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Why People Think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is An Actor

– There was a casting call. – Okay. – She was almost like
the Manchurian Candidate. – Awesome. (dramatic techno music) – Hi, and welcome to TRACKBACK, where we track all the weird
and wild conspiracy theories spreading on the internet. Like the idea that a
group of people “cast” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in
the role of a Congresswoman in order to promote their own agenda. So this theory emerged in March from a YouTube video posted by somebody who calls himself Mr. Reagan. – She’s fake. She’s a
fraud. She’s not real. – So this video makes three different accusations against AOC. – She’s not a real
Congresswoman. She’s an actress. – [Jane] Play close attention to the language he uses to back this up. – Held auditions. She’s
merely playing the part. A casting call. – This is not evidence. He’s just using film industry terminology to describe what normally
happens in politics. This leads us to another question. Why is Mr. Reagan so keen on using film-industry terminology? It could be because Mr. Reagan is played by Chris
Kohls, an actor himself. In a Facebook Messenger response, Kohls said that he never intended to suggest that AOC was a hired actress. He said it was all just a metaphor. – She’s not a real
Congresswoman. She’s an actress. – Kohls goes on to say
that AOC doesn’t write any of her own Tweets or speeches. He’s calling her somebody who’s completely ignorant of politics. But, all Congresspeople in Washington have staffers writing
their policy briefings, their speeches, and their
questions to the House. And AOC has been involved in politics. She’s been to protests, she’s volunteered for Bernie Sanders, and, while working as a bartender, she drove to places like Flint, Michigan and Standing Rock, North
Dakota to meet with activists. So what Kohls sells as shocking news is actually just standard
Washington stuff. She’s a Congresswoman with a team. Kohls said the real accusation is that AOC is not the one
controlling her own messaging, and she’s a puppet. That leads us to his next claim. – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not run. She was used by this group,
the Justice Democrats, as a figurehead through which
they could gain control. – But PACs are a staple
of American politics. They’re regulated groups who fundraise and support candidates. And a quick Google search shows
that it’s completely normal for both Democratic and Republican PACs to recruit candidates. And just who are the Justice Democrats? They’re a PAC that recruits candidates to help push the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction. And yes, they recruited AOC. But it’s not a secret. But with over two million views, this YouTube video has
had quite the impact. So, a Hollywood star was not born. AOC became a Congresswoman through the standard process
of PACs and campaigning. This theory has been debunked! Here’s your TRACKBACK tip: Be careful with sensationalist language. It’s really easy to make
something sound like a conspiracy or like it’s bigger than it actually is, when really it’s just something
that happens every day. Remember, opinions are not facts. And that’s your episode of TRACKBACK. Are there any theories
that you want us to debunk? Let us know in the comments, and remember to like and subscribe! (techno music) (blooper beep) Did I sound like a YouTuber? – [Woman] Yeah! – Could I be YouTube famous? – [Woman] Yeah! – Alright, I’ll promote
all your shitty detox teas. (upbeat music)


  1. Daniel Garnett Author

    Fuck you Buzzfeed, and fuck you Carlos. No one cares that you are homosexual, no one likes you because you're a spoiled fucking asshole.

  2. chelsea decarlo Author

    Hi this woman running BuzzFeed is just trying to control free speech and looks like she wants make a human being look stupid. She is a villian. I wouldn't be surprised if desensitized idiots like her would be so desperate for fame that if BuzzFeed asked her to degrade herself and find something wrong with this man's garbage, she would be proud to go through the man's personal garbage search through it getting herself covered in filth to find fault. I could see this woman holding a piece of weak old steak covered maggots with a grin on her face with the camera on her " see he he's lier, look at what he eats!" The fact that this stupid moron is researching and exploiting another person's life she just making herself look a hypocrite and appear like a fool. Don't be friends with assholes like this because this is how they will treat you if you disagree.

  3. Magnificent Bastard Author

    Her own team… The people who worked on the Sanders campaign admit it and brag about it… She says so herself that her brother sent in her application for the audition… This is moronic.


    You're freaking idiot and you're a line one as well he just think that the American people are stupid just like Hillary killary did but we're not you stupid bitch


    Just like spy on the Trump campaign was quote at conspiracy theory get it turned out to be true and by the way yeah they did go through the proper channels manipulating the system Wicked individuals and you're just as wicked and one day I hope I'm not around to this you will live in Ultimate socialism and you'll wish that Russian will come save your ass because I'm sure it will be far worse than Russia everybody's worried about Russian collusion and you people who want socialism basically want Russia

  6. Chris D Author

    She admitted to auditioning. Her brother submitted her name. Didn't you even watch the videos you supposedly debunked? Pretty low level of "fact-checking", BuzzFeed.

  7. Jaynie Miller Author

    Then watch the video lady…Justice democrats, before Aoc was Aoc, then what the hell is that video about??? EXPLAIN. JUST UNSUBBED.

  8. Chris L Author

    "film industry terminology?" ACTRESS is a pretty common every day word and it very accurately describes AOC…I prefer "puppet" better though because it really shows how she is just manipulated by her leftist funders….or would that just be using "theather industry terminology??"

  9. Dav Cot Author

    All Out Crazy is an actress. Look it up itself
    Justice democrats. She was 1 of 10000 she is some spoiled dummycrats Some one else is pulling her strings

  10. Calvin Oyler Author

    I have watched AOC talking from a written statement.  She has problems when going off script just like Barry Obama.  Some of her statements fail to reach the height of being dumb.  So I hear a complaint here but no debunking.

  11. Dr. Hyde The Werewolf Author

    Nice try bitches! 😂 You proved nothing. Check out part 1 and 2 of @Mr. Reagan ‘s vids about “the brains behind AOC”

  12. J Z Author

    The best part of this video was when she shouted “Debunked” with texts of the word all over the screen and then the first tip she gave was be aware videos using sensational language. 🧠🤔

  13. Future Investing Author

    She Definitely is Fony Bologna… They probably said.. We Need someone entertaining.. like A Cardi B loud mouth .. that will do! Lol I am not making or taking a stands with either side.. call it out. She As Much Bullshhh as Trumpp n Pelosi . . They allllllll Bad Actors.. like Reality Shows Scripted .. lol OMG when will they quit. The squad make my stomach turn … Especially there Fake ass Tones when they act like they care. Man. The dumber America.. the Easier it is to Bullsshhhh the people.

  14. blakjak38 Author

    AOC didn’t get up one day and decided she’s gonna run for Congress. She was handpicked after responding to a recruitment ad (or casting call, to use Hollywood terminology) at her brother’s behest. She’s was then groomed for the part. This is something the organization behind her has admitted. So whether you call her an actress or not, she’s just playing a part.

  15. Bob Ford Author

    Buzzfeed are leftest hacks. Total BS this video. This is how the left attempts to hoodwink people. Not this time, BF. We see right through your crap. Look how the dislikes far outnumber the likes.

  16. skepto-o -punk Author

    LOL. 1) Look how few views this video got. 2) Look had harshly it was ratio’d 3) You actually didn’t “debunk” anything.

  17. bumiker Author

    Stick to quizzes, Buzzfeed. This is a catastrophic fail. Chris Kohls (who doesn't "play" Mr. Reagan, that's just the name of his YouTube Channel, idiot) gives so much more evidence than you highlighted here, AND the group that "auditioned" her did a video with her talking about it!! If this is your idea of debunking you need to focus on top ten ways you and your cat are alike, truly your only shot at becoming "YouTube famous", Jane.

    PS: A legit "news" channel would have included the link to the video you are "debunking". Afraid people will watch it and know you are weak and pathetic?

  18. gjaddajg Author

    Oh no, a feminist trying to win an argument by using "logic". This won't end well. You should just stick to whining and crying and calling people 'bigots'. That's much more effective.

  19. gjaddajg Author

    Meanwhile, here's a video from the Justice Democrats where they and AOC herself talk about how she is totally a puppet:

  20. Zigman 85 Author

    So basically Mr.Reagan is telling the truth.You didn't debunk anything.She is a puppet and going to protests doesn't mean sh*t! Only brain dead clueless millennials would believe this twat.

  21. AJT Author

    AOC doesn't pass the smell test..i told people that it seems like some DC clown lost a bet and agreed to help elect the most out of touch person in NY

  22. Yeshai Vankurin Author

    She answered a casting call. Confirmed.

    She swore an oath to uphold the law. Confirmed.

    She's attempting to break the law and destroy it. Confirmed.


    Helping illegals.
    Abolishing the Electoral collage.
    Stating free speech should be struck down.

    Why do these people get to lie and break the law?

  23. Chris Rogers Author

    At the end of the video, she asks if there's any theories we want them to debunk… how about the Russia-Trump theory? I mean… for 2 straight years the left (including Buzzfeed) ran with the conspiracy that Trump colluded with Russia for the presidency, but after teams and teams of their own people, they still can't find anything or any real evidence. DEBUUUUUUUUUUUNKED?

  24. Matilda The CowDog Author

    Nice try…. You haven't presented any evidence to debunk anything… it's all in their own words. You don't even know what you are saying, do you? Dolt.

  25. Tom McCann Author

    What does this debunk? LoL 😂 it debunks NOTHING!
    ITs ALL TRUE! The proof is easily found and has already been admitted
    Buzzfeed is a joke!

  26. Robert Holmes Author

    I love how they use four highly edited comments all with less than 4 seconds of footage, call those "claims" and then "debunk" them. This is a video about conquering straw men not disproving conspiracy theories.

  27. Spencer Eaton Author

    After taking a long form improv class, I'm sure there are a lot of politicians who are just actors under hypnosis. That's what they do. They hypnotise actors in these improv classes and then they use them as puppets. They even have satanic rituals outlined in their textbooks. The rituals are part of the hypnosis.

  28. Fenix Wulfheart Author

    You literally just proved that he was correct, AND then asserted that everyone does it. You have made this MORE sensational. So thanks for that. Keep up the…work.

  29. Cenk vs Cenk Author

    Mr. Police Detective, your theory that I am secretly a serial killer is bullshit because I admit to being a serial killer. So your theory about me being a serial killer is…… DEBUUUUUUUUNKED!


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