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ZELDA ACTION THEATER: Dawn of the Birth of the Awakening

[ZAT Theme plays] Hello, Princess Zelda! Hello, Link! How are you today? Oh, I’m pretty good. I was just thinking about getting a slice of pizza or something OH MY GOSH, WHAT IS THAT?! BLEAH HAH! I’m Ganondorf, the Super-Ultimate-King-Of-All-Evil! And I’m here ’cause I want the Triforce! Which one? [SWOOSH] ALL of them. [Evil laughter] No way, Ganon-Dork! I’ll never let you get away wi- [PUNCH] OHMYGOSH, Link! Link! Help me! [Groans] Wh…whatisthis?! You can fly now?! Idon’tknowshutup [Evil laughter] Don’t worry, Princess Zelda! I’ll rescue you! The only way I know how… uh, walking. [Dramatic theme plays] All right, Zelda. Haaaand over the Triforce of Wisdom. Why did you say “hand” like that? Well, you know, it’s kind of a joke cuz of the weird, triangle tattoo thing you got on your hand. I don’t have a tattoo! Yeah, you totally do! We’ve all got it! Nope! Never gotten a tattoo! I do have “Made in China” stamped on my butt, though. [SWOOSH] Whatever! Just give me the Triforce! No! Link’ll save me! And then he’ll beat you up! [Evil laughter] The only way for Link to gain access to my castle would be to complete an intricately-developed series of puzzles and battles and various other progressively more difficult challenges spread throughout the entire Kingdom of Hyrule! Hey guys! What’s up? [Grunts] Oh, gosh darn it! Wh…what were you, speedrunning?! Well, if you didn’t make it so darned fun! That sliding-block puzzle in the Ice Temple was FANTASTIC! Thank you. But anyway MINIONS ATTACK!! [SWOOSH SWOOSH] [ROAR] Oh, man…fighting guys! I love fighting guys. It’s, like, my favorite! [Fierce battle] Monsters! [Cries of battle] [Laughter] [FLAMING SWOOSH] WOAH! Good thing I have this shield! [Cries of pain] OH NO NO NO! Ha ha! Welp, that’s done. And YOU’RE next, Ganon-Butt! [Evil laughter] [Seriously, he’s evil] Okay, stop laughing. What is it? That puny sword cannot defeat me! For some very convenient reason, the magical power has been DRAINED from the Master Sword! It is no more, now, than a useless hunk of metal! What?! That’s stupid! Maybe so, but without that sword’s magic you will be UNABLE TO HARM ME OW! [Pitched battle] SHABA-DO-BA! PUNCHY-PUNCHY! TRIP! HYAH! Whoops! Sorry, Zelda. STOP! [Epic slow-mo] PUUUuuuunch [Triumphant laughter] I’m flying again! [More laughter] [Groans] Dude, he’s right! I need some of that Master-Mojo if I’m gonna seal him up in the Dark World, or something. Link! I’ll use my magic god-powers or the Triforce or whatever to imbue the Master Sword with said mojo! [Miss Piggy impersonation] I can feel the ancient power of the gods coursing through me! I wield the Blade of Evil’s Bane! THIS is my destiny! I am the Hero of TIME! [Savage onslaught] Noooo! Curse you, Zelda! Curse you, Sages! Curse you, (Link) When I get outta here, I’m gonna destroy your descendants, or you, I guess, depending on when I get out! AHHH! (Indistinct) Link! We sealed him up again! Or, for the first time. I don’t really know. I don’t have my Hyrule Historia on me. Well, that oughta keep him for a couple weeks. Come on, Princess Zelda! Let’s go get a snow-cone. [The End]


  1. KrayfishKarl Author

    I happen to have those exact figurines. The leg on my Ganondorf can easily pop off though due to wear and tear and the joints kinda look like bones thanks to being white plastic.

  2. Sir Aaron Author

    I kinda wish that you’d do more parody-esque stuff like this and songs of ocarina on your channel again… but I also undertand why you would have stopped

    … finally subbed today… took me longer than I should have… love your vids.

  3. jamesvseverything Author

    Even though this isn't meant to be taken seriously, I actually really enjoyed it, inflated probably more than some other puppet shows

  4. STUVNIP Author

    Imagine if arlo had gloves of his hands and when he goes outside, when it’s cold, he puts them on. and then someone asks him are those gloves and he responds, “Yes.” Then just takes them off with the same looking hand.

  5. ConradJamestown Author

    I took a (not so) quick glance at the comment section and 40% of it was other YouTubers commenting on the quality, another 20% was just viewers commenting on the quality, 5% were comments about being caught playing with toys, and the last 15% were about a puppet playing with puppets… I could not find a single negative comment.

    PS Falcon Trip had me bursting at the seams from laughter!!!!! This is too much!

    REM rules!!! Not sure if you meant the band or rapid eye movement, but either works for me.

  6. Carter Byron Author

    Let's talk about that art style. Not a fan of how everything looks like toys, to be honest. Works for Kirby and Yoshi, but it's not suited to the Zelda franchise. Just an opinion.


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