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Why Hollywood Sucks – Video Rant #6

It’s Friday, February the 12th, only two days until Valentine’s day, and boys, you know what that means. The Deadpool movie is out today! WAIT ! You may be wondering why the red suit. Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed. This guy’s got the right idea. He wore the brown pants. Ahhhhhh…. I’m touching myself tonight. It’s just so beautiful… It’s taken eleven years, but the film adaptation
of Deadpool is finally here, which goes to prove that perseverance does indeed, eventually, pay off. This film was put on the shelf so many times
that it, more than likely, had its own spot longer than Sheldon Cooper At one point, a concept video put together
for studio executives, collected dust for almost 4 years because these people couldn’t lift their heads from their coke lined desk long enough to give a shit. Simply put, in Hollywood, if you can’t convince
them it’s gonna make money, it won’t get made. I mean, how else do you expect these assholes
to afford hookers and blow? It wasn’t until someone had the balls to leak
the footage at the San-Diego comic-con back in early 2015 that fans went ballistic and put so much damn pressure on studios that the film was finally green-lit by Fox within 24 hours. That’s how you get shit done. You see, the film industry is exactly that,
an industry. It’s a business. Most of the people involved
only give a shit about money and when it comes to film adaptations, they couldn’t care less about the source material or the fans. If the projected profit from a film looks
a little thin, then they swap out certain people involved to get a smaller budget. This usually involves getting people who are
inexperienced, unfamiliar with the source material, or just, straight up don’t give
a shit, seeing the experience as another paycheque. This is why studios are often tinkering with
what made a franchise so awesome in the first place. A good example of this was last year’s Fantastic Four which earned a dismal of 9 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes. Personally, I think that’s being too kind,
have you seen this trainwreck of a film? Producer Adi Shankar, the man responsible
for the latest Dredd film, went on YouTube recently to explain the economics of how these
things all fit together. You start looking a movie as an asset, the
formula is really, really simple at that point, right? It’s simply, D + I + S D is the domestic value, I is the international value, and S is the subsidy or government rebate
for shooting in a specific location. If the cost of making your movie exceeds D
+ I + S, then your movie is not happening, it doesn’t matter who’s in it, or how great
the script is, it’s just simply not happening. If the cost of making a movie is less than
D + I + S then it doesn’t matter how shitty the script is, or whatnot, the movie’s probably
gonna fuck’n happen, thts why shitty movies happen all the time. See, this entire system is a bit of a catch
22 in that you often can’t get funding to make a film, even with a rabid fanbase simply
because the people you’re trying to get involved, can’t relate to it. But making the film, and
doing it right, proves there’s a market for it. So how do you get the one, without the
other? Well, in the case of Deadpool, you get creative
and take that all or nothing chance. In this case, it’s paid off so well, there’s already
talk of a sequel. There’s a new generation of filmmaker slowly
infiltrating Hollywood. People who grew up with things like comic books and the original
Star Wars, and so on. People who understand that there needs to be more in the world that
just the bottom line. Films like The Dark Knight, Man of Steel,
and The Avengers gave fan boys, and girls hope that you can love something and still do it justice in a world dominated by profit margins. Just ask anyone who’s seen The Force Awakens Now if only we could get a DREDD sequel made, all would be right with the universe once again. Maybe if the fans got together and made some
more demands we’d actually get what we wanted, instead of… Let’s see you dance up here. I still cry myself to sleep at night. …just gotta take care of this…

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