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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Christopher Mintz-Plasse Anymore

He’s the artist formerly known as McLovin. And after his breakout performance in Superbad,
Christopher Mintz-Plasse seemed like he was on the verge of joining co-stars Jonah Hill
and Seth Rogen on Hollywood’s A-list, following it up with acclaimed turns in Kick-Ass and
How to Train Your Dragon. But his popularity with fans somehow didn’t
translate into more big time roles. Here’s a look at why Hollywood won’t cast
Christopher Mintz-Plasse anymore. The curse of McLovin Ever since 2007’s Superbad, where he obtained
the world’s fakest fake ID, Christopher Mintz-Plasse has been better known by another name: “McLovin?” “Yeah.” “McLovin? What kind of stupid name is that, Fogel? What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer?” Nearly ten years later, it’s still by far
his most memorable role — which is fine if you want to be a cult figure forever, but
not so great for the establishment of a robust and continuing career in Hollywood. The legacy of McLovin has utterly overshadowed
literally every movie Mintz-Plasse has made since. It’s a fair bet that at least half his fans
don’t even recognize him by his real name. Turns out that fake ID wasn’t so fake after
all. He’s focused on his music While Christopher Mintz-Plasse definitely
enjoys acting, he’s also a dedicated musician, and his projects on that front are clearly
just as important to him as being on-screen. He’s spending a lot of time these days practicing,
performing, and recording with his latest band, Mainman — which is, of course, time
he’s not spending auditioning for more or bigger roles in blockbuster Hollywood movies. Which is just how he likes it, telling Stereogum,
“I would love to keep balancing the two. I think I’m very lucky and grateful for where
I am right now, that I can do both. Acting, you can work for three months and
not work for six months. So in that time, I love the momentum of music
and everything that’s going on. The momentum right now is very musical. I kinda just go with the flow.” Doesn’t court celebrity While his Superbad castmates seem to be constantly
in our faces at every possibly opportunity, Mintz-Plasse has kept a much lower profile,
with a media presence that leans more towards photos of him cuddling with dogs than mugging
for the cameras. While it may keep his name out of the tabloids,
keeping a low profile in Hollywood isn’t exactly the best career move. When it comes to making movies, out of sight
is definitely out of mind. Heard but not seen Christopher Mintz-Plasse has been a go-to
guy for Dreamworks’ animation studio ever since he scored the role of Fishlegs in How
to Train Your Dragon. In addition to voicing that character through
three films and a TV series, the actor was also the first call when they needed a villain’s
voice for the 2016 Trolls movie. Sure, it’s nice work, but being a voiceover
actor is just another way to be pigeonholed, something Mintz-Plasse has already had far
too much of. “The only way I’ll ever be happy is by eating
a troll, and that ain’t gonna happen thanks to you!” Trapped in a sitcom In May 2012, Mintz-Plasse scored the lead
role in a CBS sitcom called Friend Me. It seemed like the perfect vehicle to transition
from movies to television, but tragically, Friend Me creator Alan Kirschenbaum took his
own life before the project premiered, and CBS decided not only to leave the show out
of their lineup, but not to even air a single one of the eight episodes already in the can. The double blow of losing both Kirschenbaum
and the show was hard for Mintz-Plasse to bounce back from. But in 2016, he finally landed another leading
sitcom role, alongside Joel McHale and Stephen Fry on the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors. Unfortunately, that show has been panned by
critics, and hasn’t exactly set the ratings on fire either. Rotten Tomatoes described the show as “one
repetitive, formulaic joke,” which hardly seems to suit an actor like Mintz-Plasse,
who thrives playing against type in edgier, boundary pushing projects. Hopefully the show gets a lot better before
Mintz-Plasse gets stuck in the downward spiral of lowbrow sitcoms. “Check burn!” He can turn it around Part of the reason for Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s
low visibility in Hollywood is that he seems to prefer things that way. But he still has both the chops and the connections
in the industry to make a comeback if he wants to. “Hoo-ah!” “That’s Al Pacino!” “That’s not even — yeah.” So if he ever decides to commit completely
to acting, and to pursuing more screen time in bigger movies, becoming a star will probably
be as simple as making a few phone calls to Rogen and the Apatow crew. “You wanted me to be my own man. This is what it looks like.” “Alright, alright, I’ll make some calls.” “Yes!” Fingers crossed! Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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    Your content is nowhere near the average good list.
    I hope you change your formula or else this channel is as dead as any other useless one..

  2. Ariel Dille Author

    Maybe I'm just a fan but I enjoy all of his movies and I could definitely recognize his voice on the cartoons that he's in . If I see he's in a movie I know its going to be good ! Love you Fagal 😂😂😂

  3. james Deer Author

    McLovin is all you will ever be. You need to fire your agent. A good agent would have given you similar roles until you could establish yourself

  4. Mike Illmatic Author

    "But keeping a low profile in HollyWood isn't a smart career move."

    Yeah, you say that now, until the media completely puts all your personal business out there.

  5. juan fernandez Author

    He broke away from McLovin with Kick Ass 1 and 2 he was far from McLovin with that roll so I don't know how he's type casted because of McLovin

  6. miguel gonzalez Author

    I didn't even read what this was about before watching it I think he is where he wants to be in acting he isn't stupid he knows hes not attractive (like myself) I'm sure he doesn't care he made some money so fuck the rest of it and if you call him he will be there if not fuck it sounds like he's got it pretty good

  7. Ryan Beers Author

    I had ro keep the voume down while sitting here in the living room as my moms watching television but what show/movie was he boxing john tuturro (sp?) I ask b/c I had to keep the volume downso I couldn't hear what movie it was 😡😠😬😣😤😧 😡😠😬..!?!?!?

  8. Dez S. Author

    Is it just me or does this guy have the EXACT SAME VOICE as Josh Gag?
    (Josh Gad: Olaf from Frozen, Bailey from a dog's purpose, and LeFou from 2017 beauty and the beast)


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