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World’s 10 Most Mysterious Pictures Ever Taken – PART 2


  1. The Wind Hover Author

    Number 1 is real i was looking on google maps i cliked Moon then i saw that triangle or it was a square and there is komorav there could this be something there

  2. Dang Dang Author

    What's so big deal about that Ape? He's just taking some apple. Lol. If he's a murderer then this photo has the right to become REAL famous. (Sry wrng grmar.)

  3. Jc Tordesillas Author

    The top 2 of this which the "Time travel.hipster"
    Maybe the time traveler is from the present travel in 1940's
    To test that the time machine is working for far travels like
    1235 or in future 18857534

  4. Rocky Desert Flower Author

    Saw a documentary of the "spooklight" being alien folklore but actually are electric balls associated with tectonic shifts in the region. Mystery Solved

  5. Metal the warrior Author

    Wait.. Take a look at the Congo snakes tip where the head should be, the one closest to the bottom left corner. Look at its 'head'

  6. Xuncu Author

    2:10 – Now, I'm not saying nothin' but I'd just like to point out that it's a bunch of white people, and the other guy is black….

  7. fajita Author

    the Cooper family photo with the "falling body" is a hoax. the story's made up and the image was clearly edited.

  8. Gylium the Crusader Author

    The Tree Man is an example of what's called pareidolia, which is where you put a familiar pattern (Face, body, bird, animal, tree, etc.) onto something that doesn't actually display that pattern. Have you ever looked at something, like shapes and wires, and saw a face? Yeah, that's pareidolia. Nothing mysterious about it. Sorry to burst your bubble :/

  9. Raymond van Wyk Author

    number 10 could of been a ciantest who experamented with chemicals and unexplainable elements creating a very bright light or just aliens exploring the world or maybe the ciantest are dealing with ilegal alien trades hahaha like if this was weerd to read 🙂

  10. Fubby Time Author

    The cooper family photo was maybe…..caused by their black neighbour

    Neighbour: i have to hurry this would be epic and legendery

    Ready 3 2 1…

    Neighbour: waddup nigga

  11. GNF Dylan Author

    I love your videos, it's always so interesting to look at the world and realize there are so many phenomena that we can't even begin to describe. It's fun to look at these kinds of things and realize that they'll probably stay a mystery for a very long time. Keep up the good work m8.

  12. The Kazoo Queen Author

    I read somewhere that the Cooper family photo was taken right as the corpse of a body fell from the ceiling, hidden there by the previous owner. Hence the "falling" blur of the hanging man, and why the family doesn't seem surprised.

  13. SidTheJerkNSFW Author

    @1:47 this photo is not mysterious. It is a dead body falling from the ceiling and is verifiable. It's not a ghost or any crap like that.

  14. Jason Toney Author

    I think that "time-traveling hipster" is fake. As out of place as he was, don't you think people would be staring at him? And wouldn't the person who took the picture have been compelled to show the photo to everything from friends to news agencies the moment it was developed?

  15. nomorehumans Author

    The Spook Lights have been investigated by a Professor and his team. They re-created the event with a cars headlights. A road existed in the distant hills in the early 1900s too. Look it up.

  16. Xenunnaki Author

    I appreciate that you listed the music used in the video, but I can't seem to find it anywhere except for audiomicro which lists it as private. Do you have to buy it or is it available somewhere else?

  17. iiBlueAurora BB Author

    When i saw the house, i was wondering why it was familiar, until i noticed. e – o

    I have a question..
    How did even a person take screenshot of him?! @[email protected] It's like he predicts what will happen in future.

  18. Nicole Bell Author

    The Cooper family photo is false. In fact, their last name was Copper.

    If it was a real haunting, then Audrey Hepburn is haunting them.

  19. The Rayman Author

    Time Traveling Hipster taken 1941: Nothing out of place here.The shirt he is wearing bears The Montreal Maroons logo – an NHL team from 1924-38, The camera is a Kodak folding model-popular at the time. Sunglasses – the style was available but not common. Barbara Stanwyck wore them in Double Indemnity. Being younger than almost everyone else in the photo he naturally stands out.

  20. Thy hewman Author

    the spook light, in my theory, could be proof that not only do lightning balls occur often, but under certain conditions, appear over and over again, without a storm, I say people study the conditions of the area, and try to replicate it.

  21. Sai Chandra Author

    *shoots 1,400 shells from anti-aircraft gun at glowing object in sky*, Government: uh uh uh…don't worry guys it's just a weather balloon

  22. BlueFieldGamer Author

    1:50 no one is talking about why the falling body face is completely black out

    The face look like it was edit like that to hide any sign of it been fake

    There no lights effect in the room or anything from the camera that would has cause the face to look like that


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