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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Brendan Fraser Anymore

WHY HOLLYWOOD WON’T CAST BRENDAN FRASER ANYMORE There was a time when actor Brendan Fraser
was starring in multiple movies regularly. Those days are long, long gone. Where did
it all go wrong for the Indianapolis-born actor? Let’s count the ways Dudley Do-Right
started doing so little. BOMBING AT THE BOX OFFICE Fraser had a rough 2010, and that year may
be why he’s become persona non grata in Hollywood. In the span of two months, Fraser starred
in two box office disasters. The medical drama Extraordinary Measures was universally panned
by critics, who said it belonged on television. Audiences stayed home, and it earned just
$12 million off a $31 million budget. Three months later, Fraser starred in Furry Vengeance.
Compared to Extraordinary Measures, Furry Vengeance performed about the same, grossing
$17.6 million off a $35 million budget. Unfortunately for Fraser, the film was universally crushed
by critics. KILLED HIS OWN COMEBACK Fraser’s kid-friendly action flick, Journey
to the Center of the Earth, was a surprise hit. It become one of the highest-grossing
movies of 2008, earning an impressive $101.7 million. New Line Cinema wanted a sequel—fast.
But Fraser wanted to hold out for the original’s director, Eric Brevig, who was busy finishing
Yogi Bear 3-D. The studio decided to use a new director and replaced Fraser with Dwayne
“The Rock” Johnson. On the one hand, Fraser’s loyalty was admirable; on the other, his timing
couldn’t have been worse. Johnson replaced Fraser only months after Furry Vengeance bombed
in theaters, a time when Fraser desperately needed better work. THE MUMMY FRANCHISE LIMPED ON The first Mummy movie from 1999, while not
a hit with critics, earned a massive $155 million in theaters. The sequel, The Mummy
Returns, was an even bigger hit, grossing a staggering $202 million in 2001, and making
it one of the 10 highest-grossing movies that year. One would think that Universal Pictures
would try to rush out a threequel. But because of various delays, the third Mummy didn’t
arrive until 2008, with a new director and an almost entirely new cast on board. By then,
audiences had grown tired of the franchise, especially after the Scorpion King spin-off.
That fatigue showed in the film’s performance. It barely crossed $100 million in the U.S.,
signaling the beginning of the end. The Mummy had decayed. LACKLUSTER PROJECTS Some of Fraser’s biggest flops included the
live-action adaptation of Dudley Do-Right, which grossed a paltry $9.9 million off a
$70 million budget; the bizarre 2001 comedy Monkeybone, which earned just $5.4 million
off a $75 million budget; and Looney Tunes: Back in Action, which took in $20.9 million
off an $80 million budget. At the time, Fraser was lucky with The Mummy franchise to counter
these flops. HIS WEIRD GOLDEN GLOBES CLAP Fraser became the subject of humorous GIFs,
memes, and general Internet ridicule after cameras caught him awkwardly laughing and
clapping while Robert De Niro was presenting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2010 Golden
Globes. The three-second-long moment had everyone laughing the night of the ceremony; video
remixes, including one set to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” made it the stuff of Internet
legend. Once the affable star of innocuous Hollywood movies, Fraser looked awkward and
somewhat out of place. It’s okay Brendan, we’ll still give you an awkward ovation. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to see more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us
know why you think Hollywood’s given Fraser the cold shoulder.


  1. Milstead on Movies Author

    Videos like this don't help his cause. I actually think he's a likeable actor who has delivered a handful of very good performances. Cut the guy some slack

  2. Crissy Olivia Author

    Why does it seem like Brendan Frasier's eyes are moving apart and bulging out as he gets older? He was very handsome in The Mummy, and it was a great movie👍 except for the last one👎he was also really good looking in Blast from the Past. He's not aging gracefully.

  3. RsGirl Author

    I think he just chose a few bad scripts to do. Look at Leo Dicaprio and how successful his choices have been, not that his movies are my type but theyve done well at the box office compared to Brendans ones. I preferred Brendans than Leos latest ones, just my opinion of course.

  4. Angeli Ann Author

    The reason why they won't cast him was because, a Hollywood big wig inappropriately grabbed him. He spoke out about it and you know how well that goes in Hollywood. Hollywood blacklists anyone who doesn't go with their program.

  5. RuGgiSh BoNe Author

    Not his fault it's the directors fault this is not the reason and who cares about critics they also didn't like john carter preventing a sequel and talked crap about avatar ect. I'm sick of critics ruining it..some things ppl have to warm up to the movie before it's a classic

  6. Alexander Cantu Author

    Why doesnt this mention his multiple surgeries wich is the real fuckin reason he hasnt been in film . for the better part of 7 years he was in and out of surgeries . this video is trying to blame it in bs

  7. Alexander Cantu Author

    He sustained multiple injuries thru the mummie movies and ultimately took alot of time to heal his body and 7 yrs of differant surgeries . so this crap of a video can shove it bc no it had nothing to do with performance or anything besides his physical well being

  8. Cody Quinn Author

    This is bullshit. He said it himself he was sexually assaulted by an exec and stepped away. Hollywood destroys people who don't go along with their little sick games. When you speak out they end you.

  9. Layne Combs Author

    So the producers kept spending too much money on these movies THEY wanted him to do and Brendan takes the hit. Typical Hollywood.

  10. CLUB BRENDAN Author

    Fraser has been in four other series in the past four years (Texas Rising, The Affair, Trust, Condor).
    1) Did you watch any of those? If not, why not?
    2) Why are you watching Doom Patrol?
    3)Would you still be watching it if someone else played Robotman?
    4)Will you watch Fraser's upcoming series, The Professionals?

  11. footballfan8989 Author

    He lost his looks and Hollywood isn't casting many old white guys anymore. Also he never had any brains or toughness or edge. He was just a good looking young dopey guy and now he's a worn down dopey guy.

  12. SSG_Ronnie42 Author

    This doesn't make sense. Hardly anyone cared about the Scorpion King, most seemed confused with the 3rd mummy because of the recasting…………..then we got stuck with Tom Cruise instead so that confused us even more. Heck I'd love to see Fraser with a new Mummy film.

  13. F D Author

    Great actor? You'll never see him winning an Oscar or Palm D'Or. He did good in films that didn't require much of range but not only panned by the critics, the audience reception to the movies is an indicator he only had his looks and once that was gone…

  14. Cheezy McPardin Author

    TLDR version: Movie flops, company blames Brendan Fraser for it.

    Seriously though, it's really not fair for great actors to be treated like that. I'm pretty sure many of us grew up watching his films, and this is just so hard to digest. He does looks like some awesome guy that you want to approach him.

  15. Nancy Harper Author

    But why would they stop casting him in movies with those flops of movies. Should that not fall on the ones who wrote and directed them? Never understood why Hollywood would blame him for their bad writing.


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