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Word 2010: Inserting Pictures

My Trivia Night flyer is almost done. It just needs one final touch: Pictures. Word offers a couple of different ways of
adding pictures, and if you go to the Insert tab, you have an option to insert a picture
from a file or insert Clip Art. I’m going to add some Clip Art first. When you click on this, a task pane opens
up, and this is where you’ll search for the Clip Art. Since this is a Trivia Night, I think some
kind of picture that has question marks might look good. Here, you can choose which types of media
it will search for. I’m going to check Illustrations and Photographs. And then click out of that. I’m going to leave this checked so that it
will search in addition to the built-in Clip Art. Click Go. This gives me a lot of results, so I’ll just
scroll down until I see something that I like. Ok, this one’s perfect. If I click on it, it will appear in the document. By default, pictures are set to be In Line
with Text. That setting may be fine in some cases, but
it’s not going to work in this document because I won’t be able to move it exactly where I
want. Right-click the image, and go to Wrap Text. I’m going to select In Front of Text. Now, I can move it wherever I want. Just like with shapes, you can use the handles
to change the size. It’s covering up this WordArt, so I’m going
to right-click it and go to Send Backward. Now I don’t want to go to Send to Back or
Send Behind Text because I still want it to be in front of everything else; I just want
to move it backward one level. Perfect! Sometimes you may have a specific picture
on your computer that you want to use, and to do that just go to Insert and Picture. Navigate to the folder where your file is,
and select your file, and then click Insert. Just like with the Clip Art, the picture is
set to be In Line with Text. And for this one I’d actually like to wrap
the text around it. So I’ll right-click it, go to Wrap Text, and
I’ll choose Square. Now, I can just move the picture around until
the text is wrapping the way I want it to. I think this flyer is done now, so I’m just
going to proofread it one more time, and then I’ll be ready to print it.


  1. Nadine Mcpherson Author

    This is great, My teacher goes to fast and from one section to the other. I forget half the … moments after. This is so helpful. He should use these.


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