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Here’s the imaginary scenario. For some reason or another you decided to
visit Gotham City. Let’s say you are there on business. You check the calendar on your phone to see
that you have an appointment scheduled to meet with a Mr. Bruce Wayne. You’re walking along, searching for the
address of Wayne Enterprises when you suddenly realize that you are lost. The GPS on your phone has stopped working
and you are stumped about where to go. Not wanting to keep Mr. Wayne waiting, your
head floods with anxiety. You try to retrace your steps to locate where
you just came from and where you should go next, but nothing looks familiar. The streets are mostly dark except for a stray
lamp post here and there. Placed on each one is a wanted poster for
a criminal clown couple known as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Though both are equally dangerous, Harley
Quinn is the main threat to worry about as she has been spotted by the public most recently. You turn a corner on the mean streets of Gotham,
thinking you could take a shortcut somewhere. That’s when you realize you’ve just stumbled
into a dark alley. You have a creepy feeling in the pit of your
stomach and decide that you need to turn back. As you spin on your heels to leave, however,
you see someone blocking your way, an ominous, girlish figure. She looks familiar to you, dressed in a red
and black clown costume. You realize to your ultimate dismay that she
is the same girl you spotted on the wanted posters during your trek over here. Harley Quinn wants a victim and she has targeted
you. So, what should you do in this scenario? Today, we’re pitting you, the average joe,
against the crazed clown sidekick of the Joker! At first, you may be thinking that this will
be an easy fight. After all, Harley Quinn does not have any
superpowers worth mentioning, unless you count her super insanity. In the end, she’s just a whacky human girl. Still, we’d advise against underestimating
her. Don’t get too confident or you’ll wind
up in a whole heap of trouble. You may end up hearing the words, “Good
night, chump!” just before feeling the sudden blow of an oversized wooden mallet colliding
against the side of your skull. It is time to brace yourself for the worst
that this villain has to offer. So that you are prepped, let’s first get
to know your opponent a little better by explaining her back story. As many fans of the Batman animated series
know, Harley Quinn began as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, an intern psychiatrist at Gotham
City’s Arkham Asylum. She was an ambitious, young professional with
an ironic interest in extreme personalities. She had studied criminal psychology and was
looking for an exciting challenge within her field. As a hardcore psychotic, the Joker definitely
posed as the ideal candidate for her to work with. When assigned to act as his inpatient psychiatrist,
Dr. Quinzel spent months in preparation for her first scheduled meeting with him. She read up on his antics and thought she
had a good grasp of what he was all about. Ready and eager to take on the challenge,
she went into her first session with the Joker feeling confident that she’d have the upper
hand and be able to cure him. One thing she didn’t anticipate, however,
was accidentally falling in love with him. Throughout their sessions, the Joker seemingly
confided in Harley, confessing his difficult upbringing with an abusive father. Whether or not his stories of his past are
true is highly questionable. The Joker has a habit of lying about himself
all the time, so he was probably just spewing out his usual tales of fiction, telling Harley
what she wanted to hear. As a novice in her profession, the Joker had
her pegged as someone he could easily manipulate. Dr. Quinzel fell for it, playing right into
his hands. She allowed her emotions to take over from
her professional duty. Maybe spending too much time with the Joker
was what made her lose her grip on reality because her love for him caused her to become
equally as insane, if not more so. And that’s the evil genius behind the Joker,
able to outwit his psychiatrist. Dr. Quinzel gained sympathy for him and developed
a new persona, new accent and a new wardrobe. She dropped the name of Dr. Quinzel and became
Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sidekick, assistant and girlfriend. She is portrayed as doing this in different
ways. In the animated series, she released him from
Arkham Asylum herself. In the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad, she gave
him a machine gun upon his request, and he released himself from his captivity before
giving Harley electroshock therapy. Despite being repeatedly abused by the Joker,
both physically and verbally, Harley is depicted in the animated series as continuously pining
over him. She is obsessed and helplessly locked in a
romance that only seems to go one way. Though some believe the Joker does indeed
love her in his own way by keeping her around, others think that he is simply too psychotic
to be capable of love. It is often suggested that he simply uses
her for his own game. According to the symptoms described in the
DSM-V and Psychology Today, Harley Quinn exemplifies many characteristics of someone with Histrionic
Personality Disorder. Symptoms that classify the disorder include
but are not limited to being flirtatious and seductive, overly dramatic, wanting to be
the focal point of attention, dressing provocatively, excessive emotional presentation, suggestible
by others, and gullible. People with the disorder also have a tendency
to overestimate the intimacy of their social relationships, such as Harley’s perceived
romance with the Joker. She tends to use loving terms of endearment
when referring to him, calling him her “Mr. J” and “puddin.’” It is almost as if Harley Quinn’s character
was designed as a staple to perfectly fit the description for this psychological disorder. Perhaps this little bit of imperfection and
human flaw about her is what makes her character so interesting and popular. Her story may also be intriguing because we
can’t help but wonder how anyone could possibly fall in love with someone as creepy looking
and frightening as the infamously cruel Joker. Quick fact: the origin of her name Harley
Quinn stems from a French clown character known as harlequin, which may have initially
drawn the Joker to manipulate her as a joke in the first place. Okay, so now we know how she became a villain
and we’ve delved quite a bit into her psychosis, what makes her such a worthy adversary? Well, for one, she is an expert gymnast, having
earned a scholarship through her skills in gymnastics to pursue her doctorate in psychiatry. Her agility sharpens her fighting dexterity,
so you’d better be quick on your toes in order to take her on in combat. She also uses weaponized props such as the
aforementioned mallet, firearms, a baseball bat, and a boxing glove gun. And don’t forget about her pet hyenas! Her mental instability also makes her mostly
fearless, which is super dangerous. Think about it this way; if you are not inhibited
by fear, you’re better able to focus on inflicting harm on your opponent during a
fight. So, what could you do if you are not physically
fast enough to outmaneuver her? Or you’re not as fearless as she is? Well, if you even think about trying to use
any poisonous gas to stop her, forget about it. Her friendship with the plant-based villain,
Poison Ivy, has granted her immunity to various toxins. So, you’re likely to be unsuccessful with
this method. Her training in psychiatry also makes her
a talented manipulator, much like the Joker. If you take her on in a fight, be prepared
because she may just try to seduce you. She is physically designed to be attractive,
the ideal specimen of feminine beauty with an hourglass figure. So, her advances may be difficult to resist,
especially if you have a sexual orientation that is directed towards women. Beware! If she tries anything, try your best to remember
that she is too obsessed with the Joker to be truly interested in you. Keep your head in the game and your focus
on the fight at hand! In the 2017 animation film, Batman and Harley
Quinn, she used her powerful seduction tactic on Nightwing while he was trying to obtain
information from her. Not even he was immune to her charms. So, now let’s say you’ve meditated for
a bit and you are now mentally prepared to resist her advances. How can you defeat her in a fight? Well, first off, a firearm might help. Just be mindful that she’s a person, not
a mutant or a monster. So, we’d advise against killing her if possible. After all, you wouldn’t want to be accused
of murder. For the sake of being ethical, we’re assuming
that you’re fighting strictly in self-defense. If you can fire a shot at her leg, that would
definitely hinder her and stop her from having the physical upper hand, but this would be
a challenge since she is talented at avoiding bullets. Her speed and lightness of foot may make it
difficult for you to aim properly. She can perform backflips and cartwheels that
can make your head spin. Also, don’t forget that she, too, possesses
a firearm and is perfectly capable of shooting you before you shoot her. So, what else can you do? Well, because we’re assuming that Harley
Quinn is more fit and athletic than the average joe, a technique meant to defeat a stronger
opponent than yourself may need to be utilized. Learning the martial art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu
might help. This is a ground-based form of fighting. When Harley rushes past you, seize the opportunity
to target her ankle and swing her to the floor. Then use leverage to apply joint locks or
chokeholds to restrain her until police arrive. You may need to use every ounce of strength
in your body to pin her down for long duration because she will resist, struggle and try
to squirm her way out of your grip. That is probably the best way to defeat her
physically. But not everyone has time to invest in taking
jiu-jitsu classes with their busy schedules. This fighting strategy can also take years
to master. If you want to try talking to convince her
out of a fight, you could try to out manipulate her. This may be difficult unless you have the
same psychological training that she possesses. You’d also have to manage to say something
quick that immediately grabs her attention and stops her in her tracks before she can
get the best of you. Knowing her weaknesses can help with this. Her love for the Joker and her heightened
level of insecurity can be a beneficial tool to work with. Batman managed to do just this in the episode
of the animated series, Mad Love, when Harley had him chained upside down over a piranha
tank. He explained to her that the Joker didn’t
actually love her and that he only cared about himself. This upset her and she was adamantly in denial
about it. Batman then further explained how the Joker
tells lies to gain sympathy, which seemed to strike a nerve with Harley. But, again, she denied this to be true. Furious, she almost killed Batman right then
and there but then he mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to prove to the Joker that she was
the one who did it. This was an ingenious tactic on his part,
making Harley desirous to call up the Joker first before killing him. Not only did talking to her delay Batman’s
death but it also saved him. When the Joker arrived on the scene, he was
furious with Harley because she had shattered his ego. He wanted to be the one to outsmart and kill
Batman himself and he didn’t like the idea that she could do it while he could not. Thus, the Joker freed him so that Batman could
live to fight another day and continue to play his sick games. So how does this information benefit you,
the average joe, against Harley Quinn? Well, if you use your wit and choose your
words carefully, you may be able to defeat Harley Quinn in a similar way by targeting
her psychologically. How would you defeat Harley Quinn? Do you agree with our suggestions? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
YOU vs JIGSAW! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


  1. Anthony Dixon Author

    Death some sleeping medicine and just injected into her walleye she's asleepyou just call the police Wala. She picked up and said oh she's just asleep

  2. Harley Laufeyson Author

    Well, as a person who fell in love with Mistah J and with the recent change of her origin story, where I fell into a tub of chemicals just so I can be with him. That's a 50-50

  3. dem0nclaw Author

    You want to avoid killing her… But you're saying to shoot her in the leg to slow her down…

    The leg is a super dangerous spot to fire at… It is one of the reasons why police officers do NOT shoot there.

    If anything… shoot in the middle of the belly lol, only intestines there

  4. Dragon Chan Author

    Wish there's Batgirl vs Winter Soldier Who Will Win, battle to the superheroes until they becoming lovers, (Captain America Civil War vs. Batman Bad Blood movie), replacing Black Widow (deceased in Endgame) to Batgirl as his new lover and future wife, just like you did Chucky VS Annabelle

  5. Remijio Britto Author

    If she loves the so called "Mr.J", I will tell her stuff like, 👇
    "Look, there! Is that the Joker?" She would be like "Mr J?" Then, I would get the ultimate upper hand. If that would not work, I would say
    "Did you know, Joker is dead?'' She would cry which would give me the upper hand.

  6. Jeshua Restituyo Author

    She's not much a villian anymore tho at least in the comics current universe , she's a anti hero now so if anything she might help you survive in a twisted way

  7. God Author

    I’m 215 pounds and have 6 years of martial arts under my belt along with a couple of years of practicing parkour and I’m very light on my feet

    Can I beat her ?

  8. ucity metalhead Author

    Even if you beat her you still have to deal with the joker. Just shoot her its the easiest way and who's going to convict you for killing a supervillian?

  9. MutuallySustainedHateBoner Inc Author

    Would probably be pretty easy. It's not like Harley Quinn is a martial artist or a superhuman or anything like that. You could probably just knock her out and dip.


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