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Young Hollywood Stars Try to Define VCR & Explain Blockbuster | THR

(upbeat rock music) – Have you ever heard of a
place called Blockbuster? – No.
– No. – No.
– No. – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes, Blockbuster is where
you go to bust your blocks. – It’s a place where people
shoot blockbuster movies? – No, no. – No, I’m kidding. It’s where you went in the
late 1600s to rent videos. – It’s this old place where you would go and get some VHS tapes. – Doesn’t exist anymore, but yes, I went a few times when I was younger. – There’s one left, and there’s full of all
these movies and posters and I really wanna go
someday and it’s super cool. – Wait.
– Oh, I thought it was that was in Captain Marvel. – The video store that she crashes. Aahh! – Throwback Netflix. (laughs) – Throwback Netflix. – It might be better than Netfix. (upbeat music) – What? (laughs) what does VCR stand for? – Wait, huh? – VCR, what, ooh. – V, what is it? – VCR. – I don’t know if I can answer. (laughs) Anybody else? – Um. – Can I make it up? – Kind of really don’t … hmm. Very cool. – Very clueless. – Vacation Crabs Rock. – I know what it is, I just
don’t know what it stands for. – I don’t know what it is. – Virtual Craft – Virtual Control. – It’s a DVD player? – Well, like it’s, and you
stick it into the thing, and it plays on a TV? I think, yeah? – Virtual … – You’re gonna get it wrong. Cassette. – Cassette! Radiation. – Radiation?
What? (laughs) – Video – Yeah, okay, video. – Computer. – Video Ca … I don’t even know. – Yeah, video – Video Computer Replay
I trust that. – Video Computer Replay (laughs) – Video … – Something Recorder? – Yeah, video – Cassette Recorder? – Oh! – Cassette! – Oh! – Okay, so I got the video part. – Ah, we were close. – Video Cassette Recorder? – Oh. – High fives! – High fives! – Awesome. – We figured it out. – We did it. – We all together did it.
– Group effort.


  1. RustySacks Author

    It looks like all parents do today is dress their kids funny and let them run their households. They don't teach them shit about the classics.

  2. BrownSxin Atong Author

    No one:
    Not a body:
    Not a dead body:
    Not a soul:
    Not a light:

    Asante: "yes! Blockbuster is a place where you go to bust your blocks"

    Still not a single human being:


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