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Why Killers Can’t Make Good Movies

Oh hello. So I’m gonna have to kill you
now because I’m trying to make a movie, and it’s for the realism. So yeah, would you like to be in it? Was that a yes or a no? I can’t really see because this bag on my head. Ugh. I don’t really know if the camera is working. OH MY BAG – oh, ok. I don’t Know if I can do this. I don’t know if it’s working so I’m gonna try to go in there
I can’t see what I’m doing. Is it working? Can you see? Is there a red Light on? I don’t know what’s going on, man. I don’t know. Can you come over here and help me? okay I think my camera’s working okay
yeah so you know what you’re a nice kid I think I might use the collapsible
knife on you, but I don’t know. So anyways Uh you stay there. I didn’t go get my
weapon. it’s in the back and I don’t know where I lost it. okay I found it. It’s right here. Yeah. So
Yeah. Where did you go? What’s going on? Aww man! No one wants to act in my movie! Aww man! I deleted all the footage! I think I’m gonna need more ketchup. Yeah definitely.

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