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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast B.J. Novak Anymore

You probably recognize Benjamin Joseph Manaly
Novak — known professionally as B.J. Novak — as Ryan from NBC’s The Office. Or maybe you recognize him from one of his
many TV or movie appearances. Either way, though, you probably don’t recognize
him from anything recent, because when it comes to acting, he seems to have disappeared. Here’s a look at why Hollywood won’t cast
B.J. Novak any more. He was never a leading man Before becoming an actor, Novak made a name
for himself as a stand-up comedian, performing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Comedy
Central’s Premium Blend. In 2003, Variety named him one of its “Ten
Comics to Watch” thanks in part to his gig as Ashton Kutcher’s sidekick on MTV’s celebrity
prank show Punk’d. And when he did break into acting, it was
in supporting roles. Besides The Office, Novak is probably best
known for small roles in Inglourious Basterds and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as cameos
in numerous TV shows. But despite his success, Novak never became
a leading man – in part, because he was busy with other interests off camera. “Well, back to the ol’ XTC factory!” Major breakthrough Shortly after getting his big break on Punk’d,
Novak caught the attention of The Office executive producer Greg Daniels with a joke that would
change his life forever. “I learned nothing in college. It was really kind of my own fault. I had a double major: psychology and reverse
psychology.” Daniels told The Boston Globe he knew “immediately”
after hearing it he wanted to work with Novak. Besides playing temp Ryan Howard, Novak became
more and more involved behind the scenes, ultimately writing and producing numerous
episodes. And when his long time friend and Office co-star
Mindy Kaling left to develop her own series, The Mindy Project, Novak took a job as one
of the show’s producers, leaving little time for acting. Success as an author In 2013, Novak signed a seven figure book
deal with Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group around the same time his short story “The
Man Who Invented the Calendar” appeared in The New Yorker. His first book, a collection of short stories
called One More Thing, was released in 2014 and received critical praise for its intelligent
satire and “tender heart.” Novak hasn’t just found success with an adult
audience, however. He also penned the bestselling children’s
book The Book With No Pictures — a strange prospect for young readers. Novak told The Guardian, “I wanted to write
a book that would introduce the youngest of kids to the idea that words can be their allies
— that the right words can be as fun, exciting, and ridiculous as any pictures. Also, I can’t draw.” He wants to direct After playing a supporting role in Quentin
Tarantino’s satirical war film Inglourious Basterds, Novak realized that, in addition
to writing and producing, he’s also interested in directing. He told The Independent, “After I acted in
his film, I knew I wanted to direct. It feels like a natural extension — to take
something you’ve created all the way to the finishing line. That’s why I visit schools now with my children’s
book. I get real joy when I take my work directly
to the reader.” Thanks to The Office and The Mindy Project,
Novak had a chance to get his feet wet, directing several episodes. “I feel like there’s a voice in my head always. Telling me every idea is brilliant, and another
telling me every idea is the worst, and they argue in my head.” He also made an app In 2015, Novak developed an app called “The
List App,” which allowed users to… well, make a list. It sounds simple enough, but it proved to
be a hit, lasting for two years before Novak shut it down in order to begin developing
a new app. So keep your eyes peeled! A future in politics? When he was young, Novak actually wanted to
be a real estate developer. He told The Guardian, “I think I had some
vague awareness of Donald Trump. Like, ‘I want to put my name on buildings,
I want to be rich and important and a businessman!'” So it’s only fitting that he now wants to
follow Trump’s lead by transitioning from TV star to politician. But he doesn’t want to be president – he wants
to become the mayor of Los Angeles. He told the Independent, “I’m not hugely political,
I just love my town… I’m from Boston, but I live in the Hollywood
Hills. I’ve come to love the local side of L.A. much
more than the Hollywood side. I have dreams of running for mayor someday.” Given how successful he has been with everything
else he’s tried, we sure wouldn’t put it past him. Good luck, Mayor Novak! Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Warmbeer Author

    Yeah The Office REALLY made me want to watch anything with Mindy in it (sarcasm). She ruined the first episode of Sunny's return and thank god she was kicked off. She might be a decent writer but no one wants to see her, ever.

  2. Daniel robles Author

    Maybe because he cast himself as a sex symbol. And for a minute the retarted masses went along with it. Just the same as mindy. But mindy is not attractive at all. Sorry way too Indian. Just the truth. Stay behind the camera. They make so much money and get so much adoration. They believe they are special. . Even with all the makeup I never got Kelly. The supposed religious freak is 1000000 times hotter.

  3. Mr.Beasts Son Author

    B.J. Novak was originally a writer for the office and the creators forced him to act same goes with the person who played kelly and the person who played Oscar

  4. 420Bake dankshit Author

    "He's known for his bigger roles like spiderman 2" looper… he only had 3 lines in that movie, his on air screen time was about 33 seconds.

  5. Chris Joao Author

    The title if this vid doesn’t make sense. These are all reasons why HE doesn’t want to act anymore. I’m sure if Hollywood wanted to cast him, they would pay him handsomely. I was expecting him to have done something bad.

  6. cahenderson0812 Author

    The title is completely backwards, Hollywood doesn't not cast him, he chooses not to act because he's kicking ass everywhere else.

    Saved you 4 minutes

  7. Benny Kwok Author

    Hey Looper, perhaps y’all should consider using a different title besides “why Hollywood won’t cast ___ anymore.” This title was quite misleading, considering how well Novak is now doing and the interests he’s exploring besides acting.

  8. roscoroller989 Author

    You should change your channels name to TheHatersNetwork or WeLiveToBringPeopleDown or WeLoveToBringPeopleDownChannel. Or you could do us all a favor and kill yourself, but not before removing this despicable channel from YouTube.


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