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Why Weinstein Isn’t A Hollywood Problem, It’s A Men Problem – Some News

– Here’s some news, President
Trump wants more credit for his great job with Puerto Rico but also warns them that
he can’t help forever because they’ve got financial problems, so he’s going to give
them a $5 billion loan because the definition of
relief is crippling debt. But he also doesn’t
want us to talk about it because he thinks everyone’s
unfair and the media should be nicer and is partisan
even though after saying that he immediately went on
his friend Sean Hannity’s show where it was announced they would not include bipartisan questions. So, I guess, we just,
won’t talk about him today. Let’s be fair and balanced and
instead talk about the left, and liberal Hollywood and
the entertainment industry and a rich man using
his power and influence to take advantage of, harass,
assault, and abuse women. I get it, I know what you’re
trying to do but like. I get it, alright but let’s move on we’re definitely not going
to talk about him again in the context of this topic, I promise. So here’s some news, media
mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused of a lot
of just disgusting abuses of power and taking
advantage of young women and jerking off into plants
and just, lots of stuff. Don’t want to describe it all. Pretty gross and upsetting. So instead here’s a quick
round of Petty Joke Junction. Harvey Weinstein, you
look like a discontinued McDonaldLand character. Harvey Weinstein, you look
like a teamster questioned in Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. Harvey Weinstein, you look like a suspect in a true crime Netflix
documentary, staring Steve Bannon. If I tried to write a
movie about a sweaty fat movie producer who lured
young women into his hotel and sexually assaulted
them, producers would say it’s too on-the-nose, but
if I wrote that same movie and was a woman Harvey
Weinstein would rape me. Harvey Weinstein looks
like a police sketch of the richest duck in the world. Harvey Weinstein perpetually
looks like his own face just found out what he’s done. And he’s just one of many, and even though Tucker Carlson tweeted
Hollywood is corrupt. The powerful prey upon the weak and nobody is held accountable #Tucker @FoxNews this isn’t just a Hollywood
problem as evidenced by @FoxNews. It’s not a left or a right
problem, it’s everywhere, it’s a men problem and a power problem. And whenever sexual assault comes up there are a lot of questions, why didn’t these women
come forward earlier, are some of them lying, why
did they let this happen in the first place, why
don’t women speak out more, which brings us to our new brief and hopefully one-time segment, Shut The Fuck Up, Develop Empathy, Read A Book, and Listen To A Woman. There are, so many reasons. It’s hard to come forward,
especially in an industry that can punish and shame
you for speaking out, there’s guilt, self worth,
it’s traumatic to relive it, you question whether it was your fault, you question your value,
you don’t know what to do, it’s scary to accuse
powerful men of things, you don’t think people will believe you, you don’t want to be
attacked for speaking out. You know if you do, ghouls might publish something like this. Those aren’t even all the reasons and it’s so frustrating that at this point we even need discuss that part,
or point to the fact that, yes, even Terry Crews
can be sexually harassed and not know what to do or say about it. A lot of guys might think,
but why did she even let it happen, Fight or Flight, you know? Well Fight or Flight are actually only 2/5 of the reactions people
have when they’re afraid and going through trauma. The others are friend,
which we learned first, as babies, freeze, and flop. They’re all natural
reactions to these situations and if you don’t understand
why someone might not do the one you would do, go do the name of this segment. Also scientists have found
that men tend to react with Fight or Flight and
women with Friend or Freeze, so the next time you’re
like finally she’s into this after pressuring her into
it, (beep), cool it, man. Cool it. So we can talk about all the brave women who’ve come forward and
shame those who haven’t. But they’ve done their part,
and shouldn’t have had to. And the industry’s done
its part to silence them, despite Weinstein’s behavior being an open secret for decades. – [Man] Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. (laughing) – Through HR departments. through but he’s a nice guying them, through NBC trying to kill the story, through court settlements. It happened at Fox, it
happened with the president, ooh, the president, alright. That’s right the president’s
ex-wife Ivana claimed that after a botched hair
surgery, Trump came home furious, ripped some of her hair out of her scalp, and violently forced himself on her. Now many of you men might be saying, but Newsperson, she took it back later. But actually, what she took
back was the word rape. She said she wouldn’t describe it as rape in the criminal sense. She’s never taken back the
account of what happened. That’s our president. But hey join the club I guess,
of men who have not paid for their actions. But Weinstein, at least, has been removed from his company and is
traveling out of the country for rehab for his sex addiction, which is a fun way to say
fleeing the country for rape. But how did he really get
away with this for so long? Did nobody know? Hard to believe considering
the phrase open secret is used so much in relation to it. Hard to believe that nobody knew. But that’s what you’d have to think, seeing as how every single
statement from A-list actors is about how appalled they
are to hear these stories, which they didn’t know about. Ben Affleck for example
said as much, although, then Rose McGowan, one of Harvey’s victims who was silenced by a
settlement and has since been silenced by Twitter for speaking out, pointed out to Ben that
at her press conference about Weinstein’s harassment,
Ben told her goddammit. I told him to stop doing that. So apparently he knew, told him to stop, found out he hadn’t, kept
knowing, time passed, and then lied about never knowing. And there’s no way he wasn’t the only one. So, special offer, to
the first A-List actor who says I knew because we
all knew, and we did nothing, gets a single Oreo. It’s mini, it’s only mini. Congratulations, and good luck to you all. And the first A-List
actor to say I do it too, and so does my brother,
gets to stop being Batman, because Ben Affleck is the
subject of many accusations of using his position of
power to grope young women, as is his brother Casey. Because– – [Man] When you’re
star, they let you do it. You can do anything,
grab them by the (beep). – Though to be fair, the Batman apologized for one of his accusations,
though to be really fair and to quote Rose McGowan,
Ben Affleck (beep) off. Which brings us to, fun,
Petty Joke Junction again. Ben Affleck, you look like a
Halloween mask of Luke Perry. Ben since I had daughters I
learned to see women as people Affleck looks like a substitute teacher who eats lunch in the cafeteria
with all the students. Ben Affleck whose last
big thing was how sad he looked about Batman sucking
is what happens when a neck becomes a whole person. Not only is Ben Affleck bad at blackjack, but also the kind of guy who cares that he’s bad at blackjack. Ben Affleck you look like
a Ken Doll (beep) a Lego. And if Ben Affleck and Matt
Damon and all these actors knew about it but did nothing, and won’t even admit that, (beep) ’em. They’re rich, they’ll be fine. There are so many more
talented people available to be movie stars who don’t do this shit. And maybe power and money
will change those people, as money and power so often and easily do, but holy hell, get your
house in order, dudes. You win an Acty Award
and then you give a long, impassioned speech about how Trump sucks, but, like, we know, Trump sucks. And Hollywood Liberals going
off on him on the night where they celebrate each
other is not necessary. You know what you could do, that would be powerful and important. Win an award, and then in
front of all your colleagues, protest the disgusting open
secrets in your industry. Use your platform in a way that
would actually be effective. Stop doing PSAs and
interviews where you talk about needing gun control, and instead, stop making movies where you
look like a badass with a gun. You influence the culture with your art, so, like, do that. Talk about the disgusting powerful people taking advantage of young women. Win an award, and then
talk about the child abuse that Corey Feldman’s
talked about for years, that Judy Garland talked
about for decades, the child abuse about
which there’s a whole documentary literally
called an open secret. Because everybody knows,
and we know you know, so say it, and fix it, because Weinstein’s not the last one to be exposed, which is to say he’s not
the last one to be known about for decades until
the official acceptable amount of dozens of women
are finally believed. Be honest, liars. As sad as it is to say,
one of the most honest men who’ve spoken about
Weinstein, is, again, sorry, the president, who said, “I’ve known Harvey for a long time. “I’m not at all surprised to see it.” Hm. I wonder why a rich,
powerful man with a history of sexual harassment charges
wouldn’t be surprised about his friend Harvey’s behavior. Probably wasn’t surprised
by Bill O’Reilley either. Or Roger Ailes. Probably won’t be surprised
about Sean Hannity. Though to be fair, let’s
allow Sean to defend himself, by showing how he talks
to women, in public. – There’s a really hot lookin’
chick in the third row. But, how you doin’ man. I’ll take you back stage to meet Hank a little later if you want? You want to meet me later? – And I’m sure that public
display is in no way indicative of his behavior in private. Which brings us to (beep) yes
Petty Joke Junction again. Sean Hannity, you look like
a muppet guidance counselors use to teach children about divorce. Sean Hannity, you look
like a little league coach who starts his son as pitcher every game. Sean Hannity looks like one of those guys who has never eaten (beep) and is somehow bizarrely proud of that fact. Fun fact, Sean Hannity goes to Supercuts and asks for The Frankenberry’s ghost. Sean Hannity still has to
physically plug his nose whenever he jumps in a pool. Sean Hannity has never had
a consensual conversation. Sean Hannity has a pair of rollerblades that he has never opened. Sean Hannity you look a cardboard cutout of Ben Affleck got Dorian Grayed. Anyway, back to the good president and his apparent knowledge of at least Harvey Weinstein’s
behavior. Mr. President, in the interest of draining the swamp, it would be great if you
could call out other people about this kind of thing. Because men need to call
each other out for this, and support and believe women. You’ve been accused of this. Louis CK has been accused
a lot of jerking off in front of young female
comics and locking the door so they can’t leave. It’s, yes, an open secret. Michael Bay makes underage
girls audition in bikinis, Bryan Singer’s been
accused by underage boys, there are lots of them. Jeff Epstein is a rich, powerful man who is also a pedophile, and
who notoriously flew rich men on the Lolita Express. One passenger on the flight
logs is Bill Clinton, rapist. Donald Trump is friends with Epstein too, saying of the pedophile, quote, I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he
likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of
them are on the younger side. No doubt about it Jeffrey enjoys his social life. Hm. Sounds like you know more than you’re letting on, Mr. President. So lead the way, Mr. President. As we’ve been told by
the dumbest mother (beep) on the planet, nobody
respects women more than you do. Do we have a clip that? – Nobody respects women more than I do. – Oh it was you the whole time. You’re the dumbest mother
(beep) on the planet. But if that’s true, and
nobody respects women more than you do, then be the Rose McGowan you want to see in the world. Actually, not the one you want to see. Because that versions
probably on the younger side. You know. (soft music)


  1. Mickey McObvious Author

    Cracked… what were you THINKING?! i grew up with these guys, they MADE CRACKED, and it seems like you literally just took it away fom them, and taking them away from *us*. wtf are you gonna do without them??!

  2. Clichè Author

    This videos good but also completely annoying, like addressing things to every man is condescending and assumptive, and criticising films with guns in them is ridiculous, I guess that no actors in films with violence in can complain about real life violence? But the vid has good intentions, but it is such a serious topic that you've got to present it right to get across the message

  3. Sarah Perkins Author

    My favorite part is when he says all men are rapists, which you can see at… let me find the clip it's right… hm. Weird. It's almost as if he never said that at any point in the video and people are missing the fucking point.

  4. BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] Author

    An open secret really got to me.yall should watch it. I believe people who stay silent are worse than the assaulters. They are letting it keep happening. If I ever do get into the film, I could fucking care less about money and being sued, I will certainly not allow sexual assault to go around me. You can fucking threaten me but I'll be sure to bring your ugly ass down (goes for both men and women).

  5. Cletus T Author

    One side exerts their power by sexually assaulting another. The other side exerts their power by being the victim. We are not mature enough as a society to have a conversation about this topic because we don't want to look at the entire problem.

  6. Joris van Veen Author

    When it comes to sex women NEVER have ANY power, read a book yourself it's not a problem, men is what he does this is the mass disgrace.

    Up yours American twats!

  7. Team Heartless Author

    Riggt under this video in my feed I saw a video woth John vena reading tweets one from a woman about dirty stuff she'd like to do to him.

    Is this okay?

    It's not a man problem. It's a human problem

  8. Shawn Schick Author

    You say that power and money change who you are, your wrong. When given power and moneu, it reveals who you really are. There are lots of people with power and money who do not use it for abusive purposes.

  9. earth ocean Author

    Unfortunately the masses seem to be content remaining willfully ignorant when it comes to sexual harassment and violence against women, as well as the men who commit these crimes. My friends (mostly males) are consistently surprised every time I remind them how much I really dislike Ben Affleck.

  10. better late than never Author

    Let's get this straight! Most(and I do mean most) guys wouldn't even think about doing what Weinstein did, some can only go as far as think about but never get past that. I'd also like to note that believability for claims of sexual harassment lower the longer it takes to make them. I'm not saying that Real victims don't have their own reason for being scared or embarrassed (I probably would be, especially being a guy), however we must remember some use the claim to extort money from the accused.

  11. simon6071 Author

    Weinstein's problem is a Men Problem?! Harvey Weinstein is arrested and charged with rape and sexual assault against some women. But President Trump has only been falsely accused of rape by his former WIFE (please give me a break!) who showed no sign of trauma at all. Google: Ex-Wife: Donald Trump Made Me Feel ‘Violated’ During Sex
    "Ivana Trump once accused the real-estate tycoon of ‘rape,’ although she later clarified: not in the ‘criminal sense.’"
    Trump may have had extra-marital affairs but has certainly not committed rape. He certainly had made men talks but

    If anyone is similar to Weinstein, it is Bill Clinton, another Democrat. In addition to having extra-marital affairs with his subordinates, one of his campaign aids, Juanita Broaddrick, claims that Clinton raped her during his 1978 campaign for Arkansas governor.
    Google: The rape allegation against Bill Clinton, explained

    Not all men are alleged Dem rapists being shielded by the liberal media.
    Cracked channel sure has got a cracked idea by claiming rape suspect Weinstein's problem is a man problem.

  12. penguin commander Author

    Well and another reason why people don't come forward is because they are worried they are worried about being accused of false accusations which Is sad that false accusations are big enough for people to not listen for that reason … and listen and believe is a terrible motto … listen is good but not listen and believe

  13. Plex Author

    While I think that some people have gone a bit overboard claiming that this scandal is entirely because of the left, you can't deny that this never would've happened if the president was a democrat. The Obamas and the Clintons and everyone in between was fully aware of their problem. They kept their mouths shut, because the overwhelming left wing bias in Hollywood sways more voters in the direction of the democrats than we'd like to admit.

  14. Prince JellyFish Author

    These dudes are all fucking disgusting; The ones who do it, and the ones who cover up their actions but why are the women of hollywood absolved from their silence over the years?(not the victims but the others). Like it seems these arguments always end up implying women have no agency. What about all the women who knew this open secret and continued to profit from Weinstein and the like?

  15. OriginalTharios Author

    Damn straight it's a "men" problem…because we all know that women in those exact positions of authority and influence have NEVER done exactly the same thing just as often…

  16. Ali Zaidi Author

    Click bait title made for a video with no substance to back up its ridiculous claim. Cracked is now an untrustworthy channel with its head up it's own ass just like the young Turks

  17. Michael Beddoe Author

    Guess what Cody? Girls can lie to. They can be just as discusting and evil as men can. The fact that you think otherwise makes me think, are you a sexist?

  18. Michael Hermiston Author

    Im unfollowing just because of the title. STOP pushing this narrative, its only creating a further devide between men and women. You should be ashamed

  19. Michael Hermiston Author

    I've never touched a women inapropriately, so why do i have to keep being told i have or will? You keep telling me im a rapist, i'll go and do it just for the sake of it

  20. Michael Hermiston Author

    Also… why didnt they say no? Aww yea because they wanted an acting job that their acting skills couldn't aquire. Causing another female with better skills to loose that role.

  21. Scine Bamm Author

    I agree with you but the only issue I have with your report is that you imply that all men with money and power become sexual assaulters and imply that it doesnt happen to women in that situation and that sexual assault only happens to women. I don't think you believe that but it comes across like that

  22. Angela Harbison Author

    More women need to learn how to properly head-butt a man and break his nose AND throat punch a rape-y perv so his esophagus collapses…just saying; …and anyone who wants to cry about my comment, because it's "violent", go fuck yourself! Women deal with bullshit violence from men all the time!
    It's time to fight back, ladies!! Remind these pigs that Kipling was right: THE FEMALE of the species is more deadly than the male!!! Get 'em, girls!!!
    I mean, this guy gets it; so why can't the rest?!
    LOVE you CRACKED!!! Keep on keepin' on!!

  23. RetroSupporter93 Author

    40-something woman in the West:

    Due to my stunning beauty, a Hollywood producer offered 20-year-old-me a $100k acting gig that would get my acting career rolling … but I had to aggree to have my boobs and booty fondled by him, first. I agreed to it, of course, because I wanted the money and fame that he promised me in return for it – and I got it. But now, a few decades later, after retiring as a millionaire, I must accuse him of being a pretentious asshole because he oppressed me as a woman so very much back then. Now he's being shunned by everyone. Serves him right for acting in such a blatantly indecent way.

    40-something woman in the Middle East:

    Due to my stunning beauty, my uncle sold me into marriage for 30 goats when I was 14 years old. My wealthy then-45-year-old farmer husband took me from my family, restricted my movement to his house and had his way with me everyday for months afterwards. After a few years, I couldn't take it anymore, so I tried to run away, back to my family. But I got caught. An Islamic judge sentenced me to receiving 20 whiplashes in public for disgracing myself, my family and my husband. The latter one made me a wench afterwards and married two more women. I'm being shunned by our whole village to this very day. Serves me right for acting in such a blatantly indecent way.

  24. Altitude Magic Author

    How come nobody talks about how hollywood is OWNED by JEWS and they worship the Talmud and Kabalah and in those texts it says sex with little girls and boys is ok.

  25. Annabell Mendez Author

    You have to change men in a big way. They view their desires as a need, yet if their wife was known to satisfy some man's "need" she'd be viewed as lower than dirt. Especially if it was at work.

  26. Mistah J Author

    Men problem? They are not men, let's get that straight. But neither are soy-bois like you so I understand why you do not know the difference.

  27. MadDilla ATCQstarr Author

    Cracked used to be a brilliant art magazine with great comedy and witty parody.
    Doc Severin (RIP) was the Cracked heavyweight Artist that had people keep coming back
    to Cracked and support them. They were brilliant and greatly talented once upon a time….

    …then they got rid of it all and turned into a SJW opinion outlet with no brilliance, no art,
    no wit and no greatness. Just mediocrity and boring one sided feminazi democrap politics.
    Cracked is now lightweight and has nothing and nobody that anchors them to keep
    their crowd coming back.

    They basically did what MTV did… became a music video channel that has no music videos.

    Alfred E. Neuman outlived Sylvester P. Smythe for a good reason.

    Mad > cracked

  28. angel Author

    if i tried to write a movie about a sweaty fat movie producer who lured young women into his hotel and sexually assaulted them, producers would say it's too on the nose. but if i wrote that same movie and was a women, harvey weinstein would have raped me. OMG

  29. Gino diFonzo Author

    Shut the fuck up, develop a valid argument, take your self-righteous virtue signaling and shove it up your ass, and listen to your biased, misandrist, emasculated hole.

  30. Gino diFonzo Author

    Rose McGowan is full of shit; just because you call yourself "brave" on the cover of your own book and shave your head, does not mean your claims are credible. She settled with Weinstein (who denies her allegations) for a lousy $100K, and then has the audacity to taunt other women for keeping silent. And what is the so-called "rape" she alleges? That Weinstein tore her clothes off at a meeting in his hotel room, then "forced her" to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi while he went down on her and jerked himself off. How the hell do you "force" someone to sit on the edge of a jacuzzi while you go down on them and jerk yourself off? Bullshit.

  31. raphitekthebestone Author

    Not totally related to the video but… In France, though they have no chance of winning, we have a variety of party, but… how do you americans cope with having the choice only between liberals and racist liberals ?

  32. Chris W Author

    Sorry your wrong again its a Hollywood elite problem powerful fat ugly Hollywood elites use their power to sexually assault people trying to make it in Hollywood. Even a dumbass knows that why don't the morons at cracked know that. Because they are trying to mislead the lemmings that believe this propaganda so they can continue to sexually assault people. What a bunch of lowlife perverts the cracked channel is. You all are sucking Satan's Dick to try and become famous

  33. Jimmy Palmisano Author

    We should all tell the truth of what is mostly happening with the subject.. most of these women were not physically attracted to these guys but in order to be put first on the list to become a movie stars they slept with them they used what they had as a bargaining chip and now it’s buyers remorse you know I’m correct

  34. Mountain Wolf Author

    Does cracked have a high-level Democrat on the Board of Directors or maybe you’re just owned by one? Yeah Trump is a douche bag but your constant obsession with him kind of raises questions.


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