Your body inflation punishment with Irina Jelavic (POV) + Voice Acting

Ah good, you made it to detention on time. We’re trying out a new method of “air punishment” today. Let me demonstrate how this works. That was really something! I bet these assets would make it really easy to bewitch someone. So, you saw how it works? Your punishment will begin right now! Yes that’s good, you’re inflating quite nicely. All that air rushing into your body making you expand like a big balloon. I wonder how long you can endure this punishment before you burst? You’re getting pretty big now, but you don’t seem close to popping. Let’s increase the speed shall we? Ooh your skin looks pretty tight now, you must be close! Come on, burst for me! Wow that was more fun than I thought! Looks like you had fun too! I guess I’ll be seeing you in detention a lot more now!

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