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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tobey Maguire Anymore

WHY WON’T HOLLYWOOD CAST TOBEY MAGUIRE ANYMORE? It wasn’t too long ago that Tobey Maguire
was an A-list star with an Oscar-winning movie and a record-breaking superhero franchise
to his name. Nowadays, you pretty much never hear about him. So how did Tobey go from hero
to zero? SPIDER-MAN 3’S WEB OF CRAP The Spider-Man franchise made Tobey Maguire
a superstar. It also stunted his career. Despite Spider-Man 2 being a hit with critics and
fans, 2007’s Spider-Man 3 was a critical disaster. Even director Sam Raimi admitted its shortcomings
in a 2014 interview with Nerdist, saying, “I messed up plenty with the third Spider-Man,
so people hated me for years. They still hate me for it. It’s a movie that just didn’t work
very well.” SPIDER-MAN 4 GOT SQUISHED After Spider-Man 3, Raimi sought redemption
with a fourth movie, but Sony scrapped the project. Instead, they rebooted the franchise,
resulting in 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield in the lead. The decision
made sense, since Maguire was already pushing 35. Still, if he’d gotten the chance to reprise
the role of Peter Parker, maybe he’d still be wearing the webs. HIS BOYISH CHARM STOPPED BEING CHARMING Maguire has a young face and a soft voice,
features that worked well when he first became a young star. As he aged, Maguire never quite
grew out of his boyish looks, making it difficult for audiences to connect with him in his more
mature roles. For proof, look to 2013’s The Great Gatsby. Ironically, that’s the same
problem Maguire’s friend and Great Gatsby co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, overcame by taking
on grittier roles. Tobey might want to give Leo a call. HE’S BUSY PRODUCING MOVIES Maguire has spent a few years producing films
through his production company, Material Pictures. But some Material Pictures films never actually
materialized, like Tokyo Suckerpunch and Afterburn. And the films co-produced by Maguire that
did make it to the screen haven’t done too well. Rock of Ages made $38.5 million of a
$75 million budget; Pawn Sacrifice pulled a mere $2.4 million in 2015; and the 2016
thriller The 5th Wave climbed to $33.1 million. Yeah, it’s definitely time to call Leo. HE GAMBLED WITH BAD PRESS…AND LOST In 2011, Maguire was linked to an illegal
poker club that allegedly involved Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and DiCaprio. Two years later,
Molly Bloom, one of the club’s organizers, wrote a scathing memoir, alleging that Maguire
“was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.” During one game,
Bloom writes that Maguire offered her a $1,000 chip…but only if she’d “bark like a seal
who wants a fish.” She claims he went on to say, “I’m not kidding. What’s wrong? You’re
too rich now? You won’t bark for a thousand dollars?” Ugh, my rich, entitled creep sense
is tingling. HE’S A DAD NOW Maguire is now in his 40s, married, and has
two kids. Maybe he just bowed out of Hollywood to relax and be a family man. That certainly
wouldn’t be unheard of for an actor headlined one of the biggest movie franchises in the
world for six years. Maybe he just doesn’t have to care that much anymore. Emo Spider-Man
would be proud. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to like
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  1. brickbilt things and more OOF SKUAD jeff Author


  2. ERM Gaming Author

    They should have him become the Spider-Man that help the new Spider-Man in the movie by teaching him how to become Spider-Man famous

  3. Tactical WarHead Author

    I Fucking hate him for not making spiderman 4 he was the greatest spiderman and also why do you guys hate spiderman 3 it was the best out of 1/3

  4. Wolf Gaming Author

    Actually if you think about it it's the directors fault because he made him do everything so it should be the directors fault like if you agree with me

  5. Cathy Carroll Author

    Toxic raimi fans completely ruin the Character by saying he’s the best and no one wil top him. LIKE SHUT UP. UR RUINING HIM. GROW UP AND ACCEPT OTHER SPIDER-MEN AND STOP COMPARING U DICKHEADS.

  6. rbi_music Author

    I want to see what he's really like in person I've wondered that before this video Viennese best buds with Leo an even way back when Leo is f**** crazy. But to find out he's telling people. Bark like they want some fish this dude's got to be fun.

  7. Game Tuber508 Author

    I loved the first two Spider-Man movies with him. But I didn't love the third one. To me, the third one is a 5/10. But I just like it for the memes.

  8. MASTER GAMER Author

    Top 5 Tobey Maguire's look a like
    Top 5. 0:03 wolverine (Hugh jackman)
    Top 4. 1:25 Harry Potter with out the glasses (Daniel Radcliffe)
    Top 3. 1:53 Captain jack sparrow but younger (Johnny Depp)
    Top 2. 2:18 Captain america (Chris Evans)
    Top 1. 2:35 someone someone I can't remember who

  9. The Savage Taxman Author

    Just because spiderman 3 wasn't the best of the trilogy does not make it "disastrous". It's still a great movie, even more so when you compare it to today's superhero movies.

  10. J. Jonah Jameson Author

    God, Peter I just scold you a little and-and you just left this beautiful universe we created.🙇🙇

    le me coming back to role

  11. Knight Glint Author

    He's a meme. He could probably make a movie where he owns a pizzeria and says pizza time. Or be an OP hero whose catchphrase is pizza time.

  12. batmanforever0 Author

    Wat ever it is; Who ever bitches about him; Who ever calls him a loser; He will go down in history as the greatest Spider Man ever. Irreplaceable!

  13. spartan king Author

    Now since marvel cannot be part of sony i think they can show a movie where tom meets an old retired spiderman(toby) and make a storyline around it❤


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