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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Matthew Fox Anymore

Matthew Fox was on a major career roll for
two decades. He headlined not one but two popular shows
in a row, with six seasons of the family drama Party of Five and then six more years on the
sci-fi mystery phenomenon Lost not long after. As a result of this pair of beloved series,
he had the rare distinction of being both a heartthrob and a guy’s guy, and seemed poised
to launch from his wild island adventures straight into the big time. But the 2010s haven’t been so kind to Fox,
despite some notable big screen efforts on his part. Here are a few theories that explore why,
lately, Matthew Fox has seemed so … He broke big on TV Fox established himself as a television star
thanks to his turns as Charlie Salinger and Jack Shepherd. The small screen was his home from the get-go,
having just a few film credits to his name by the time Lost catapulted him into the spotlight. But the silver screen still piqued his interest,
and he tried out supporting roles in movies like Smokin’ Aces and We Are Marshall. Neither of those were massive hits, but they
did suggest that there might be a place for him in the movie biz. Unfortunately, a controversial show ending
can follow an actor around like a dark cloud. And few people would argue that Lost’s finale
was perhaps the worst show ending of all time. It wasn’t Fox’s fault that the series ended
on such a confusing and frustrating note. But as the face of the series, there’s a chance
the blame could’ve fallen on him a little, too — at least where ticket-buyers were
concerned. With audiences as upset as they were about
the series’ crazy conclusion, there’s a very real chance that some Fox fatigue set in as
part of the fallout. Hey, maybe the smoke monster will have better
luck? Big screen bombs He may have proven that he can handle himself
on a film set with his smaller outings, but his should-be blockbuster debut Speed Racer
was a car wreck. It had a bloated budget and a lot of expectations
behind it, but critics hated it, and it lost a ton of money at the box office. His big screen career had no hatch hideaway
to shelter from this box office bomb. The good news for Fox is that he was never
really held accountable for the film’s poor performance. But the wheels were already rolling in the
wrong direction. Then, Alex Cross happened. Past adaptations of James Patterson’s Alex
Cross novels have done fairly well — movies like Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. But Alex Cross failed to live up to its predecessors,
despite some serious effort on Fox’s part. In the film, Fox played super bad guy Picasso,
who tortured and maimed people for sport. The actor reportedly dropped a whopping 20
percent of his weight to play the villain, and shed his former image as the heroic Jack
from Lost. But despite how convincingly he played Picasso,
the movie was absolutely trashed by critics and — even worse — ignored by audiences. Ouch. Cutting room floor Fox got one more shot in a film that actually
did really well at the box office. Too bad that his role was chopped to the point
that no one knew he was actually in it. The adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie epic
World War Z was supposed to be something else than what audiences saw in theaters. But after the original cut was shot, a large
chunk of the script was rewritten and reshot. That left most of Fox’s scenes on the editing
room floor. Fox would’ve starred as a colleague of Brad
Pitt’s Gerry Lane, caring for Lane’s family while he’s off globe-trotting in an effort
to stifle the undead epidemic, but his role became a blink-and-you’d-miss-it parajumper
scene. “That’s our target, get us down.” Seriously, that was it. Hope you didn’t blink… All the wrong headlines In August 2011, Fox’s name was dragged through
the mud as he was accused by a Cleveland woman of punching her in the “arms, right leg, thighs
and chest.” Later, his former Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan
claimed on Twitter in 2012 that “he beats women” as a reference to that event. The woman’s suit was ultimately dropped and
Fox strongly denied the claims, but his reputation was already sullied. Fox denied the allegations completely in an
interview with Ellen — but it’s hard to undo damage like that once it’s been done. Fox may have maintained his innocence of the
assault charges he faced, but in 2012, he was guilty of an entirely different crime. He was arrested for driving under the influence
in his home state of Oregon. He did fess up to that incident on Ellen,
insisting that he learned a hard lesson and that he’d never do that again. Even so, the combination of these tabloid-frenzied
incidents certainly didn’t help to elevate his public profile. Break from Hollywood Even before things started to slow down for
Fox’s professional life, he’d already been considering stepping away from the spotlight
for a while. Instead of living in Los Angeles like so many
other stars, he lives in Oregon, where he likes to fly planes and hang out with his
family. He told Men’s Fitness in 2012 that he was
considering retiring from the industry even then, saying that if he didn’t “get quality
opportunities” he’d probably step away from the scene. Seems like he had a contingency plan in place
the whole time! But, for Fox fans hoping to see more of the
actor, the good news is that he hasn’t altogether disappeared from the entertainment industry. In 2015, he appeared in a pair of little-seen
horror pics, Extinction and Bone Tomahawk, the latter of which was very well received
by critics, if not by audiences. So, it seems he’s not completely done with
movies and television just yet. In the meantime, we can watch endless Lost
reruns and try to make heads or tails of what was actually happening on that dumb island. It’s the mystery that keeps on giving. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
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  1. AZORES Author

    I'm sorry, english it's not my mother language, please somebody translate this: Yo creo que el final de Lost no fue lo que lo hizo fracasar en Hollywood. Creo que simplemente quedó atrapado en el personaje de Jack Shephard y la gente (me incluyo) queremos algo similar, no vamos a comprar un personaje que no se parezca a ese. Esa es mi opinión. Hasta que no aparezca algo parecido a un heroe de carne y hueso, buen tipo, sincero y leal, la gente no va a ir a ver sus peliculas, es asi de simple. MATHEW FOX "IS" AND IT "WILL BE" JACK SHEPHARD, THAT'S IT.

  2. Niko_Liberty_Bellic Phillips Author

    The ending of lost isn’t confusing it’s just you probably never researched what it meant and a probably too fucking stupid

  3. Brittany Jackson Author

    Wtf Lost was one of the greatest shows of all time. Where do you people get your info from? Not to mention it wasn't confusing if you pay attention to the end and really follow the show. Show some respect.

  4. Vanilla Maniac Author

    Rofl people are so stupid cuz they dont understand the end and they think its trash. The fuckign series are smarter than u think and everything makes os much sense but ordinary ppl dont get it

  5. S A Adams Author

    The Island isn't done with you yet…. Especially now that you have called it "that dumb island".

    The ending is an enigma – until you "get it". It's a really great series, which I have watched 3 times now. And, after Netflix dropped the series, I quickly bought the DVD collection, before the prices went up. Which they have been doing.

    I love that island… 🙂

  6. Rebecca Simpson-Wallack Author

    I personally found the ending of Lost to be brilliant.

    The whole point of the show is Philosophy vs Religion in the Lord of The Flies type story. The ending shows that no matter what you believe/how much you disagree about what happens after death, you will all end up in the same place. Also it shows that through the biggest tragedy can come some of the most important people/memories etc

  7. OhtheSuffering Author

    Oooouuch. Just checked his IMDb and he hasn't done anything since 2015. I feel bad for him because he's a really great actor, at least in dramatic roles. He needs more opportunities!

  8. Limoozeen Author

    Bone Tomahawk, hes in there and he kicks ass. Looper is a cunty channel which portraits their perception of the truth as a reality.
    Not saying I'm a fan of this actor, but I am saying Looper is a biased cunty channel

  9. kakamedsaft Author

    I loved Lost during the first time i watched it, but i didn't quite understand everything. That made people stop watching it, like a polar bear in the jungle, i got curious about just why there was a polar bear there. I've watched the entire Lost series four times now and after the third I saw things, like easter eggs and hints that i didn't see before. Like the logotype on the shark swimming by etc. Either way, Mathew Fox is a great actor but after lost, gotten bad roles. I wish that i could erase the memory of seeing Lost, so i could experience it again

  10. Chris B81 Author

    Awesome actor. Nothing wrong wih him and really not to blame for what people consider a bad ending to Lost. I hope he'll some day return strong to the movie scene in some significant flick. I don't know why but I've always would have liked him to star in a Mass Effect movie. Maybe it's in the name 🙂

  11. Eric Landrum Author

    The ending is pretty clearly explained and amazing if you ask me. All you have too do is read up on it if you don't understand it. I guess quantum mechanics and spiritual undertones are not loopers forte.

  12. diane cry-anne nguyen Author

    homie has not aged well. compare with josh holloway who is only three years younger than him and who is a genuinely chill and nice person. it's pretty clear why one has a career and the other doesn't.

  13. ZeroTalk ASMR Author

    Are you daft? Fox is absolutely to "blame" for the ending (not that I think the ending is bad at all). They were the ones who asked for a two-season extension from Lindelof and Cuse after telling them to write the thing as a four-season plotline. Furthermore, the ending is not something to assign blame for, but rather to give credit for. You guys are absolutely daft.

    Looper. I should have known better. What a train wreck.

  14. R McElhaney Author

    Too bad Hollywood won't cast Matthew anymore! Maybe he can seek another career – as United States President! I know nothing about his politics, but I would vote for him over Donald Trump. Matthew isn't as corrupt, not nearly as big of a liar, and much, much more appealing to women than the orange haired SOB!!!!

  15. Kimberly Yancey Author

    I always thought when 'Derek' died on Grey's Anatomy, Matthew would have been the perfect replacement. I wish he would get another great role. He has the skills.

  16. NDEarereal trustme Author

    I don't know but man, Matthew fox can initiate all kinds of strong feelings in a person. I mean in a Good way.

    He is an amazing, astounding actor. But most people can't apprehend him.
    It is phenomenal!!!

    Matthew I know this won't reach you, BUT man, please there are people, who are I can say, changed by your acting and the way that you convey subtle feelings and trailing expressions and impressions.
    So get into more projects man!!!

  17. Tom Gallagher Author

    can't blame him for Alex Cross. Tyler Perry movies are almost always awful. I didn't see it for that reason. I paid to see one Madea movie. Why would i pay to see anything else he ever made?

  18. Nick Loresh Author

    His best role was and IS in Lost. After his role as a doc, who was trying to help everyone and which kept everything cool and hopeful, its freaking hard seeing him in other role and circumstance, especially as an antagonist…

  19. Dennis Ng Author

    Enjoyed Lost. The last episode wasn't bad, but it was just ok we all knew it, life is like that. This is about life. So some were perturbed cos it went round for seasons, to show that "it's circle of life". The numbers. The machine. All became irrelevant.
    Game of Thrones last season and last two episodes (many of us even skipped it) took over the reign!

  20. Jenny Warm Author

    He said he wanted to quit and after the accusations of assault he probably thought he wouldn't be cast in anything again anyway so may as well "retire"


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