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Woman Says Husband Shouldn’t Worry About Racy Pictures She Uses To Promote Website: ‘At The End O…

hi and Alaska I started a coupling business with my husband last year cuddling has been proven to help people suffering from PTSD touch deprivation stress anxiety and the elderly I’m gonna do like a mama bear thing relax lay on me all the way Paul did support me at first because we thought it was a great business idea recently I found that the clients were the Seekers when they come to the site they’re more interested in dating the Cutler’s so that’s what made me switch it to a dating site so go ahead and join free and date all you want I started using my own pictures to advertise my pictures are just like anything you would see in Sports Illustrated right I wear these items on the site now this bodysuits new I haven’t worn that really I have to work something out for that if I’m totally honest I’d like to wash all of these in gasoline and set them on fire my husband hates all my pictures being online he’ll get upset and say you’re not posting that and I say but I didn’t take these for nothing pause I got anything to worry about at the end of the day is just business I’m making money for our family Paul’s not my daddy he doesn’t have to support what I do he only needs a mind his own business but I am gonna admit but I haven’t been completely honest with him Paul doesn’t actually know that I’m personally booking cuddle sessions I’ve been cuddling since the beginning of this whole thing I don’t see the problem with it and I’m never gonna stop okay good to meet you nice to meet you so tell me about your business um my business is a cuddle service it started out as a service I had 74 employees in the United States a lot of people were interested in joining to become a cuddler because of course the pay is good right I interviewed about 200 it could have been more than 200 people to make sure that they qualified they really wanted to do it and they cared for people and they were able what are the qualifications of a company can I be a cuddler yes you could be what you know what’s the question well when I’m talking to somebody I have to make sure that there have good sound mind they’re in good genuine health determined there just make sure they’re not ill or handicapped in any way they can’t you know be that way if they’re gonna be taking care of somebody else handicapped uh well if they’re unable to walk or anything like that how are they gonna get to all the petals and stuff that will stand it up do you know you cuddle you start cuddling standing up you just like I met you I take your hand and I put my hand on top of yours uh-huh we engage eye contact like we are now and then we’re standing up hugging how do you determine if there you said that they’re mentally okay how do you do mentally okay like I’ve talked to some people their demeanor doesn’t seem genuine like they just want to cuddle they just want to get money maybe if they seem like they’re not clean they have to have genuine so you better portion yeah you met 200 people person know a lot of them I talked over the phone and I get their picture and I also get their drivers license they also have to fill out a application to and that comes straight through to through the internet I read the whole thing I look at the picture if they haven’t followed everything I don’t even go through with it so I can work out a lot just by talking to them over the phone first

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