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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Hilary Swank Anymore

Hilary Swank won fame and acclaim for her
Oscar-winning performance in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry, and did it all over again just five years
later in Million Dollar Baby. Then, Hollywood suddenly stopped talking about
her. Why did she go from in demand to out of the
spotlight? Here are a few theories. She won two Oscars too quickly They say that winning an Oscar can be a curse. But winning two in the span of five years? That’s a whole other story. Swank faced backlash in Hollywood after she
won her second Best Actress Oscar in 2005, for the Clint Eastwood boxing drama Million
Dollar Baby . Suddenly, the actress had gone from starring in 90210 to joining the ranks
of fabled two-time winners like Bette Davis and Vivien Leigh. And she beat out deserving actresses like
the long-suffering Annette Bening, who still has never won an Oscar. “Shut up! Stop it, you weak…you baby. Shut up. Shut up!” Beyond the politics of who deserved what,
Swank was inevitably set up for failure by the Academy. By age 30, she had far exceeded expectations. At that point, there was no place to go but
down. She got lucky The strange thing about Swank’s two Oscar
wins is that they were both lightning-in-a-bottle moments in her career. She certainly gave excellent performances
in both Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby. Nobody’s going to look back and say to themselves,
“Wait, she won an Oscar for THAT?” We’re looking at you, Marisa Tomei. “I’m watching you go down in flames. And you’re bringing me with you, and I can’t
do anything about it.” The problem is, outside of those two movies,
Swank has never done anything that warranted that level of acclaim. Before Boys Don’t Cry, she was only really
known for movies like The Next Karate Kid and getting fired from 90210. And afterward she continued to star in mediocre
projects like Iron Jawed Angels and The Affair of the Necklace. So was she great? Or did she just happen to appear in great
movies? Lousy post-Oscar Projects Swank had a difficult time finding success
after Million Dollar Baby was released in 2004. She alternated wildly between starring in
prestige movies that were too mediocre for Oscar consideration and mainstream flicks
that seemed more geared towards making money than satisfying critics. One of her roughest patches came in 2009,
when she starred in the Amelia Earhart biopic Amelia, which was in every sense of the word
a disaster. Reviews were terrible—it earned a 20 percent
score on Rotten Tomatoes—and box office returns were even worse. The film grossed just $14.2 million against
a reported $40 million budget, and Swank’s days of Oscar glory started to feel like a
thing of the past. Not that it bothers her. She told The Independent that, “You’re an
artist and you’re putting yourself out there, and you take that leap, and sometimes you
fly and sometimes you fall.” She has other interests Part of the reason reason Swank hasn’t been
making as many great films is because she’s devoting her time to helping needy kids and
animals with her non-profit charity. “It’s called the Hilary Foundation. And it brings animals, who have been abandoned,
and children, who’ve been given up on, together to help heal each other—through rescue,
rehabilitation, and responsibility training.” It’s all part of her new focus on living
every moment of life to the fullest. “You know you just never know what’s going
to happen tomorrow, and you have to be really in the moment and be present.” She’s been caring for her dad Swank’s absence from the spotlight has also
had to do with family concerns beyond her own control. In 2015, the actress revealed to the Huffington
Post that she had recently put her career on the back burner in order to take care of
her ailing father, who had just had a lung transplant. “It’s a certain amount of time, and in a lifespan
it’s a blink of an eye, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I mean there have been job opportunities that
I passed on, things that I said I can’t. But really what we’re here for is our family,
right? Luckily, her father is on the mend, giving
Swank a chance to get back in the movie business and hopefully regain her role as one of Hollywood’s
top actresses. Does she have a future on TV? Soon, Swank will test her luck on television
again with the new Starz drama The One Percent. The premiere date is still up in the air,
but it already boasts a slew of high-profile names, including Ed Helms, Ed Harris, and
Oscar-winning director Alejandro G. Inarritu, who created and co-wrote the project. So don’t worry too much about Swank. Her Oscar days may or may not be behind her,
but her Emmy days could be just starting… Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know what
kind of roles you think Hollywood should find for Hilary Swank…


  1. Cyberpunks Witcher Author

    You’re an asshat bro. Freedom writers,the resident,ps I love you I mean wtf this dude is on crack lmao. Get a real job instead of making fake ass videos

  2. Catnip2011 Author

    These people got their measly success gone to their head, easily dumped, easily replaced, there's always another one just around the corner; with all the CG and digital tricks, you can have the minimal acting knowledge to be an actress.

  3. Abdul Hadi Abdul Latif Author

    I just saw Freedom Writers today only to realised it was released in 2007. That was a very touching movie coz my eyes were moist at the end. Hilary was a joy to watch. Such a wonderful actress.

  4. J Lei Author

    Hollywood will cast her. She probably doesn't want to go back to hollywood. Winning oscars has nothing to di with it. Otherwise Maryl streep wouldn't have any roles. She took a break. This is bullshit.

  5. DeadShred65 Author

    Shes Gorgeous great body and talented ! She will make her way back into the business sooner or later . You count the kinda person she is out .


    She had a hilarious performance in boys don't cry. But Annete Benning in American Beauty is still one of the best acting performances of all damn time

  7. Richard Cole Author

    Who can fault her for taking care of her ailing  father?  It is  true that finding a good role after winning a Oscar can be difficult, but what do people really expect?  Isn't  acting a job?  Don't most actors just want to be employed.  It sounds like she's not some prima donna who is a terror on set.  Cut her some slack will you.

  8. Ixon Author

    Hilary Swank is one of the greatest personne in Hollywood, kind and hearted mind. She is a very talented actress and an altruistic wonderfull woman.
    She's got everything for her, so no, no worries about her future.

  9. big beard Author

    Who the fuck are these cunts to make video's of people who have done more in their lives than they could only dream of, you're opinion means nothing to no one

  10. m k. Author

    She out classes 98% of all women look at her beautiful powerful talented two-time Oscar winner she's a goddess everywhere she goes she floats on air

  11. Traci Davenport Author

    you make up so much its HILARIOUS! You're so wrong on many of tour vids. You literally just mk up horse shit about people and what's sad is many believe you….lol.

  12. Will G. Forrest Author

    Million dollar baby, iron jawed angels, freedom writers, Amelia, what they had, insomnia, and I am mother are amazing movies because of her.

  13. aron s Author

    its not why hollywood wont cast her its about life outside Hollywood careers she has done it all and can do it gain anytime she decides as she is working on her charity and caring for her father so this tittle does not make nay sense

  14. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say Author

    Oscar winning actresses always seem to have a tough time getting back up to those heights, it's a damn shame and it's not their fault I'll wager.

  15. Joshua Ballew Author

    You're an idiot for posting this video. She is a great actress who never went anywhere. I wish you didn't have so many views for this garbage.

  16. Andrew Wu Author

    she was AMAZING in Boys Don't Cry – deserved a lifetime of oscars for that one. The last 45min of that movie is impossible to watch!

  17. Nicolas Can Fly Author

    She is my favorite actress. Love million dollar baby, she is a low-key but super talented actress. She doesn't have to like Kim Kardashian to promote herself.

  18. Will Taylor Author

    pffft Hillary Swank has 1 million times the talent of any of the fuckheads that are responsible for this abortion of a Youtube channel

  19. The softest part of a woman's breast is? Author

    Her last few movies bomb, no secret that's what happens when your movies bomb and she got older as well. That's Hollywood for you!

  20. Franzel Author

    She has done an amazing job in every single film. On the contrary, to commentary – Don't count on being an actress, or model, especially, in New Zealand. Research Nova Model…

  21. Scott Brandts Author

    She shouldn't even be giving a sweet fuck! She probably got her ass outta that Deadhead Domain – euphemism "Hollywood" – because she was one of the only few with enough sense to ditch it.
    She's devoting her life to something real in the pursuit of healing and betterment of the community.
    That's more than Hollywood ever did for anyone.

  22. JonBernard41 Author

    Hilary Swank is a talented actor.

    But NOT a movie star.

    One is based on mastery of one's craft.

    …The other, based on successful PR and public acceptance.

    Two different things.

  23. itsjemmabond Author

    She deserved the Oscar she won for Boys Don't Cry. Million Dollar Baby, I'm not too sure. And I agree with the narrator-Marisa Tomei didn't deserve that Oscar.

  24. Jay Lu Author

    this is so mean and misleading, somebody probably sees this video title on google search about Hilary and assume that she is a failure, a thing in the past. I watch her in the 2018 movie "What they had" and her performance was good beautiful and gentle.


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