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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast John Cusack Anymore

John Cusack has played some of the most iconic
roles of all time. From Say Anything to High Fidelity, Bullets
Over Broadway to Being John Malkovich, Cusack has charmed audiences for decades. But although the talented, versatile actor
has been in the business over 30 years, his career isn’t what it used to be. Why? Let’s take a look back and see why John Cusack
hasn’t graced our screens for a while. He called Hollywood “a whorehouse” In an interview with The Guardian about his
role in the Hollywood satire Map to the Stars, John Cusack came clean about his views on
the strange world of Hollywood. Cusack commented that the old ways of filmmaking
are gone and now everything revolves around franchises and huge stars…which isn’t really
all that off the mark. As he puts it, “The culture just eats young
actors up and spits them out. It’s a hard thing to survive without finding
safe harbor.” It’s easy to understand his seeming hesitation
to fight for stardom in an industry he’s lost trust in considering his views on Hollywood. He went on to describe it by saying, “[Hollywood
is] a whorehouse and people go mad.” Writing films Not content to be a just an actor, Cusack
has co-written a few of his most popular films. He co-wrote the screenplays for High Fidelity
and Grosse Pointe Blank, proving that he knows a few things about dark comedy and oddball
characters. “Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop
music?” More recently, he co-wrote the political film
War, Inc. as well as We Are Not Animals, which is, fittingly, a film about an actor getting
tired of Hollywood. Though it doesn’t look like he has any new
screenplays in the works as of the making of this video, he’s still been writing quite
a bit. The only difference is he’s turned his writing
efforts to the political arena. Politically active John Cusack isn’t your typical actor interested
in the political world. When Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal all stopped
taking payments intended for Wikileaks in 2010, Cusack became a founding member of the
Freedom of the Press Foundation in response. The Foundation’s main goal is to protect the
privacy of the journalists willing to deal with potentially dangerous subjects. “It’s an advocacy group just uh, try to protect
the rights of journalists to do their job. Protect their sources.” Through crowdfunding, they help different
press organizations stay afloat regardless of outside pressures. Cusack has written many articles for the site
and is clearly passionate about the issue of freedom of speech. Cusack has also written over 20 articles for
the Huffington Post, and in 2014, he traveled to Russia with Arundhati Roy and Daniel Ellsberg
to meet with Edward Snowden. Roy and Cusack wrote a series of essays about
their conversations with Snowden which they formed into the book Things That Can and Cannot
Be Said. Cusack is still devoted to activism and it’s
obvious he’s not happy just resting on his celebrity — he wants to make a real difference. And with so much time spent in the political
arena, it’s no wonder he doesn’t light up the marquee as much anymore. Aging out of the rom-com Cusack started out as a teenage heartthrob,
playing the sweet, slightly nerdy guy who’d do anything for his girl. “Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up Ricky.” But nobody can play the handsome leading man
forever. Though Cusack often branched out to do less
mainstream work like Being John Malkovich and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,
he kept taking lead roles. And those movies got worse and worse — at
least according to critics…and box office receipts. Sure, he’s got High Fidelity, but he also
made Must Love Dogs, Serendipity, and America’s Sweethearts, and you didn’t even realize those
clips were out of order. And he definitely wasn’t in American Beauty. “American Beauty? What’s funny about that?” “You were in that” “No I wasn’t!” American Beauty?” It seems that mainstream Hollywood wants to
put him in leading roles in dull action flicks or rom-coms, whereas Cusack clearly wants
to go in a different direction, like the killer roles he played in The Frozen Ground and The
Paperboy. When Hollywood only wants to see you play
the same thing over and over again, it’s no wonder Cusack is a little hesitant to keep
taking on huge leads. Straight to DVD Cusack hasn’t been in as many blockbusters
as he used to. But that doesn’t mean he’s given up acting. In fact, Cusack’s been making tons of movies. Between 2012 and 2016, he made a whopping
17 films. The reason you might not be aware of that
insane productivity is that most of the films wind up going straight to video-on-demand
or DVD. And they tend to be…well, unimpressive,
like Reclaim or the fake-sounding Drive Hard. Four of his films since 2014 got critics’
ratings below 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s full-blown Nicolas Cage territory. “I’m gonna try and kill the man!” Just kidding. Nic Cage is in a league of his own. Critically ignored That’s not to say that John Cusack’s recent
movies are all bad. In 2015, he starred in Love & Mercy as an
older Brian Wilson — frontman for The Beach Boys — dealing with mental illness and a
controlling manager. The film received excellent reviews, with
many praising Cusack’s fine work in particular. But the film only made $12 million domestically,
and though there was some speculation about a potential Oscar nomination, Cusack came
up short. He wasn’t nominated for a single award the
entire season, and the film itself was similarly shut out. Things to come Though it may seem like Cusack’s star has
dimmed, all it’s really done is split into a constellation of different projects. John Cusack won’t be fading into the background
any time soon. His political writing and activism will surely
keep him busy in the next few years, and he’s already got another film lined up. With more than 30 years in the acting business,
we’re pretty sure he’s got more than a few more iconic parts up his sleeve. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Julia McDonald-Carberry Author

    This is BS. John Cusack is a great actor who regularly stars in movies he chooses. Cusack is cast in movies that are movies with scripts he chooses.
    This is just a bunch of BS untrue crap.


    I would love to see him in a live performance on Broadway and eat at a restaurant in Manhattan afterward…….any chance?! I think he and his sister Joan were a powerhouse on the movie Martian Child…….LOVED that movie and Say Anything was another one…….too many to list them all…….

  3. Lelynn Miller Author

    im sure it wasn't to far from the truth tho, when he said Hollywood just wants to find the next best thing, &then take them & chew them up & spit them out.. jus like everywhere else  😛

  4. Hernando Cortez Author

    Grosse Pointe Blank was brilliant, and I've often wondered why a guy this talented ended up playing one dimensional bad guys in so many dud films. Love it that he's involved with freedom of the press and a backer of Snowden. Now one of my heroes.

  5. Jeni Sissom Author

    As a fan who attended a con he showed up at he doesn’t do them for the fans. His panel was boring as hell and he was never at his table. Turns out he was chain smoking outside the whole time. He acted like all the movies were just for money and didn’t even remember most of them.

  6. Eliot Wien Author

    John Cusack is my favorite actor. Would love to see him in a big movie again! I saw Brian Wilson's Christmas show a few weeks ago and was thinking of John Cusack on how great he was in Love & Mercy!

  7. Farraliza Nur Author

    Why wont hollywood cast so and so anymore is just plain annoying. I dont really watch this tupe of clips, just want to write something here.
    Btw, i enjoyed Cusack's movies, he has charisma.

  8. Ray Deathray Author

    Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a weird parallel universe, and in most of the other universes John Cusack is a top A-Lister. He seems like he just needs one key opportunity to make a huge comeback and remind everyone of how good he is. It’s unjust that after entering “John Cusack” into the YouTube search bar, this video is one of the top results.

  9. Melissa Maylath Author

    John Cusack is right in many ways. Hollywood is mostly squeals, prequels, reboots, etc, and most of the time only big named stars get casted in movies time & time again. I don't agree with the comment that Hollywood is a whorehoue. Some actresses do dress trampy true & there are some himbos in Hollywood. And i kinda get the gist of what he's saying when uses the word whorehouse. But its still such a harsh word.

  10. Melissa Maylath Author

    Hey I loved must loved dogs. Inspite of the fact Im a cat person. Serendipity, & America's sweethearts. They were great films each in there own way, sure they weren't box office hits. But the writing & the plots were certainly different from what Hollywood cranks out today. Hollywood is seriously lacking in imagination these days.

  11. Steven Lykowski Author

    He was incredible as the Beach Boy singer Brian Wilson in Love and Mercy, and that was 2014. What is this stupid, oblivious video even talking about?

  12. Sean Robbins Author

    Wait til you guys learn how he really got to be Famous, there is a STORM COMING, what's that you say??.Oh you'll find out, soon enough.

  13. Kim Westwood Author

    Hes made crappy choices for movies lately thats for sure. And if you criticize Hollyweird, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Personally I could care less. But I used to like Cusack till I heard his assinine remarks about Trump. I hope he ends up talking orders at McDonalds

  14. Tim Sanderson Author

    Why do people keep posting these videos titled “WhyHollywood won’t cast ______anymore?”
    John Cusack is still working steadily so this is a complete fabrication. Get your facts right.

  15. christian monturano II Author

    Hes a loser and a hypocrite I'm a way better actor I should already be famous and I will I'd out act.him blindfold under a paper bag

  16. Phayzyre105 Author

    John Cusack is barely a step above being a B list actor. His heyday was back in the 1980s yet nowadays he’s just a Hollyweird has been!

  17. Gayla Pruett Author

    Hollywood ain't no better he came from Hollywood…..demons don't like each other it is a whore house… Hollywood wish all you drop off the the edge of flat world😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Greg Porras Author

    Cusack you're a washed up pathetic excuse for a human now you're trying to make a name for yourself by putting down the President of the United States well I guess that would be your Oscar moment playing a dick so I know you have a lot of experience playing that part cuz after all you are a walking dick and your sister's a HO

  19. MrGrottger Author

    Cusack is right about Hollywood and things that has been going around! Hollywood including the entertainment industry of any kind should been reformed ✊🏻

  20. Karl Pursch Author

    John Cusack knows that Palestine will be freed from the mouth of the 666 Beast…
    Israel you will NEVER be warm in the blanket you have stolen…

  21. Susan Stevens Author

    Just love John Cusack, always have. Great actor. Loved Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil 💜. Don't blame him for staying out of the mainstream. He could always move to Texas 😁😂

  22. REM.Sleep Author

    I did notice that the clips were out of order. I immediately recognized the 3rd clip from "Must Love Dogs". Good movie. Glenn Howerton was in it, too.


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