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– (woman moaning sensually) Oh god! – It does sound
like a sex scene. – That was some
boom-boom time. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you will be
competing against each other. – Oh–
– Perfect! – You’re going down again!
– No, I will win this time. – (FBE) We’re gonna
have you play a game we do at FBE’s React channel,
where we play you audio from a movie
– Hell yeah! Oh, you’re–
– Ooh! – Game over. – (FBE) And the first person
who guesses the movie correctly gets a point. The person with
the most points at the end of the challenge wins. – I’m either gonna
be really good or bad. – You watch a lot
more movies than me. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna lose. – We’re very competitive
when it comes… – We are so competitive.
– …to fun games and stuff. You’re going down. – You’re so dead! I am the movie man.
– I’m dead. – I’m Mr. Movies. – (FBE) So we do
have to mention, because this is
YouTube Couples React, these will all be romance movies.
– Oh no! – (clicking tongue)
– Oh, that’s him. He’s seen all the rom-coms.
– I like to cry. – Horror movie would work. Romance movies,
we might have trouble with. – Neither of us watch
too many romantic movies. – Speak for yourself. – Power Rangers: The Movie
is not a romantic movie. – That– well… – Best of luck?
– Best of luck to you. – (FBE) Here is the first second
of the first clip. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – I don’t know. Um…
we’re gonna need more of that. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – That sounded
like a cat in heat. (hitting bell) – Uh, The Notebook?
(buzzer) Damn. – NICE!!
– Okay. (hitting bell)
– You’ve Got Mail? (buzzer) (hitting bell)
– Titanic. (ding) – Are you kidding me?! – I’ve watched that movie
over a hundred times. If I had 0.1 more second,
I would have gotten it. – ‘Cause the music?
– Yeah. (hitting bell) – Crap. Titanic?
(ding) – (FBE) Correct.
– No way! – Are you kidding?
– Are you kidding me? – Are you kidding?
– Are you kidding me? That was literally– I just guessed.
– That’s not fair! – I’m a movie genius! ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – Oh gosh.
– (snickering) What was that?!
– Oh no. (hitting bell) – I’m gonna guess Little Mermaid.
(buzzer) Damn. It sounded like
Ariel’s laughter under the sea. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – Wha–? Uh… (chuckling)
I thought I knew it. (hitting bell)
– Titanic. (ding) – What?!
– Really? – Are you serious?
– (giggling) I just said Titanic because
it’s my favorite romance movie. – Next– I mean, add more. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – That was, like,
background music. That sounded like any movie ever. – Oh, now it might
be Lord of the Rings. – Romance movies, babe. – Yeah, but Lord of the Rings
IS a romance movie. – Where’s the romance?
Between me and Legolas. – No, it– HEY!! What?
– (cracking up) (hitting bell) – Free Willy! The love story
between a boy and his whale. (buzzer) – Titanic. (ding)
– (FBE) Correct! – (Matpat screaming)
– Yes! Yes! ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – (exhaling softly)
(hitting bell) I’m gonna say
The Princess Bride. (buzzer) (hitting bell) – (chuckling)
I’m gonna say Titanic. (ding) – (James groaning)
– No! No! – Come on.
– No!! – Come on.
– I’ve seen Titanic once. – (FBE) Okay, let’s go ahead
and jump to five seconds. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – (Jack) You’re so stupid!
(hitting bell) – Titanic!
(ding) – (FBE) That is correct.
– DAMN!! – “You’re so stupid, Rose!”
– Damn. – It keeps changing on me.
– Good– good romance movie. I need more. I need way more. – (FBE) Okay, now
we’re going up to six seconds. ♪ (orchestra playing) ♪ – (Jack) You’re so stupid!
Why’d you do that, huh? You’re so stupid, Rose!
– Oh! (hitting bell)
Titanic. (ding)
Oh, dang! Oh, dang! – I’ve never seen Titanic. – I am so impressed
with myself right now. But now it’s
only downhill from here. There’s no way I can beat– -That’s the only
romance movie he knew. – (both laughing) – (FBE) Movie number two,
here comes your first second. – (woman) I died…
– These are old movies. I’m done. – (woman) I died…
– Aww, I have no idea. (hitting bell)
– No, don’t you dare. – The Notebook.
(buzzer) – No, I don’t know what that is.
Can we hear another– (hitting bell)
– Pirates of the Carribean? (buzzer)
(chuckling) – (woman) I died…
(slapping bell) – Got it. Princess Bride.
(ding) – (growling victoriously)
– Oh, you know what, I don’t know that movie
all that well. We just watched that
not too long ago. (hitting bell)
– Ugh! – That’s Princess Bride.
(ding) You’ve been watching
House of Cards. You shoulda known that. – I was like, well, I already
had used The Princess Bride guess, so now I wasn’t thinking
The Princess Bride. – You gotta keep
your head in the game. – (Buttercup) I died…
– Oh! Oh! Oh! Princess Bride, done!
(ding) YES!!
– Oh my gosh! Woo-hoo-hoo!
– (gloatingly) Oh, oh, oh, oh! – Yeah, we need more time. – (Buttercup) I died that day!
– Nothing. – (Buttercup) I died that day!
– (inhaling) What is this? (hitting bell)
– Oh. I know what it is.
– Yes! It’s, um, Ever After.
(buzzer) – No!
– No, it’s not. – The Princess Bride!
– Dang it! – Boom, son! – (Buttercup) I died that day!
– Oh! It came to me and then it left me. Don’t you dare touch that buzzer. We need more time.
– This is an older movie, I think. – (Buttercup) I died that day! (horse hooves clopping) – There’s a horse in the back. – I don’t know what this is.
– No. – I really don’t know what this is.
– No idea. – (Buttercup) I died that day! (horse hooves clopping) – It was just more wind. All we got was more wind?! – I need more. – (FBE) Okay, now we’re
gonna skip to the full 15 seconds. – (Buttercup) I died that day! (horse hooves clopping) (lowly) You can
die too for all I care! – (Westley) Oof! (voice growing fainter)
As… you… wish! – (Buttercup) Oh, my sweet Westley. – Oh, that’s an old movie. – Westley, oh,
my sweet Westley. – “Westley.”
– I feel like I– who’s Westley? – I don’t know. – It sounds so familiar,
but I have no idea what it is. – I have no idea.
I haven’t seen this movie. – I don’t know! – (FBE) All right, so this
was from The Princess Bride. – I knew it! I thought about that. – Haven’t seen it. – “You killed my father.
Prepare to die!” – No joke, I was thinking
that the second before you said it. – I don’t think I’ve
ever seen that movie. – I’ve never seen that movie.
– I’ve seen that! That’s such a good movie. – I lost so badly
in the last challenge. I’m just happy to be up 2-0. I have a feeling
it’s gonna end up pretty even. – Hoo, the pressure’s on.
I need to up my game. – (FBE) Here’s your first second
of movie number three. – (man) I can’t…
– There’s no– there’s no way. There’s no chance. – (man) I can’t…
– “I can’t”? Did he say “I can’t”? – Yeah, that’s
all I heard, “I can’t.” – Can’t what?
What can you not do?! – So many people can’t–
– There’s– there’s– (silence) (hitting bell) – Is it Forrest Gump?
(buzzer) – (man) I can’t…
– (chuckling) Come on! (hitting bell)
– “I can’t.” – The Notebook?
(buzzer) – (man) I can’t…
– Hmmm… – (joining in) Hmmmm. (giggling)
– Hmmmmm. I don’t know that one.
I need a little bit more. – “I can’t”? What? What kind of hint is that? It wasn’t even a full word. – I’m trying to find
the accent in it. – Okay, we need more. – (man) I can’t… make it on–
– (vexed) Ooh. Uh… it sounds Southern. – Where is there a Southern–
– (chuckling) Yeah, I know. Uh, “I can’t.”
(hitting bell) ♪ Sweet home, Alabama ♪
(buzzer) – (man) I can’t… make it on–
– I really don’t know what that is. (hitting bell)
– The Notebook! (buzzer)
– No? – No, no.
– That was Jake Gyllenhaal. – Brokeback Mountain.
(ding) I knew it was Southern when I said
I’m trying to get the accent. – (Jack) I can’t… make it on–
– It sounds old, too! – I think it’s a country voice.
No, I don’t think it’s old. (hitting bell) – What is it?
– Brokeback Mountain? (ding) – Oh!
– YES!! (Southern accent)
“Why can’t I quit you?!” – (Jack) I can’t… make it on–
– What is this? This rings a real
hard bell in my head. – No clue.
– We can have a little more. – (Jack) I can’t… make it
on a couple of high-altitude [bleep] once or twice a year.
– Whoa! – Whoa! – He’s at high altitude.
Is he a flight attendant that only sleeps
with people on the plane? – I think I know what movie it is.
– Hold on. – I just don’t know the name. – I really don’t know.
– I don’t know. I don’t know. – (Jack) I can’t… make it
on a couple high-altitude [bleep] once or twice a year.
(hitting bell) – Brokeback Mountain!
(ding) – [Bleep]!
– YES!! – (Jack groaning) – (whispering) What actor is that? (normally) I need more. I need them to say
the title of the film. – (laughing) – (FBE) Jumping to 15 seconds. – (Jack) I can’t… make it
on a couple of high-altitude [bleep] once or twice a year. You are too much for me, Ennis. You son of a whore–
– Oh! I think I got it, but keep going– – (Jack) I wish I knew
how to quit you. – Oh. ♪ I think I know what it is ♪ ♪ I think I know ♪
(hitting bell) Is it Brokeback Mountain?
(ding) – (FBE) Correct.
– Hey! (hitting bell)
– Oh no! – Got it! Got it!
– (screaming) – Brokeback Mountain.
(ding) – You really liked it. – I was like, that’s
the most romantic film I’ve ever seen. – I feel really bad
that I have no idea. (thumping table)
Uh…? Please, no.
– Brokeback Mountain. (ding)
I knew it. I just won. – I’ve never heard of that.
– I just won. – I don’t know– – Why do I not know any movies? This one, I forfeit. – (FBE) So this
was from Brokeback Mountain. – (both) I’ve never seen it. – I’ve only heard of it. – This is good.
This in invigorating. – We’re so much better
at these than songs. – Waaah!
– Two. – Whoa!
– What? – (FBE) All right,
here’s the first second of movie number four.
♪ What a… ♪ – Dang. I feel like it’s
gonna be an old movie. – Yeah, it’s gonna be
one of those older musicals that I probably haven’t seen. – That was definitely 0.9 seconds. That was not a full second. It sounds like there’s a song.
– Yeah, that’s a musical, I think. – ♪ What a… ♪
(hitting bell) – La La Land.
(ding) I have the soundtrack
on my iPhone. – What is this?
– Ha-ha! (hitting bell)
– La La land? (ding)
– (FBE) That is correct. – NO!!
– What?! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes
– Noooooo! – Yes, now it’s
impossible for you to win. – I’m obsessed
with that soundtrack and I’m really– I’m angry. – What is it called?
– It’s music. – What is it called? – ♪ What a… ♪
(hitting bell) – La La Land?
(ding) – (FBE) Correct. – I knew it!
– HO!!! – I was gonna guess the same thing.
– Yes! I was gonna guess the same thing.
– Yes! Oh, we got ourselves a game! – ♪ What a… ♪ – I think I know what the song is,
but I don’t know if that’s just a song
playing in any movie. I’m gonna need more time.
– Yeah. – But I don’t think
I have an answer for that. – (FBE) Let’s skip to five seconds. – ♪ What a waste of a lovely night ♪ – Oh, I know it. I got it.
(hitting bell) – La La Land?
– Yeah! Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
– It is? (hitting bell)
– Is it La La Land? (ding) – Ryan Gosling. – A classic Hollywood voice it is. – ♪ What a waste of a lovely night ♪ – Oh, no! I know– (hitting bell)
– La La Land? I don’t know.
– No. – (FBE) That is correct.
– What?! What, are you kidding me? I actually saw that one, though. We’ve seen that one.
– We watched it together. (hitting bell)
– Please. Don’t.
– The Sound of Music? (buzzer) – I think I need
to hear a little bit more. – (FBE) Okay, here’s
the full 15 seconds. – Okay, okay, okay. – ♪ What a waste of a lovely night ♪
– (softly) I can do this. ♪ (jazz music) ♪ – ♪ You say there’s nothing here ♪ ♪ Well, let’s make something clear ♪ ♪ I think I’ll be the one
to make that call ♪ – (Sebastian) But you’ll call?
(hitting bell) – La La Land.
(ding) – Oh my god! – I finally got one, wow. If I didn’t get
one this whole time, I would’ve been so sad. – Let’s go. Last one. – I don’t consider
that a victory for any of us for having to listen
to that show again. – Oh!
– That’s right! Hot take. – Okay, I’m really excited
about this last one. – Hoo! We got
ourselves a tied game. – (FBE) Here’s the first second
of your last movie. – (woman moaning sensually) – I have no idea. It sounded like a woman moaning. – (woman moaning sensually) – (both) Oh!! – Boom-boom.
– That was some boom-boom time. – (woman moaning sensually) – (chuckling) I was not expecting it. – I have no idea.
– I have no idea. – (woman moaning sensually)
(hitting bell) – (cracking up) – When Harry Met Sally?
(ding) Yes!
– No! – Yes! – That was the easiest one.
– Yes! (hitting bell) – When Harry met Sally.
(ding) – Oh, yeah! I forgot about that.
– See, got that one! (as Harry) “I’ll have
what she’s having!” – (Sally moaning sensually) – Whoa! Hey! – That made me uncomfortable.
(hitting bell) What was it?
– When Harry met Sally. (ding)
– (gasping) No way! – Woo!!
– Ah, good job! Have you ever seen that movie?
– Nope. – (Sally moaning sensually) – Okay. “You’re killing me, Lisa.”
– No, it’s not The Room. – The Room.
(buzzer) Maybe a little more, probably.
– A little more, yeah. – (Sally moaning sensually) Oh god! – Oh, whoop, that’s
just more of the boom-boom sound. – The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I don’t know.
(buzzer) – That is so difficult. And if it’s anything
I would’ve seen as a kid, as a home-schooled kid,
my parents would have for sure fast forwarded that part. – (Sally moaning sensually) Oh god! – It does sound like a sex scene. I need more.
– I need more too. – She’s moanin’. – (Sally moaning sensually) Oh god! (sighing breathily) (silverware clinking) (people chattering) – (Harry) I’ll have
what she’s having. – (laughing)
– Ah, it sounds so familiar. – (gasping) Something About Mary? (buzzer)
No. – No. – But it’s something
where it’s at the dinner table. Oh my god, what movie is this? – Oh, oh, oh!
(hitting bell) Is it Bridesmaids?
(buzzer) (groaning) No! – I have no idea. – I don’t know. – (FBE) This was
from When Harry Met Sally. – Dah, I never saw that, but…
– Never saw that either. – …that sounds
like a good movie. – Oh! You wouldn’t know that. – No, I wouldn’t
have known that title. – (both laughing) – That’s famous, right?
“I’ll have what she’s having.” I wouldn’t have
guessed that, though. – I’ve never seen that!
– I’ve never seen that either, I don’t think.
– Oh, no. – That makes sense
why we lost that one. – (FBE) All right
with the final score of 3-1, Gabriel, you won.
– Feelin’ good. I’m feeling really good.
Lots of bragging rights. – Yay! Oh, you can have half. – Oh, thank you.
– There you go. – Congrats.
– Thank you. – I can’t even look at you. – Oh, that’s rude. That’s rude. – Just kidding, you did good. – Good game!
– Yeah, that was fun. – That was–
that was quite intense. – I know, that was awesome. – I just wanna thank
Jake Gyllenhaal… – Oh please.
– …for making Brokeback Mountain and helping me
take home the gold. – We tied.
– You’re so happy about it. – I am. I’m like,
“I didn’t get zero.” – (FBE) So, finally, as a couple,
is there a favorite movie or show, romantic or otherwise,
that you guys like to watch together? – Does Bachelorette count? I don’t like to watch that.
She makes me watch it. – No, it’s his favorite show!
– No, it’s not. – He’s so invested. – Edward Scissorhands?
– Yeah, probably that. – We watch Edward Scissorhands. – About Time. – About Time is
the best movie ever made. – It’s a tear-jerker. – He always makes me
go watch animated movies. – They’re the best. It’s the movies that you can go
and just shut your brain off and watch, and you can
still cry in the movie, you can laugh in the movie,
you’re happy. – We spend so much time
fighting over what movie we’re gonna watch. It’s always like,
“Oh, what should we watch?” And he’s like, “Oh, whatever.” And then I’ll name ten titles
and he’ll say no to all of them. – Because I also like older movies. I mean, if I really want him
to watch something, he’s gonna watch it.
– Yeah. – Yeah, we both do that. We meet halfway. – WALL-E is really good
because it is– something that’s a twist
on the romantic genre is always fun. – WALL-E is our romantic movie. It’s about two characters
expressing their love– not necessarily
through their words, but through their actions.
– And little sparks. – I’m getting verklempt
just thinking about it. – (laughing) – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTube Couples React. – Subscribe to everyone
who was in this video. The links are in the description
’cause annotations are gone! – (both) Bye! – Hey, guys,
Ethan and Kelsey here. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTube Couples React. If you want to check out
some more episodes, click them down below.
– Bye!


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