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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tom Felton Anymore

As one of the young breakthrough stars of
the Harry Potter film franchise, Tom Felton grew up in front of the whole world, right
alongside his character, the villainous Draco Malfoy. He may not have been a member of the heroic
trinity in the series, but among Potter fans, Felton’s name became just about as well-known
as his co-stars. So, it seemed logical that he’d be among those
who’d slither in to the A-list after the series came to an end in 2011. Unlike some of the others, though, Felton
has since struggled to shed his status as an alumnus of Hogwarts, which means his career
outside of the World of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been anything but magical. Whereas Daniel Radcliffe has become something
of an indie sensation and Emma Watson headlined an entirely different blockbuster with curses
and castles, Tom Felton hasn’t been able to ride his Nimbus 2000 to the top of the Hollywood
ladder just yet. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Hollywood
won’t cast him anymore. Conflicted feelings Starring in an eight-film mega-movie franchise
might seem like the opportunity of a lifetime for any actor, but Tom Felton didn’t cherish
the experience of being an overnight cinematic success story as much as others might. Before the final film Deathly Hallows, Part
2 hit theaters, he told the Daily Mail that he looked forward to the “freedom” of not
starring in the films anymore, saying: “One thing that people keep on saying to me
is that the wealth and the fame must have made up for missing out on my childhood. But the idea of money, putting a price on
your childhood, is ridiculous. To me, fame is not a positive thing. The idea of being famous is a lot better than
the reality. It’s fantastic when you go to premieres and
people cheer you, but it’s not real.” Considering most of those fans who were cheering
him on at those very premieres were the ones he’d need to see his next movies, those words
may have come back to bite him harder than Nagini. A career left turn After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe decided
to give the Broadway circuit and small-budget films a whirl. And Emma Watson went to college, became a
beauty brand ambassador, and left Hermione behind with films like The Bling Ring and
This Is the End. “I’m not f—ing around!” Meanwhile, Tom Felton’s first big post-Potter
move was to rap. Yes, rap. In 2011, Felton revealed that he’d scored
a recording deal with an independent label to produce some hip-hop music, saying: “I was thinking of doing some N-Dubz-style
stuff. I am looking to get into the grime rap UK
scene.” Felton added that he intended to “change [his]
image,” and although that public persona overhaul never seemed to pan out, some of his music
has made way to the public sphere. However, despite a few EP releases and a moderate
amount of viral attention on YouTube, his music has hardly been successful enough to
qualify as a new career path. Too familiar His emcee effort might’ve at least been a
change of pace, but Felton’s next big screen adventure was far too similar to his Harry
Potter persona. Felton claims he’s not at all like the kid
that made him famous… “To be honest, I’m very un-Malfoy like in
my day-to-day biddings” However, in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the
Apes, he played a small part as Dodge Landon, a cruel zoo security guard who tortures the
film’s central sentient ape, Caesar. “Take your stinking paw off me you damn dirty
ape.” Like Draco, the character is remarkable only
for his sniveling demeanor and the ease with which audiences root against him. Between this role and his villainous TV turn
on TNT’s Murder In the First, he may not be distancing himself from the role that made
him famous, which could make him seem a little one-note to casting directors. Indeed, even Radcliffe has had to work hard
to extricate himself from the world of broomsticks and floo powder, taking roles that are far
off the mark of the Boy Who Lived. By heading right back into an unlikable mini-baddie
role after Deathly Hallows, Felton may have made a huge career misstep right from the
start. Regaining confidence Another surprising downside to the safety
of a long-lived role like Felton had in the Harry Potter series is that the series’ end
can feel a little like being thrown into the ocean without a life vest. The actor has admitted that returning to the
regular practice of auditioning for parts to sustain a lifestyle, rather than just trying
to fill in the blanks between sequels, was very difficult for him to adjust to. He told the Daily Mail in 2011: “I’m much more nervous in auditions now than
I was at 11. You take a lot of hits before you get something
good. The first few were heartbreaking.” The disappointment of being denied certain
roles was so disorienting for him, in fact, that he considered walking away from the business
altogether, saying: “I thought, ‘I can’t do this.’ They are cutthroat in America. Before you’ve even started, someone’s playing
on the BlackBerry. You’re reading your lines, physically convulsing,
and they just say ‘Thank you.’ That means, ‘Get lost.’ I did 19 auditions and got the 20th, for the
film The Apparition.” To make matters worse, that movie would mark
the start of a series of box office flops. Missing box office magic Although the Harry Potter series was a box
office phenomenon, Felton has still not proven himself to be a bankable actor. His small-time thriller pic The Apparition
failed to recoup its financiers’ investment, despite having both a Harry Potter star and
Twilight alum Ashley Greene leading the cast. Since then, he’s yet to appear in a film that
made any kind of impression at the ticket booth. Even movies that have been relatively well-received
by critics, like the regal biopic Belle and A United Kingdom, featured him only in supporting
roles and brought in very little money during their small theatrical runs. Felton’s not the only one of the Harry Potter
alums who has struggled to convince muggles to see his movies, but being associated with
so many bombs likely isn’t making his new agent’s job any easier. Blond ambition Considering his dismal box office streak,
Tom Felton’s chances of nabbing a leading movie role anytime soon seem low, but it might
not be a good idea to tell him that. In fact, the actor’s ambitions seem to be
unfettered, he not only wants another franchise, but he wants one of the most iconic and long-lasting
of all time: Bond, James Bond. He told Metro that playing the suave 007 agent
is an “unfulfilled career ambition” for him, adding: “I haven’t landed James Bond yet. Playing Bond or a Bond villain was why I wanted
to do movies in the first place.” Considering that may be the most coveted role
in all of Hollywood, his expectations may be a bit lofty and unrealistic. Time to turn it around These days, Tom Felton does seem to be settling
in with a more low-key professional lifestyle. In 2016, for example, he nabbed a recurring
role in the third season of The CW’s The Flash, and while the role didn’t carry on to the
next season, it did help introduce him to a new and different fanbase in the comics
community. He was also cast in the little-seen, but ambitious
adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, titled Ophelia, alongside some big names like
Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts. Neither project has put him on a new trajectory
for success yet, but they have helped Felton stretch into new territory that might better
convince casting agents he’s capable of doing more than a bunch of Draco Malfoy impressions
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  1. Valerie Barr Author

    The ethos of this channel and others like it is exactly what is wrong with the world today.
    Having nothing worthwhile of your own to contribute, you instead seek to smear, belittle and destroy those whose achievements, abilities and downright humanity are so much greater than your own.

    This says more about you than the targets of your spite. You reveal yourselves as the small, petty, ugly, twisted, disgusting individuals you really are.

  2. Z Queen1 Author

    TBH I dont think he will ever shed Draco from his life and can't act well. I love him to death and do think his musical side is better, but he should leave acting.

  3. Ghost Grown Author

    Ok so Hollywood still hire him but not for big name movies… which means your title is false. You’ve literally debunked your own theory… you’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you Looper!

  4. Sheetal Kavade Author

    Lies.lies.and lies. I HATE LIES.

    The caption for this video "y Holly wood won't cast tom felton." You filthy muggle do u even know that he has worked in more than 12 freaking movies and shows!

    I think u haven't heard tom singing have u?! Go do that first!! You'll at least realise that tom is an amazing SINGER TOO. U filthy muggle

    And fyi is just too jealous of hardworking celebs like tom Felton and so u upload FAKE SHIT. So I guess u realised your STUPID LAME MISUNDERSTANDING ABOUT TOM FELTON!!

    If u say another word u know Draco's father will hear about this !!!😤

  5. e p i c c h i l d Author

    I have like the same eyes as him, I’m slytherin, I got him as “Who’s your Harry Potter character” ILUMINATI

  6. CherryFox Author

    He was so HOT as a teenager! When I watched the other Harry Potter movies when they grew up, I was like “whoa! He’s so cute!”

  7. shoshyz world Author

    HIS NIMBUS 2000 since when does he ride a a NIMBUS 2000 ITS NIBUS 2001 YOU MUGGLE

    Also none of these facts are true i hate this channel they are useless😑

  8. Poopyy Dooo Author

    Tom is great at what he does who cares if the films aren’t as big as Harry Potter as long as he’s happy 😊 I ❤️ him!

  9. Kenin J C Author

    WTF Tom felton is in flash.
    Plus although the number of the movies he has done is small, most of them are actually critically acclaimed which means he is very selective

  10. aashi mishra Author

    What Hollywood won't cast Tom means Harry Potter without Tom, ohh just like pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny. Like book without pages.

  11. Fandom Stuff Author

    He played
    Logan in origin
    Erich in murder in the first
    Ray in white out
    Edward in from the rough
    Julian in flash
    Viscount in labriynth

    And many more…. Isn't that enough to be considered a Hollywood actor??

  12. Charlotte H. Author

    This video is so stupid, it just seems like he’s taking random things and claiming that their reasons they don’t cast him.

  13. The riverdale Dream team Author

    people just shut up he worked hard to get here okay dont go saying that he cant make a comeback in music thats just so plan rude and he is still doing what he loves and thats whats matters

  14. Tyofthe Creed Author

    I mean at the end of the day he will secure a Huge hitting film between now and 2025 Cause I mean as he has branched into other domains in the movie industry

  15. Tyofthe Creed Author

    I mean at the end of the day he will secure a Huge hitting film between now and 2025 Cause I mean as he has branched into other domains in the movie industry

  16. Anne Jung Author

    Tom Felton is still in Hollywood. November 2018 he got casted in YouTube's Origin and recently ( September 4, 2019 ) he was casted in Netflix's adaptation of the book, 'Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting.'


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