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Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers | Quick Social Media Tips for Actors

Hey actors, it’s Lenka here from Social
Media for Actors and I help you to thrive online. In this quick tips video, you are
going to learn why you should never buy followers. I know, it’s tempting. You have
heard of actors and influencers getting these well-paid jobs just because they
have a lot of followers. There are websites and apps offering you to easily
purchase thousands of followers, making you look like you have influence.
The thing is, real influence cannot be purchased and by pretending you have it
you’re risking building a reputation as a cheater. Because yes, it’s cheating and
you should always think of your reputation and the longetivity of
your career first. Another reason why it’s bad, is because these apps and
websites use fake accounts to follow you but you need real users to interact with
your content and to become a part of your community because that’s real
influence. If you have a lot of fake accounts following you but you have no
interaction on your content, the algorithm on all social media sites just think that your content is no good and doesn’t resonate with your following and
it doesn’t even show the content to other users that might be interested in
it. So all the effort that you are putting into content creation is wasted.
So please, don’t buy followers. Don’t focus only on the numbers but focus on the quality of your community. Did you like this tip? Come back every Thursday for more social media tips for actors. If you want to learn more about content creation and community building check out my blog and my e-books in the description below. See you next Thursday!

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