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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Renee Zellweger Anymore

Once upon a time, Renee Zellweger was one
of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She dazzled us in Chicago, put in two pitch-perfect
performances as Bridget Jones, and scored an Oscar for Cold Mountain. But instead of continuing on to ever-greater
success, she dropped almost completely off the radar. Here’s a look at why Hollywood doesn’t seem
to be casting Renee Zellweger anymore. She took a hiatus Unlike many celebs who are forced into the
background after work becomes scarce, Renee Zellweger left Hollywood on purpose in 2010
— and stayed away for a solid six years. She told People that she just needed to focus
on herself for awhile. “I took on a schedule that is not realistically
sustainable and didn’t allow for taking care of myself. Rather than stopping to recalibrate, I kept
running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion.” Although Zellweger has said that the break
gave her some much-needed time to recharge, it still cost her momentum in an industry
with a notoriously short attention span and an endless supply of thirsty talent. Her producing career fizzled In 2013, right in the middle of her break
from acting, Renee Zellweger took a shot at doing something different. She co-created and produced a vintage-styled
1960s television drama called Cinnamon Girl, which was loosely based on her own career
journey from small-town Texas to big-time Hollywood. It’s not clear whether she was looking to
pivot into a new career as a producer or just trying something new and different to pass
the time, but either way, it didn’t pan out. Lifetime passed on the pilot, and Zellweger
never got to test her mettle behind the scenes. Her new look In 2014, Zellweger made her first public appearance
in ages at the Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Awards. But the next day, all anyone could talk about
was how different she looked, with rampant speculation that she had gotten plastic surgery. CBS even sent a reporter out onto the street
to see if random people could recognize Zellweger any more. “Do you know who this celebrity is?” “Quite honestly, I don’t.” “I’m usually good at this, but no, I don’t
know…” Zellweger responded with class, simply saying
“Perhaps I look different. Who doesn’t as they get older?!” Still, considering Hollywood has a history
of shunning stars who have become less recognizable to their fans, like Jennifer Grey, it’s possible
the new look may have hurt Zellweger’s comeback attempt. Old-school star in an action world Renee Zellweger is an classic movie star in
the best sense of the term, bringing class to musicals, dramas, and old school romances. Unfortunately, Hollywood is making less and
less of those kinds of movies every year, as superhero films and action blockbusters
with massive budgets tie up all of the studio resources and eat up all the available theater
screens across the country. So far, her comeback has been limited to reprising
her most famous role in the box office disappointment Bridget Jones’s Baby, and snagging in a role
in the courtroom drama The Whole Truth, which vanished from theaters almost instantly in
2016. And then there’s her upcoming film Same Kind
of Different As Me, which has already generated more than its fair share of controversy. Just from the trailer alone, one reviewer
at The Guardian wrote, “I hate this film so much. I want to set it on fire. I want to kick it to splinters in front of
its crying children. I want to drown it in a bucket of horse diarrhoea. This is the worst, most offensive thing I
have ever seen.” Not exactly the kind of buzz you want to be
getting when you’re trying to restart your career, but given Zellweger’s limited choice
of roles, she may not have many other options. Tied up in court For most of her time in the public eye, Renee
Zellweger has done a bang-up job of keeping the drama confined to her work. But the one time the lines got blurred, the
timing couldn’t have been worse. Coming straight off the release of Bridget
Jones’ Baby in 2016, Zellweger was unwillingly roped into a contentious child support battle
between her boyfriend, Doyle Bramhall, and his ex-wife. Despite asking the court to leave her out
of it, she ended up having to testify, leading to exactly the wrong kind of publicity just
when she was looking for a world full of yes. “With all this publicity, I got me a world full
of yes!” Turning it around Despite a slow-ish start, don’t write off
Zellweger’s comeback as a lost cause just yet. With a proven track record at the box office
and the cred that only comes from being an Oscar winner, she’s likely to get another
chance to show she’s still got it. Here’s hoping Zellweger can find the right
project to introduce herself to her fans again. After all… “… you had at me at ‘hello.'” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Nicki Swift Author

    Thanks for watching! Check us out everywhere else for more celeb stuff:

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  2. Jezahlie Author

    I am fascinated. I watched Chicago fifty times and wondered why I never saw her in anything else because she did so well. Then I saw Bridget Jones baby last night on Netflix and realized halfway through that it was her lol

  3. Joonas Lehtonen Author

    Soon she will appear on some movie and pulls a role that earns her oscar nomination or major critical praise – then on the bandwagon again.

  4. Fregrentz Author

    Got to be an idiot to trash her like this, I just saw same kind of different as me, sorry but its probably her best role ever. You didnt see her as the quirky actress, this was a Meryl Streep/debra winger early role. Now I haven't seen Judy, but I'm sure she knocks it out of the park. I think you see movie rolls start crashing in and then you gonna have to make a whole new little video

  5. Rebel Love Author

    Whoever wrote that comment for her movie "Same Kind of Different"….. REALLY seemed to exagerrate on a over-the-top level. I highly doubt Renee would even take an "offensive" role for someone to say "it's the most offensive thing I ever seen". I haven't even SEEN the movie yet but I doubt it's so bad to warrant such a negative review (in fact they MAKE me want to watch the movie just to see why they wrote such a hateful review). Clearly that commenter was either having a moody day or had some kind of negative agenda behind the scenes to write such a thing. I have seen some "extremely offensive" shit in MY day……. so for that person to write something so outlandish about a random innocent looking movie tells me alot about that person.

  6. Mark Ant Author

    Bridget Jones's Baby grossed $212 million worldwide, including $24.1 million in the United States and Canada and $60 million in the United Kingdom, against a budget of $35 million.[2]

    The film was released in North America on 16 September 2016 and was projected to gross $12–16 million in its opening weekend from 2,927 theaters.[34][35] It made $364,000 from its Thursday night previews and $3 million on its first day.[36] In total, the film made $8.2 million in its opening weekend, falling below projections and scoring the lowest opening of the series.[37]

  7. radolf p Author

    Its obviously..coz she stopped improving her looks and her plastic surgery done a hell.of disaster in her face…m.not judgemental. .but involuntarily i her 48 she is looking like she is in her 60s….honestly..

  8. jordanaus75 Author

    She had all the fat sucked out of her face with liposuction and an upper eyelid bleharoplasty to make her eyes look bigger. It doesn't look bad but it changed her facial character from cute to womanly (a bit on on the gaunt side making her appear more 'tough') so the roles she landed before are not accessible to her anymore because of the changes.

  9. Nate Author

    Fell in love with Bridget Jones in 2001 and 2004; after that she changed. Loved her when she was voluptuous and soft; but she didn't. She decided that skinny was healthier, and maybe it is. I wish the best for her.

  10. TJ DJ Author

    Because they want talentless actresses? Like those who win Academy Awards who don't deserve it? And also, it wouldn't hurt if she did a nude scene once in awhile

  11. Dylan Gale Author

    This just goes to show you how STUPID these videos are, not only is she doing a biopic portraying Judy Garland but she's also starring in a netflix miniseries called 'What/If'…she's got a LOT of stuff coming up & going on.

  12. Maria Eliza Author

    Rofl she has a new show running on Netflix and she looks great there, very well acted, huge contrast to her sweet Bridget Jones diary character.

  13. Erica 4ever Author

    Nicki, this video tenderizes me and causes me to love Renee Zellwegger more passionately ! I am much grateful to you to have a video on this neutral tone and explaining intelligibly, limpidly what this actress whom We Adore has been enduring ! I had been sensing that behind all this years of silence over her by the cinema industry's box office as well as her so sweet, so placid smile, there was as much suffering, as much hardship ! I so sympathise for her, and now comprehend why she seems to me a little more human and beautiful and gracious and womanly than in her very first glorious days as Bridget ! Decidedly, without regard to her professional circumstances, this lady has so well aged and grown more beautiful and gracious than ever before ! I am but too glad she has so gloriously returned both on Tonight Shows and in the tv series in which she is SO glorious : " What If " ! A Glorious Role fitting for the Glorious Queen she is !

  14. Rien Heitzmann Author

    She was cast as the lead in WHAT/IF as Anne Montgomery AND she was cast as Judy Garland in JUDY. She just took a break from Hollywood. I love Renée Zellweger

  15. Kerrie Beaton Author

    Renee, is a amazing actor, And I love all three Of the Bridget Jones Moves. Your Video sucks Nick Swift And you have a dog.

  16. Linda Sturm Author

    She's playing the one and only Judy Garland in 2019 and it looks like she'll probably get another oscar nomination darling!!

  17. Christine Braconnier Author

    I loved her look before…she was adorable! But hey, who is anyone to judge why she felt the need to undergo plastic surgery. She's still a very talented actress and I'll always love her!

  18. Kitty xoxo Author

    maybe if she fixed her eyebrows and wore that red lipstick, ppl might remember who she is, she's quite famous for that look but anyhow, im glad she took time to herself, Hollywood is a cray cray business

  19. Melody Edington Author

    Love all 3 briget jones movies. Cant wait till 4th one. Dont count her out. Want whole cast back. Show who donnas dad is the mexican guy singing and dna, the blonde hair boat guy is sophas dad. Bill

  20. Fatima Khechen Author

    Box office disappointment ???? Bridget Jones's baby grossed 212 million $ at the box office against its 35 million dollars budget .. check your info dear


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