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WWE Diva Nattie Neidhart Connects With Late Wrestling Uncle | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

There’s a lot coming through
that I have to distinguish. We’ve got that, that,
and that, okay. I really want to connect
to this energy more, um, just ’cause
there’s a lot there that I… This energy that’s coming
through, for whatever reason, is just
acknowledging that there’s the reference to the chest,
and I don’t know why I’m going to the chest
so much, but, I just, this feels, quick,
“I’m going too fast.” Um, I, basically, for whatever reason,
the back of my head is hurting, and then I’m getting
the front of my chest. So, why would my chest be
hurting with this person? ‘Cause that’s how… That’s the initial impact
for the person. Okay. The strange thing about this
particular person’s passing, um, is that they’re
referencing to the fact that when they passed away, the timing of it,
I feel like there’s this celebratory
kind of a tone to it, and that’s kind of
the weird thing. There shouldn’t be a celebratory
tone to a passing. But what’s being acknowledged
is that, when I die, there’s a reference
to a time frame of, like, what should be a positive time,
what should be a fun time, isn’t, and that’s the way
that it comes across. Celebratory almost,
like excited, like this feels like this
should be a really good thing. -Yeah. -And then I feel like
a tragedy strikes in this. Yeah. Um, well my,
it was my Uncle Owen. -Um, his name was,
uh, Owen Hart. -Wow. And he was also
a wrestler in WWE. And, um, he was in
an accident in the ring. And so, it happened
in front of about over, well, over 10,000 people,
so when you talk about being a celebration and a party,
it was at a big wrestling event. -Wow. -So, there’s
a lot of excitement, and hoopla around it, ’cause we were all
watching it at home. And it was an accident,
but, um, you know, it was just tough for the family
to go through, ’cause… there was that tension of,
like, all the family was fighting ’cause people
didn’t know whether they should stay in wrestling or would it
be dishonoring Owen or, you know, and-and– But our family’s loved
wrestling for 50, 60 years. You know, it was,
it’s like the family business. For sure. So, you know, hopefully Owen would-would be
happy that we’re happy. Oh, absolutely. -And he so deeply was passionate
about it, as well. -Yeah. And, so, for him, I mean, that’s
something that he would want -everyone else to continue with.
-Yeah, exactly. ‘Cause he got a lot
of enjoyment from it, regardless of what happened
with his passing, that’s something
that gave him fulfillment. -Yeah, exactly. -And it gives
others fulfillment. -So absolutely.
-That’s kind of what I feel. I do a lot of things
in my matches to mem… you know, honor him, and stuff
like that, so… Oh, that’s amazing.
I have no doubt that they all see that
and are aware of that, and are so
incredibly proud of you -for pursuing this career.
-Thanks. And doing what you love and
sticking with your passion.


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