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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Elisha Cuthbert Anymore

You might remember Elisha Cuthbert from movies
like The Girl Next Door and House of Wax, but for most, that’s about it. With a rising career just ten years ago, Cuthbert
was predicted to be one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming actresses. Now fans are left to wonder what she’s been
up to these days. So, why won’t Hollywood cast Elisha Cuthbert
anymore? TV trap Cuthbert’s acting career began at the age
of 14 with her breakout role as Megan on Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? She played the same character steadily from
1996-2000, which resulted in her earning lead roles in small movies like Dancing on the
Moon and Time at the Top. While none of these films were received very
well by audiences or critics, the added experience helped pave the way for her to grab her most
recognizable role as Kim Bauer on the hit television show 24. Cuthbert probably couldn’t have foreseen it
would still be her most recognizable role ten years later, especially once she ditched
the series after three seasons to focus on her film career and was met with middling
results. Girl Next Door In 2004, Cuthbert played Danielle in The Girl
Next Door, a young retired porn star who moves in next door to an average high school senior,
ultimately changing his life forever. The studio hoped it would be a huge hit, somewhere
in the vein of Pretty Woman and American Pie, but that … wasn’t the case. The movie didn’t exactly flop, but it wasn’t
the breakout hit Cuthbert might’ve hoped for to catapult her into big screen relevance. Then House of Wax happened. In the humdrum horror movie, Cuthbert starred
as one of a half dozen teens trapped in a wax museum that turns real people into statues. The film wasn’t a flop, but like The Girl
Next Door, it wasn’t anything to write home about and didn’t help to establish Cuthbert
as a must-have for movie roles. Bad company Paris Hilton, who also starred in House of
Wax, was the very definition of Famous for Being Famous and hobnobbed with a host of
celebs whose reputations she’d sully with her notorious nightlife antics, and that included
Elisha Cuthbert. The two bonded on the set of their movie and
Cuthbert joined Hilton’s party entourage, even appearing in the music video for Paris
Hilton’s song “Nothing in this World.” Given Hilton’s reputation for ranking tabloid
presence above her resume, though, that wasn’t the kind of kinship that would help Cuthbert
advance in the biz. The flops Soon after House of Wax was released, Cuthbert’s
next film The Quiet hit theatres. In this dramatic thriller she played a cheerleader
whose social life was ruined by her parent’s decision to adopt her deaf cousin, bringing
to light some dark family secrets. While the role was certainly far from the
typical hot-girl persona she was used to playing, critics and audiences dismissed the pic, and
it made back just one third of its low production budget upon release. Her next film, Captivity, received even worse
reviews. In the little-seen pic, Cuthbert played a
model, stalked and kidnapped by a sadistic psychopath. The movie tanked at the box office, was labeled
“torture porn” by critics and was nominated for a Razzie in three categories that year
including worst horror movie and worst director — and Cuthbert was nominated for worst actress. “Thanks for the lesson.” Cuthbert eventually went back to taking roles
on television and found that the small screen scene wasn’t as welcoming to her as it was
in the 24 days. Unhappy endings In 2011, Cuthbert was cast as a ditzy runaway
bride on ABC’s Happy Endings. With several similar comedies premiering on
other networks around the same time, the show wasn’t exactly a starmaker. While it did earn a cult following, the show
was cancelled after just three seasons. She was then cast as a young lesbian who decided
to have a baby with her male best friend in NBC’s One Big Happy. But the show was panned as a Three’s Company
rip-off that delivered too many damaging stereotypes to survive. “How would I do in the lesbian market? I don’t think I’ve ever been appraised.” “You’d do good. You’d be… really really good.” The program was cancelled after only six episodes
were aired. Leaving Los Angeles After Cuthbert spent time frequenting the
club scene with Paris Hilton, she expressed her feelings toward being young in Hollywood
in an interview with Women’s Health Magazine and said she didn’t feel like she quite fit
in. She told the magazine, “For a long time I
was naïve about who I was surrounded by. I got caught up in the L.A. scene. Not that they were bad people, I just couldn’t
ask any of them to drive me to the airport.” She notably started focusing on her personal
life, spending more time with her then boyfriend, Canadian hockey player Dion Phaneuf. The two married in 2013 and now choose to
split their time between L.A. and Toronto. While being away from the spotlight has its
health benefits, it’s also had a negative effect on her exposure. How she can turn it around She has done a couple of Canadian films including
Goon: Last of the Enforcers — the sequel to the well-received 2012 hockey comedy Goon
— and she stars as Ashton Kutcher’s adorable ex on Netflix’s The Ranch. She’s hardly earning placement on producers’
speed dials these days, thanks to her series of letdowns and separation from the limelight. But these new developments might just mark
the start of a new direction for the Girl Next Door. Here’s hoping she can turn it around soon! Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. SimplyLimbo Author

    She had high constipation, so her farts smelled like a carcas thats rotting in the mud for 2 weeks. Thats why. 1 fart cleared the whole set for 1,5 hour. U cant be productive like that.

  2. DaRealCheo Author

    why? cuz she's just TOO fucking beautiful. she's insultingly beautiful. people who are THAT fucking pretty never really get far in anything.

  3. Hendrickson Runner Author

    God forbid they'd try someone new, yet I'm sure they'll dig up old Meryl Streep and say what a wonderful actress Meryl is. In this house we will not watch Meryl but will go and see Elisha, she's a doll.

  4. Aaron Schilling Author

    She's gorgeous. Hollywood wouldn't know what's good if it had a bus rammed in it's face. Wtf ever. Good thing you have Marvel. I went to my first movie since Aurora. It was "Us". Meh. My date was the highlight.

  5. Anthony Gatti Author

    LOVED HER IN GIRL NEXT DOOR…. I happen to think that’s her shining moment and though I haven’t heard about a lot of the stuff she did afterwards, SCREW this video…. She isn’t solely responsible for shitty turnouts…. She is the best part of anything she does! I hope Emily Osment doesn’t go the same route with the roles she PICKS to do….. Love Emily. She fine. Lol you’re hella hot too Elisha!!!!! Call me. 😬😆

  6. scoobydoo316us Author

    example of stupidity….. you have a job…. on a tv show that people like……. leave to make movies in hopes to get that big movie break…… then wish you didnt leave the tv show.

  7. AllCopsArespɹɐʇsɐq Author

    Anyone else can't get over her after watching the girl next door? I totally got a crush on her like she has the prettiest smile you know. I really wish i would meet a woman exactly like her in this movie

  8. Mister T D Author

    Anyone else here because they recently watched The Girl Next Door for the first time and have become obsessed with her? She is extraordinarily gorgeous in it…

  9. leaf16nut Author

    I grew up watching her and Jay Baruchel on Popular Mechanics for Kids (which is how she got the Goon role, by the way) that's what started my huge crush on her, The Girl Next Door was a gift from the gods, watched that movie MANY times!

  10. Jon Jonas Author

    I only watched happy endings because of the very beautiful Elisha Cuthbert she was great and pretty on that show I didn't like the storylines on happy endings that sick men and men relationship fruit story was sick very sick and I didn't like that stupid interracial black and white storyline was terrible the beautiful blonde Elisha Cuthbert is the only reason that happy endings was on for three seasons

  11. Jon Jonas Author

    They need to have a next door ll movie with Elisha Cuthbert and in the next door ll movie show the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert topless In the entire movie

  12. douglas byron Smotherman Author

    Like she's got room to talk she's not even from here she's from Canada if I ever became president if you weren't born here you wouldn't be allowed to be in this country

  13. douglas byron Smotherman Author

    The first time I ever really saw Elisha Cuthbert really was in Old School I didn't know about 24 until I say about 2005 to 2006

  14. douglas byron Smotherman Author

    She did a really good job is Kim Bauer season 1 of 24 season 2 Season 3 season 7 season 8 she was missing in for 5 and 6

  15. douglas byron Smotherman Author

    But really what is she really a blonde with big tits what did he f**** do do you see what I'm tired of I'm tired of all these assholes coming to our country making money off bus that stands for the Canadiens and the East Indians like I said if I ever become president they're all getting kicked out of here every single one of them I'll do something better than Donald Trump ever did I'm sick and tired of those assholes making money off bus they want to make movies make movies in their own f**** country leave us the f*** alone

  16. jrvbamafan1 Author

    Makes video talking about how elisha cant get cast….then spends the entire video listing role after role she been cast in for the last 15 years….lol

  17. Jon Jonas Author

    Elisha Cuthbert will be the woman Terminator in the next Terminator with the beautiful Elisha Cuthbert pretty face and beautiful! Figure Elisha Cuthbert will be a great teminator

  18. Adagio Breeze Author

    The sad reality is that she broke out as a sex symbol, and they always have the shortest time in the spotlight just like Megan Fox, Heather Graham, Sharon Stone, all wonderful actresses but all Hollywood wanted to focus on was their sexuality

  19. Alice Alice Author

    Elisha in the Girl next door is the best looking blonde woman I’ve ever seen. She hardly wore any makeup in that film. She beats Margot Robbie, Scar Jo, botox face Megan Fox and all the other so called ‘bombshells’ are no match for Elisha in the Girl next door. She’s a natural beauty

  20. Derek Wheeler Author

    Just about every video with this title about any actor is usually about an actor that's currently working in Hollywood but the person making the video doesn't watch what they're currently in. I saw one on why "Hollywood" doesn't cast Chris O'Donnell anymore even though he's been on a show for 14 years

  21. Damien CALLAGHAN Author

    She should have FIRED her Agent
    As for going from Television To Movies…
    One of the biggest MovieStars in Hollywood right now started in T.V. – Margot Robbie
    She was in Neighbours. And BRAD PITT started out in Growing Pains and DALLAS


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