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Young Hollywood: Maxwell Jenkins, JD McCrary, Julia Butters & More Play Fishing for Answers | THR

– Oh, okay, ready?
– Fishbowl. – Why do I get so nervous? – Okay, yeah, you wanna– – Wait, are we saying our names? – Hey, we’re from the
Young Hollywood issue! – Today we’ll be fishing for compliments. Oh my god. Fishing for answers! – Let’s get to it! (upbeat rock music) – Have you ever heard of a
place called Blockbuster? – No. – No. – Yes. – Yes. – Yes, Blockbuster is where
you go to bust your blocks. – It’s a place where people
shoot blockbuster movies? – No, no. – No, I’m kidding. It’s were you go to, it’s where you went in,
like, the late 1600’s to rent videos. – It’s like this old place where you would go and
get some, like, VHS tapes. – Doesn’t exist anymore but, yes, went a few times when I was younger. – There’s one left and there’s full of,
like, all these movies and posters, and I really wanna go someday and it’s super cool. – Wait, that was in, it was in Captain Marvel!
– Oh, I thought it was– – The video store that she crashes. Ah! – Throwback Netflix. – Throwback Netflix! – It might be better than Netflix. (upbeat bass) – I’m gonna swirl ’em around
to create a dramatic effect. Pull one out, I’m gonna
pull a big chunky one out. Each of you open one of the
envelopes in front of you. You’re welcome, I picked
just the right question. – Oh my God. – I’m so kind. – Oh no. – Ooh, I was wondering
what these were for. – Yeah, me too! I’m excited!
– I didn’t know if I’m supposed tp use ’em. – There’s a little note. – You trying to look, you trying to cheat? Come on, man. – Okay, you have to guess
the songs that I’m… Okay. – You have to guess what song it is. (humming Old Town Road by Lil’
Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus) – Old Town Road by Billy (mumbling). – [All] I’m gonna ride
’til I can’t no more. – Old Town Road? – Yes. – Oh, Old Town Road. – Okay. I got the horses in the back. – What was that in the beginning? – It’s like a little banjo, whatever. – Okay. (humming Circle of Life by
Carmen Twillie and Lebo M) – Why are you humming so aggressively? – Oh, is it the Circle of Life? – Yes! – Oh my God, yes!
– Of course! – It’s the Circle of Life, dude. I’m so disappointed. I’m in The Lion King, why don’t I know this?
– I was like circle! – Circle of Life. – Oh! I’m ashamed. (humming Shallow by Lady
Gaga and Bradley Cooper) – Oh, Shallow from– – Yeah, you got it! – Yeah.
(cheering) – Good job. (funky music) – What the… What does VCR stand for? – Wait, huh? – VCR, what, ooh. – V… what is it? – VCR. – I don’t know if I can answer. Anybody else? – Kind of really don’t know.
– Can we make it up? – Very cool… – Very clueless. – Vacation Crebs Rock. – I know what it is, I just
don’t know what it stands for. – I don’t know what it is. – Virtual Crafts… – Virtual Control… – It’s a DVD player? It’s definitely a DVD player. – Well, like, it’s, you stick it into the thing and it plays on the TV. I think? Yeah. – Virtual. – You’re gonna get it wrong. – Cassette… – Cassette! Radiation. – Radiation, what?! – Video… – Yeah, okay, Video… Computer. – Video Ca… I don’t even know. – Yeah, Video Computer Replay, I trust that.
– Video Computer Replay. – Video… – Something Recorder? – Yeah, Video… – Cassette Recorder? – Oh! – Cassette! – Oh! – Okay, so I got the Video part. – Ah, we were close. – Video Cassette Recorder? – Oh. – High five!
– High five. – High fives. – Awesome, we figured it out. – We did it. – We all together did it.
– Group effort. (upbeat pop music) – A film I can quote endlessly? – Moonlight. In the moonlight, black boys look blue. – Which superhero is the
greatest of all time? – Captain Marvel. – Who’s your celebrity crush? I will not say that. – James Marsden. That or Chris Hemsworth, either way. – Mine is a secret. – Uh, you got one bro? – Next question. – Well, I’m not gonna say Zendaya because I know her dad. – If you were an animated
character, who would you be? Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. I have two pitbulls back at home and Hiccup’s relationship with Toothless kinda reminds me of my
relationship with my two pitbulls. – Miles Morales. I wanna be Miles Morales. I feel like I look like him. See, my hair today? It’s pretty cool, it’s
not how his hair looks but I just wanna point that out. You see this? Boom, it’s straight. That’s cool. Anyway, I would like to be Miles Morales. Hit me up, Marvel. – Congratulations, you just won an Oscar! – Wow. – Give us your best acceptance speech. – What, I did? Wow! – I don’t really think I
worked very hard for this. – Thank you so much to the Academy. – I just wanna thank the Academy. – I wanna thank the Academy because that is something
that everyone says. – Just hand me the Oscar. – All right. – Okay, yeah.
– Here we go. – My line coach and Tarantino
and my dear parents, thank you so much. – I wanna thank God, the man above. – I wanna thank my mother. I wanna thank my father. – Oh my God. Thank you, I’m gonna cry! I didn’t write a speech, but I’d like to thank my parents. – And I wanna thank God because God gave me this Oscar and I would not have
this Oscar without God. – I want to thank my mom for
letting me swear in this movie. – I got an Oscar. Oh yeah, I got an Oscar! – And I also wanna thank my grandparents for not going to see this movie. Because if they did, that
would not be too good. – Thank you guys so much. Remember, you hear 100 no’s
before you hear one yes. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – It was a wonderful experience doing not-so-wonderful things and I loved it so much. – Thank you! And good night! (happy music)


  1. Mo 2k Author

    These kids are very talented but u can tell some are already a bit like dakota fanning in that they talk like adults from being on set more than they are at the playground


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