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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Eliza Dushku Anymore

Eliza Dushku was the queen of the early 2000s,
staking her way through the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series as Faith, and taking on the
role of Missy in the teen favorite Bring it On. Lately though, despite her proven acting talents,
she hasn’t snagged any high profile gigs. Here’s a look at why Hollywood won’t cast
Eliza Dushku anymore. Typecast Dushku has starred in several TV shows over
the past two decades, from Buffy to Dollhouse to Banshee, playing what could best be described
as the “Eliza Dushku” role. That has limited her options in film, as she’s
been passed over for several major roles, including Mary Jane Watson in the original
Spider-Man trilogy, a role that went to her Bring It On co-star Kirsten Dunst instead. Dushku still occasionally gets parts in minor
films like Eloise, but Hollywood seems to have her pegged as a TV star, which puts her
in a bit of a Catch-22, since she can’t prove she’s capable of bigger film roles until they
give her the chance at one. Back to school In June 2014, Dushku tweeted: “I’ve enrolled
in college back in my hometown of Boston…” Dushku told Boston Magazine she was taking
classes at Suffolk University for a bachelor’s in sociology, taking the bus and subway to
get to classes. Her choice makes sense, as Dushku’s mother
was a former professor at Suffolk. But time spent in Boston at school or taking
in Celtics games is time out of the Hollywood spotlight. And you know what they say: out of sight,
out of mind. Charity case Dushku’s mother Judy has been involved with
charities abroad for awhile. In honor of her 30th birthday in 2010, Eliza
teamed up with her mom and digital media site Tonic to raise $30,000 for THARCE Gulu, a
center for former child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. Eliza and her then-boyfriend Rick Fox visited
Uganda that same year, sealing Eliza’s love of charity work. She told BuzzNet, “It was unbelievable to
hear their stories first-hand. Rick and I weren’t under the university’s
liability so we went to Gulu. We visited some of the camps where people
had been displaced. They were forced to leave their land and live
in really small, cramped camps.” Dushku is well aware of how she can leverage
her celebrity to help people in need. “I immediately realized how many… how many
people you could reach and, and how many people will support you because they like you and
they want to be part of the things that matter to you.” In 2013, Eliza was honored in her hometown
of Boston for developing a program for inner-city girls in New Hampshire. The ceremony at Fenway Park honored her as
a “Camp Champion” by the American Camp Association. Political activist Dushku’s social media accounts are filled
with political statements, which is nothing new for the outspoken actress. In 2016, she told Boston Magazine, “People
will always also go, ‘You’re just a dumb actress,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, my mother did teach government
and comparative politics for the last almost 50 years.’ I may be just a ‘dumb actress,’ but I also
have picked up a few things and observe the goings on of our country. I think that I have a right to have an opinion—and
an educated one at that.” Between her charity work and her political
activism, Dushku seems to have found a higher calling than landing a role in the next Tru
Calling. Documentary darling Dushku’s documentary Dear Albania took five
years and a Kickstarter campaign to film. The documentary brings to light the people
of Albania. Dushku, who is part Albanian, talks about
the country’s plight with issues like communism and dictator rule. Dushku told BostInno, “Everybody knows [Greece
and Italy] and nobody knows anything about Albania other than that the kidnappers from
the movie Taken were Albanian and that Kirsten Dunst did a fake war with a green screen in
Wag the Dog in Albania. We thought it was important we put Albania
a little more on the map for people.” “There’s just so much history that deserves
to be um… seen and understood. It’s a challenging process and I learned a
lot.” She’s busy with other things Besides modeling and appearing in music videos,
Dushku has also been doing voicework for animated films and TV shows. And she’s still landing television roles in
both made-for-TV movies and ongoing shows, like the hit series Bull. With everything else on her plate, though,
the question may not be whether or not Hollywood wants her, but whether she needs Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what she takes on next! Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Suzie Author

    She sounds way cooler than being just some whatever actor. Good for her.
    Besides, being an actor is a little played out and without the glamour mystique which clearly is dead in today's day, except to the drones..the career choice is less than desirable today anyhow.

  2. appolospbvxr Author

    You might also be missing the obvious one … age / looks. She is very good looking but Hollywood is full of pretty actresses and she no longer can compete with this younger age group for roles.

  3. Guillermo Author

    I find it odd that Hollywood doesn't actively pursue her for filmwork. She is absolutely beautiful and you know how them Hollywood bigwigs just love beautiful young actresses.


    Ugh! What’s happening to all of the great female actresses from the past 15 to 20 years!? 😩
    I don’t even know about any anymore. Rock on, Eliza. Do what you wanna do. 👩🏻

  5. mattinthehat3 Author

    Probably due to the fact that when Hollywood talks about supporting this and that charity she (Dushku) actually rolls up her sleeves and does the actual charity work. And also probably because she's genuine, not fake like most "Celebs"

  6. David Fye II Author

    Reason Hollywood won't cast her is?
    Because they have a bunch of Satanic extorted actors that like to drink the blood from the adrnachrome of babies.To keep their body looking young & to keep their jobs.
    Mysterious that ex celebrities are coming out of the woodwork in droves of this going on & with crazy Jewish rapist directors like Harvey Weinstein?!
    Hollywood is about to come down anyways!

  7. Kspice9000 Author

    Why people won't name their videos without misleading and implying the actor/actress.
    These videos need to be titled,
    You remember <insert name>,
    Here is an update on what their doing with their life.

  8. Sandra D Author

    I loved The Dollhouse, thought she had such a powerful part. And it was an amazing thing to see a woman in a really full part like that. Was awesome. Glad she is doing great work.

  9. Hodey FU Author

    You are so stupid. " why she won't get hired", but you end the video with recent jobs, " We can't wait to see what she is in next". Do you have monkeys pounding keyboards typing your script? Do you even read it before production? She is a fine actress, chooses her projects, and lives her lifestyle to her means.

  10. KateLicker Author

    she was so fucking hot on Buffy my knees would actually shake when looking at her..just last week I heard she was a drunk and a tweaker…could not believe my eyes/ears.

  11. Media Gamer Nation Author

    Hollywood won't cast her because she is a really good person?! Stupid fuckin uploader with your bait title, fuck off bitch! Title should be – Eliza Dushku doesn't want to work with them or WHY Eliza Dushku WON'T WORK WITH HOLLYWOOD. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrick!

  12. Grunthos The Flatulent Author

    Forget all the lies. Here's the real reason

  13. 明けの明星アレクサンダー Author

    Well she just got around 9.5 million dollars from a sexual harassment lawsuit working on the television show Bull. I think she will be ok until a better role becomes available.

  14. EvilEye172 Author

    Well, she is a sociali justice warrior, and therefore will probably call somebody a racist if they say anything that directly conflicts with her opinion. So I guess she’s slightly delusional

  15. Lush Kolaj Author

    Eliza dushku she is stunning woman she is a extraordinary woman and actress not only that she is extraordinary human being what a lot to offer to human kind I see her Tremandesly successful everything she does she does it very beautifully this woman Eliza dushku she a soul that n the years to come she will make a huge difference to whatever she decides to do Eliza Hollywood will come back n want you without a doubt we all love you shqipe Eliza dushku all the best.

  16. Holger Danske Author

    some actress do not age well and i think she is one them, her face has gotten strange looking over time , you can see it in newer pic's shes starting to hit the wall. once a women hit's her 30's things start to fall apart and for a actress it's not good.

  17. milky licker Author

    I don't know… she's very hot and probably just as good of a actress as the rest of the a listers. Maybe she is a pain in ass.

  18. Daniel C Treidene Author

    free cuntywagggyw(tell jya yin – backuptonge, ) Al'a'ka'za'am is back in hard forward mode. lets rock, need some oldies to suckle off badstuff and some chinese problemsolving tacts.


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