. Both the character and his familiar-sounding
voice was Norton’s idea. “Can we all just calm calm down a notch,
try to be amicable, I’m Sammy Bagel Jr. I’m happy to meet all of you.” Rogen told Deadline, “He really latched onto it, and was a huge
proponent of it, and said from the very beginning that he wanted to play a bagel that sounded
like Woody Allen.” Norton was also instrumental in getting Sausage
Party made in the first place, encouraging Rogen and his collaborator Evan Goldberg to
stick it out when the going got tough and convincing other big stars to voice characters
in the movie including Kristen Wiig and Salma Hayek. A major bomb Norton’s most recent major role came in 2016’s
Collateral Beauty. Despite a stellar cast and some pre-release
Oscar buzz, however, the movie flopped hard at the box office, earning a measly $31 million
in the U.S. largely because it shared a release date with Rogue One. Critics panned the movie too, and Collateral
Beauty ended up failing to provide the comeback vehicle for Norton that it so easily could
have been. Family focus Though he’s usually pretty cagey about publicly
discussing his personal life, Norton has opened up to the Independent about his decision to
ease up on acting. He cited his personal and family life as a
reason for this, highlighting the need to strike a balance between acting and what he
called: “[…] other things that are really compelling
or interesting or challenging to a different part of your brain or your personality.” The conversation soon turned to Norton’s
view of the film industry as a whole. He said: “I just think that I’m less interested than
I used to be in, like, exploring genre for the sake of it.” He went on to explain that he prefers to take
roles in movies which are innovative or unique, or are helmed by particular filmmakers he
respects such as Spike Lee or Wes Anderson. Doesn’t quite explain Sausage Party, though. Roasting Marvel In 2018, Norton made a rare televised appearance
as a guest at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis. Naturally, Norton made some harsh jabs towards
his Moonrise Kingdom co-star. But much of Norton’s routine appeared to simply
be a set-up to attack Norton’s true nemesis: Marvel, saying, “I did a big action movie called The Incredible
Hulk. […] I thought we should try to make one
Marvel movie that was as good as the worst Chris Nolan movie, but what the hell was I


  1. Bionicle Boy Author

    You know what I don't like? The fact that Norton didn't played on the avengers.Of all the actors who had their main roles,Edward was the only one,who had been replaced with Mark Ruffalo.

  2. Andracoz Author

    Why Edward Norton Stopped Taking Hollywood scripts. If he can't have his own influence on the creativity he isn't interested.I love how they play on this in Birdman.

  3. shitmandood Author

    He's a has-been. Once you know how Fight Club ends, there's nothing interesting about it ever again. He's a 90s actor & old actors are washed out in Hollywood unless you're as huge af & own your own religion.

  4. Ευδόξιος Λεονταράς Author

    He is one of the best actors of his generation and also a unique figure in Hollywood. He is extremely talented but he is also criticized for being a difficult person. So what! The guy is just a perfectionist. Don't forget that Norton also had Oscar nominations for “Primal Fear,” “American History X,” and “Birdman”. The reason that Hollywood Stopped Casting Edward Norton is because Hollywood don't make real quality movies anymore!

  5. Kearney Dillon Author

    The man has skillz with a Z. When given the right script, he can win Best actor oscars every year. If he isn't making big movies anymore, it's because he doesn't want to. He is top shelf.

  6. Monica Ale Author

    We want him back, we are suffering of lacking of good actors these days, do not get me wrong there some, but the new ones appear one day and then they tend to vanish, Norton is acting!!!

  7. Gonzalo Bernal Author

    Universal can make the Incredible Hulk movie. In association with Marvel, you are the new military. Senior Ross has another version of the serum and becomes Red Hulk, younger Ross from Black Panther has the serum adapted, due to the accident from Black Panther. Thanks to his evil father. He is the grey Hulk. Banner is the Avenger within the movie, and that's not changing in casting. You're going to be a part of the rebuilding of Shield. And possibly further. You're also the only scientist that works within the military that knew about senior Ross. You were tracking it ever since Black Widow put out the information. The adapted serum was his latest version of using Captain America once he returned from being freed from the ice. Good job on the Jason Bourne movie with Hawkeye

  8. Nick Howard Author

    The dude has one character and its not even an interesting one. slighty upset is the only emotion he is capable of. Face it he's a male bimbo.

  9. George Ferreira Author

    This is embarassing but though I'm a stage actor and I like old movies but I missed the Edward Norton 🌊 wave. But I just picked up a copy of American History X and I watched it last night and I've got to say that's the greatest performance by an actor I have EVER seen. When you can downstage something even as extraordinary as the acting in Scorsese's Cape Fear then you are definitely God. Also all rightful credit for Edward Furlong who starred with Edward Norton in the movie.
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves though…
    Come on guys! I'm an actor. You're putting the bar way too high. All respect to DeNiro too who openly praises Norton.

  10. Miss Miss Author

    Primal fear comes to mind. My goodness… he had me going. Until he corrected his fake stutter. “N-n-no Mr Vale…” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. Steven Love Author

    My favorite films The Score and Rounders hooked me as a fan! He was great! Would love to see more from him, he's on my list of favorite actors!

  12. Erik Poole Author

    I unfortunately ran into this actor while flying my airplane into Van Nuys Airport. He was in a small acft himself (believe a C-182) and I likely trying to improve his pilot skills. Perhaps he was having a bad day but he was extremely verbally abusive of the ground crew parking/serving all of the GA aircraft. I had my young children with me and quickly yelled "hey" and motioned to my kids. He shot back a nasty response at which point I asked him what was wrong with him.

  13. Marie-Lou Rosario Cordova Author

    He not my uncle to the side of the Miranda.
    Miso (osiM) Sung a. k. a Mariver Maver Miranda
    I have 5 account in facebook the rest was hijack those not know me very well that much.

  14. art studio udara Author

    The real reason is that he quit Hollywood to start his soap making business, and runs a club of half naked white-collar men that pummels each other for fun after work.

  15. Lara Martin Author

    I wish he stayed as an actor, he is so unique, and continued doing what he is good at. My always very favourite actor! he is just too good for things like Sausage Party. Such a fine actor and tender soul. Different to so many…. Love him. I think he was the best at Primal fear.

  16. Kevin Park Author

    What you're trying to say is, Edward Norton has left mainstream Hollywood, not that Hollywood has stopped casting him. Get the title right!

  17. Some One Author

    He is probably brighter intellectually than most people including directors and writers and he can’t hold himself from criticizing the material he is using as an actor. Arrogant or not, it is understandable.

  18. Daniel Williams Author

    You know, I'm usually pretty impressed with what looper does with its analyzation on actors and their careers and why they may or may not still be working in Hollywood.I have to say though I am not impressed with this one featuring Edward Norton. This Edward Norton peice seems like it was rushed and incomplete, especially the end. Usually there is some form of them asking us to like or subscribe. There was not even that at the end of this video. The whole video itself feels shoddily put together. Why where there no examples of his jerk like behavior or why not shine light on to the rumors of him being difficult to work with? Come on Looper, you can do better, I've seen It!

  19. sephiroth Author

    im one of the older millennials who are not worshiping the marvel that fanatically although i do follow the mcu movies and like it, but there's too many ignorant millenials and the younger generation who doesnt know ed norton are hating him for rejecting to play the hulk n saying he must have regret it, well they just cant understand not everyone is fancy of superhero characters or movies, there are other genres in the world for fork sake.. ed norton is not just iconic in fight club n american history x, i first watched n admired him when i watched the illusionist..all these childish mcu fans, i cant even~

  20. Sai S Author

    Too bad Hollywood lost a great actor.. Its their fucking loss and unfortunately the public's loss too. Its politics in the film industry obviously.. MF's

  21. Lavinia Donati Author

    He might be very very hard to work with, but no Hollywood can't Deny that He is ine of the best Actors we've ever seen and we was ROBBED by an oscar for AMERICAN HISTORY X. (What an IMMENSE performance). If He hates the hollywood system, he is fu….g right.

  22. CHURCH KYLO REN Author

    Respectfully: Happy Birthday Edward Norton. May The Peace Be With U. In Harlingen Texas. August 18, 1969
    August 18, 2019 – August 18, 3019

  23. rumple stiltskin Author

    Forget your activism and political ideals , as a "DEMOCRAT"..!!
    Stick to acting.. It's something you were good at..
    "YOU IDIOT"…!!!

  24. Klyd Klyd Author

    He just stop so he could scape embarrassment in the future since he have a problem of changing script and try to roast comic's movie, he's an actor from the past that can't cope up in the future film especially with cgi and that's when it all go down hill from him he took too much from himself now he's more like a cry baby while the other guy making huge chunck of money if only he just be ok with the script 😂

  25. Milla Bakula Author

    Like me

  26. Elle Jay Author

    People always say he takes over production but I have never seen a bad performance from him though, and almost all of his movies are great.
    The Incredible Hulk has always been my favourite Marvel movie


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