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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hayden Panettiere Anymore

With a gorgeous face, a gift for music, and
a hit primetime TV series under her belt, Hayden Panettiere was supposed to be Hollywood’s
next big thing as of 2006. But ten years after she became a breakout
star on Heroes, the actress isn’t anywhere near as famous—or busy—as expected. What happened? Heroes Unlike a lot of stars who’ve been working
in Hollywood since they were just a few years old, Panettiere never experienced growing
pains when it came to shedding the mantle of youth. After making her mark as a cute kiddo in films
such as Remember the Titans, her big break came when she scored the role of an unbreakable
teenage dream girl on NBC’s hit series, Heroes. When the superpowered drama debuted in 2006,
the 17-year-old actress was front and center as its most recognizable star, and her character,
Claire Bennett, was an instant fan favorite. “Save the cheerleader, save the world!” Unfortunately, what should have been a career-making
breakout series went super-sour, super-fast. After being initially heralded as an addictively
watchable new series on par with LOST, Heroes took a ratings nosedive after its second season,
and the producers’ efforts to resuscitate it only made things worse. The result wasn’t good for the careers of
anyone involved, but Panettiere arguably had it worst. By the time Heroes was cancelled in 2010,
she’d spent four years of her life as the face of a failing series. Comedy flop Like so many starlets before her, Panettiere
had a window of opportunity in her late teens to break into feature films, beginning with
the title role in the high school raunch comedy I Love You Beth Cooper. The project seemed like a perfect fit, with
hopes that it might just give its star a foothold in Hollywood the way that, say, Superbad did
for Emma Stone. But the critical reception was brutal, and
audiences didn’t show up for the film, either. So, the movie did absolutely nothing for Panettiere’s
career. The best thing that can be said about the
movie is that nobody remembers it. DVD bargain bin Indie projects can be a great way for up-and-coming
stars to branch out, try new things, and show off their range as actors. But for Panettiere, her attempt to get serious
with The Forger was a major let-down. The movie sat unfinished for two years before
being released to DVD in 2012, but even then it got virtually no attention. Whatever fresh acting chops Hayden might’ve
put on display in the movie went largely unnoticed. Off key Panettiere is a gifted singer who’s already
been featured on the soundtracks of several films in which she also starred. So in 2008, she planned to release an album
and even penned several songs, only to have the entire endeavor stall and die amid creative
differences with her label. Not only did it cost her in terms of professional
momentum, but according to Panettiere, the experience was also definitely demoralizing. In a 2013 interview with Vulture, the actress
was still visibly cringing at the memory of her attempt at pop stardom, saying that by
the time she hit the recording studio, “I was a puppet, basically. It wasn’t me.” Family drama Panettiere has also struggled for years with
the legacy left by her parents, whose eyebrow-raising behavior and contentious divorce rivaled the
Lohan family’s turmoil in terms of the shadow it cast on their talented daughter’s career. In a town as gossipy as L.A., that kind of
baggage can drag down even the most determined star. Courting controversy Panettiere’s decision to head up the cast
of Lifetime’s true crime film about the Amanda Knox trial was plagued by problems from the
start, with all the real-life people involved in the case petitioning the network to pull
the film. Panettiere was criticized for taking on the
role, and by the time the movie premiered, the project was so overshadowed by conflict
that nobody even noticed the performance of its lead actress. Mom-entum shift Having a baby isn’t a recipe for lost momentum
all by itself, but for Panettiere, the birth of her daughter brought a series of challenges
that went beyond the norm for new moms. She actress had seemingly just found her groove
on the critically acclaimed series Nashville when she announced that she’d be taking a
leave of absence from the show to be treated for severe postpartum depression. Not only did her struggle sap her energy and
ability to work, but it evidently caused a huge change to Panettiere’s priorities and
perspective as she worked to raise awareness for the condition. Panettiere even checked into a rehab facility
twice to seek treatment for postpartum depression. A turnaround? Despite suffering some major setbacks and
no small amount of bad luck, Panettiere has finally re-emerged as a talent worth noticing
thanks to her work on Nashville — where both her skills as an actress and her musical
abilities have finally gotten the attention they deserve. She was even twice nominated for a Golden
Globe for her role, and critics have been amazed by her ability to hold her own on the
show, especially when sharing the spotlight with a powerhouse such as Connie Britton. While Panettiere’s health-related leave of
absence from the show came at an inopportune time, the cliffhanger created by her disappearance
should only highlight for the show’s producers — and anyone else who’s paying attention
— just what a force she is on-screen. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Jennifer Wasko Author

    I have only watched her on Nashville and I've not missed an episode on either Network. I love the show and I think it was full of talent including her. How can she not succeed now? In my opinion she did such a phenomenal job acting and singing. Not to mention her striking Beauty. I really hope that we see more of her

  2. Shawn Moss Author

    I love Hayden Panettiere she is a great actor I don't understand why people want to do this to her and she's a great singer to one day I will meet her in person I wish I could meet her in person she sounds really cool terrific in it's unbelievable they she can do all this stuff and still act that's what I love about her but she was really adorable little kid

  3. John Michael Ligtas Author

    Hayden was a great actress and wouldve been more successful like JLaw if she continued acting she was also known for her role in Nashville she was well praised by critics after that she left the show and just focused on her husband and family

  4. Quentin Bradford Author

    Hollywood won't cast her, huh? Her IMDb page tells a much different story!!! Either start getting your facts straight and start telling the TRUTH about people, you tabloid shits, or GET THE FUCK OFF OF YOUTUBE!! YOU GUS ARE FUCKING PATHETICALLY WORTHLESS!!! LYING SACKS OF TRASH, ALL OF YOU!!!!

  5. Kira Nolan Author

    Nikki Swift maybe it's not so much that Hayden can't find work maybe it's that she's not very interested in acting lately. Sometimes I find your videos entertaining but other times they're annoying.

  6. Daffy Taffy Author

    I just do not get Hollywood's standards because…they recast the same old actresses in movies. Emma Stone does the same acting in every movie, nothing spectacular shot out her acting…and she's as casted alongside Ryan Gosling. Hollywood should be more creative for inclusion of actresses like Hayden. Nowadays, people are just doing comic book movies, remakes and history stories. I really do not see why she should inching to be accepted.

  7. Pharmin 420 Author

    She is a beautiful woman I loved her in Malcolm in the Middle. I feel sorry for her and her hard life. As all Child Actors they have stuggles as they grow up. Mom's and Pregnant woman are Beautiful. A shame the world looks down on Family Life.

  8. randomdude 123 Author

    Am i the only one who liked "i love you beth cooper" it may be because i was like 9 the first time i watched it but i watched it just a few mins ago and although it was cheesy i really enjoyed it actually idk maybe its the nostalgia speaking but i dont regret watching it again. Im 16 now btw

  9. Neal Fry Author

    Before people " Criticize, " 1st, take a long look in your mirror. " Truthfully, " who and " What do you see?
    Beginning with ~{ Jesus Christ}~I don't know of anyone who hasn't had Problems in their lives.
    Would you " Dare " talk to your mother at a Holiday Family dinner
    this way?
    I don't think so. If you don't have something to say that's " GOOD,"
    " Gossipers," will you Inherit the Kingdom of God ?
    Instead of criticizing people, why
    not " Pray " for People?
    Take Care.
    Neal Fry from Detroit a.k.a.

  10. Neal Fry Author

    By the way, " Men " like me had
    " Shell Shock " from Vietnam.
    Today scientists and doctors call it
    I feel so much better now. So, lock yourself in the Janitor's Mop
    Closet, then " Criticize! "
    Neal Anneal Fry a.k.a. Sundown from Detroit.

  11. Abel Mantor Author

    My favorite roles from Hayden : 1. Bring it on all or nothing. 2. Remember the Titans. 3. Scream 4. That's all I got because i can't remember any more.

  12. Micah Author

    Will you be ready when Jesus Christ returns? If not confess your sins and ask Jesus
    to come to you. Praise the Most High for his son acting as a sacrificial lamb,
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  13. Joe Orzech Author

    I'm sorry who is she ????guess I'm not missing much .nother dumb blond can't sing can't dance and can't act .keep trying girl you can always do porn

  14. sexypants1234 Author

    Kind of messed up that her music career didn’t work because she wanted influence over her own music… everyone famous really is a puppet then

  15. BRD Author

    Tramp,your new bad boy knows you are a cheayer,once a cheater always a cheater.
    How could you respect a woman,female,a mom who gave up their kid.

  16. Neverdemagain thankGod Author

    It's been said that she's a Hollywood pedo….. because she's been outted could that be the reason- she was outed by Robert Downey jr.

  17. Karl Aug Author

    I love you Beth Cooper is a great movie , & Series Heroes & Heroes reborn all were great . Its time to put 3 more Seasons on Netflix with her it it now , making sense and order . The only thing sucked in the series was the black guy with the with woman only that would make rage in ppl. through the whole time watching it .

  18. Karl M Author

    Hayden doesn't want to let fame into her head like her peers Lindsay, Amanda, the Olsen twins, etc. that's why she decided to keep a low profile and stay clean and trouble-free of course.

    BTW Hayden will always be Kairi from KHII to me, LOL.

  19. Skyy Howard Author

    I'm trying to figure out why you posted this while she was staring on a hit TV show on CMT which she had been doing for 4 years prior. How is that "not being cast"? Look up Hayden Panettiere movies and tv shows and this video doesn't cover the half

  20. tclass99 Author

    I think that having a child really saved her…. her parents (esp her mother) didn't do her any favours whoring her out around Hollywood through her childhood. I'm still amazed that she made it through that.


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