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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Christina Ricci Anymore

From the moment she first snapped her fingers
in time to The Addams Family theme song, Christina Ricci was a star. But despite making it to adulthood free of
scandal or addiction, it seems like Christina Ricci just doesn’t get the roles she deserves. Here’s a look at why Hollywood won’t cast
Christina Ricci anymore. Typecast Christina Ricci was just nine years old when
she scored her first feature film role in Mermaids, where she all but stole the show
from her co-stars, Winona Ryder and Cher. The following year, she snagged the role of
Wednesday Addams in the first Addams Family movie, and her status as a pint-sized pre-teen
Hollywood icon was complete. But that role was actually a little too iconic. Even now, it’s hard to shake the image of
her with that scowl and those twin black braids. And she hasn’t been helped by the fact that
she apparently doesn’t age. So even though it’s been a quarter of a century
since Addams Family came out, fans and filmmakers alike continue to think of her as that precocious
kid. And that kind of typecasting can be a death
sentence in Hollywood. Overcompensating In the same way certain Disney stars hit the
scandal circuit a little too hard in an effort to shed their family-friendly images, Christina
Ricci went through a period in her late teens and early twenties where she really tried
to push the envelope and establish herself as a grownup actress. The Opposite of Sex, 200 Cigarettes, Buffalo
66, and a turn in John Waters’ Pecker all proved that she could hang tough in dirty,
sexy, sleazy, limit-pushing roles — but it also may have been a little too much at
once. Eclipsed by a Monster In 2003, Christina Ricci scored what should
have been the role that catapulted her onto the A-list: playing Selby, the girlfriend
of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, in the terrifying biopic Monster. Only instead of earning mass accolades for
her nuanced, heartbreaking performance, Ricci went virtually unnoticed in the film — because
the performance by an almost unrecognizable Charlize Theron soaked up the entire spotlight. “My incredible, incredible leading lady, Christina
Ricci, Who I couldn’t have done this film without. You are truly the unsung hero of this film.” To her credit, Ricci was gracious about it,
telling The Advocate, “I like to think I also made a dramatic physical transformation, so
it would hurt me a little bit when people said that…but from the very beginning I
understood it was Charlize’s passion project. I took the part of Selby knowing that I was
going to be a supporting part of that experience, so it never seemed weird to me at the time.” She lost confidence Many actresses struggle with body image, and
Ricci is sadly no different, telling Premiere Magazine about her struggles with anorexia,
“I know that had I been thinner at the time my indie movies were hitting, I could’ve been
in a much better position in my career.” And she’s also had issues with her height,
saying “I’m five-one first thing in the morning, and I tend to look really small on camera. I can probably go as far as Holly Hunter went,
then I think that’s going to be it. I have a feeling I am way too small.” Well, when you’re shorter than a Smurf… Time off After her 2012 comeback film Bel Ami flopped,
Ricci took some time off from the industry to start a family. The move didn’t exactly help keep her in the
Hollywood spotlight, but Ricci says it’s done wonders for her outlook on her career and
life. “Having a child changed everything. It’s made everything in my life actually important
and matter. I now have to take things seriously, and I
never did before. I want to succeed for him. My choices matter more.” Second chance Now that she’s stopped fighting against her
public image, Ricci has begun what may be a major comeback by embracing it instead,
with roles in Lizzie Borden and the TV series Z: The Beginning of Everything. And her new Zen attitude shows. “I’ve always sort of trusted my instincts. If you do the things that you naturally gravitate
towards then there’s going to be a through line through your career and all your choices
are going to reflect really who you are and your tastes.” At this point in her life — as a wife, mother,
and showbiz professional with nearly three decades of experience under her belt — Ricci
knows exactly what her taste is, and what kind of roles she intends to play from now
on. As she put it: “I really love a crazy person.” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. RoseOfHizaki Author

    Most of if not all the points made in this video is absolute bullshit.

    Typecasting is bullshit. because people still see her as wednesday from adams family is bullshit. And so the fuck what if she wanted to shed the 'kid image' that most people saw her as, grow up and take more adult roles??? Shouldnt it be an actors desire to grow or should they not be allowed to grow in the case of Christina Ricci??

    Her Age and Height excuse are bullshit. Look at Actors like Sandra Bullock, jennifer love hewitt, Kate Beckinsale and so many more actors…. Sandra and Jennifer are TINY Kate Beckinsale is 44 and she still looks the same…. Saying "because she hasnt aged" or "doesnt look aged" is an insult.

    Last time i checked, There were actors in their 30s who were still getting acting roles to play characters in their 20s or even slightly younger. its not a quality that every actor has. its a BLESSING.

    She took a break to start a family — Whoop de do, so did most of the other female actors in hollywood and most if not all of them still have acting careers if they havent decided to retire or quit the business. In Ricci's case it was a much needed break to meditate and refocus her energies and becoming a mother gave her such a positive experience and energy needed to come back and carry on….

    It seems the only reason this video spouts negative bullshit is because shes no Angelina Jolie or another uber famous popular female actor who churns out blockbusters every 2-3years

  2. Erin Thesystem Author

    She's CONSTANTLY working!! I know anorexia is recurrent (as in Ricci's case) and can be a lifelong struggle/temptation, but I was disappointed when she lost weight. She has an amazing shape no matter what, but her curviness set her apart in a way which I think actually helped her- definitely with audiences.

  3. Psychic Dashton The Vampire Slayer Author

    fake news LIES like all these vids they just casted her in 2018 in this movie destroted just call it wat happened two so & so & get over the LIES

  4. Drac Williams Author

    Since 1990 Christiana has been absent from our screens 4 times 92. 94. 04. And 07. And she has three films in post production that includes 2019. Not bad for someone Hollywood won't cast.

  5. Wolfie Blackheart Author

    Some people can handle fame (christina ricci, Jared leto etc) and then there's people who have struggled with fame (justin bieber, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Rodriguez etc) so the fact that Ricci hasn't tried too hard to get type casted or try flip her image just shows that in the moment of projects she has interest in she can adapt to being a main focus or background character hence why her "supporting" cast member took the spot light for the thriller movie based on a serial killer rather than ricci cause in the end it was the friend/sister/mother (I've not seen it so I don't know which relation it is that brought the woman ricci portrayed to her senses) who stopped her character.

  6. chris kunselman Author

    I'm glad I'm not alone in considering this series of videos hot garbage. Almost every single point made in this video is either off base or just false. Way to suck it big Looper.

  7. TheWhiteleather Author

    Seriously though, Ricci has been so good in all her roles including the ones this terrible video left out: Black Snake Moan, New York Stories, The Ice Storm, Bastard Out of Carolina, Pumpkin, Penelope, Anything Else, and DOZENS more. She is brilliant, beautiful, and blessed.

  8. valar Author

    It is quite sad that she is literally right that having the wrong body type limited her choice of roles 20 years ago.

    However, another physical characteristic finally worked to her advantage, the fact that she doesn't age. She was able to convincingly play a late teens – early 20s woman in 'Z: The Beginning of Everything' when she was 15 years older than the character for some time.

  9. clansome Author

    What a dumb fucking video. Usually Looper not that bad but this is dreadful and untrue as it happens, almost like Looper had an agenda here.

  10. In The Sky We Trust Author

    Why Hollywood won't cast Christina? Easy to answer!!! Christina doesn't need Hollywood! She's better than anyone else in my opinion, was ever my favourite and will always be. No girl ever stole hearts so easily like her, she's not only beautiful, she's gorgeous, classy, sexy and an awesome person. I never felt the desire to meet anyone in Hollywood except for her. They're all just normal people like anyone else, just as she is, except that for me, she's astonishing, every rolle she ever played was convincing 'cuz she knows how to do it! Charlize was great at Monster, but my eyes never went away from Christina. I had a crush on her since Mermaid and was only 5 days younger than she is. She was born on the 12 and I was born on the 17. Both aquarious, and 80's child, how could I not fall in love with her? And that crush never went away. Her husband is a very lucky guy as she's also a lucky woman, she wouldn't marry him if he wasn't a cool person. I feel happy for them and hope they live happy and get old together, cause that would mean they found what the most people are still looking for, including me! Anyway, I love her too, like probably a lot of people on that planet and I am happy for having had the chance to grow up watching her actings. To me, she's epic and eternal!

  11. Ryan Gleason Author

    never seen her in a movie, i do know she's Wednesday from the Addams family or whatever but like i said never seen it and i know this video is over two years old but this looper account or whatever seems like a wanna be E News and ya'll bein cunts to this chick saying her career is over for no fckn reason. lol shits weird

  12. Ryan Gleason Author

    make her look like garbage the whole time, give her like 12 seconds where she seems to "see the light" and then insert the crazy person clip. haha so original

  13. SPQSpartacus Author

    Unsung hero sums it up well. She was so good in Monster, Prozac Nation and Black Snake Moan. She deserves more appreciation.

  14. Troy Pollaris Author

    Christina Ricci could be Morticia in a live action Addams Family or if Hollywood were creative they could have her reprise an older Wednesday with her own family.

  15. Jamie Banner Author

    You forgot Sleepy Hollow? That was the movie that should have put her on the a list. There was some big actors in that movie and she was the co-star. And a Tim Burton movie. Don't tell me it's more Deppaphobia… lol.
    Penelope was a strange one it's one of those Disney like films that people didn't notice. Kinda trying to rekindle Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon's careers. I actually think they're very underrated. Reese Witherspoon is kind of an old-school comedic actress that's missing these days. I can see Reese Witherspoon like in a Mel brooks movie. Young Frankenstein or something. And Christina Ricci. They are both actually good actors.

  16. Ray Rogers Author

    Hollywood is fickle. That's putting it mildly. Good, professional actors can play almost anything if given the chance. The competition is tough enough to begin with; the last thing an actor trying out for a part needs is narrow minded producers with their preconceived notions and "expert" attitude. Non Hollywood related, but the "experts" said KISS would last six months to a year. KISS is still performing 46 years later. F**K the "experts"


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