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Windows 10 + Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino: Picture the Weather

Hi, I’m Jim Gale on the Windows IoT Maker Team. I’m going to show you how to make the Picture the Weather demo. The Picture the Weather demo uses Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino, connecting an Arduino to a Universal
Windows Platform – in this case, a Windows 10 Phone. The bill of materials includes a
phone running Windows 10, an Arduino Uno or compatible, a Bluetooth module, an RGB LED light strip, and an artistic picture drawn by a family member, friend, or yourself. On the RGB LED light strip, count eight LEDs over, and cut on the seam, like this. Solder the wires in between the now separated connectors. Now connect the LED light strips that have been soldered onto the inside backing of the frame so the picture that you’ve created allows for the LED lights to show through. Connect the Bluetooth ground to the ground on the Arduino, Bluetooth power to the Arduino power, connect the Bluetooth TX to the Arduino RX, and connect the Bluetooth RX to the Arduino TX. From the RGB LED light strip, connect the ground to the Arduino ground, connect the green wire to pin 2, connect the yellow wire to pin 3, and then connect power. You may need to connect a power barrel to the RGB LED light strip,and you may need to get a power supply in order to connect to it. The power supply needs to be 5 volts with anywhere between one and four amps. The Picture the Weather demo is actually located in the repository itself. To find this, you just need to open up your Arduino IDE and go from File->Examples->VirtualShield->PictureTheWeather demo. This will open the Picture the Weather demo and you just need to be able to click “Upload” to be able to upload it to your Arduino. Arduinos only have one serial port, so you’ll actually need to disconnect the TX and RX pins from the Bluetooth before uploading to your Arduino. When the Arduino says “Done Uploading”, you can reconnect your Bluetooth wires. Now let’s just deploy it, and see it work! What is the weather tomorrow? How about in three days? In four days? In five days? In six days? Show thunderstorms. Strike. Strike. Strike. This specific picture was created by my son, and he was excited to see it brought to life with RGB LED light strips and the Virtual Shields for Arduino. We can’t wait to see what you create with Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino. Go to to get set up.


  1. zakariye Abdirahman Author

    I am using Windows 10, an Arduino Uno and COM port is COM3.  When uploading the Blink  sketch the error message " can't open device "

  2. rahujian1234 mandu Author

    Beware always about your privacy of your project when it will.come to windows os.privacy first.If you're good devloper then you wont be here becausenof privacy issues.and when someone get your data then dont cry because of you cant do over it , because of terms and conditions.


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