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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Josh Radnor Anymore

How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor anchored
the CBS sitcom for nine seasons as the unlucky-in-love Ted Mosby, working his way into viewers’ hearts
with his adorable smiles, constant optimism, and pretentious pronunciation skills. “Oh you think it should be pronounced encyclopedia? It’s a common mistake, but if you look at
the squished together A-E symbol in this here encyclopedia, you’ll learn that it’s a ligature derived
from the Anglo-Saxon rune…” However, since the hit show ended in 2013,
Radnor has been noticeably missing from the limelight. Since so many people loved his character on
the series, everyone wants to know why he hasn’t been in another other high-profile
projects, so let’s explore why Hollywood won’t cast Josh Radnor anymore. MIA at the movies Radnor didn’t have very many credits to his
name before getting cast as the lead in How I Met Your Mother. Aside from a small appearance in Not Another
Teen Movie, he’d only had guest appearances on various TV shows. How I Met Your Mother launched him to stardom,
and his most notable role since then has been in the TV sphere, as Dr. Jed Foster on PBS’
Mercy Street. In other words, Radnor just hasn’t shown that
he can anchor a film yet, which could make studios wary of casting him and risking poor
box office returns. Ted Mosby Eternal It’s often tough for actors who spent a long
time playing one part to shed that identity. To many viewers, Sarah Michelle Gellar will
always be Buffy, Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter, and Josh Radnor will always
be Ted Mosby. This can make it difficult for actors to move
on from career-defining characters and can make it hard for casting directors to see
them in potential roles. Just ask Mark Hamill… Looking for love Like Ted Mosby, Radnor has ALSO been trying
his best to find Mrs. Right in real life. “If you’re looking for the word that means
caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting to have everything they want no
matter how much it destroys you… It’s love.” He hasn’t married or made mysterious-mothered
children with anyone yet, but there have been plenty of rumors surrounding his partners. Radnor split with actress Lindsay Price, whom
he met on the set of How I Met Your Mother, after a year of dating in 2009. He was linked to Twilight actress Julia Jones
in 2013 and later dated actress Marisa Tomei in 2014. After that, reports say that he’s dating Friday
Night Lights beauty Minka Kelly. If we learned anything from Ted, it’s that
finding that special someone can involve a lot of trial and error. Tapping it out The actor is also working on other writing
projects that may keep him from screen work, including securing a deal for his as-yet-untitled
book on his attempts to “answer the big questions about spirituality.” The book is expected to follow “an ongoing
quest that takes [Radnor] from his youth in heartland Ohio to the unexpected lessons of
celebrity and beyond.” Tied up behind the lens Radnor won the Sundance Film Festival Dramatic
Audience Award for his 2010 directorial debut Happythankyoumoreplease, which he also wrote
and starred in. Since then, Radnor has also written, directed
and starred in the film Liberal Arts and is set to direct — but not star in — the
upcoming sci-fi drama The Leaves. Radnor said he got into writing with Happythankyoumoreplease
in order to “give [himself] a great film role,” adding that by writing, directing, and acting
in his films, he can create projects that feel personal. Dabbling in music Radnor is part of the band Radnor & Lee, along
with Australian musician Ben Lee, and in October 2016, Radnor announced that they were working
on a debut album: “So I understand you’re writing songs for
your first album, that’s great. “I am. I am…” “You play instruments?” “I do not play an instrument. I’m writing an album.” “We’re instrument-free as well.” “We have a support group going.” Called, “Love Songs for God and Women,” Radnor
said the album will feature mellow folk songs co-written and performed by the duo. “We decided to write one song together and
we had so much fun that we wrote 11. Then we said let’s make an album, so we’re
cuttin’ a record!” Taking the stage While he’s been missed on the big and small
screens, Radnor has been a regular feature on popular stages for the past few years. For example, in 2015, he appeared in the Pulitzer
Prize-winning play Disgraced, and most recently, he could be seen in The Babylon Line at The
Lincoln Center Theater opposite Elizabeth Reaser. A turnaround Radnor has made some eclectic choices since
the ending of How I Met Your Mother, and while he may not be following the stereotypical
path of most actors, he’s still been keeping himself busy with valuable and original projects,
like his festival-friendly drama The Seeker. Radnor’s smarts and ambition should serve
him well in any field. Here’s hoping we just get to see a little
bit more of him soon. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. sid williams Author

    I think he would play a good psychopath, someone should cast him in a movie where he plays just pure insane. Kinda like DiCaprio in most Scorsese films. Someone should give him a shot in something like shutter island.

  2. kimmo kiskonen Author

    It's hard to take any role after playing 9 years the same. He is amazing actor and i actually hope he is not taking any parts ever again. Ted Mosby!

  3. Julie Sjønov Author

    I think he did a great job as John in Grey's Anatomy. Even though I loved him as Ted in HIMYM, I am looking forward to seeing him in other future roles. He's a great actor and I would very much enjoy to see him in various roles.

  4. Freakk47 Author

    Normal effect. He was too good in his role and is now associated as ted mosby so much that hollywood is scared to cast him as something else. See Friends as a reference. Only aniston did anything big after friends. As an on screen actor I mean.

  5. Feel English Author

    He is really into answering big life question by his art, I watched and listen to some of his new talking and art, like podcasts appearance, he is really a deep person and makes me love him more and follow his unpopular projects.

  6. teuta Hyseni Author

    Ted Mosby is one of the best characters ever, smart, good taste could cook he loved people best friend for all, with a lot of feelings, I never understood people who call him lame his perfect with all his habits. And about the end it was perfect they should end up together robin was so much better in person with him more responsible and they were for each other everytime not only for fun or sex or the culminante moment. Its about who listen everything not about im sorry in the end

  7. Mrs Ayy Author

    This is LEGEND.. wait for it… DARY! Legendary! It’s not that Hollywood wouldn’t cast him, he’s still too busy trying to win Robin over 🤪

  8. Dayle Norris AKA Bama Boy Author

    That screenshot you used made him look like Mr. Fantastic so if they make a new Fantastic Four movie he would be perfect for it

  9. Kell Belle Author

    This is funny that I am in the middle of binging HIMYM when this shows up in my recommended 🤣 honestly, he’s really talented. It’s not uncommon for actors to dabble in stuff behind the camera, or music. He’s still hot 🥵🙃

  10. Faraway Brawl Hacks Author

    I hope Marvel casts him as a hero, so he can have a scene with Colbie Smulders in the MCU. He's also a great actor and is very charismatic, something that will be needed for heroes in the new phase

  11. Harby Andre Franco Fernandez Author

    Is good to see not everyone who leaves acting does it because he is a bad actor. Yes, he had very little roles, but I think he is happier sticking to writing and music a bit as well.


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