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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tom Welling Anymore

Tom Welling has been kinda quiet in Hollywood
since his gig as Clark Kent on the CW’s Smallville ended in 2011. Although he was the original superhero on
a network that’s since become known for its comic book shows, Welling has yet to capitalize
on the show’s success to push into the next stage of his acting career. Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Tom Welling
anymore. Super picky Welling spent a decade on television, which
can be very tiring for an actor, and it makes sense that he’d want to take a break from
acting after having to head to the same set for years. As a result, Welling’s been very selective
in the roles he’s taken since Smallville ended. He’s only appeared in three films since the
show’s 2011 finale: the Zac Efron and Billy Bob Thornton-starring mystery drama Parkland,
the sports drama Draft Day with Kevin Costner, and the Nicholas Sparks romance The Choice. Not so super reviews It’s not always the actor’s fault when a film
doesn’t do well, but it can definitely affect their potential for future success. Unfortunately, none of his post-Smallville
films have resonated with critics or audiences. Parkland earned a 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes
in 2013, but even worse was the fact that it only made $1.4 million at the box office
against a $10 million budget. A year later, Draft Day did slightly better,
earning a 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and bringing in a box office haul of $29.5 million
against a budget of $25 million. The Choice from 2016 performed the worst of
all three with critics, earning only a 12 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t a total box office failure, though,
grossing just over $23 million worldwide against an approximately $10 million budget. Of course, none of the three films were impressive
enough to prove Welling’s star power outside of Smallville, which could make studios nervous
to cast him in big-budget films. Inexperienced Welling was new to Hollywood when he booked
a six-episode arc on Judging Amy, which led to his starring role in Smallville. His lack of experience was pretty obvious
in some of the earlier episodes. “Clark man what’s wrong?” “Clark man what’s wrong?!” “Ah!” “Clark!” “Woah!” And his subsequent 10-year stint on the show
also meant that Clark Kent became Welling’s most immediately identifiable role, making
it even harder for him to break out into other parts later. Locked in The involved visual effects that Smallville
demanded meant that Welling was on set more than most other actors would have to be, giving
him less time to pursue other projects. The roles he did appear in include the ill-received
horror film The Fog with Maggie Grace and Selma Blair, and, most notably, the role of
Charlie Baker in the Cheaper by the Dozen series. In the end, Welling wasn’t called upon to
carry a lot of dramatic weight in any of those roles, making Smallville the most impressive
line on his resume. Behind the scenes The former Clark Kent launched Tom Welling
Productions towards the end of Smallville’s run with the goal of spending more time behind
the camera. Welling, who began executive producing during
the later episodes of Smallville, served as an executive producer on the CW’s cheerleader
dramedy Hellcats in 2011. Welling also directed a few episodes of Smallville
over the years, and told the LA Times after the show ended that directing was a new ambition. It’s possible that his acting career lost
some momentum because he’s focused on pursuing other opportunities behind the camera. Failure to launch When Welling decided that he was finally ready
to return to acting in television in 2015, his pilot project, from Tom Welling Productions
and executive produced by the actor, ended up not working out. Section 13 was set to follow Welling as a
CIA black ops officer who becomes a private contractor in a covert organization “devoted
to carrying out the most difficult and dangerous high-stakes assignments.” However, the season was crowded for CBS that
year, and the pilot was not ordered to series. How he can turn his career around Welling is clearly a talented actor, as he
demonstrated during his ten years as the lead on Smallville. But maybe instead of trying to shed his superheroic
past, he should lean in. After all, it worked for one former Kryptonian,
Brandon Routh. After his one-and-done lead role in Superman
Returns in 2006, Routh had trouble finding his footing. Then, he was cast as super-scientist Ray Palmer,
better known as the Atom, in the CW’s slate of comic book shows. Now? He’s got a recurring role on Legends of Tomorrow. With more super-themed shows and movies being
announced all the time, there’s no reason why Welling couldn’t follow suit and show
off his action and comedy chops. That kind of role could help him lose his
Clark Kent image while still keeping the heart and charm that attracted audiences in the
first place. It probably won’t happen faster than a speeding
bullet, but we hope to see Welling regularly on-screen again soon. Thanks for watching! Click on the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Berserk ER Author

    okay YouTube's recommended is getting kind of creepy never watched anything DC or Marvel on my phone ever and I am right now rewatching all of the Smallville episodes on Hulu and now this is recommended to me that's kind of weird

  2. socialis_anxietatem Author

    Smallville was just a really great show in general it had great storyline and great actors at least it was good for its time but I would rewatch it in a heartbeat.

  3. Wu Li Author

    The guy who played Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager quit acting and when asked why, he said he finally admitted to himself he was a terrible actor and it was time to try something new. Welling had the looks, but after 8 years on television I honestly cannot see any difference in his acting which is fine if you like Saturday morning cartoons.

  4. Paul Casey Author

    I was never Superman fan . But I love the smallville fan . I have his autograph with the original TV guild for this show .

  5. kev7161 Author

    People wonder why actors want to leave popular roles after a certain period of time. One word: typecasting. It's been years, but I only know Tom Welling as Clark Kent. All these other roles this video talks about, I've never heard about. I simply did not follow him after Smallville.

  6. Thomas Redman Author

    I've posted in the gay-couple episode of Lucifer.  He and Lucifer are in the suburbs posing as a gay couple.  They are trying to solve a local murder.  It reminded me of Partners, a movie with Ryan O'Neal from the 70s about two policemen posing as a gay couple, one straight-one gay, trying to solve a murder in the gay community.  Relax, it's a comedy.  I think some producer should remake Partners, casting Tom Welling and Tom Wells as the couple.  They work great together.  Also, take a look at the original movie.

  7. Gundam1313 Yjshuao Author

    Dude could have made millions, no billions if he embrace his destiny as Superman. No no no he wanted in his contract clause NO FLIGHT NO TIGHTS dumbest move EVER

  8. Ryne_168 Author

    I loved smallville, I didn’t watch it when it was on but my dad bought all the dvds and loved the show so we watched every single episode and I loved it so much

  9. J LK Author

    I would love to see tom in any super hero movies/ any others for that matter. He has the potentional to it all. Smallville is my all time favorite.

  10. Bella Valentine Author

    I agree, Tom needs to embrace playing a super hero. He’s great at it and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Look at Thor…it’s worked for Chris Hemsworth. I love Tom Welling and would love to see him more.

  11. Tuesday Author

    I'm literally watching Smallville right now, S6 E6. Fallout.. the try to restart the ice palace thing but the phantom tries to mess em up

  12. ThorStone96 Author

    Okay I get it now see elephant in the room Jensen Ackles way more talented way better way hotter yeah I said it I'm straight and I said it

  13. Cyber-Phoenix Supercraft Author

    Tom Welling ought to become cyborgsuperman 778 in his latest series which is about the devil and Tom's new superhero character ought to therefore destroy the devil once and for all serving as hope for Tom's dark side to a superhero acting career and end Lucifer t.v and go back to being Cal-el a.k.a the "Cyber-magnetic android Man if Steel" Somebody ought to tell him to put his career into first class mode. Perhaps he would like to accept an invitation to my Cyber-Phoenix Supercraft channel ?


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