Yamlok (2010) – Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji, Kalyani | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitle

Narayan! Narayan! My greetings to mother and father. May you live long! Narad, what has brought you here? If guests come to our house people
usually inquire about their health.. ..but my Lord, you are the only one
who asks, what has brought you here. You are not any ordinary person. You always bring some or the
other problem with you that is why. You say anything. What is this? Why are you going
around with a skull in your hands? Mother, what shall I tell you? The one who writes the
destiny on the forehead.. ..has started writing
all wrong things. What did you say? You doubt me? My Lord, I do not have any doubt.
This is the truth. And for that this skull
is only the evidence. You have written that
this skull will have.. ..communication with
all the three worlds But I found this in a cemetery
on the earth in very bad condition. I saw him and I brought it here. This is so humiliating. Am I right, Mother? Did you see how clever Narad is? So that you don’t get
humiliated he straight away.. ..came here with the skull. – Yes! Devi, this is not the truth. Along with this skull, Narad first
went to the abode of Lord Vishnu.. ..and then on his way from Kailash
he at last reached the World of Truth. Am I right? – Yes. That means I did not
write anything wrong. I have only written
the destiny of this skull. That is why he got the opportunity
to see all the three worlds. My Lord, please forgive me. Narad, tell me.
What news have you brought? Yes, tell us. I am very eager to know. Mother, I am very unhappy. In Kailash Parvati Devi
is very happy in being.. ..her husband’s better half. In the Abode of Lord
Vishnu Devi Laxmi.. very happy to
be at her Lord’s feet. But what is happening
in the Abode of Lord Brahma? Lord Brahma is busy
writing people’s destiny.. ..and you keep playing the Veena. Where does He have
the time to spend with you? Hey, what is this!
He has landed me in trouble. What is the solution to this? Devi, I am busy in my work. Population is increasing speedily. It is not easy to
write everyone’s destiny. Stop your work for a while and
tell me the solution to my problem. Hey! You are not even listening to me. On the earth let the deliveries
stop for ten minutes.. ..of all the pregnant women. Mother! Mother! Suddenly the pain lessened. Devi, what is your problem? Looks like I have only
become a problem for you. From today onwards you will be busy
only for four hours in the morning.. ..and four hours in the evening. The remaining time see
that you keep for me. Understood? Narad, what do you say?
– You are right, Mother. This is impossible, Devi! My Lord, write quickly. I have given the order
that let the deliveries stop.. ..of all the pregnant
women for ten minutes. My Lord, you gave the
order but in the hospitals.. ..they are conducting
operations on pregnant women.. ..and delivering the children. Devi, you only tell
me what I should do? I do not know all that.
From now on you will obey my orders. Devi, but that will be against nature. But you are only the creator. – Yes. No. No. Devi,
you cannot put me in such a dilemma. If this is so why did
you get married to me, then? I made a mistake! ‘My work is done.’ My Lord, children are
bring born one after another. Death immediately after marriage! My lord, what is this? Yes. Marriage is
no less than any death. ‘After a few years!’ ‘You must be thinking that he must
be a big Mafia Don of the underworld.’ ‘Or the police from all
the countries might be after him.’ ‘But, no! People who are more
dangerous than them are after him.’ Hey, wait! – Stop him! Stop! – Catch him! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey! Where are you going? I will break your bones today. Oh, god! Looks like
these people will not rest.. ..till they kill me. Run! Quickly! If we get caught today
they will not spare us. – Yes. Don’t let them go! Don’t let them go! Come on, run after them!
– Don’t let them go. Hey, stop!
Stop! What is this going on? Who are all of you? We all are your
daughter’s-in-law! – What? What is this? When my son is not yet married
how can there be a daughter-in-law? Come on, all of you show. What is all this? These are love letters. I can understand
giving me a love letter. But how come he gives such
love letters to married women.. ..and also old ladies? Horrible! Don’t say anything to him.
I am ready to get married to him. Madam, just wait a minute. This boy is so handsome. It’s been years that my husband..
..has passed away. I am ready to marry him. It will be fun if
he becomes my husband. You shameless boy! Will I make this old
aunt my daughter-in-law now? Not only to her but he also sent
a love letter to my late grandmother. it was in
the list so I wrote. Which list? He wrote a love letter
to all as per the voter’s list. You shameless boys,
why did you do all this? Aunt, we had no other option. He cannot get married till
he completes his graduation. He is trying since
the past five years.. ..but he will never get the degree. So we thought of this idea.
How was it? I will break your teeth!
You shameless boys! My son is a little mischievous.
Please spare him this time. This will never happen again. I promise you all. It is no use promising us.
Get him married.. ..or else he will ruin our families. Come on, let’s go from here.
Deceitful boy! Come, let’s go. Shall we leave from here? Horrible! I am feeling
ashamed seeing your lowly deed. Yeah! Action! Where is this sound coming from? Maybe some dog is crying. Oh, the sound is coming from here. Oh, so you are crying? What happened? Did your wife also
get the love letter? You have ruined my nuptial night. What did I do? First time in my life I got married. That too I caught hold of a
party and lied to my mother-in-law.. ..that I own a petrol
pump on the highway. After lying so much yesterday
when I was making arrangements.. ..for my nuptial night
then you came and.. Not here look there. Not that side! After keeping the glass on the table
beside the bed come here and hold. Oh, no! Not me.
I told you to hold the bed. When my husband is here
why should I hold the bed? That is because we have
to shift the bed to the north. We cannot sleep with
our head on that side.. We have to sleep
like this that is why. But we can keep the pillow
on this side and sleep, right? Oh, no! Don’t waste too much time now. According to Vastu,
the man should be in that corner. What? Is there another
man here besides you? Where is he?
– Yes, there is but he won’t be seen. If we sleep in this direction
our nuptial night will be successful.. ..or else it will be a disaster. Come on, we will start quickly.
– Wait for five minutes only. Hurry up! I cannot wait any longer. Why are you harping on,
hurry up, hurry up, hurry up? Can’t you wait for some time? I cannot do anything
without that Rahu. That Rahu will do whatever
that has to be done. What? Rahu will do? – Yes. That means I will be
celebrating my nuptial night.. ..not with you but with him? Yes! It will be fun! It will be great fun!
– Why is she dancing? I am so fortunate! It will
be great fun! It will be great fun! Hey you! Why are you so happy? Rahu is the same one
who had come for the wedding? That tall and fair looking
boy who is very handsome? Today I am going to have great fun! Is it necessary to be tall
to celebrate the nuptial night? Rahu is not a man. Rahu is a planet. What did you say? A planet? – Yes. To have a successful nuptial night.. ..the position of the
planets should be favorable. Get aside! Why are you
talking about Rahu and Ketu.. the middle of our nuptial night? To you, I will now.. Look, this is the last
time I am asking you. Will you start first or shall I start? Just wait for three minutes. In three minutes my mood will be off. He has come. Rahu has come very near. Rahu has come. He has reached! Oh, no! The petrol too
had to get over just now? Oh, no! Hey, Shobhan! Shobhan! It is Shobhan’s nuptial night today. He is in the room. Oh, no! – Why? Son, what happened? Nothing. The petrol
in my bike is finished. Can I get an empty bottle? Why do you want a bottle? My son-in-law owns a
petrol pump on the highway. Go there and fill the petrol. He has fooled the world.
He has also fooled you? He owns a petrol pump?
He does not even own a cycle pump. Tale petrol! Petrol, petrol, petrol! Sir, take petrol! Petrol, petrol. This is the truth. Oh, my god! Why are you shouting so much
even before I have started anything? I did not shout.
The sound came from outside. Why has she come with a stick? Mother, don’t beat him. Oh! Okay. So this is what
happened with you? – Yes. That is why you will have to
do something about the nuptial night. I am ready but your wife.. You scoundrel! Don’t use your brain. You will have to do something
for my nuptial night. Hey, for that you
are needed not me. – Yes. I know that. – Yes. But if I go home just like this
my mother-in-law will not spare me. Idea! – Will I be able
to celebrate my nuptial night? Come, I will show you.
– Yes, let’s go. I have gained some confidence now. It is night and you have
already consumed six bottles. Fine, I am going.. – Hey, wait. Do you wish to celebrate
your nuptial night or not? – Yes. Just see how I teach her a lesson now. Slowly! Mother-in-law! – Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law! Are you dead? Mother..
Hello, mother.. – Hello. Hello. You slap him,
punch him, kick him on his back. But never stop them from
celebrating the nuptial night. You will be sinned. That is why I am
respectfully telling you.. ..let him celebrate
his nuptial night. Or else! Son, how can I stop them?
How will I not listen to what you say? Very good! – I will make
all arrangements right now. Okay! – Please come in, son-in-law. No! I will not come in. I am not
your tame dog to dance to your tunes. I will not come. Go! Oh, no! You took it very seriously. Do this.
You also.. – Okay, shall I come? What are you saying?
– No, no. You explain to him. Explain to him and
send him in. – Okay. Hey you, listen! – Yes. Mother-in-law is
asking you so lovingly. You must always listen to elders. Go in straightaway or else I will go. You wait. – First you go in. – Okay. Hey you! – Yes! Like a king, you..
– With a sword in the hand.. Riding a horse.. You came out? So soon? What happened? The thing is.. My daughter just shouted at
him and he got angry and came out. You only explain to my son-in-law now. Listen, this is what happens
when you are celebrating.. ..your nuptial night
for the first time. That means, inside something..
– Go inside. Go. Mother-in-law, lock the bedroom door. You came back again? The condition inside.. He is getting upset over trivial
things inside and coming out. You only explain to him
that he should not do this.. I will beat you with shoes now.
Keep inside things inside only. Go inside! Go in or else
I will teach you a lesson. His nuptial night has
become a problem for me. Hey you!
Why do you come out all the time? You first get up! – Shameless man! Saying that I will celebrate
the nuptial night.. They did such a thing.. ..due to which I will never
be able to celebrate my nuptial night. First go and buy a petrol
pump and show me the receipt. After that only I will allow
you to celebrate your nuptial night.. ..otherwise I will bury you alive. Listen, son-in-law. You come in. My life is precious for me. I will leave taking
this loin cloth with me. Hey! You all are paupers!
Both were equally bad. Get lost! Here is my son’s photo.
All the details are written behind. Find a girl from a cultured
family and get him quickly married. If a virtuous girl comes
to this house as a daughter-in-law.. ..he will also mend his ways. You said the right thing. Elders have said that marriage
makes a person responsible. Okay, I will check. Name is Shreenu..there
is Rahu and there is Ketu. ‘This horoscope is very bad.’ ‘Rahu is not un any favorable house.’ ‘Getting him married is
nothing less than a great war.’ ‘Right now it is better to hide this.’ Look here, madam.
I do not wish to get and ordinary.. ..proposal for this boy. – Yes. And if I wish to bring a good
proposal then you have nothing.. ..else than this ramshackle house. He should at least
be a graduate otherwise.. ..who will give their daughter to him? My advice is first Shreenu
should complete his education. That is only best. Madam, I will leave now. God, I was saved today. Don’t you see and walk? Hello, N.V Priest. Children, don’t keep calling me N.V.
Priest, N.V.Priest all the time. People think that I
eat a lot of non-veg. – Oh! Please bear this in mind. Yes, sure. N.V. Priest. – Again? Okay, tell me one thing. – Yes. Did you discuss about my marriage? I have spoken to your
mother about your marriage. You ask her only.
– Okay, fine. – Okay. First time he spoke sensibly. These people will never change. Let’s go! Mother! – Yes. You want to get me married
and send me away from you? By getting me married
you wish to unburden yourself.. ..from my responsibility, mother? I thought for me
my mother and father.. are everything for me.
You are everything for me. Mother, you wish to
hand me to someone else? Mother, I cannot believe this! How much you love me..that
is why I will not get you married. Mother! I will not get you married. No, mother!
You have done so much for me. Can’t I get married for you? Mother, I will get married. No, son! Do not think so much. – What? You should never make
haste in matters of marriage. Aunt, you are not
in a hurry but he is. First you pass in your
college exams then I will only.. ..find a nice girl for
you and get you married. Mother! – Listen! Just do
what mother has told you to do. Mother, listen to me..
– Listen to her. Come. Come. – Come. Today too he did not have a bath. Listen! She is like our classmate,
Laxmi, isn’t it? She is looking just like an aunty. Hi, Laxmi! – Hi, Shreenu. Have you also come to pay the fees? Keep quiet! I am teaching here now. She is teaching in college? No, no, you go. Listen! – Yes. This way. This way. These foolish people
confused me totally. Hi! Hi! – Hi! Shweta, you are looking very
beautiful today. What’s the matter? Come on! Okay. Where is Shreesha? See she is over there. Hey, Shreesha!
What are you doing here? Hey you! Why are you crying? Did anyone tease you? Let’s g to the principal
right now to complain. Is there any problem at home? It is nothing like that.
– Why are you crying then? A new boy by the name of
Venky has come to our college. Who, Venky? You don’t know him. I love him. He should cry. Why are you crying? You also.. – Okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. From when is this affair going on? It is love at first sight. If I delay then someone
else will fall in love with him. That is why I told him, I love you. What did he say to you? He said how many people
you have buttered like this? He dared to say that?
I will teach him a lesson right now. Wait! Till he does not
come and say I love you to me.. ..I will not see his face. Where will I find him now? Black shirt. Hold this.
I will go and bring him here.. ..and will compel him to say,
I love you. Okay. Cheers! – Cheers! Hey, Shreenu!
That item is coming straight here. Coming to college, bunking the class,
smoking with friends.. ..and then go home. Don’t you wish to learn
to fall in love? Tell me. Who is she talking to? – I don’t know. I am talking to you. Not only boys even girls
fall in love at first sight. Right? Yes, they do. Have you ever said,
I love you to anyone? Yes, he has said many times
and has also got slapped for that. Say, I love you, then. Didn’t you hear? Say, I love you. ‘Do as she says.’ ‘Shreenu, don’t think so much.’ I love you! Very good. The way you said it here,
say it there as well. Say it now. – Who is this one? I love you! – Not to me, to her. Shreesha, take this. – Thanks. Who is this? – He is only Venky. When I proposed to
him he was acting smart.. ..but now he has also accepted it. Bye! We will meet later. Sorry. I made a mistake. Never mind. Even then I love you. Didn’t I say I made a mistake? Not only girls but even
boys fall in love at first sight. Love at first sight. I misunderstood you. But I rightly understood. Don’t you understand? Why ar you glaring at me? My name is Shreenu. Shreenu loves Shweta. Our life will be set.
Think once and let me know. I love you, Shweta! Hail to the sage!
Hail to the sage! Hail to the sage! There are so many
devotees here that means.. ..he really must
be some powerful sage. Maybe he can help me in some way. “Hail to the sage!” Devotees, our sage is here
to solve all your problems quickly. Sage! Open your eyes. Hail to the sage! Hail to the sage! Here, take this. Hail to the sage! Sahe, I forgot to add soda to this.
– Never mind. I will get intoxicated quickly. Let’s go. Come on! Sage! – You are very worried because
your marriage is getting delayed. Yes, Sage. Wow! Great!
You are really god personified. My child, take this ring
and wear it on your finger. Very soon you will get married.
Take this! Sage! – Hail to him! Hail to the sage! My child, you get up. Sage! – You are worried
as your neighbor.. a gold chain made of 20 grams? Yes, sage. – I will give you. Amazing. Okay, give that chain back to me.
– Yes. Here. He gives it to us in the
morning and takes it back at night. Stop shaking and return the ring. I will keep it as you
gave it to me so lovingly. Okay? Am I your husband? Come on, give me that ring. Come on, all of you go out now.
I want to rest. Go. Go out quickly. Yes. Hello, sage! – Hello, my son! Don’t shout or else
do you know what I will do? Will you give me a shave? No! Hey, where is it?
Yes, here. I will cut your throat. My son, what is it that you want? I want to solemnize my nuptial night. You want to solemnize
your nuptial night? – Yes. Hey, no! – Hey!
I did not mean this, you fool! I need a petrol pump
to solemnize my nuptial night. You sway your hand in the
air and give me a petrol pump. My son, I cannot give
you a petrol pump like this. Why can’t you give? You gave a chain to someone.. ..a ring to someone,
something else to some other person.. ..why can’t you give
me a petrol pump then? Even I want a petrol pump. A chain and a ring is okay
but I cannot give a petrol pump. I will kill you then.
– Wait. Listen to me at least. I will tell you a solution for that.
Okay? – Yes, tell me. Petrol Pump Namaha! Let me get it, Namaha! Quickly, Namaha! Chanting this mantra
go to a dense forest and.. severe penance. You will get whatever you want. Sage, really?
– Yes, really. I too did the same. Okay, sage. If I do not get a petrol
pump I will slash your neck. Take care of your neck till I return.
Okay? – Okay. Because of such foolish
people we sages are enjoying. Hello, Shreesha.
– ‘Hi, Shweta! Good evening.’ Tell me, how are you? ‘First tell me, the one with
whom you were in the morning..’ ‘..what happened about that?’ Just don’t talk about that boy.
I get very irritated. Tell me. What are you doing? ‘I am in the pub with Venky.’ Okay. Carry on! Carry on!
As it is the first day of your love. ‘Yes!’ ‘Okay, I will disconnect now.
Bye. – ‘Bye!’ Good night! Hey you! How did you
dare to come in my bedroom? Why do you need guts for that? Shall I call daddy? Right! He will also
come to know about us today. Call him! – Uncle! Hey you! Are you out of your mind?
– What happened? Look, get lost from here.
– I love you so much! Listen! – Okay, tell me. Am I not handsome? Look, if my papa comes here
there will be a big problem. Go! Please! – Please! Go away from here. We will meet in college
tomorrow. – Okay. Okay. Okay. You will meet
me in college tomorrow, right? – Yes. Otherwise tomorrow night
I will once again into your bedroom. Okay, bye!
See you! And, I really love you. I love you! Listen! Remember one thing. No one can separate us now.
I love you, Shweta! ‘I will have to do something
about this crazy boy.’ Listen, give me ice cream. Which flavor do you have? – Orange. Why don’t you keep butterscotch?
You should keep that. That is only a good flavor. Shreenu! Oh, hi! How come you are here? Don’t pretend. I know that
you are standing here for me. – Okay. I want to tell you one thing.
– Yes, tell me. Bharat! Shreenu.. – Even I
wish to tell you something important.. ..if you are..
– Look, don’t fool around. Okay. Okay. No fooling. No fooling. Bharat, this is Shreenu.
– Hi! This is Bharat. Software engineer. – Hi,
this is Shreenu. Hardware engineer. On roads. Okay. Look, I love Bharat. – Yes. It’s been three years now. I love him and he too loves me. Why are you telling me this story? What do you mean, why?
So that you stay away from me. Brother Bharat, just leave her hand.
Leave her hand.. Bharat! Bharat! – Bharat ran away. After all what do you want? Listen! I can also die for love. I know he was hired to say this. I have only loved you. I do not know anything else. Only you reside in my heart. Stop your dialogues.
You do whatever you want. I do not love you. Understood? Never mind. I will love you. Oh! You will never change. Horrible! I love you, Shweta! I love you. Remember! I have started
walking the path of love.. ..and you are my destination. Okay? Shreenu loves Shweta! Bye! You hairy man! What is your problem? Hey you, listen! – What? The one you are after she
is my brother’s sister-in-law. Elder brother, the thing is..
– Hey you! I am going to marry her.. move away from the middle. What if I don’t move away? Brother! Brother! Who is this specimen? He is my brother. Shankar! Shankar Jackson! – What? I am Jackson’s fan and India’s Don. Have you come from the mental asylum? What is he saying? You do not know who I am. After Michael Jackson died
this Shankar Jackson was born.. dance in his place. Recently I performed shows in Delhi,
Bangalore, Kolkatta.. all places but
no one came to see. Didn’t you brush
in the morning? – What? Brother, please come to the point. Yes. I will come right now. If he gets married he will
get married only to Shweta.. ..or he won’t get married. And I had taken this oath when
my grandma was breathing her last. That means all his life
he will remain a bachelor? What? – Yes. Hey! He will not listen to what I say. All of you surround him! You scoundrels don’t surround me,
surround him. – Come let’s go. Brother! Brother, what are you doing? Hey you! Stop that song. Hey you, stop it.
Stop it. Get going from here. He went away! Where did this dance
come from amidst a fight? I am absolutely sure
now that you have run away.. ..from a mental asylum. From so long he is irritating me. Listen, no song should be heard now. Break his legs now. This is one, this is two,
this is three, this is four. I have come from a mental asylum? If I break his legs how
will he go after that girl? You won’t do it, isn’t it? Hello! This side speaking Jackson.. ..and that side speaking, who? You scoundrel! – What? I will beat you if
you speak in English. Quickly tell me now. Earlier too I had told you,
isn’t it that get your beautiful.. ..and young daughter
married to my brother. Do you know what
will happen due to that? I will own all your wealth. This is impossible!
– This will happen. As it is do you know
nowadays many boys.. ..are after your daughter. And I am finding it very difficult
to keep saving her from all of them. That is why listen to me
and get both of them quickly. Who are you to tell me this?
– I am your elder son-in-law! You monkey, what are you saying? Okay, fine.
Never mind if I am a monkey. Quickly find the auspicious time,
I will get them married. And yes,
please do not delay even a bit. Henceforth if you call me.. ..I will give you only the contract
of killing you and get you killed. Oh! – What did he say? He will give a contract
to kill and kill me. And then marriage? What is my age after all now?
– Not yours but mine. Oh, your wedding.
I will get you married. son, what happened? Mother, nothing happened.
I had gone to college to pay the fees. I slipped from the
stairs there and fell down. That’s it. Nothing else happened. Yes, aunt. He is speaking the truth.
We were also there. Swear on me and say. Can I tell lies by
swearing on you, mother? The truth is.. ‘Say, I love you. – I love you.’ ‘I am going to get married to her.
Move away from the middle.’ Mother, this is what happened. Son, stay away from that girl. Son, what will happen about
me if something happens to you? Nothing will happen, mother. Excuse me, madam.
The doctor is calling you. Son, I will meet the
doctor and come. – Okay. ‘Om Namah Shivay!’ ‘Om Namah Shivay!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ This is the right place to do penance. I will sit here only. ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!
Oh, Lord! You have still not come? Okay. I will chant more loudly. ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ ‘Om Namo Narayana!’ Son! Oh, Lord! – Who are you, my son? Narayan! Oh, Lord!
You came to quickly, my lord. I feel no sooner you
heard me you took a flight.. ..and quickly came here. My Lord. Forget that. Give me one petrol pump, I will go. You fool, I am not god. Like you I am also trying
since the past fifty years.. ..but I did not get anything. What should I do? Sage, please tell me if there is
any short cut, or a road from behind.. ..or a ring road or
a flyover to behold god. They say that Lord
Shiv is very innocent. Try Him, many something may happen.
– Okay, Sage. Sage! Sage! Sage! What happened now? Sage, how should I apply the
dot on my forehead for Lord Shiva? Apply it like this! – Okay, Sage. I knew you would come. Yes, keep it. I am sorry.
What happened with you was very bad. No. Never mind.
Just one leg is broken right now.. ..and after that it is
the turn of the second one. Look, don’t say that. I am very fortunate that I got
someone like you who loves me so much. ‘How did the car
come in reverse gear?’ I love you, Shreenu. Really? – Yes. I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! Hey, leave me! – I love you! Help me! Help me! – I love you! Leave me! Leave me! – I love you! Hey, not me.
Take him away! – I love you. I love you!
I love you! I love you! I love you! Om Namaha Shivay! Om Namaha Shivay! Om Namaha Shivay! Hey! Who is this?
Her seems to be new in our business. Son, who are you? I am here. I know for sure that you are not god. Tell me, what do you want?
– Are you new here? Yes. I have just come.
Tell me, what do you want? Did your mother-in-law
throw you out of the house? How did you come to know? I have experience, my son. – Oh! What did you think that Lord Shiv
will appear so quickly before you? We are trying since the
past fifty years but of no use. But just now that liar told
me that Lord Shiv is very innocent. You will be able
to quickly behold him. I will to that man.. Everyone knows that
Lord Shiv is innocent. But you will not be able to
behold him before we senior people. Oh, my god! Guruji, both
of you please show me a way quickly. In all the three gods
Lord Brahma is the best. By the way his demand is less. No one worships him. If you chant his mantra and do
penance you will surely get the fruit. Promise! – Promise! Mother promise! – Mother promise. Even after knowing all this.. all are still trying
to appease Lord Shiva. Why didn’t you shift
in appeasing Lord Brahma? Mt son, we will lose our seniority. Guruji, so what should I do? You pray to Lord Brahma. Thank you, Guruji. From now
on I am in Lord Brahma’s party. And watchman, how are you? Hey you! – What? Where are you going? Inside..Shweta is there and
I am going to meet her, what else? They just left for Pune.
– They went to Pune? But why did they go there?
– What do I know? Okay. Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Who is this strange man?
He is doing penance for me? It is surprising. Who is he? Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Some man on the earth is
ardently doing penance for me. Not severe or anything.
He has just started his penance. Devi Saraswati,
don’t insult my devotee. This is the first time
that you have got a devotee. Let him do penance at
least for five to six years. After that only let him behold you. Om Brahmadevaya Namah! It is not right to trouble
my devotee by making him wait. I will immediately
go and appear before him.. ..and will also grant him a boon. How can I stop you if
you are being so impatient? As you wish. Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! My child! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! – My child! Who is that? Om Brahmadevaya Namah! My child, I have come. Am I dreaming? This is true!
My lord, how did you come so quickly? Okay! So should I have
come after fifty years? My Lord, how can I believe that
you are only the real Lord Brahma. What? – Yes, just for confirmation. I never lie! Understood? My Lord, on our earth every person
has a pan card or photo id with him. If there is something like
this in your abode then show me. Look at that!
Son, you have doubts about me? My Lord, only for confirmation. As I am sitting here doing penance.. ..since the past two
days thirsty and hungry.. least show me some miracle. What a time has come that
I will have to show some miracle? Oh, Lord, I doubted you.
Please forgive me. Namo Brahma! Namo Brahma! Good. Your doubts are cleared now. I have forgiven you. My Lord! – I am impressed
by your penance. – Yes. Tell me, what you want.
I will surely give you. Give me!
Give me one! Give me one lakh crore rupees. What happened, my Lord? After hearing what I said why
did all your three faces become pale? Devi Laxmi us Lord Vishnu’s wife.
– Yes, of course. I have nothing to do
with the finance, my child. Now I understood why there is not
a single temple for you on the earth. You please leave now. I want
to do penance for Goddess Laxmi. Om Laxmi Devi! – My child! What is it, my Lord? Only for you I have descended
on earth from the abode of Brahma. My Lord, what can be done
on this earth without money? Okay, tell me.
What work do you do in your abode? I write the future
of the human beings. – Oh! Yes! My Lord, do one thing.
Give me the power.. ..of knowing the future. What will you do with that power? I will become an astrologer
and earn some money. What else can I do with that? My Lord, please give me that power. Before you accept this boon
you will have to agree to a few rules. Yes, tell me now. If anyone comes to know
how you acquired this power.. ..this power will lose its effect. I will not tell anyone about this. Looks like he is giving a
boon to someone for the first time. My Lord, the second rule. The second rule is..
– My Lord, please tell me. This power will also lose its
effect if you try to have relations.. ..with anyone else except your wife. I cannot have any relation
with my own wife.. ..and you are talking
about another woman? My Lord, please give me this
power quickly. Please give me. Wait! – My Lord, what is it now? When did you last have a bath? Just two days back. You unholy human being! Have a bath become
holy and then drink this. Okay, my Lord. Om Brahma Namah! With this leave aside
one petrol pump.. ..I can buy anything in this world. Hey, look there!
The view is so beautiful! It is so beautiful! – Just look there. Look on that side as well.
It is so beautiful, isn’t it? I just love this place. What is happening to me? Just see, he also looks..
..just like Shreenu to me. Hey, not like Shreenu
but he is Shreenu himself. How did he come here? Look, Shreenu!
I don’t like you at all. Okay? Forget me now. Look, you will get some other girl. I am not in love with your beauty.
I love you. The other day you came to
me by mistake for your friend’s love. That was the first time I
saw you and I fell in love with you. I will not accept defeat so easily. As I am truly in love with you. I love you! I love you, Shweta. I love you. I hate you! Brother-in-law, how come you are here?
– Wherever you go.. ..this doggy will follow you. Hey, listen! You very well
know that she is my sister-in-law. Once I had broken your
legs but in spite of that.. came so far after her. I did not like that. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Just give me. – What are you doing? Hey, you keep quiet!
– Brother, kill him..kill him! Brother! Oh, no, brother. Not again! Brother! Brother, stop now! Have you forgotten what
you had come to do here? Which work we had come here to do? The number of times he
said I love you to Shweta.. ..that many number of
times stab him with this knife. Only that much? – Yes. Quickly say, I hate you. – I hate you. See he said it, isn’t it?
– Brother, he said that to you. Tell him to say that to Shweta. Say that to her now. – I love you. I hate you! I love you! I hate you! – You smarty!
You are acting very smart? Brother-in-law, what have you done? This is my matter and I will
only solve it. You go from here. Tell him to say, I hate you to
you only then I will leave from here. You just want him to say,
I hate you, right? – Yes, that’s it! Okay. I will tell him to say that. Shreenu, just once say,
I hate you. Please! Please! Shreenu, listen to me.. ..otherwise these people
will not spare you. I will die for you but I will never
be able to say, I hate you, Shweta. Are you out of your mind? Never mind if you lie
but just once say I hate you. They will spare you. If you want make me say,
I love you a thousand times.. ..but never, I hate you. I love you!
I love you! I love you, Shweta! Shreenu! Shreenu!
– Throw him down in the valley! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Throw him! Come on, throw him! Throw him! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Om Brahmadevaya Namah! Wow! Hey, Shobhan, you? Hey! Shreenu, you here? How come you are here? Looks like you have renounced the
world and is wandering in the forest. My friend,
from today my fate has changed. Okay? Hey, what is this? It is written that.. will not be destined
for the fruits of your efforts. What did you say?
You can see what is written here? My friend, it is written very clearly. Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! – What happened? Where is my power?
– Shobhan, what happened? My power..
– What are you searching for? Are you out of your mind? Listen! You did not allow me
to solemnize my nuptial night. – Yes. After that you got me
beaten by my mother-in-law. After that you even drank my milk. Keep quiet! Like a child
you are crying for such little milk? Come home with me I
will give you a bucket full. This was not any ordinary milk. This was the boon given
to me by Lord Brahma Himself. The one who drinks this
milk will get the power.. ..of knowing anyone’s
destiny in the world. Om Namo Brahmay Namah! Tell me, what do you want? Petrol pump! Petrol pump? – Yes. Just this much? – Yes. Come, I will get
it for you right away. This time I don’t have faith in you. Do you have faith on this
power give to you by Lord Brahma? Yes. Hundred percent! Have faith in me then. Come with me. Wait a minute.
I will take my clothes and come. ‘Give me that Soda.’ ‘We really enjoyed today.’ ‘Give me that Tandoori.’ Brother! He is still alive. Did you get intoxicated so quickly? You had killed him, right? Just look over there. What is this! He is alive! Come on, you scoundrels,
get up and kill him. Catch him! Hey, who are these people? You have landed me in trouble! Come on, run quickly. – Wait for me. Hey, wait. First tell me,
will you kill them or not? Will I remain alive or not? Will I be able to solemnize
my nuptial night or not? Tell me. I will tell you everything
but first let’s go from here. Om Namo Brahmay Namah! Om Brahmaya Namah! Om Brahmaya Namah! Hail Lord Brahma! Come on, fight! I will not spare you! Hey, how did I become so small? Hey, how did he become so short?
– Make me big! Make me big, make me big, mummy!
– Hey, half ticket! Oh! Make me big! Make me big! He broke it! Wait a minute! Give me that pot. Hey, why are you calling him here? Forget it, I am going from here. Take this! Take this! Call the ambulance! This is not any ordinary pot. – Yes. For us it is just like AK47.
It is an atom bomb. This pot is a bank for us.
– Yes. Let’s go. We broke his one leg
but he broke everything in us. Now if any song is played
I am not in a condition to dance. Sister, tell me one thing. Will you tell me? You won’t feel bad? Sister, when will I get a discharge? After a month! – After a month? Shreenu, why have we come here? For all the huge roads that are going
to be made around our city.. – Yes. All the big companies are
going to submit tenders for that. We have nothing with us so
what will we do with the tender? I now understood why you couldn’t
solemnize your nuptial night. All the big companies
are submitting their tenders.. ..but only we know whose
tender is going to get passed. Shreenu, you are very clever.
You are very clever. Come on, concentrate on business now. Om Brahmaya Namah! Let’s go. Om Brahmaya Namah! I will not be able to
solemnize my nuptial night. Sir, the tender is
worth thousand crores. As we have come till here
what is the harm in trying once? Sir, am I right? No. No. I do not
like to waste my time. ‘His tender will get passed.’ So many big companies are
here we have no chance to get it. Get ready for your
nuptial night. – What? That old man’s tender
is going to get passed. It is better to go away from here. Sir, it is such a big tender..
– No. No. Sir, sir, sir! – Yes? You have come here
for the tender, right? It is worthless even
trying here I know that.. ..and I do not like
wasting time at all. Sir, we will see that
you get this tender. What will you give us in return? You will get it passed?
– Sir, don’t go on my height. His blessings are with both of us. First work, give the money later. I do not have faith
in you both at all. Even then being a businessman
I will give you two percent. Hey, stingy man! – Let’s go from here. Ten percent. – Ten percent? Okay. Envelope! – Give it to me. You keep the cash ready. As per the decision of the collector.. ..Altra Info Company
has got this tender. Wow! This is a miracle! Many great personalities had come. But how did you manage
to get my tender passed? The cash is ready, right?
– Yes, it is ready. Sir! – Take this. It is ten percent. Check it. – Such a big suitcase
for just ten to fifteen thousand. Is this enough? ‘This poor lady is so
sad upon losing her young son.’ ‘Wonder how she will live now?’ Aunty! – Yes. Yes. My child, who are you? Aunty, your son and
I were in the same college. Are you his friend? – No, aunty. Do you love him? – No, aunty. Did he give you also a love letter? Let him come I will
teach him a lesson. No. No. It is nothing like that. I..I don’t understand how to tell you. What happened, my child? Shreenu, used to say, I love
you and would always be after me. I thought he was a wayward boy. But..but even when
he was breathing is last.. ..he kept on saying,
I love you, I love you.. ..then even I fell in love with him. My brother-in-law killed Shreenu.. ..and threw him in the valley. Crazy girl, don’t cry. Okay, tell me one thing. If my son comes back will you say,
I love you to him? Aunty, yes, I will surely say. But now he is no more.. Okay, forget it. You can
turn around and tell him directly. What? Shree..Shreenu, you? – Yes, it is me. It is me. – How did you get saved? For you I even deceived death. I love you! What? I cannot hear after
falling in that valley. Say it a little loudly. I love you! Did you say something now? I love you! Oh! I mean, I made a mistake. I am sorry. You won’t say like this, right? No. – Sure? I love you too. I love you! Love you! Why did you stop near a petrol pump?
– Just look over there. You wish to buy a petrol pump? – Yes. Very good! – I will buy this
pump and give it to my mother-in-law. After that I will
solemnize my nuptial night. Then in front of this pump
I will sell petrol in bottles. Buy petrol! Buy petrol! You are never going to change. Here! Yes! Bend down! I will solemnize my nuptial night now. Uncle, have a chocolate.
It is my birthday today. What about the Bangalore party? I will call you later. Is it your birthday? – Yes, uncle. Okay. Happy birthday to you.
– Thank you, uncle. Okay, my dear, why are you
distributing chocolate to everyone? Mother said,
if you seek everyone’s blessings.. ..your future will be very bright. Very good! Okay, tell me what do
you wish to become when you grow up? I don’t know. Shall I tell you?
– Yes, tell me. Tell me. Okay. Om Brahmaya Namah! ‘This child will die when
the bus meets with an accident..’ ‘..exactly at eight
past thirteen minutes.’ This cannot happen! Bye! Hey! Stop the bus! Hey, Shobhan, come on! Who are you going to take with us up? Thirty school going children,
one bus driver.. lorry driver and one cleaner.. All of them are going to die today. I hope that lorry
does not dash into us. Let’s go and stand to one side. As you are new you don’t know
anything. Nothing will happen to us. The bus has already come. Thank you, uncle! Thank you. May you have a long life, my child. Uncle, have a chocolate.
– No, thank you. What is this?
Why didn’t the accident take place? It had a close shave. We had to come here only, isn’t it? Sister, I checked.
This is the same place. Okay. Let’s go and
tell this to Lord Yam now. Let’s go! Oh, Lord!
A terrible thing happened, oh Lord! Tell me, what happened? Chitragupt had told us that a very
big accident is going to take place. Thirty children and many
people are going to get killed. Nothing like that happened
there and no one died. Chitragupt, what is the problem?
– My Lord! Why isn’t your accounting right? My Lord, as per Lord Brahma’s
writing this is right, my Lord. What Lord Brahma has written
is not right? This is impossible! My Lord, this is possible. Chitragupt,
so what is the solution for that? My Lord, it is very necessary
for you to speak to.. ..Lord Brahma regarding this matter. Let us immediately go then. My greetings to Lord Brahma. May you be victorious, Lord Yam! My greetings to Devi
Saraswati as well. Lord Yam, what is the
reason for you to come here? My Lord,
there is a very grave problem. My Lord, this Yam’s duty is in danger. Something unpredictable has
occurred in the cycle of nature. Without extending
it like a daily serial.. ..My Lord,
please tell him everything clearly. Nothing happened like
what you had written. No incident took place. No one died. There is some mistake
in what you have written.. ..or have the human beings
started writing their own fate.. ..I really don’t understand
anything, my Lord. Lord Yam, I have understood
properly regarding this matter. Inspite of me forbidding
my Lord descended on the earth.. ..and granted a boon to a human being. This untoward incident
is because of that. Mother, what boon is that? You tell them yourself. Getting impressed by
my devotee’s devotion.. ..I granted him the
power to read the future. Oh! My Lord, what is this? If a human being comes to know..
..the future he will become alert. My Lord, what is the
solution to this problem? Never mind, Lord Brahma. Mother! Aditara Shakti Namo Namah! You are the creator
of all the living beings. Lord Brahma, you are very clever. Definitely you have
done this by mistake. You will have to repent for this. And for this you will
be given three days time. You will have to descend
on the earth and.. ..take back that power
from that human being. Mother, as You say. Devi! – Yes. I will have to go. Lord Brahma! What shall I
do here if no one is going to die? Take us also along with you. Where there is a
temple there is a bell. In the same way we will
also be where Lord Brahma is. Oh, lord, let us also come. Director, telling me that
I will tell you the story.. ..only the first
half as been told to me. You even compelled me to sell
my house and made me start this film. You also started the shooting.. ..but you have still
not told me the second half. What happens in the second half?
– Only this! The public should go
crazy after seeing the film. And also listen!
The public should also keep thinking.. ..what will happen later. What is further going
to happen in the film? Yes. – Keep your mind empty. I will fill it with the second half.
– Okay. Fill it. The camera will be in the helicopter. Not up but down. Why is the helicopter down? Because this is something
different. – Oh! The camera will go up like this! Lord Brahma, Lord Yam and Chitragupt.. ..will be descending from heaven. “Yama! Yama! Yama! Yama!” “Yama! Yama! Yama! Yama!” Oh, god! You gave me everything
without me asking you. Get me married as well
without any obstacle. Hail the Lord! ‘Greetings to Lord Brahma!’ Lord Ganesha,
I have come for very important work. Take care that there
should be no obstacles. ‘If I support my devotees
god will get angry.’ ‘If I support god my
devotees will get angry.’ ‘Right now I am in need of support.’ Your body is so beautiful. Seeing your beauty even
Rambha will be jealous of you. Just once look at me and smile. Please turn around. Oh! Just once come near me. – My Lord! My Lord! What are you doing here? Something is happening in my heart
after seeing this beautiful woman. I feel ticklish. You have got influenced
by the happenings on this earth. Oh, lord,
this is called as flamboyancy. Whatever it is I want her.
I want her by all means. This is not any lollipop
that I will buy and give you. Why do you behave like a child? First looking at me, enticing
me and then going away from me. This is injustice, right, Chitragupt? My Lord, they are not alive.
They are lifeless statues. But I am feeling
something looking at them. My Lord, nothing is going
to happen by holding a mace in hand.. ..and glaring at them. – Then? I will do one thing. I will
take you to the massage parlour. What is a massage parlour? A place where they press your body. Shall we press their body or
will they press our body, Chitragupt? My Lord,
that is as per your wish. – Oh! ‘Lord Yam!’ Lord Brahma is calling us.
– Yes, let us go quickly.. ..or else he will strangulate us.
Let’s go. Deepika! Priyanka!
Anushka! Kartrina Kaif.. I have seen the hands of
all these but I have never seen.. ..such a wonderful hand. Oh, my! What a hand!
No sooner I touch it.. ..a shock passes through my body. But when I touch my husband
he does not feel anything. What does that fool
know what woman is? Here, take this offering. Shall I tie it round his neck? No. Tie is around his waist
he will then only come after you.. ..he will not go anywhere. Give me a hundred rupee note now. “Brahma! Brahma!” Looks like they are from Ram Leela. I will try to extract money from them. Come, sir. Please come. Come. Come, sir.
Come. I will tell you your future. I will tell you your horoscope. What happened yesterday!
What will happen today! What will happen tomorrow! Whether will you get a job or not.
I will tell you everything. If you don’t believe me, test me. Did you give him that boon? Not at all. He does not know anything. I don’t know anything?
I know everything. Who were you?
What you are going to become. Whether you are married or not. What you will do today.
What you are going to do tomorrow. I will tell you everything. Come. – My Lord! Okay. Tell me. There, you are looking
at the wrong hand. Give me that hand. Mother! – By the way who is there up? My Mother! – Oh, I see! Yes, tell me.
Okay. Okay. What? Okay. Yes. How much will you keep talking? Then listen. In your past
birth you were a bread seller.. the name of Chainanewangchi. In the past birth? – Yes. As you committed innumerable
sins in that birth Lord Brahma wrote.. your destiny
to wander on the roads. What is the solution for this?
– I am in trouble. In this birth there won’t
be any problems in future. You will have a double
bedroom flat in Bandra. You will own many expensive cars. Rambha, Menaka will marry you. Lord Brahma will
get married to dancers? You fool, are you out of your mind? He will not allow me to earn anything. Believe me.
What I say will only happen. By telling lies like
this you deceive the people? Stop this deceit and do some work. He too had to speak. I will now tell you your future. In your childhood you would
bunk school and would go and gamble. You used to peep in
houses by climbing on trees. That is why your life
is being spent under a tree. How does he know so much about me? Whoever you are I
predicted your future. Give me a hundred rupee note now. Lord Yam! – Yes. Fulfill his wish. You will beat me?
I will kill all of you. ‘What is this? I am rising
up and those people are going down.’ ‘I don’t understand
what is happening.’ Till we do not go back
to the abode of Brahma.. keep dangling
in mid-air like this. Let’s go. This is a miracle!
Baba is doing penance in mid-air. Hail to Hava Baba! You are great! Hail to you! Hail to Hava Baba! Hail to Hava Baba! Hail to Hava Baba! Hail to Hava Baba! You are seeing this
astonishing wonder deed.. ..on our channel which
is the first one to cover this. As you can see there is
a Baba here who is doing penance.. mid-air without any support. Here many people have
already gathered and.. ..we also have news that
people from the neighboring places.. ..are going to come. ‘Shops are being opened here.’ Look at this! Look at this!
Devotees are coming from all sides. Hail to Hava Baba! Hail to Hava Baba! Hail to Hava Baba! ‘I must take commission
from this barber.’ ‘Leaving aside me everyone
else is taking advantage of me. ‘Looks like after a few days
my temple will be built here.’ Hail to Hava Baba! Our channel 20 20 is
giving a golden opportunity.. all the viewers
watching this incident. Will this Baba wait in
mid-air or will he fly away? Answer this. If it is yes,
then yes and if it no then.. ..SMS your answers on
1212 and quickly send it. This is Paul D’souza
with cameraman Mayuresh.. ..from 20 20 channel. ‘Their TRP also must have increased.’ What drama are you doing?
And why did you come in slow motion? Look, aunty. It is not any
slow motion. This is my style. Where is my property? – What? I mean, where is my wife? Have you not come to
your senses even after.. ..getting your bones broken? You cannot beat me now because
I have purchased a petrol pump. Open! Not your pants but the suitcase. Aunty, for you here
is some money and ornaments. See this! Son-in-law! – Mother-in-law!
No. My wife will feel bad. Where is she? – Inside in the room. Mother-in-law,
today I will celebrate my nuptial day! Come. Come. Come. Lie down! – What’s the hurry? How do you say that? I have been controlling from the
past so many days. I cannot stop now. There is no need to wait.
We will solemnize it tonight itself. I cannot wait till night. We
will finish it in the daytime itself. Who called at this time now? Yes, brother, tell me. What are you doing? Making arrangements
for my nuptial day. Oh, you worshipper
of your nuptial night. Go to the market and get three
to four baskets full of flowers. Arrange them on the bed for the night. Your life will be set. Brother, what an idea! I will
decorate the whole house with flowers. Okay, brother. Bye! Bye, darling. I will just be back. Yes! Lord Brahma, what is our next task. My Lord,
the food on earth is very famous. We will have a hearty mean and rest. If you again use your brain
I will send you to hell. – Oh, Lord! I will have t take back the power
from that human as soon as I can. Oh, god, what is the solution? While granting him the boon.. ..I had explained the rules
of how it would lose its effect. That means, conditions apply, right? Chitragupt, what is that? First! If he tells anyone about
his power it will lose its effect. Lord, this is impossible. He will not tell anyone because
human beings now are very intelligent. Lord, tell us the next rule. Having relations with another woman
can destroy the effect of that power. Which other woman? The same one no sooner
she glances at them.. ..all the gods become unconscious. Seeing her,
the demons start licking their lips. Seeing her, the penance
of great sages gets shattered. That same nymph Rambha
we will call here. More than them why
are you so eager, my Lord? Send her an invitation.- Yes. Rambha! Rambha! You made a fool of yourself! Rambha! Where are you going? I will go and bring Rambha here. She can come till here.
You don’t take the trouble. Greetings, Lord Brahma!
– May you live long! May you have a good married life! You still do not know which
blessings are to be given when. My Lord, for which work
have you called me here? You grant the boon but
we have to suffer for that. Rambha, the thing is Lord
Brahma has granted a boon.. a human being on this
earth in the form of some power. Oh! – You will have to
snatch that power from him. With your magic, entice him,
entertain him, pacify him.. whatever you can
and take that power from him. I understood, my Lord. My Lord, she is so fast
She is experienced. – Yes. My Lord, who is that man? How much are these Champa flowers for? Have you never purchased flowers? That is not Champa those are roses. Pack all the flowers and give me. Is there something special today? Today is our nuptial night. Shut up, you fool!
Yours and my nuptial night? First go and see
yourself in the mirror. Nonsense!
Not the two of us but with my wife. So little flowers for
my nuptial night? Not at all! Take thousand rupees and give me this. This fool turned
out to be very wealthy. ‘I will have to pacify this man?’ ‘He is not even two feet.’ ‘His face is like that of a donkey.’ ‘Lord Brahma,
what fix you have put me in?’ My nuptial night in this rain!
It will be fun today. “I have fallen in love..” “She too has accepted my love..” “Why is my heart
still fearful of love?” “I have fallen in love..” “She too has accepted my love..” “Why is my heart
still fearful of love?” What happened, handsome? My batter has become full charged. And are you Salman’s brother? Why did you ask me this? As you are hot I had some doubts. By the way I am hotter than Salman. Will you come to a corner? – Yes. I just cannot believe! – About what? Whether this is a dream or reality.
– But why? As such a beautiful girl is
sitting so close to me. That’s why. Am I so beautiful? You look exactly like Rambha..
..who has descended from heaven. Do you know Rambha? I saw you so it is
good as seeing Rambha. You are very romantic. Where do you stay?
Tell me, I will drop you. Is it necessary to come to my house
under the pretext of dropping me home? Oh! You are so clever.
There is no one at home, isn’t it? If I go it will be one and
if you also come we will be two. It is my nuptial night today.
My item must be waiting for me. I will be with her in the
morning and I will see her at night. Let’s go. – Yes. We will go to your house. “She too has accepted my love..” “Why is my heart
fearful of this love?” Wait! Wait! From here! What are you doing? Shweta, what happened? Leave me! Leave me! Shreenu! “Om Namo Brahmaya Namah!” “Om Namo Brahmaya Namah!” There is nothing to fear now.
I am there. I am very scared. What if the wedding does not
take place? – Hey! Don’t be tense. Everything will be fine. Shweta, not you but I should say this. Om Brahmadevay Namah! ‘She will do a love marriage.’ You will get married. You have such a beautiful physique. Actually I have not exercised
from the past many days.. ..that is why I have become thin. Now that you are there
it will gradually increase. Oh, wow! What a body! As I was a body builder it is strong. You are feeling shy? – As this
is the first time I am feeling shy. Is there any problem?
– What do I know? But it will be clear today. – Okay. Never mind.
I will set everything right. Listen, Lord Yam!
He has the power that I had given. My Lord, why did you
send Rambha to that man, then? That..I made a mistake. – Oh! Quickly call Rambha here. Rambha! – My Lord! Who is this lord and
where has he come from? Rambha! – Tell me, my Lord. Is the task done or not? I am doing just that. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! That
foolish man does not have the power. You quickly return here. As you say, my Lord. – Yes. She seems to be a little crazy. I had doubts no sooner
she called me Salman’s brother. But never mind.
If the matter has reached till here.. ..let me have some fun. ‘If the hen is blind
does she lay a squint egg?’ Darling, shall we start? Hey you, fool, who are you? I am Salman’s brother! You are Salman’s brother,
is it? – Yes. He is six feet and you are two feet. If he is a hero then you are a zero. What is this?
This is cheating. Come here. You don’t have the power, isn’t it? What? I don’t have power?
Look at my power! Come on! Everything is finished! I will not be able
to pick this up also. ‘There is no response from
the number that you have dialed.’ Right now he didn’t
have to answer my call? Wonder when he will pick up? Shweta, all of you go to the temple. I will go to the market and
get new clothes. – Okay. Let’s go. My Lord, see he is going away. Come, let us follow him. – Let’s go. My Lord! There is no facility to hold the door.
– Open it! Is there someone inside? My Lord, no one is answering. Speak in English. Open the door! Do you want to go up?
– We have come from up only. So then do you want to go down? We have nothing to do below. Open the door! Sir, please wait. The person who has gone up..
..let him come down first. Ignorant man! Once a person goes up it
is not possible for him to come down. Anybody is there inside?
Please come out! Sir, there is no one inside. This is not true. With my own eyes I have seen..
..a person going inside. Lord Yam, break it right now. My Lord, see this! How is this possible? My lord, a man went
in and a lady came out? What all is happening on this earth. I think there must be a
machine inside to change the body. My Lord, we will send
Chitragupt inside and see. These humans are doing
things against nature. Come, let us find out. Come on, hurry up! – Yes, my Lord. Come on! Welcome. Please come in. Before us a lady came in.
please call her out. Tell me. You have come to meet me? We have come to meet you only.
– Then come on in. Yes! Yes! Please come in. I will show you..hell. Who are you? – Police! That means? – Protection force! My Lord, like there
are Yam workers in hell.. ..the same way there is
a protection force on earth. Stop talking nonsense and
come with me to the police station. I will not come. – Why not? Till our Guruji does
not come we will not go. Where is your Guruji? He is busy in some work. – What work? It is illegal. I won’t tell you. Open the door! My power that you have with
you please return that to me. Who is it? Who is that who
is creating obstacles in my work? I am here! Come to the police station. Writer! Yes, sir! – Begin! It is okay. I mean writing the case. Your name! – Brahma! Powerful! God! Creator! Sir! Brahma! Powerful! God! Creator! Write down the names of
all the remaining gods. Okay? Where do you stay? The Abode of Brahma. Where is that? The abode of Lord Moon. The abode of Lord Sun. And on top of that
is the Abode of Brahma. Sir! Suryalok Complex opposite
Chandralok B side.. Brahmalok building. What else? Come on, write that. Next! What is your name? I am the Lord of Hell. I am the protector
of sin and good merits. I am the servant of
Lord Brahma and my name is.. Don’t bore him so much.
I will tell him right now in shortcut. He is Lord Yam. My name is C.H. Gupt. He works as my boss. Police officer,
glad to meet you! – Hey! I had asked you to find my
father’s murderer. Did you find him? I have still not found him.
Sir, I will find out soon. It is two months that
my father was murdered.. ..and you are sitting
here doing nothing? Hey you! You are troubled, isn’t it? You wish to know who
murdered your father. – Yes. He is the one! You murdered my father? – Yes. You are surprised, isn’t it?
Tomorrow he will kill you as well. Hey! Do you know who I am? I am a very well
known goon in this city. In a year I committed
three murders. Yes. This is nothing. Wonder how
many murders he commits in a day! Hey! Give me the sword!
– All of you wait! Here! Settle your account. Beat him! Sir! Go! Come! Kill me!
– No! Leave me! Please forgive me! Go! My lord, stop! My Lord, still fifteen
days of his life are left. If you kill him right now
you will only break your rule. Go, I have speared you! ..will keep wandering around. Go! ..will keep wandering around. Go! What is this? What happened here? My Lord, our Lord Yam
has played a little game. Was the task successful inside? My Lord, shall we get our powers back? Lord Yam, I made a mistake. – Oh! She is not a man-woman. Let’s go. Sorry, madam. I could not
see in the dark. I am sorry. Never mind. – Come,
I will take you to the hospital. No. Please drop me to my house.
– Okay, come. Slowly! Carefully! Stop! Stop here.
My house is here only. ‘This man is very handsome.’ Please come. Oh, no! Shweta! Oh! – Carefully! I am feeling very nice
the way you have held me. What did you say? Whenever you touch me a
current passes through my body. Do not speak too much right now.
Take rest. Sit here! I am sorry. Is it paining a lot? – Yes. The pain will lessen
after applying that. – Okay. You apply it yourself. Take this. I will apply it! Here? – A little above. Here? – A little more up. Here? – Just a little more up. I will not go higher than this.
You apply it yourself. Okay. Apply it here only. How does this feel? I am really enjoying it. But I am feeling this very strange. There is magic in your hands. I will leave now. – Why? Am I not beautiful?
– No, I did not mean that. You are very beautiful. But I love someone else. Don’t love me. Just fulfill my wish. You have not understood what I said. My body, my mind and my
heart belongs to only one girl.. ..and her name is Shweta. I apologize for that accident.
I am sorry. I am really very sorry. But I really truly love someone. What is love? Fall in love once. You will understand yourself.. ..what true love is. Shweta, you here? Shweta, what happened? Hey! Stop crying. What is the matter?
– I am sorry. I doubted you. Never mind. You doubted me that
means you love me a lot. I love you, Shweta! I love you so much.
– I love you. Let’s go. My greetings to Lord Brahma. Rambha, what happened?
Have you finished the task or not? Oh, Lord, please forgive me. My charm and my beauty
had no effect on that man. And what is the reason for that?
– Lord Brahma, that man is in love. Oh, Lord, sages who do
penance can be lured by my charm. We can also lure the
demons who do penance.. rule over the universe, oh, lord. But my Lord,
the man who is deeply in love.. is difficult to lure him. Love is blind, isn’t it? Those who are in love
cannot see anything else. Lord Yam, please forgive me. That which does not
get lured by beauty.. That which you cannot
bribe by your wealth. That which is away from caste,
creed and religion. That which is not afraid of death.. That is only love! Besides the gods that which
is acquired by human beings.. Love! Oh, lord, allow me to leave. Lord Brahma, what is our next task? I will myself deal with this problem. Shreenu! – Yes. This place is so strange. There is no one around here. Then both of us.. I really don’t understand
why the two of us have come here. That is because.. ..what do you think about marriage? Okay, for this reason..
– Then? What did you think? No. I did not think anything.
I was just casually asking you. Actually I had thought of something
else while coming here but so.. ..that you don’t get angry
I was not talking to the point. Okay? The thing is actually I am smart.. ..handsome and intelligent. So that..the thing is there
are many girls who are after me. You even saw that yesterday. So to get saved from this
problem we both should get married. What do you say? Shreenu, don’t you think that.. What? – That you are too egoistic? Janu, not ego.
This is called as confidence. Do you understand confidence? I will slap you now. What do you say?
Will you do it or not? What? – Marriage? I have no problem. Then tell your papa
to speak to my mother. Why? First you speak to my papa
only then something can happen. – No. It does not happen like this. The girl’s family goes
to speak to the boy’s family. Do you know anything in life or not? Bones also got broken
and we even had to spend money. You have got discharged, isn’t it? Whom are you waiting for now? Just to see you once. Brother, why are you sitting here?
There that Shreenu is getting married. What did you say?
By making us sleep on this bed.. ..he is ready to solemnize
his nuptial night? Yes, – sister! Quickly ready a bed for post mortem. But you are still alive! Not for me but for my enemy, Shreenu! Let’s go! – Yes, let’s go! Hey, stop, stop! Brother, what is going on? Why are we dancing in his wedding? You have not understood, Chote. The auspicious time of his
wedding is also the time of his death. Brother, what do you mean?
– He must have planned something big. A time bomb is fitted
in the flower bouquet. Bomb! We can see his death
here with our own eyes. Come on play the music! Hey, wait! Stop it! Hey, stop it! Brother, brother, if the
bomb blasts we all will also die. This is right. I never thought about this.
Come on, run from here! One minute! Have you solemnized
your nuptial night? Get lost, you scoundrel! This nuptial night has made me crazy. ‘If you tell anyone about
this power it will lose it’s effect.’ At last you have become a groom! Both of you go. Mother is calling you. Okay, fine. Listen, Lord Brahma has
descended in a human form. What, Lord Brahma? – Yes. Maybe to snatch your power. If you tell how you got this
power this power will lose its effect. Handle it well. Okay? Be careful! What should I do now? ‘Om Brahmaya Namah!’ Even after doing penance
for years together.. one gets an opportunity
to behold you, My Lord. My Lord, I am blessed! My child,
I had to come as you have my power. I had to come to take that. My Lord, it is injustice
to take back the power.. ..that you had given as a boon. I had not given you that power. But I acquired it, my Lord. You are very clever. That too with your
blessings only, my Lord. But you have misused that power. What? I did that? – Yes, you. That day by saving the children you
have done something against nature. My lord, this is injustice. It I injustice to snatch the lives
of small and innocent children. Human body is a perishable statue. It is an indiscretion to
think of keeping it alive forever. The one who take birth
their death is definite. Life and death is my decision. My lord,
what kind of decision is this? A lady waiting for her
husband to return from work.. ..gets the news of his death? A young boy who was going
to become his father’s support.. ..dies before growing young. A devotee returning
home after worshipping god.. ..dies on the way. My Lord, what justice is this? Listen to me now. Everyone’s destiny is decided
on their past birth’s deeds. In Treta Yug Ram killed
Bali from behind a tree. That is why in Dwapar Yug I destined
him to die at the hands of a hunter. In Dwapar Yug Shri Krishna
stole the clothes of the Gopis.. I made him Kalyug’s Balaji
and wrote to get him beaten by stones. Gods themselves had to suffer
for their deeds of their past birth. Then what about you human beings? You did not understand? I will explain to
you in your language. In a game someone
wins and someone loses. For a new crop to grow
you have to cut the old crop. That is the meaning of death. Oh, Lord,
I am an ordinary human being. You are our god. I saved those innocent children
with the power given by You. I got a life partner. What more I want, my Lord? Oh, lord, I have no problems
in returning back Your power. I will hand over the
power to you right now. “Om Brahma Devaya Namah!” Shreenu! Shreenu! Listen! The priest has still
not arrived. -He has not arrived? Why is he delayed? Both of you go I am coming. How will the wedding
take place without the priest? Didn’t I say, both of you go? Okay. – Okay. Let’s go. – Yes, let’s go. My Lord, this is a good merit of my
past birth that I got to behold you. Oh, God, only you can
only make my life blessed. Immediately the next
moment after the wedding. My Lord, I will return your power. So then, let’s go. Sit and put the garland
around your neck. So we will start then. ‘Sanskrit Chants.’ Mother, quickly get the bride here. All of you start your music. You are very fortunate! The bride is beautiful and virtuous. You only make them beautiful
and send them on earth. No sooner we see them
we fall in love with them. And You only make pairs. That is why I will only say that. I want Your blessings! Shreenu, looking at Shweta
find out when are you going to.. ..solemnize your nuptial night? Is all this necessary?
– I did not solemnize it. I want to know whether will
you be able to solemnize it or not. Go have a bath and come!
– Just once, please, please. Once I told you go, isn’t it?
Come back soon. “Om Brahma Devaya Namah!” ‘Death the next moment
after her marriage.’ My Lord, what have You written? She will die immediately
the next moment after marriage? ‘Is marriage any less than death?’ The thing is at that time
Devi Saraswati was angry.. – What? What happened, my son? Son-in-law, what is the matter? I do not agree to this marriage! Suddenly what happened to you?
What are you saying? Look here,
mother, the thing is that… Give an answer to
your mother’s question. Tell me, my son. ‘If you tell anyone about
this power it will lose its effect.’ I am asking you.
Why are you looking at his face? You were even ready
to even die for this girl.. ..then suddenly what happened to you? My son, why are you refusing? Tell me what the matter is?
– At least tell me what happened. I will not get married. That’s it! What has happened to him? Look, please don’t do this. If we have committed any
mistake then please forgive us. But do not leave the
wedding dais like this. It is the question of my honor. Son, what will happen
about my daughter’s life? Whatever happens.. – But why? Shreenu! I do not wish to get married! What are you doing? This is called as revenge! Shreenu, this..
– In college I used to be after her.. ..saying, I love you, I love you! But she never bothered about me. Do you know how much I was hurt? To get rid of me she even
took her brother-in-law’s help.. ..and tried to get me killed. Later when I became wealthy father
and daughter planned a conspiracy. By the way you both
had made a good plan. And then suddenly she
started showering love on me. I love you, Shreenu!
Shreenu, let’s get married. I cannot live without you. Since that day,
that moment I had decided that.. ..whatever happens
I will take revenge on her. This is wrong.
– Mother, what is wrong in that? Only I know how much
pain I have suffered. – Son! What do you think? I love your wealth? Just ask yourself. In college you were after me and
I used to consider you as a loafer. You never bothered about your
life so I fell in love with you. I started truly loving you so I decided
that I would get married to you. I truly love you a lot. Shreenu,
I love you and not your wealth. I am telling from my heart. I really love you! Shreenu, say something at least. All are looking. It is the question of my Papa’s honor. You very well know that
I love you and not your wealth. Shreenu, answer me. Say something at least. I had heard that girls
are crazy after money. But what am I seeing now? She loves acting. Go and act in films. I hate you! Go away from here! Son! Son! – Shreenu! Come with me.
– Son, Shreenu! Wait! Wait! Listen to me at least. – Son! Shreenu! Listen to me! Wait, son! Son! Shreenu! My child! Son, you must not ruin a
girl’s life like this. – Get in. You had promised of returning
the power back, isn’t it? I had told you I will
return it after marriage.. ..but I have still not got married. You know who you are saying no to? If you want my life
take it by all means. But spare my Shweta’s life. My Lord, everything is in your hands.
Write the future again. That is impossible!
– I will not return the power then. My son, I am not angry with you. That is because there is
truth in what I am saying, oh, Lord. Good-bye! Listen, Lord Brahma! Your time is getting over. Hurry up! Let’s go! Brother, that girl’s marriage
got called off that is a good thing.. ..but a proposal has come
for her from America. – Is that so? I will show them right now. Sir, before the auspicious time
wanes away let us complete the ritual. ‘Sanskrit chant’ Why have you come here? Innocent people!
They have come from America. I will have to tell them the truth. The one you wish to make your
daughter-in-law she was my lover. That means Shweta loves Shreenu! We both had a great time together. We sang and danced around the trees. This is the fruit of that same tree.
– Shut up! He is lying! What is lies in this? We both were lovers. Is that a lie? We both went around. Is that a lie? Our story had reached
up to the wedding dais. Uncle, is this a lie?
– What is going on? What he is saying is that true?
– Hey you! Don’t you understand? Does anyone
lie about such a serious matter? What I am saying
is absolutely the truth. Why aren’t you saying anything? Yes, the marriage was broken, but..but. Father, let’s go from here. But..listen to me..
– What is left to hear now? He told us everything. We wanted a girl
from a cultured family.. ..and someone who was so degraded. Thank you, uncle. Please leave. Good-bye to you and your proposal.
Let’s go. Brother, please wait! Brother, wait.
I am telling you, please wait. Have you come in a crowd
for a film shooting? Come on, leave! “I have loved her.” “I will always lover her!” “I will not allow your
daughter to get married.” You, I will see that you..
– Papa, wait. I thought that there was
some misunderstanding between us. But now I have understood that
to love you was my biggest mistake. What do you wish after all?
Why are you doing all this? You will never get married. I will never allow you get married! I will stay a bachelor. You too will have to stay a spinster. I will not allow you to get married. I will never allow you to get married! I will never allow that to happen! My child! – Papa,
get me married in twenty-four hours. But my child,
how can this happen so quickly? Hello. Hello. Will you marry me? – Really? Yes, I am speaking the truth. I was in love with Shreenu.
I wanted to marry him. But not anymore now. If you are ready then I am also ready. Make arrangements for my wedding. Before he comes to know I must get
married. – My child, listen to me.. Brother, Shweta has
agreed to marry me. – Really? Yes. Great! – She as saying that
she wants to marry me. Hey! This marriage will be
solemnized in our style now! – Yes! You start the music. Shreenu, why are you so sad? It is nothing like that. Shreenu, whether you agree
or not but you have changed. Why do you feel so? Our earlier Shreenu
would play mischief.. ..but would never ruin anyone’s life. I have not changed even today. Tell me the truth.
Don’t you love Shweta? She is my life. Why did you break your
marriage with her then? I don’t know.
– Shreenu, what are you doing? I don’t understand anything. But I surely understand your pain. Why are you doing this after all? The thing is. Tell us now! – No. I cannot tell you. If you don’t tell us
how will we stop her marriage? Whose marriage? Shweta is getting married to
her brother-in-law’s brother. Where are you going?
To stop the wedding, right? Why are you playing
with that girl’s life? Neither will you get married nor
will you allow her to get married. What is this? If you love someone you should pray
for that person’s life to be happy. And what are you doing with her? At times you threaten to kill her.. ..and at times to stop
her from getting married. These are all misdeeds and not love. Mother, you don’t know.. – Keep quiet! Remember till I am there
you cannot ruin that girl’s life. can you go against
your mother’s wishes? Mother, it is not so..
– Stop it! That is enough now. It is too much now. Since you have become wealthy
you have changed totally. Okay! Swear on your mother
and tell the truth. Come on, tell me.
Tell me honestly what the matter is. Mother, listen to me carefully. On the day of our marriage. If we would have got married
she would not have stayed alive. Only for this reason
I did not get married to her. I have loved that
girl more than my life. Mother, how could I allow her to die? As my love is true
there was no other option. ‘Om Namo Brahmaya Namah!’ ‘Om Namo Brahmaya Namah!’ ‘Om Namo Brahmastram!’ ‘Om Namo Brahmastram!’ ‘Om Brahmadevaya Namaha!’ ‘Om Brahmadevaya Namaha!’ Lord Brahma, permit us to leave now. ‘Sanskrit Chants’ ‘Sanskrit Chants’ Oh, Lord,
who has come to interfere now? Whether he gets married
or not his death is definite. Brother! – This scoundrel
has come here as well! Kill him! Chote, tie the Mangalsutra! The pot with which
you can win over the world. The pot with which you
can send the enemy to hell. The pot with which if you hit
the opposite person wets his pants. You came here forgetting
about that pot? Shobhan, listen to me.. – Keep quiet! At least listen to me.
– Just keep quiet. I will get you married. Take the Mangalsutra from
him and tie it around her neck. Give it to him. – Come on, tie it. Looks like I will
have to show a sample. Hey, what happened to this pot? Shreenu! – It’s power. Its power. No! Finished! What will you do now?
Beat him! Oh no.. Didn’t I tell you to listen to me? This pot deceived me. Why are you beating me? Hey, give that to me. Hey you! You are trying to scare all of us
by showing us that pit all the time? Hey! – Come on! ‘Om! Yama! Yama! Yama!’ ‘Om! Yama! Yama! Yama!’ ‘Om! Yama! Yama! Yama!’ ‘Om! Yama! Yama! Yama!’ “What I do you also do.” What have you done? Why did you stop the song?
– He is getting married to her. Hey you! Hey! Yam’s task was unsuccessful. This is against Yam’s religion! How can this be possible? Is this girl’s life not
over or have I made any mistake. Lord Brahma, please appear! Oh, Lord, how is this possible? Some divine power is protecting her. I am unsuccessful. Why is happening like this? This is against the rules of nature. Lord Yam, please do not worry. This is the result of
the boon that I have given. Lord, what is the meaning of this? The meaning is this! When I was taking back
my power from this boy. You are just a human being. A human being is
nothing in front of god. Taking your mother’s form
I compelled you to speak the truth. And very lovingly
I took my power back. What happened?
Have you become mentally imbalanced? Oh, Lord, you did not get the
power back with your idea.. ..but you got it because
of my love for my mother. I kept my hand on your head. I tried to read the future,
but my Lord, I could not read it. That was the time I understood
that Lord Brahma.. ..Himself is standing in front of me. Oh, lord,
I cannot lie in front of my mother. If I would have lied my
mother would have died. If I would speak the truth
my lover would have died. Oh, Lord,
Your divine grace is beyond compare. I knew that by speaking the
truth I would lose my power. Even then I spoke the truth because.. heart did not agree
to deceiving Lord Brahma Himself. For me my mother’s love
is much more valuable.. ..than You and Your power
and even more than my Shweta. Mother! Great!
You are a great human being! You have touched my heart. Tell me, what boon do you want? Besides your lover’s life. Bless me that I live for a hundred
years with my wife and children. May it be so! Thank you, oh, Lord! Can I now marry Shweta? My son, if you marry her she will die. Lord Brahma Himself has blessed me. Nothing will happen to me now. In this way that human
with his cleverness and honesty.. ..took a boon from me
and saved his lover’s life. Oh, Lord, what did You do? It is not right to bestow
such a boon on a human being. Lord Yam, maybe you have
forgotten but you also.. ..had returned Savitri’s
husband Satyavan’s life back. Didn’t Lord Shiv give
a boon to Bhasmasur? How can the boon I have
given be against the nature, then? And on top of that being
angry on Devi Saraswati.. ..the fate that I had written
about her I rectified it in this way. Oh! Please forgive me. What is my next task? You just have to bless
them wholeheartedly. Live happily with your
family for a hundred years!

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